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68 /100 226 W MAIN ST, STE A
“Visited here with my family early evening on a Friday in June. The space is really big, basically an old warehouse space with a big garage door opening leading to a stage, a bar, and some scattered tables, with the brewery operation in back. A door leads to the Deli Korner restaurant side of the business, which can be accessed on the other side of the building. That side has a bar with RJR taps, whereas the big brewery side has food service that can be ordered at the bar. There are about 16 beers - decent variety, but the quality is pretty mediocre. The same goes for the food, which is pretty average. It's a casual, easy place to get a beer and it happened to be across the street from our hotel, but you don't need to go out of your way for this brewery.“
phaleslu 276 days ago
78 /100 226 W MAIN ST, STE A
“Nice big seating area with room for a singer or band. Excellent variety of beers on tap including their standards and seasonals. The bartender was helpful in picking out the beers to try. They used chilled glasses, which some local breweries don't have. Gets hot in the summer. Restaurant is adjoining.“
jhsnitz1 1904 days ago
86 /100 197 E ST JOHN ST
“Small place, parking on both sides. Inside is a long bar and some restaurant tables, brewhouse visible and only separated by a low wall. Couple of couches and comfy chairs in the back. Tons of their beers and lots of guests, 30+ taps all together. Brewer/owner Colby explained that he likes to experiment, but his German clientele who work for BMW prefer traditional German stuff, so he has a mix of both. His wife Cindy does much of the serving. Colby regales you with stories of each beer, including the historical background of the style, and says he doesn’t distribute because then you wouldn’t get the stories. Beers were above average with several stand outs including a delicious English pale ale and a "dark ale" that seemed to be vaguely modeled on a Mild but with a higher abv. They do offer sandwiches, salads and cheese/charcuterie. Great stop on the way to/from Greenville.“
Travlr 2088 days ago
62 /100 464 EAST MAIN STREET
“Fairly generic for a MM, this place looked like any other chain restaurant. Nice porch out front but in the hot hot sun. L shaped bar inside and tons of restaurant tables and booths. Ample parking. Taplist was pretty uninteresting and included many faux craft beers. Good bottle selection visible in a cooler behind the bar. Food is average, staff were OK.“
Travlr 2088 days ago
74 /100
Oasis (Beer Store)
“Spartanburg is a difficult location to find craft beer at the retail level. There are really only 2 choices, The Oasis and the Hop Spot. I’ve been in The Oasis several times over the years and yesterday was my first visit in a good while. Robert has really stepped up his craft beer game and I told him so as we chatted for awhile. As others have mentioned, he will order for you and prices are reasonable. Their selection is very varied and greatly improved. I picked up German Rauchbier, Belgian Lambic, Stone and (yes) 2014 Bourbon County. If you haven’t ever been - then go. If it’s been awhile since you’ve been - go back, and you won’t be disappointed. They’re the best craft beer source in Spartanburg and, with our support, will continue to provide an ever improving selection of great craft beer. “
tillmac62 3044 days ago
70 /100 226 W MAIN ST, STE A
“15 beers on tap. Tour + glass + 4 samples at a bargain price of $5. Good variety of beers available. Foosball table. Large, relaxed but unair-conditioned space right in the brewery.“
chinchill 3130 days ago
88 /100 194 E. HENRY ST.
“Great cold beer room with great selection. They also rotate in new inventory which makes for good variety.“
simms1226 3147 days ago
96 /100 194 E. HENRY ST.
“Great selection and fair prices!“
huck94 3147 days ago
86 /100 194 E. HENRY ST.
“Excellent selection, super cold walk-in cooler. Build your own 6pk. coming soon. Prices are average.“
said99 3276 days ago
86 /100 194 E. HENRY ST.
“I was floored the first time I visited by how well put together and great the selection is. Rotates often and and is very seasonal. Always fresh product. Prices are good and fair unlike other places around. A real great find that is always my first stop when Im looking for something!“
paintballlmann 3278 days ago
74 /100
Delaney’s (Restaurant)
“brought the family. had a blast. $2.50 rj rockers and highland pints. great food. highly recommend“
jaswilson2 3787 days ago
“Excellent beer selection, very friendly service, food is good, tons of TVs and NTN Buzztime Trivia“
Brewmeisters 4343 days ago
70 /100 252 WEST MAIN STREET
“Main Street Pub has a very typical sports bar feel to it complete with TV’s, 90’s music, pub grub exclusively on the menu and the traditional long hallway layout of the building. It seemed to be non-smoking as the smokers were all going outside to indulge, this could be a plus for some non-smokers as many of the other bars in Spartanburg still allow smoking. The main reason for a beer enthusiast to visit Main Street Pub is to try out R.J. Rockers’ varieties. It is true that this bar is directly next door to R.J. Rockers and its taproom, but that damn taproom never seems to be open. Main Street Pub had 4 different Rockers brews on tap and another 2 in bottles. Other than that, the beer selection is noneventful.“
NachlamSie 4521 days ago
74 /100 464 EAST MAIN STREET
“The ambiance here is typical of the chain but a little more conservative. We sat at the bar and got attentive service. The tap list is mediocre, but for this area is above average. A handful of regional brews were available along with some run of the mill micros and imports. The bottle list has to be the best in this city. A significant amount of Belgian beer is available along with a respectful American selection. They had just received some brews from the distributor to sample so we got a free pour of Monk’s Cafe which we clearly enjoyed more than anyone else involved. This is an acceptable bar at which to pass the time and options are limited in Spartanburg.“
NachlamSie 4521 days ago
52 /100 203 W SAINT JOHN ST
“This is not much of a beer stop either. During my visit two R.J. Rockers brews were on tap. Those were in fact the only two brews on tap as the other two were empty. The best of the bottles were Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Newcastle. Typical sports bar ambiance. I did quite enjoy the pizza though. Good crust with exotic toppings. Had a Mexican style pizza with picante sauce, black beans, jalapenos, etc. When visiting Spartanburg, you just can’t expect a great selection of beer at your fingertips.“
NachlamSie 4522 days ago
56 /100 196 WEST MAIN STREET
“This is a great stop for a wine lover. A classy ambiance resonates complete with a cozy tasting area. This is not a good stop for a beer enthusiast. The beer selection is very sparse, just one small wall of shelves in the back of the store. There was nothing standout available and it certainly didn’t appear fresh. I hate to say it, but Oasis may be a better option for beer shopping in this town. I just don’t think craft beer has really taken off in Spartanburg yet.“
NachlamSie 4522 days ago
46 /100 109 W. MAIN STREET
“NIce place to go and eat, however do not go here for beer alone. The selection is horrible to say the least. Service can be spotty as well depending on which server you get. Food is quite good typically. Go for wings and wings alone. As before only 2 RJ Rockers on tap (Patriot Ale & Son of A Peach).“
thagr81_us 4707 days ago
62 /100 203 W SAINT JOHN ST
“I used to go here all the time for Tuesday night trivia. Back in the day this was an awesome place to go and hang out. The past few times I’ve been it has not been so good. Service was absolute crap. The food was still (as always) quite awesome however. They typically keep a decent selection of RJ Rockers on tap, but that is about it.“
thagr81_us 4709 days ago
58 /100
Oasis (Beer Store)
“Uh-oh. I happened to stop at Green’s in Columbia before coming here. Thank God I did. The selection in Green’s is vastly superior and cheaper than the Oasis in Spartanburg. The main problem, however, is most of the beer sitting on the shelf is absolutely ancient. Then had some Sam Adams longshot IIPA from two years ago. Everything was way, way out of date. Selection is fairly decent as far as what brands were rotting away on the shelf.“
NachlamSie 4732 days ago
60 /100 109 W. MAIN STREET
“Wild Wing Cafe is one of my favorite chain restaurants to go get a decent American style meal for a good price. Good wings too, in my opinion. However, Wild Wing Cafe is not one of my favorite places to go to get a beer. This one is no exception. They had two brews from R.J. Rockers which would be the only local beer available here. No micros are available except Sierra Nevada pale. The rest is BMC or Bass Ale, Boddington’s, etc. Do not come here for a beer. Come here for a ginger-marinade, pineapple, and guacamole hamburger. yum!
[November 5, 2010]
This was one of the best stops we had in Spartanburg, but it still wasn’t good for beer. Some R.J. Rockers were available along with Longhammer IPA and even a Sweetwater and Highland tap. Not really great, but at least some regional micros are actually on tap. Had some wings in the slayer sauce, spicy garlic. Good stuff.“
NachlamSie 6002 days ago
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