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“A cozy taproom with lots of bricks and wood, yet with some modern touches. Central bar with bar stool all around plus restaurant tables. A dozen or so beers available in flights of four - tasty and creative, including some barrel aged stuff. Enjoyable session.“
Travlr 25 days ago
“Smallish place, dark woods, clean, warm and comfortable. Good COVID protocols with staff wearing masks, masks suggested of patrons, and social distanced tables. Bartender was friendly, helpful, and informative. Not too busy but a few patrons right at opening on a Saturday. Several styles available plus a couple guest taps (including another small SD brewery--cool). Beers were all quite good. No sign of a kitchen. Free street parking and I think they have parking behind the place too. Overall, comfortable and good, fairly inventive beer. Recommended.“
Drake 652 days ago
66 /100 780 22ND AVE S,
“In 4 years, not much has changed since UDBeerNut's review. Still a long row of coolers. A small shelf of large format stuff had some nice aged options but nothing too uncommon. Several 4-foot sections of chilled beer. Decent selection, and there were a few SD brews. Managed to fill two six packs from the two-door BYO section which was well stocked and had some local selections. Prices good. Cashier was friendly. Worth it if you're in town.“
Drake 652 days ago
74 /100 780 22ND AVE S,
“stopped here to grab a couple of rips for the night. large store with a pretty decent selection. Long row of coolers that has the usual suspects of macro and larger craft breweries. the nice find is in the back right a shelf and small cooler of some more local stuff. Unfortunately no more south Dakota brews but a good selection of Mn shelf turds. Kewl.“
UDBeernut 2141 days ago
80 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Large place in the middle of town. 5 regular taps plus 5 rotating plus a few guest taps. Modern industrial vibe. Okay service, okay beers. Not too bad.“
UDBeernut 2141 days ago
78 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Located close to the center of town, in. somewhat sterile looking storefront, this place has an iteresting selection of their own and guest brews of tap and bottled beers from far flung corners of the world. All drafts are available in flights at a reasonable price and free tastes make this a pretty reasonably priced venue for sampling local and regional beers. The pizza was quite tasty too.“
Iphonephan 2156 days ago
84 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“This place occupies two former storefront building. You enter on the left side where there is a bar and lots of restaurant tables. Brewhouse is visible through glass at the back. The right side looks like a decent space for events. They had nine of their own beers on offer, four of which were small batches and one-offs. They also had half a dozen guest taps from other local and regional breweries, plus three ciders. Flights of four are available, and staff was generous with samples, including one from the bright tank. Food was mainly pizza, with a cracker crust - not my favorite, but it did the job. I’m guessing their kitchen is pretty small. Beers were tasty. Street parking wasn’t a problem on a Friday afternoon. Worth the short 45 minute drive from Sioux Falls.“
Travlr 2388 days ago
84 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Main purpose of coming here was to try a beer fromSouth Dakota. Asked for a sampler but was told they were too busy. After that the service was decent. Beer was great and the pizza was awesome.“
edgallow 2489 days ago
80 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Stopped in while visiting friends in Sioux Falls that happen to have worked with the owner/brewer previously. Very nice decor and inviting set up. The bar tender was super helpful and wouldn’t even let us order a sampler flight until he poured us some samples. Before any beer he poured us a sample to make sure we were ok with it. Pretty rad. None of the beer really blew me away but the Pepper Jack had an incredible aroma but was just too damned hot. They were out of their Pale and IPA which are my go to styles so I don’t really know how dialed in everything was outside of beer styles that aren’t in my wheelhouse. We didn’t have any food but it was all pizzas. They also lose a little as we came in with three kids, one of which needing a high chair, and they didn’t have any to offer. Ultimately why we didn’t eat here. Still, a very helpful staff and something I’d never expect in Brookings.“
thome50 2763 days ago
84 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Sometimes it’s just not about beer, although they likely brew the best in S Dakota. Friendly beer geeks, who like to drink, have fun and keep things interesting. A geeks paradise with a decent bottle and guest list. Their beers are decent with a couple that are pretty decent. Bring a bottle and have fun.“
Ferris 2797 days ago
74 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Really great spot. 5 house taps (8 on Saturdays), plus 13 guest taps and lots of bottles. Flights available for 5-6 bucks for four pours. Good beers.“
BVery 2805 days ago
86 /100 309 5TH STREET, SUITE 100
“An excellent find. Brookings first reputable brewer - totally surprised at the 20 taps of craft brews (4 of their own) and almost 100 selections of good craft bottles as well. Very nice ambiance - industrial but inviting and they do trivia nights, mystery pizza nights, BACON NIGHT, etc...“
SDMNguy 3220 days ago
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