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80 /100 3800 ST. ELMO AVE. #114
“Stopped in on the way to Lookout Mountain. Great location, parking can be a little tough, awesome view of the mountain. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Food was good, beer selection as well. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 151 days ago
80 /100 222 BROAD ST
“Stopped in for dinner. Nice place, lots of seating and good service. Food was good as well, decent beer selection, need a return trip to try a few more. Worth the stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 151 days ago
80 /100 1791 REGGIE WHITE BLVD.
“Excellent brewpub in Chattanooga. Decently busy on a weekend night, even in COVID times. We got seats at the bar. They have a lot of taps - some standard styles, and interesting ones such as smoked peach mango sour, jalapeno lager, blood orange IPA. Beers were good, above average for sure. Food is great - definitely get the BBQ. We split the 1/2 sampler which came with 3 meats and 3 sides. The homemade chips and salsa were delicious as well. Definitely plan to get food while you're here, and the beer is good too.“
LilBeerDoctor 504 days ago
84 /100 304 CHEROKEE BLVD
“My favorite brewery in Chattanooga. In the southside historical district, near a few other breweries (ie The Terminal). Small place, but chill vibe. As far as the beers, some of my favorites of my Chattanooga trip. They had about 12-15 taps. A guest tap or 2 also. I had a couple milkshake/smoothie IPAs and some flavored stouts, which were excellent. No food I believe, but perhaps snacks? Definitely worth a stop and prepare to get a few beers.“
LilBeerDoctor 504 days ago
74 /100 1804 CHESTNUT STREET
“Large brewery in an industrial area, apparently also near a football stadium. In COVID times, it was pretty quiet. There is outdoor seating and a lot of space indoors, TVs, sports bar atmosphere. It was very dark inside and pretty quiet (not sure how things are in non COVID times though). Beers were good - had an NEIPA, habanero lager, winter ale, and doppelbock - all solid. Typical pub food, slightly limited menu with sandwiches mostly. I got a hummus plate, which was delicious, and chili, also really good. So definitely worth a stop. Atmosphere was a bit odd, but I'm chalking it up to COVID times.“
LilBeerDoctor 504 days ago
“Really cool brewpub in Chattanooga. They make a lot of interesting beers. Imperial pastry stout, imperial pumpkin, winter ale, imperial coffee sour, etc. So much so that I had to get a sampler (which is a little unusual for me). Most of beers were not as good as I’d hoped (but I had very high expectations - overall they were still good) and a lot of them were pretty high alcohol. But still it is a good place to stop. Lots of plants around, interesting atmosphere. They serve pizza as well, though I didn’t get any. A must stop I think.“
LilBeerDoctor 534 days ago
76 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“An older brewpub in the historic railroad area in Chattanooga. A pretty large area, though not too full in COVID times. Around 10 taps, nothing too crazy, but all solid. Very extensive food menu, you’ll certainly find something you like. The half chicken with peach salsa and grits was heavenly. The food experience was definitely better than the beer but it’s still a good stop in a historic area.“
LilBeerDoctor 534 days ago
70 /100 431 E. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD., STE 120
“This place seemed pretty cool but the beer quality let me down. Located in downtown Chattanooga. A smallish brewery, some outdoor seating. No food. Lots of taps - 19. They seemed interesting. But all 4 beers I tried were let downs (maybe I just got the bad ones? But seems unlikely. They were drinkable but not what I expect these days). I would have stayed longer if the beer was better but I was left wanting more.“
LilBeerDoctor 579 days ago
80 /100 1501 LONG STREET
“Stopped by on a Friday afternoon in November 2019. It's in one of those indoor market / multiple restaurant places, so they didn't have any of their own food but you could order from and of other places inside. The decor was comfortable and pretty typical for a new small brewery - edison lights, high ceiling, exposed brick, you know. Sevice was very friendly and attentive and pretty chatty but not annoying at all. Cool place.“
Suttree 915 days ago
80 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Great location downtown. Seven beers to sample for $9 is a good deal. Steve, the brewmaster gave me a tour of their seven-barrel operation. They renovated the building to accommodate the brewing equipment in the basement area. The food and beers were tasty.“
Foxbush 1002 days ago
76 /100 1791 REGGIE WHITE BLVD.
“Located right beside the UTC football stadium. Large rustic building with high ceilings and lots of brick. The place was packed at dinner, so it was a little difficult to get the bartender's attention, but when we went back at lunch it was more laid back. The food is all smoked on-site and very tasty, and the beers were solid. No free parking.“
Suttree 1228 days ago
74 /100 1208 KING ST
“So I was out walking around Chattanooga and noticed this place. It's in a recently restored warehouse - I believe the bartender said it used to be a fur storage facility, oddly enough. They weren't overly busy so the very friendly bartender chatted with us about their story and other breweries in the area. There was a spearate sitting area with a lot of local art and a small patio. There is however little to no free parking, so beware. But they did have a puppy, so that makes up for it...“
Suttree 1228 days ago
68 /100 431 E. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD., STE 120
“After visiting Oddstory across the street this busy, crowded place seemed a little jarring, I guess. Service was good, but they seemed a bit understaffed. The selection was good, a lot of the regular line up and a few brewery only beers.“
Suttree 1228 days ago
“Really liked this place. Very cool, laid back but friendly vibe, and excellent service at the bar. Nice variety of their beers, and all the ones we had were high quality. This would e regular hang out if we lived in th' Noog...“
Suttree 1228 days ago
78 /100 300 CHEROKEE BLVD. SUITE 101
“In the back of the brewery, in full view of the tanks. Neat place, lots of art on the wall, and the bartender was fairly attentive. They 18 H&A beer, and all of the ones I had were decent to really good. There is a patio, as well. Note - this is the actual brewery, not the pub in the parking lot (which also looked cool, but we had a bit of a time crunch...)“
Suttree 1228 days ago
44 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“I felt compelled to leave a review to save real craft beer lovers from thinking the beer here deserves an 85 rating. We found the beer to be very mediocre. However, I love the atmosphere of the place and it's worth stopping in for a pint or a flight (maybe you'll find a beer you love!) and an appetizer.“
MeadRater29 1348 days ago
“Decent beers and good food. Always a reliable stop when I'm in the area.“
boto 1372 days ago
46 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“A rather run-down feel to the place, with a rather intimate charm to it. 7 taps, with flights of all 7 for a bargain price of $8. Beer quality was unfortunately very weak, with some diacetyl issues in some of the beers. Friendly service. Cheap ticks, but not good beer, so difficult to recommend.“
mcberko 1455 days ago
54 /100 1804 CHESTNUT STREET
“Nicely set-up tasting room with plenty of bar seating, as well as long tables. 8-10 taps, with flights of 5 available for a pricy $14 - not reasonable given the basic and not very well-executed styles on offer. We had lunch here too, as they had some vegan options. Wasn't super impressed, as everything was very salty. Very friendly service though. Not a great stop beer and food quality-wise, but it's a fun, comfortable and inviting place to hang out.“
mcberko 1455 days ago
78 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Worth checking out if you are visiting Chattanooga. Interior is cozy but not cramped, really has the feel of a neighborhood bar. Beers are fairly good, if not outstanding. Food is quite tasty - try the vegetable lasagna! Servers are alert and quick, but make you feel welcome and focus on each customer. A must for Chattanooga residents.“
Cybercat 1497 days ago
76 /100 3210 BROAD STREET
“Unique place off the beaten path with a bit of a rough and run-down look to it. Certainly authentic and diy, to say the least. The two tough-looking canines added to the atmosphere. Seems like a place were a lot of friends of the brewers hang out. Beers available in flights, one of the experimental beers was served from bottle. Most of the beers were pretty good, with a lot of variety in styles. Brewer wasn't friendly in the traditional manner but loosened up when I talked a bit with him later. The place to go to in Chattanooga.“
tricksta_p 1500 days ago
72 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Large brewpub/restaurant in a neat old building. Six taps available including a seasonal. Beers are nothing special, ranging from mediocre to decent at best. The lady who served us was really friendly. Food was quite satisfactory. Flights available, which is the way to try the unimpressive beers. Nice atmosphere and look to the place. Enjoyable brewpub visit overall.“
tricksta_p 1500 days ago
84 /100 300 CHEROKEE BLVD. SUITE 101
“Located right in the brewery (go to the back, and not to the Heaven and Ale Taproom on the other side of the parking lot), this taproom has a fine selection of seating options: lots of bar stools in a U-shaped configuration, short tables, tall tables and a pair of couches. The taproom is airy and well-lit with a single projection TV that may not always be on but was on for the World Cup match. Limited food menu of cheeses, snacks and the like.“
chinchill 1519 days ago
“Pleasant neighborhood brewery with innovative brews, a barrel aging program and a few bottles beers (4 today) to go. A diverse selection of 18 taps, all functional. Friendly service.“
chinchill 1521 days ago
“Cool looking bar with decent beers.“
Kristophe 1558 days ago
84 /100 431 E. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD., STE 120
“Best brewery in Chattanooga in my opinion!“
Kristophe 1558 days ago
70 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Average brewpub with decent beers and food. The pub itself were pretty cool of course, but nothing that really reaches the top.“
Kristophe 1558 days ago
68 /100 1804 CHESTNUT STREET
“Next to football stadium in semi-industrial area but more or less walking distance from the centre. Cool newish building. Tanks visible. Flights available, ok service. Beers in good condition although not super interesting.“
TBone 1609 days ago
66 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Nice old building next to "Chattanooga Choo Choo". Nice vibe. Good service. Flights available. Beers feel overrated on RB or at least mine were not in top condition.“
TBone 1609 days ago
62 /100 1804 CHESTNUT STREET
“A very cool and nice building. Easy to park across the street on a Friday afternoon. Good service. But the beer was really mediocre and the food not thought out. I wanted to like this place since it would give me a nice stopover on the way to Atlanta, but I didn’t.“
drfabulous 1896 days ago
“Large bar area facing the taps. Barlike tables facing the street. Servers were friendly and knowledgeable. Wide selection 14 taps I think. WIFI available without password. Flights in 4 or 6 beers. Large seating area. A couple of couches. Street parking plentiful. All the beers were solid. A really nice place. You should take it in if you are in the area.“
decaturstevo 1911 days ago
80 /100 304 CHEROKEE BLVD
“Smallish place located right on Cherokee. Construction going on when I was there so parking was a crap shoot. Nice selection of local and regional brews. Beers are listed on a chalk board with all the info you need. Server was ready to help. It wasn’t very busy on a Wednesday at 1 pm. WIFI available. Stand at the bar or sit at about half dozen tables or lounge on a couch. Not your standard casual pint but still a good place to go. Flights of 4 available for about $9. Good place. Don’t know about pets or kids. Stop in and see them.“
decaturstevo 1998 days ago
“A place that has changed as much as the craft beer market. Wide open liquor/beer/wine selection. Some singles. Plenty of parking. No WIFI. Very good selection. Pricey but what beer is cheap? Staff always helpful. Easy to get to and back on the interstate. Growler fills available. You gotta go in and check it out since the new beer laws have gone into affect.“
decaturstevo 2027 days ago
84 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Beer selection is solid. WIFI available . Parking can be dicy late evenings and weekends. The place is worth the effort. Service prompt and friendly. Food was pretty damn good. Large bar area and upstairs seating available as well. Flights available.“
decaturstevo 2028 days ago
82 /100 431 E. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD., STE 120
“Small place with a few table and a good sized bar. Parking at 5pm on a Wednesday wasn’t bad. WIFI available. Flights available. Service was good. They got busy quick. I was $3 pint night. 15 beers on tap all pretty solid. I would recommend. I will go back“
decaturstevo 2050 days ago
82 /100 1804 CHESTNUT STREET
“All new building in a nice easy access location. Parking was easy on a Thursday night. Average bar with plenty of table seating. Mostly large tables. Selection of beers is much broader than before. Live music on Thursdays. WIFI. Knowledgeable staff. If you haven’t been you should go.“
decaturstevo 2073 days ago
70 /100 222 BROAD ST
“Back here for the first time in many years. Large, repurposed old building in Downtown Chattanooga. I think it may have been a trolley barn at one time. With the high ceilings, it tends to be a bit echoey, but not really any louder than similar places. Beers are decent, but nothing special. The food is pretty much what you’d expect: pub type fare with some steaks and other entrees. The Cajun Pasta is pretty decent. It’s a good stop if you are in the area.“
boto 2080 days ago
48 /100 7000 LEE HWY, STE 200
“Decent enough store but like any other tobacco beer shop in town tt has a beer selection above most gas stations and grocery stores but not on par with good beer stores. You might as well add all the other 30 tobacco marts in town if this is on the site. Overall if you are driving by and need an emergency 6 pack why not? Otherwise nothing to go out of your way for.“
Shag 2205 days ago
78 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Visited here this past 4th of July...seemed like the best choice in town according to RateBeer. Came here after the fireworks at the nearby minor league baseball stadium. The place itself is very nice...large...dark wood...multi-level...with interesting décor on the walls. The food looked and sounded good...but I’d already stuffed myself earlier in the afternoon at Jack Brown’s in Birmingham. I had a flight plus samples of all their beers...6-7 or so. I did not find any of the beers especially good...can’t say any were actually bad or off flavor or anything like that...just pretty generic really. I would not come here specifically for the beer...but if in town I would definitely come back for the food...and try their beers again. I would definitely note that the bartender that served me (Annalee...sp?) was fantastic...great service and great conversation.“
PRBeer 2226 days ago
82 /100 1309 PANORAMA DR. STE 117
“How have I not rated this yet? This is a cool little craft beer, growler, and cigar store. The cool thing here is it is not downtown where in Chattanooga almost any craft beer store or bar is going to be. A good selection of 6 packs and mix and match singles. I’m not a cigar guy but the selection seems pretty good. You can do growlers or do a flight of beers. The staff is always friendly and helpful. This is a cool little store.“
Shag 2232 days ago
68 /100
Beast & Barrel (Restaurant)
“A nice gastropub with a fine renovated interior. Service was rather inattentive but the beer selection, atmosphere and food were above average. All 12 taps dedicated to Tennessee beers but about 30 other beers available in bottles.“
chinchill 2240 days ago
78 /100 6 EAST 14TH STREET
“Common place looking brewpub downtown. Friendly staff. Food was ok if not standout. Beers ok and not standout. Still, worth checking out. Sampler is six pours for $7. Good deal.“
drfabulous 2272 days ago
74 /100 431 E. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD., STE 120
“Tiny tasting room with a few tables and chairs crammed into the brewing area. Nice sized bar with decent selection and very helpful staff. Great place for a beer if you can squeeze in. Not far from the main thoroughfare, a few hundred yards from the free shuttle bus that runs around town until late, late evening. Recommend.“
1980olympics 2330 days ago
82 /100 1203 HIXSON PIKE
“Seats for around 100. Selection of tables or standard bar or island bars with stools. Parking is a little tough day or night. All the parking is owned by surrounding businesses. Some street parking available, Food was good and you get plenty. WIFI available. Beer selection pretty good. Beer menu is solid. Not sure about flights. The waitress brought me a taste in a pint glass. Seating is first come first serve, and you seat yourself. Pretty nice place if your in the area I would suggest you stop by.“
decaturstevo 2382 days ago
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