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68 /100 79 & 81 RAINEY STREET
“Has an incredible 100 to 200 beers on tap, different kinds of sausages and snacks, friendly laid back atmosphere and the staff will happily recommend brews out of the wide selection. Nice place to go on Rainey!“
karrjin 134 days ago
74 /100 61 RAINEY ST
“Good selection of local and other taps, generally friendly and helpful staff but the place can get quite busy! Laid back atmosphere none the less and friendly crowd. Food options are the food trucks parked nearby. Probably my other favorite beer place on Rainey.“
karrjin 134 days ago
82 /100 13187 FITZHUGH RD. BLDG B
“Lovely place outside of Austin in the Hill Country with a full on farm, make sure you take the tour. Very nice selection of taps and bottles to drink-in and take-away spread out over a couple of bars within that farm. Good menu of snacks and food like farmhouse pizza, there is even a small organic produce shop. Cant wait to go back and pet some more baby goats!“
karrjin 134 days ago
88 /100 4729 BURNET RD
“Visited 20th February 2020, on a cold afternoon. Staying at the FairMont in Austin, Downtown, this place is a little way out, around 15 minutes and $15.00 each way in an Uber, I was knackered and had been drinking beer all week whilst at our company sales kick off, but decided not to miss this place, while I had the opportunity to escape the colleagues, it was certainly a good call. The place is very open, lots of large bench style seating. The menus of beers are split in to the beers from Pinthouse Pizza and a separate menu for guest beers, around 20 to 25 taps of each. The great news is that you can have 5oz pours of any beer in a flight, their own beers were only $2 per pour. The beers I had were 5 IPAs from the Brewpub, all were solid, with one being outstanding, I checked out the guest list and chose to get 3 more beers, there were some really solid offerings and different to the beers I had been drinking down town. The pizza looked poor, I didn’t try it. Overall this is a must go for some great beers, especially for the IPA fan, and one of my top spots in the city.“
CraftBeerNick 253 days ago
80 /100 3009 INDUSTRIAL TER
“Stopped in to visit fly in March of 2019. Cool place, has both indoor and outdoor seating (outdoor was maybe under something as I recall? It's been a long time). Beer was pretty tasty, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the company was unbeatable! I'd definitely pop back in to hang with fly again!“
drowland 317 days ago
76 /100 2110 S LAMAR BLVD, STE F
“First of all this place has relocated to a new address and it’s no where near the old.,-97.7045317,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x6d360868162a6cad I was on a business trip and didn’t think I would make it here, however the selection of beers to take home from downtown were not great, or at least I didn’t find a good bottle Shop. I decided to get an Uber here before my meetings at 8.30am on my last day. Got there at 8am, interestingly and luckily for me they open from 7am! I arrived with my suitcase and limited time. The guy there seemed hung over or maybe he wasn’t a morning person, limited advise on the large selection of cans and bottles, I grabbed 10 cans, mainly local IPAs and some sours threw them in the case and picked up another Uber to head to my meeting. Certainly the best place in Austin I saw to pick up beers in singles and a great selection.“
CraftBeerNick 320 days ago
66 /100
Whip In (Beer Store)
1950 S I-35
“Visited in December 2019. It’s a bit far out and not near much. The place is kinda dark inside, they had a load of fridges, all beers were in multi packs, which was annoying, except one walk in fridge, which had a few singles in, mainly imperial stouts and some larger bottles, nothing amazing. I bought a Prairie Imperial Stout and then found it $3 cheaper else where, so I guess this place is more expensive, they seemed to have an Indian food buffet on the go also. The tap list looked pretty good, I wasn’t in to this place though for sure.“
CraftBeerNick 320 days ago
76 /100 1305 W OLTORF
“Went here on a Tuesday afternoon in December 2019. It was an Uber ride out from Downtown, The weather was not at all good for sitting outside, the place had a few patrons, some Christmas parties perhaps. Even inside it was cold, unusual I imagine. I called up a flight of 5 beers, a could of Pilsners, a Helles, an IPA and a DIPA, all were solid. Overall a good place, I would revisit on a summers day or when Austin is warm.“
CraftBeerNick 320 days ago
80 /100 4112 MEDICAL PKWY
“Popped in to this one for a few on a Tuesday night in December. It was an Uber ride for the centre, about 20 minutes I think. The place is an older almost British style bar, cosy, lots of wood. The beer selection was very good, their own beers and plenty of guest beers, including a couple from Jester King, which I went for, along with a DIPA from Alpine, all beers were great. They served 5 ounce or 6.5 I think, after I asked. The Jester King Geuze was very expensive at $11.00 for 5 ounce, good to try though. The place was busy, could have done with a few more staff maybe. Over all worth a look in.“
CraftBeerNick 320 days ago
88 /100 79 & 81 RAINEY ST
“Visited a couple of times in December 2019. It’s a 100 metres or so from Craft Pride, so very easy to combine both. It was quiet when I was there, but I hear the area and this bar get rammed. 101 taps of craft beer, great variety, split by beer type on a huge board behind the Taps. The barman said they sometimes have another 100 taps on top in peak season. The beers I had were top quality, great IPAs, some sours, lots of local beers, and others from US, I Asked for smaller measures, 5oz and 6.5 oz, I think the policy didn’t allow, but most of the staff were flexible. One think to watch, it shuts at 11pm in the week at least, I was caught unaware. The barman even gave me a drink on the house, DDH Axis IPA, which was a great beer. Friendly place and staff, good beer and comfortable, what’s not to like. I didn’t try the food.“
CraftBeerNick 320 days ago
86 /100 61 RAINEY ST
“Visited on a Monday night in December 19. It was warm, so sat outside at the back, great band were playing. The beers were great and local Texan, nice crowd, the pizza from the food truck was also great. Really recommended and easy to walk to from the central hotels.“
CraftBeerNick 326 days ago
76 /100 417 RED RIVER ST.
“Medium size place downtown; 10 own beers on tap plus guests, few wines; no wifi; flights available; beer uniformly very good“
thorongil2 426 days ago
90 /100 13187 FITZHUGH RD. BLDG B
“Out in the hill country, so a bit of a destination from the city of Austin proper, but worth the drive. Farmhouse vibe is real, barns and outdoor beer halls, small bars and views of fields with goats and live oaks. Service is fantastic, everyone is super friendly and seems genuinely excited to be a part of the brewery, on top of being super knowledgeable about the beer. Selection is impressive, just about anything you could imagine in terms of what they have available, either to drink there or take with you. It's a destination brewery, and if you are in to the beer they are making, you're likely going to make the trip. Don't expect to be overwhelmed, but expect to be content for sure.“
jbruner 437 days ago
80 /100 417 RED RIVER ST.
“Opened May 2019. Large open area with a view into the brewery, plenty of seating. They have 15 taps, 7 house beers the other areas local breweries. The beers I had were all very good.“
Sledutah 467 days ago
76 /100 1902 E 6TH STREET
“Cool place. Big long bar with Los of seating inside or outside. Good, fast service. The tacos address very good. The chips and guacamole are recommended. Nice place work a good vibe to it.“
Sledutah 468 days ago
74 /100 1701 E 6TH ST
“Nice big C shape bar. Lots of seating inside or on the patio. Good views of the brewery. Good beer and friendly service.“
Sledutah 468 days ago
52 /100
Cannon + Belle (Restaurant)
500 E 4TH ST
“Located in the Hilton. 7 local taps and 4 bottles. The food was decent. My wife's hamburger was great. Not really a beer destination, but of you're here it's worth a visit. If you're here stop by the Austin Taco Project located in the lower level of the hotel. They have a better beer selection (not much better) and good tacos.“
Sledutah 468 days ago
80 /100 79 & 81 RAINEY ST
“Wow, 101 taps available with only a few empty taps. Well labeled and setup. Plenty of seating at the picnic tables inside or on the patio. They have several different sausage versions, but we just had BBQ and are full. Good, quick service.“
Sledutah 469 days ago
70 /100 61 RAINEY ST
“Nice tap room. 40+ taps and bottle list, all Texas beers. Beers to go. Not a lot of seating inside even though it is lots of room. Big patio area with love music and a food truck. Exposed wood walls and a nice big wood bar. Service was ok.“
Sledutah 469 days ago
72 /100 525 N LAMAR
“Excellent selection in a central location, although it's a pain in the ass the park. The tap list was varied and they did offer a few gems. Right near the original whole foods.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 486 days ago
70 /100 4301 W WILLIAM CANNON BLDG B, STE 800
“Came with the wife and enjoyed having a beer while she shopped. Selection is pretty good, seems like the masses don't flood this location in search of rare gold. The bar has a varied selection and they were gearing up for a tap take over that evening.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 486 days ago
88 /100 13187 FITZHUGH RD. BLDG B
“Awesome outdoor space with world class beer. Not super convenient for visitors to the city but every time I'm in town I'll be there every day they're open (Fri-Sun) with bells on. Prices are great and food is as well. Definitely a must stop for any beer lover visiting or in the area.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 493 days ago
82 /100 440 E. ST. ELMO ROAD SUITE G-2
“Another solid Austin brewpub in a revitalized industrial area with plenty of parking. Lot's of outdoor seating and games with good indoor seating too. Live music and games on some nights. All the beers are good and the Carl Kölsch and Chico are superb. Carl would be at home in Cologne and is served in a proper "Stang" glass. The folks tending the taps know their stuff; they check glasses and pour to make your beer all that it can be. Oh, and they have an awesome Malay/Indonesian food truck.“
BarleyTeam28 534 days ago
86 /100 1005 E. ST. ELMO ROAD BLDG 2
“A very nice place to drink beer! Large, well-lit, with a stage, lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Lots of live music and other pubby entertainment in the evenings. The decor has a tattoos and metal vibe. The staff and clientele are extra friendly. Outside is dog-friendly (inside ? DK). Usually has a good food truck going. The place is owed and run by a VERY experienced guy. He's run pubs and brewpubs in Austin and Colorado for many years. Brewer knows his craft. The beers rate with the best in Austin. In a town with great lagers (AGBG, Live Oak) they are in the running for sure. Czech and German-styles are dead-on to style. Vienna, American and Japanese lagers are well done (if you like that kind of thing). Two IPAs and a British-style pale ale and bitter are also very well done. I also like the saison. Many beers under 5% abv, some in the 6%'s plus a DIPA . It's unusual to find a brewery with such a wide range of really well made offerings. I've never caught an off flavor in anything I've tasted in 5 visits.“
BarleyTeam28 534 days ago
78 /100 1902 E 6TH STREET
“Visited mid-March, 2019. Pretty neat place! It was a warm day and they had all their sorta garage door type stuff open which was pretty cool. Interesting place... especially with the doors open, it was sort of a mix inside and outside type place. A friend recommended I come here as they have tacos, coffee, beer, you name it. All I tried was the beer, which was average to good. Bartenders were prompt and friendly and seemed to know their stuff. I really enjoyed my time and thought it was a pretty neat concept. I'd be back to chill in the open concept design and sip some ticks.“
drowland 549 days ago
80 /100 4236 S LAMAR BLVD
“Visited mid-March, 2019 with a friend of djd's! Huge place, was pretty much packed the night I was there. Got a pizza and a couple of flights. Big place, well-lit, lots of families with kids, etc. It's public/shared/community table style, which I FUCKING HATE. We sat down at an abandoned table and realized it was a kid's table and they were off playing games or some shit... thankfully the family was friendly and like no worries - you can stay. Beer ranged from average to really good and the pizza I had was quite good! You go up and order at the bar which is handy and the bartenders seemed to know their stuff. I'd definitely be back for pizzas and ticks!“
drowland 549 days ago
96 /100 1305 W OLTORF
“Finally made it here, and it did not disappoint! Easy to order both food and beer. Beer is all theirs, with a good range of styles. They do full pints, half pints, flights and crowlers to go. Known for their lagers, but the ales were what I took home. Yes, I am an ale guy. There was also wine and a couple ciders available. Food tried to touch most of the bases, and was really tasty. We had the veggie calzone, buffalo cauliflower, and deviled eggs. Plenty of seating both inside and out, mostly tables and benches. Stage for bands, but I was there at lunchtime on a week day. Highly recommend!“
ttoadee 629 days ago
82 /100 13187 FITZHUGH RD. BLDG B
“Ice house feel with the park bench layout, does a good job of handling crowds with the multiple pour stations, good selection of JK beers , difficult to get to.“
blutt59 671 days ago
76 /100 1005 E. ST. ELMO ROAD BLDG 2
“Large, bright place with additional outdoor sitting. 13 own beers on tap, few guest ciders, announcement that local wines are coming. No food except few bags of chips. Average beer so far, with few IPAs leading the pack. Good service. Good WiFi.“
thorongil2 725 days ago
84 /100 61 RAINEY ST
“Lively Texan only bar south of Caesar Chavez. Enjoyed every visit here. Maybe 40+taps, a few on cask, and very well chosen. They also offers bottles for in-house and take out.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 782 days ago
92 /100 79 & 81 RAINEY ST
“Heard about this place for a while but I finally decided to visit on my last visit home. Was really blown away. 106 taps and nearly all of em are quality. I was a bit disappointed that some brees were not available in tasters but other than that the night was great. Food was top notch to boot. I'll be back again every trip back.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 782 days ago
82 /100 4112 MEDICAL PKWY
“Use to really love this place in college but after my recent visit I was slightly less impressed. That said it's still a great spot. 70+ taps, great variety, they offer a taster as well. The daily specials are cool and you can see what exactly is on tap as well as how much is left on the digital pour app. I still dig this place but it's not my favorite anymore.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 782 days ago
78 /100 3913 TODD LANE #607
“Large space with indoor and outdoor sitting (benches) located in warehouse area. Industrial/rustic decour. Good WiFi. Food truck outside. Good beer. Flights available.“
thorongil2 818 days ago
92 /100 13187 FITZHUGH RD. BLDG B
“I was afraid JK wouldn't live up to the hype. Wow, was I wrong. A bit outside of Austin in Hill Country. If you don't know where you're going this will be hard to find. Brewery was on a dirt road about a 1/4 mile of the highway tucked back in there. Very expansive but you don't have to trek all over to get the beer. Very open with 4 beer bars all serving different stuff. About 25 different things on tap with a number of other locals as well along with wines and ciders for the non beer lovers. Great area for kids too. Service was almost too laid back and friendly. Some of the best I've ever had. Pizza from Stanley's was on point and great for the price. They do 4, 8 or 12 oz pours. The beers on tap are immensely better than what they bottle. Prepare to pay though. I spent $100 for a t-shirt, 12" pizza, 2 ciders for my wife, and about 15 4oz pours. Worth every penny though. If there was a perfect brewery, this would probably be it. My only small complaint is since all the seating in 95% outside, there could be a few more fans. It was 112 out when I was there and it was HOT, but worth it. Sunday afternoon was surprisingly not busy either.“
HuskerTan 851 days ago
78 /100 12521 TWIN CREEKS ROAD
“Would've never come here on my own as I am not a cider guy. That said, my wife loves ciders and this is a 5 minute walk from her aunts house, so why not give it a go. About 50 yards back off the road right next to a cemetary. There might have been a half dozen people here on a Saturday afternoon. Kind sad as it was really good, but maybe people don't know about this place yet. Very friendly staff and a nice variety of ciders. Really, I didn't think ciders could vary this much but they are doing great. About a dozen ciders on tap and another two dozen in bottles, include B. Nektar stuff. The food truck there is also amazing. Neat little place.“
HuskerTan 851 days ago
60 /100 1305 W OLTORF
“A nice little neighborhood brewery. By the name I would've guessed it was more of a bar than brewery. Wait staff was fairly unfriendly. Not rude but certainly not personable. Food was amazing and beer was good. I'd go for both but come mostly for the food. The menu board didn't list prices which kind of sucked a lot as I like to have an idea of what I am paying. Flights available but not advertised. Overall, nice place.“
HuskerTan 854 days ago
94 /100 1305 W OLTORF
“This beer garden is kind of tucked away on a side street close to a main throughfare. The lush outdoor area is well shaded by trees and very comfortable.The inside is spacious as well with plenty of bar and table seating. I loved the beer selection. They had a great variety of styles and the few I had were absolutely top notch. Very clean, well made, spot on beers. Prices are right in line with other breweries around town. I highly recommend this place.“
NachlamSie 902 days ago
86 /100 1701 E 6TH ST
“Zilker is in the rapidly growing and changing East Austin area on 6th. They've got a nice warehouse space with a patio if you want to bake in the Texas heat. A good array of styles were on with plenty of American and Belgian options. A food truck was out front on a Wednesday afternoon. Service was quite good, I feel like Austin as a whole pays some attention to service. The beer is certainly decent.“
NachlamSie 903 days ago