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72 /100 1231 BROADWAY STREET
“Third stop. It would be easy to drive by this place; there is only a small sign that is after the entrance to the parking lot. The largest indicator on the building itself is about a 12" logo on the glass doors. Odd because this is a large, modern space. Plenty of parking, roomy inside with communal seating and a smallish bar at the front. Outdoor seating as well. Service was enthusiastic and friendly. Flights of four available. Unfortunately beer was by and large pretty Meh, but otherwise this is a nice place.“
bytemesis 1634 days ago
80 /100 1231 BROADWAY STREET
“Great atmosphere and good beer. Not much to complain about“
tapthis 2045 days ago
70 /100 9721 BROADWAY ST, STE 101
“Poor selection of draft beer but a lot of bottles. Great pizza though“
tapthis 2509 days ago
74 /100 1329 E BROADWAY
“it has decent german food and a decent selection of your macro german beers (ie lagers). i will say it is a good place to hang out for lunch or while its not busy. but i dont think i would come here while its busy.“
tapthis 3104 days ago
82 /100 11200 BROADWAY
“Its just like any other brewpub chain. While the beer is very good, definitely nothing to write home about. The food is on par with what you would expect for such a Restaraunt, good but nothing to brag about.“
tapthis 3421 days ago
70 /100 11200 BROADWAY
“I’ve been visiting this place since the day they opened. It should be made known up front that Saint Arnold actually makes their beer. That seems pathetic, but I understand why they have to. That explains why I had both flat Elissa IPA and their "own" Piranha Pale in the same night. Seriously though, for the area, the food is great and the beer is adequate -- better than anything else you will find in this suburb, by far. Other than snagging rare ales at the HEB and doing your own grilling...Try the Jeremiah Red and the Gran Cru when they have them. I have seen a number of folks get a pitcher of Jeremiah Red assuming it’s Budweiser and then they have to call someone to come pick them up. In all, the best beer place in Pearland, although that’s not saying much for the larger area.“
carboloader 4165 days ago
78 /100 11200 BROADWAY
“Great beer, Good Food, okay service. Try the pumpkin pie, err, I mean ale. Ambiance could use some work, as well as the service. I have had some good service there, but it is not often.“
BrewingFan 4361 days ago
32 /100 11200 BROADWAY
“Cut-and-paste everything you have experienced at any Texas BJs, and you have what we have here. Nothing new. nothing worth going out of your way for.“
KAggie97 4805 days ago
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