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72 /100 1300 FM 685, SUITE 100
“Love they use the Digital Pour app so I can see what's on tap on my phone and as their menu board in the bar. Makes a great user experience !! Good selection, great local place to hang out.“
powercat 69 days ago
66 /100 1300 FM 685, SUITE 100
“Stopped by on a hazy and lazy Thursday night for a growler fill... I’ve wanting to visit this place for over a year... and... yep. It’s alright- strip mall ambience, standard trendy post industrial feel. Menu board lists prices for the size, as well as how much is left in the keg- why don’t more places do this?!?!? I doubled checked, while waiting for the growler fill to see the accuracy as imposed on DigitalPour (they are on the site), spot on! Service- looked at the board, was ordered aside for a local with the help, ordered, paid, got my own receipt, thanks- for nothing. Overall- nothing to write home about, but will go back. Aldi’s Is next door to stock up on cheap jerky and chips while sucking down suds- they actually have a selection, and don’t frown upon you when you walk in with a growler, unlike, a movie theater that has a beer named after a legend on Ratebeer. Just saying.“
mmmbeer 1433 days ago
40 /100
Pecan Liquor (Beer Store)
1912 PECAN ST W, STE 205
“Visited here in early September ’15 while in the area for business. Small liquor store in a suburban strip mall. The shelves were pretty sparse on the way back to the beer. One cooler for the beer and very annoyingly nothing was priced. About a dozen or so Texas bombers, about 20 or so different six packs. No singles outside of Bud Light tall boys etc. Picked up one Texas bomber just to not leave empty handed. Disappointed.“
PorterPounder 2538 days ago
58 /100 201 FM 685
“Visited here in early September ’15 while in the area on a business trip. Decent mix of Texas craft in the six packs and bombers, very limited number of singles unlike other H.E.B.s I have visited recently. Decently priced. Served my needs to provide me with some Texas ticks while in town.“
PorterPounder 2538 days ago
“Housed in an industrial complex, the Rogness Brewery lacks the "ambiance" of some the other local breweries. But what they lack in appearance, they make up for in the quality of their beer. I attended their 1st Annual celebration which was well organized and fairly well attended. I wish, however, that the employees would have enjoyed it a little more.“
Beerenberger 3384 days ago
96 /100
Pecan Liquor (Beer Store)
1912 PECAN ST W, STE 205
“This is my favorite place to go when I want to find some brews I haven’t had before!“
2wheelrlm 3473 days ago
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