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68 /100 3400 PADRE BLVD
“Cute little place on the island. Seems to be the only microbrew (as far as I can tell at least) for 100s of miles. Beer seems fair - not outstanding but definitely drinkable and worth the stop. 5 of their beers on tap. Food menu looks good. Ordered the supposedly "award winning" pizza. Brew tanks behind the bar is kind of a cool feel.“
csaso 2626 days ago
50 /100 3400 PADRE BLVD
“Average beers and decent food but the food was a bit too expensive for the quality. The service was less sad and disaffected than at other places on SPI but still not great. Worth a stop but keep your expectations low.“
badlizard 3157 days ago
62 /100 3400 PADRE BLVD
“Average beers, only 5 on tap. They had other bottled beers on display but I didn’t think to ask if they were available or just decoration (I think they were decoration). Food was really good. Ceviche was very tasty. Service was average. Nothing stellar but they did work with my wife on her food allergy, so a plus for that. Overall, an above average place for some decent beers.“
LLCoolDave 3750 days ago
36 /100 3400 PADRE BLVD
“The service kind of stunk and was nothing to look at and I’ve been to places with a much better atmosphere. Not really fun at all. Only had 5 micros on tap and no other selections to speak of. The food was typical pub grub but despite the numerous awards on the wall for the food (and i ordered the "world famous ribs") it was nothing spectacular. I suppose there is not a lot on the island as far as competition, The $3.95 for the 4 oz. tasting was a good deal but that was the highlight of the evening.“
TheDutchman 4001 days ago
60 /100 3400 PADRE BLVD
“Cool place but the beers are so so. My GF and I both ordered a sampler (only $4 for 5) and she felt the same as I aroma, watery tastes.“
TopherJackson 4189 days ago
70 /100 3400 PADRE BLVD
“Laughing seaguls, a refreshingly salty ocean breeze, and a beautiful Atlantic sunset greet customers as they approach this authentic island bar. The ambiance inside is typical for an island establishment- fishing equipment, nets, life savers, and other quichy marine-related memorabilia. But the real eye-catcher inside are the enormous shiny copper stills proudly standing behind the bar counter. And these are not just for decoration! No sir, these beautiful, riveted mammoths produce a satisfying selection of hand-made brews that are as sexy and seductive as a dark South Texas Latin beauty in a two piece bikini. Their over-all beer selection may not be extensive, perhaps even below average, but who wants to drink a crappy macrobrew when you can order a sampler of fresh, handmade beers like Pelagic Porter, Speckled Trout Stout, South Padre Blond, or Long Board Lagar?! The quality of the food is excellent too, and this place offers some of the best seafood on the island. The menu offers classic seafood fare, as well as steaks, burgers, pasta, Chicago-style pizza, and Tex-Mex food. There is also a second story deck from which patrons can enjoy the cool breeze and ocean landscape, or just eye some nice honeys walking by. Either one makes the beer even more enjoyable. On a busy night, service can be less attentive than one would like, but overall, this has to be a must-go-to destination for any beer lover visiting South Padre Island. I forgot to mention that they also sell growlers, filled with your brew of choice, to go. Don’t go home with a dorky souvenir t-shirt from the island, instead take home a huge jug of beer from The Padre Island Brewing Company!“
gfolivares 4628 days ago
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