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64 /100 636 HWY 6
“Sports bar atmosphere with some interesting food items. A few things were quite good, but I wouldn’t recommend the wings. Beer selection is pretty good. Decent place and one of the better beer spots around. though it’s a bit odd that they don’t have prices in the beer menu; especially since craft beer can get expensive before you know it.“
rougeau13 2242 days ago
72 /100 2268 TEXAS DR.
“Very cool burger joint in Sugar Land town center. Nice variety of specialty burgers and crepes with an eye on quality. Pretty decent selection of mostly local brews (only two were from outside the Houston area, and only one of those was from outside of Texas). Cool atmosphere, covered patio. More places like this needed. Of course the burgers aren’t cheap, but the beers were quite reasonably priced.“
rougeau13 2401 days ago
74 /100 16535 SOUTHWEST FWY #2605
“Typical World of Beer. Nice selection, pretty cool place, though as usual somewhat deficient when it comes to rotating things and seasonal and rare stuff. That said, there were a couple of things I hadn’t seen around here yet.“
rougeau13 2424 days ago
64 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“Visited for dinner and adding another BJ-beer to my list. No outstanding service, too mcuh a family restaurant - not a beer place. OK added one, did what I cam for.“
vipinvelp 2493 days ago
78 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Pretty nice taplist, flights available (for $13), and a decent bottle list. I was able to knock off one of my wants plus try Bishops Barrel #2, which was pretty cool. Standard sportsbar motif, but there is outside seating. Pretty packed on a Wednesday night. All in all a good place to go for good beer, with an emphasis on Texas brews.“
bytemesis 2698 days ago
24 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Flying saucer is a great place to enjoy good beer and good food. BUT it seems there are a few managers there that should not be. My last experience there was very unpleasant due to a little short man manager whose name I believe was Matt. I was enjoying my beer at my table when I look over and see this man very aggressively grab one of the waitresses and pull her away from her table that she was obviously tending to at that time. Maybe he did need to speak with this girl but either way that is absolutely no way to handle a WOMAN nor is that how you behave around your customers, this girl was trying to do her job and this man comes and literally abuses her directly in front of customers. That is no way to act especially in front of customers, this man should be fired.“
john2727 2701 days ago
“This has always been a good place to pick up some good brews and hard-to-find stuff if you asked them what they had in the back. Now, they have done a major upgrade by adding a nice bar with about twelve taps, bar seating and additional couch and table seating in their lounge area. Very nice!“
MaltOMeal 2827 days ago
84 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Quickly becoming my second favorite place in the Houston area. I drive 30 minutes on a regular basis to experience the easy-to-park, easy-to-drink, location in Sugarland. An amazing number of taps, that span the whole range. I haven’t yet had a bad pour. And then there’s the food. The beef dip sandwich is to die for. They have a 6-beer max, which makes sense, unless you’re one of those who sit at a place for several hours. They’ll broom you after six, and the servers are so on top of their game, that they keep your glass full immediately all the time. I love the whole concept -- the decor, the trained staff, the view, you name it. I could drive 30 minutes to the downtown Houston saucer or 30 minutes to Sugarland. I always choose Sugarland.“
carboloader 2969 days ago
76 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“If you have been to one to flying saucer, you have been to them all.“
tapthis 3191 days ago
86 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Probably the best place in Sugar Land. Certainly its finest bar by a mile. Pushing the envelope for fine beers in a part of the world where such a luxury is new. Some daring cooking too. A room can be booked for private dinners / functions.“
Tim Webb 3336 days ago
62 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“Just stopped in real quick while i waited for my ride .. Looked like a nice place, good layout .. the air conditioning was working nicely .. . had a sampler of their new ipa, good stuff .. i’d stop in again for a pizza and a couple of beers!“
SudsMcDuff 3438 days ago
72 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“BJ’s is a good place to go for a quality meal and have a good beer to wash it down with. Even though it is part of a restaurant chain it is worth checking out. They have about 10 of their own beers on tap, including a couple of seasonal offerings. There are also a few "guest brews" to choose from. there is also a limited selection of bottle beers including imports. Their menu is quite extensive that goes from standard pub grub to full dinners. Prices are quite reasonable but service can be a bit spotty at times. Worth checking out. “
Bif 3498 days ago
66 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Very, very noisy but pleasantly crowded afterall it is Friday. Service is quick and beer selection great. Only beer is serviced too cold and without proper glass. Food menu is limited but good for assoctiating drinking beer.“
vipinvelp 3501 days ago
86 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Another great Flying Saucer. Great selection for what’s available in Houston. I had the brat-in-a-bun for the first time; I now will have it every time. The decor reminds me of the set of ’Cheers’ for some reason. A definite stop if you’re in SW Houston. I prefer this location over downtown for the noise factor (less) and parking (much more parking).“
KAggie97 3589 days ago
88 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“I was eagerly awaiting the opening of this Saucer as it is only a couple miles from my house and in a favorite place in Sugar Land to hang out. It is located in Sugar Land’s Town Square with a free parking garage right across from it. This venue is more relaxed and not as noisy as the Saucer in downtown Houston. It has plenty of patio seating and some bay windows that open to allow the breeze into the bar area. Really cool design. Their tap list almost as good as the one downtown and has been getting better every time I go in, which is weekly. The bartenders and waitstaff are attentive and knowledgeable. All in all, I think Jake has done an excellent job in overseeing the opening and daily running of this establishment.“
MaltOMeal 3604 days ago
94 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Nearly delirious with joy to have this place open near us. Great food, amazing selection, better service than the downtown location. Only thing that would make this better is more seating.“
ahmashar 3625 days ago
92 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“All the good of the saucer downtown with a much better atmosphere and volume level. So far the service has been better too.“
rougeau13 3657 days ago
82 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Great addition to the Saucer family!.. Open friendly feel to the place, good selection of brews, good waitresses, great management. Awesome private room and cool patio ... just wish it was closer to me!“
SudsMcDuff 3661 days ago
90 /100 15929 CITY WALK
“Located in the beautiful Sugarland city center. A much more ambient version of the downtown saucer. Several cask engines, private room and a larger patio. Same great food as downtown, a great add to Sugarland.“
djd07 3667 days ago
“Nice selection, especially for a grocery store. I picked up some things that specs didnt have“
rougeau13 4117 days ago
82 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“Good food, nice selection of in house beers, (and recently, a fine selection of Belgians, etc.) and its close to the house. The food is a bit expensive, but good.“
rougeau13 4117 days ago
66 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“Went here today for a few beers and light lunch. Sat at the bar. Beer selection was good, various styles of in-house brews, and a small, but specialized selection of bottled beers. I tried the Brewhouse Blonde (very good), and the Nutty Brewnette (also very good, darker roasted and filling). Janie had the Harvest Hefeweizen, which she said was good also. Service was friendly and helpful. Beers are served in a chilled/frosted glass, so be sure to ask for a regular/room temp glass when ordering. Burger was big and tasty, served as ordered (med-rare for us), lots of fries. Prices are normal for this type of place, $4.75 draft, $9.95 .5lb burger w/fries. A nice restaurant, we will go to again.“
stephenj007 4396 days ago
“I was impressed with the beer selection of this place. It seems to have the same basic selection as the Spec’s down the street as far as Belgians, Texas beers, California beers, and Colorado beers. Of course Spec’s should be your first choice but Whole Foods carries some beers made by Goose Island not available anywhere but Whole Foods. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
KAggie97 4622 days ago
84 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“Like this place a lot. First of all it’s a place with good beer that I can bring my family to, which is relatively rare. As far as the food goes, it’s only OK if compared with some of the better restaurants in Houston, but when comparing it against other Brewpubs in Houston (Two Rows being the only I know of), the food is far superior, and I could imagine going for the food alone, so they get a higher food rating than if I was comparing them to a resturant alone.“
ahmashar 4702 days ago
54 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“This a nice place the people are nice. Food is good prices are a little high but it is ok would go back.“
ford9719 5090 days ago
74 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“This is one of my favorite places for lunch. Their own brews are pretty good. Good selection of micro-brews. Nice, warm environment. Big ass flat screens at the bar, good for watching the game, if that’s your thing.“
billism 5362 days ago
60 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“I really like this place. Their beers are good. The food isn’t all that great and the service sucks, but the atmosphere is nice. I always went to one in CA when I travel for business. I was happy when a BJ’s opened in Sugar Land.“
swzine 5736 days ago
76 /100 2231 STATE HIGHWAY 6
“Opened about a month ago (10/05). Typical BJs selection, with their anchor beers and the featured seasonal. Good Belgian selection, featuring Westmalle, Chimay, Hoegaarden, Scaldis, and a Lindeman’s (on tap). as well as other micros in bottles. I was very surprised to find that a BJs had been opened in this area, much less in the Houston area.“
KAggie97 5856 days ago
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