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32 /100
BJs - Temple (Restaurant)
“Our waitress was about the only thing good there. The place is dark and looks like a garage for some reason. The menu was a novel that took us a while to read over all the stuff they have. Oddly you can get a chicken fried steak burger but can't get just a good old fashion chicken fried steak. The food was reheated freezer stuff that I could get a heck of a lot cheaper from the store. Then I find something at the bottom of my beer glass. Not sure what that was. Oh and the beer wasn't really worth the price. Just overall it was a very unpleasant first time visit and needless to say last visit.“
dlihcsnatas 1233 days ago
74 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“Visited here in mid July ’16 while in the area for business. Large warehouse type liquor store that also has a large selection of gourmet type food items as well. Large selection of Texas craft in sixers and bombers, and a small selection of singles. Beer cooler is in the back, an entire wall full with an aisle or so of imports. Prices seem reasonable and the help was helpful but not overbearing.“
PorterPounder 1972 days ago
82 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“Willow Hill ’’ IRISH’’ Home Brew Club,,, says,,, great beer selection,,, some hard to find beers ,,,“
jerseyjohn71 2501 days ago
70 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“Good spot for beer if you are traveling through. They have a good selection, which is to be expected from Specs. Topher is one of their wine guys but he knows quite a bit about craft beer as well as appreciates it. Warehouse surroundings, which is typically not a big issue. My only suggestion is that they not have the beer in three locations. It appears as if they expanded and didn’t know where to put new stock. Best place in town that I’ve seen.“
kevinator 3114 days ago
“Good selection, helpful staff, overall a great time“
Stevenfry 3286 days ago
30 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“I have been a fan of Specs for a couple of years but had a bad experience with the Manager of the store yesterday. Peas buying 12 bottles of wine and a large bottle of Crown plus food for a total of $241 and I asked my checker after I paid if he gave me the case discount. He hadn’t asked and forgot. So the manager was called over and he had to take everything off and redo it. He wasn’t happy . I told him that Specs in Georgetown gave me a case discount every time (they offer it up front) and he said "why?" and I said because I buy alot of wine and he shrugged and said depends on what you think alot is. At the end of this ordeal he said it saved me "a little bit" and I said what is a bit and he said $16. Was it worth it? Not worth feeling unimportant - no. The rest of the staff were very nice. But I will go to Georgetown next time.“
Dfreeman 3290 days ago
82 /100
BJs - Temple (Restaurant)
“I’ve always enjoyed BJs, and their own craft brews. I attended a BJs sponsored beer tasting event which was fun.“
Bluzee 3456 days ago
90 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“The sales people know their stuff and are eager to help customers, not only find what their looking for, but recommend something new.“
Bluzee 3456 days ago
88 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“For the area this store has the best selection of brews around and at a very decent price compared to the competition. It has become my #1 place to shop for beer. They also have a good selection of wines and spirits.“
dlihcsnatas 3474 days ago
62 /100 3550 S GENERAL BRUCE DR
“an ok place if your looking for tx or any other southwest regional. prices are fair and service is pretty standard fare for a supermarket liquor store. glad to have picked up some more obscure TX beers (grain belt pale and southern star stout). Decent if your driving through may want to make a stop.“
Terminus 3816 days ago
“Seems like the place to go if you want good beer and local conversation in Temple. Fairly friendly and knowledgeable barkeep and some nice draft selections: OB’s Gordon and Dales, Old Rasputin, Maredsous 8 and some other nice ones along with the 10 or so crowd pleasers and a couple of regionals. Decent bottle selection as well. Homey feel in the afternoon and supper hours, probably gets crowded later. Pretty decent corned beef-pastrami sandwich i had too.“
nearbeer 4499 days ago
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