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“Went here for the food and beers and as a celebration of the youngest 18st birthday. 6 courses super nice and interesting food a. Nice environment on the old Black Smith wooden building. Great and and attending staff. The owner was a real special guy. Some nice local brews . Their are some really nice ticks if you going down on your knees and locking throw the different fridges on the second floor;). Had a Lervig Rockhouse odd variant that was one of the best I will have in 2023. The place is located in a wee valley with old cultural houses. Needs to be investigated more. Book table some time in advance - the place was kinda of busy but not cramped.“
Nisse666 75 days ago
“Ended up here on a hot summers day after a sweaty 20 km hike. Not a tickers paradise but a lovely place with great food and plenty of good local beer. Very friendly service.“
ekstedt 1202 days ago
“I am local to Gothenburg, Floda is a 26 min train ride out of the city. From the station in Floda a walk of perhaps 10 minutes to get to Garveriet, in which the small brewery is located. Visited for the first time on Friday April 19, 2019. There was a small food fair at Garveriet, and the brewery had their tasting bar available. Notopen very often, mainly for bookings or when the rest of Garveriet is open, make sure to check their Facebook to see when they are open. A taste bar only, with no food. They can serve 15 cl tastings, either from ta or bottle. When standing at the bar also have a view of the small brewery behind it. If possible due to opening days and hours, cool to combine with a restaurant visit to Jernbruket, on the way between Garveriet and the station. Since the brewery is a part time job only, quite likely one of the owners will be behind the bar, this time it was Fredrik, so easy enough to get any answers you want. Pay by card, wifi available. Likely when open the restaurant in Garveriet will be open as well. Good amount of toilets available. Fairly large outdoors seating where you can sit with your beer tasters. Nice place, a bit out of the way if in Gotheburg, but nice to visit if you have the opportunity to do so. One taster for 35 SEK.“
gnoff 1621 days ago
“Second visit on Saturday evening May 26, 2018. Covered most everything in my last place review below, but just wanted to update stating I am still very impressed by the food and the service, as well as the quality of the beers and the passion of the staff in just about everything they do. Pretty much the best meat restaurant I have ever been to, will return!

Visited first time on Friday January 22, 2016.
This is not a place to go to randomly, make sure to have a reservation! Perhaps might be possible for a few people to just show up and have a beer at the bar, but if you want food, and you NEED to eat here, then as of above, make a reservation.
Not a big place, we were a group of 15, that pretty much filled downstairs. Upstairs some more tables, if you get seated downstairs I’d say take a quick look up the stairs for the nice layout as well.
Not centrally located to much anything, Floda aint exactly a beerstination either, but taking the commute/train from Göteborg takes 26 min to Floda Station, well worth the trip for your dinner.
The place buys whole animals locally as well as their veggies, and use most all of it to produce very nice food.
We started out with bread, then a roast beef on deer. Some yellow and red beets. Lamb sausage and pork meat. T-bone steak with some non mayo potato salad with cabbage. Chicken. Aged cheese (Herrgårds, 24 months) with a orange and carrot chutney. Ended with a fruit dessert with cream.
As of the food, brilliant and amazing, everything was super tasty, and I can highly recommend this! If you don’t eat meat they have a veggie option as well, though can’t speak for that one myself.
Four taps with beer, most of it most of the time local stuff as of what I heard, this evening at least three were local, the 4th I can’t recall. A not very large, but instead very nice bottled selection to choose from as well. Packs some nice bourbon and whisky, some had wine, though I didn’t check the wine list at all.
I visited on a work function, so can’t speak for the price, though I’d be surprised if this came cheap in any way. Nevertheless, whatever the cost I’d say likely worth it since the quiality of the food and the presentation and environment are all awesome.
On top of this very nice and friendly, well informed and knowledgeable staff.
One of the better meals I’ve had in a long long time. Might not pop out here for a random dinner, but for celebration or bringing that special someone I can very much see myself return.
Located minutes away from the train station, easy to get to once there. Lots of parking right outside if you’re not drinking. Only the one toilet, and you need to go outside and in a seperate door, which was fun this night that was rather cold. Not too many people can fit in at the one time in the restaurant though, so the lack of many toilets I don’t see as an issue.
Would I go here for that special beer, or the night out? No. But I would go here for the great food, and the nice beer comes as an added bonus.“
gnoff 1945 days ago
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