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56 /100 KUNGSGATAN 32
“Great location in the city center and good selection of local craft beer. Might not be the biggest selection for other beer, but certainly decent for the small, very local breweries. Just across the street from Bishop Arms.“
visionthing 69 days ago
68 /100 KUNGSGATAN 33
“The usual Bishops Arms feel and decent selection of local craft beer as expected. Central location in the main pedestrian area just vis-a-vis a shopping mall with Systembolaget.“
visionthing 69 days ago
66 /100 KUNGSGATAN 32
“Extremely central Systembolaget, in the mall just across the street from the Bishops Arms. some 50-ish craft beers I'd guess, including a buncha locals - Grästorps, Strömmarn's, Lilla Edet, Uddevalla + classic stuff from Dugges, Poppels, Stigbergets, Oceanbryggeriet. Good enough really. Quite lively - a significant number of older people looking for booze when we visited, interesting. IIRC, another place where the cashier was amused by my Croatian ID, while I was speaking Swedish, hah. All in all, if you're in Trollhättan, why not - and you can actually combine it with the Överby one (which has some 170 more beers), as that one has a better selection of more hype breweries, while this one has some more local breweries.“
Marko 86 days ago
78 /100 KUNGSGATAN 33
“Pretty laid-back BA, not as fancy looking as the one, say, in Karlstad, but still very BA (yeah, the rowboat was weird), nice patio, with the loudest gulls around screaming all the time (what is it with gulls in Trollhättan, hah). Apart from "typical" BA stuff on taps and random craft, the selection of local craft is excellent - Strömmarns, Sjuntorps, Sjökullens, specials and one-offs as well. Polite, friendly service, even towards us who were there until closing time. Also, it will always be noted as the place where Fonefan watched F1 on a phone, so there!“
Marko 86 days ago
78 /100 KUNGSGATAN 33
“Visited June 2022“
fonefan 99 days ago
74 /100 KUNGSGATAN 33
“Visited june 2022 with beery friends. Placed in the citycenter, easy to find. At our visit they had a few locals on tap / bottle. Super friendly service ( i still need to find out why they have a rowing boat hanging over the bar ). Good selection, served in nice condition. Lots of seatings inside as outside. Traditionel deco for a bishops arm pub. They do food as well.“
Brugmansia 100 days ago
66 /100 ANES VÄG 2
“Quite decent selection. Best in this area.“
Cunningham 2644 days ago
56 /100 KUNGSGATAN 32
“If you are in the area. Go to Systembolaget Trollhättan - Överby Köpcenter insteda. Far better selection.“
Cunningham 2644 days ago
66 /100 KUNGSGATAN 33
“Visited Saturday 25. May 2015. The usual Bishops Arms feel: Bolt on English pub interior with dimmed music and a mixture of micro and macro choices on tap. Usual pub grub. Had the burger which were fine. Tap selection was so-so: Some English classics, Brewdog and macro choices. Nice bottled collection - I noticed quite a lot of De Molen beers. Seems to be the only good choice in Trollhättan.“
brnandersen 2682 days ago
58 /100 ANES VÄG 2
“One of many stores representing the swedish liquor monopoly. Most of them have a fairly limited selection of craft beer, then there’s a rough 40 in total that have a pretty impressive selection (like this one). Lastly there’s the three biggest, located in the three biggest cities in Sweden that have a really impressive selection. This particular store is well visited, the staff is helpful (though they don’t have that much knowledge on craft beer), the prizes are good, albeit imported exlusive beers in limited editions are a bit over the top sometimes.“
ninecats 3124 days ago
100 /100 KUNGSGATAN 33
“Great news for Trollhättan, at last after many years there is a place to drink good beer, the Bishops Arms (part of a fast growing pub chain in Sweden) has arrived. People now have a pub with a good selection of world-class beers. I was there on the opening day and just like the other Bishops Arms around Sweden it offers originality, comfort, very well mannered staff, atmosphere and of course great beers. I would like to thank the Bishops Arms, because I was having travel to Gothenburg previously to enjoy a beer. I have not eaten here, but I have in the two in Gothenburg and in Helsingborg and can honestly say that the food was not bad, however it is a pub and not a restaurant and I see it as place to drink beer, especially Fullers ESB. I do also like a drop of whiskey from time to time, and they offer the biggest selection of Scottish malts I have ever in Sweden. If you don’t have a Bishops Arms near you, please be patent, just as I was, I am sure you will get one soon. You note I have given food top marks, this is because I don’t believe that food should be rated, as this can jeopardise a pubs overall rating.“
Whatsupdoc 5893 days ago
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