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64 /100 ÅSGATAN 64
“Systembolaget main facts:
Chain of government controlled monopoly stores to sell alcohol with an ABV higher than 3.5% to take home.
20 years age limit to shop, or even to accompany someone else making a purchase. If ID can not be produced, you might get refused service.
All alcoholic beverages above 3.5% ABV you wish to buy in Sweden and not from a "Systembolaget" store, you will have to buy at a pub or restaurant, for consumption at the place where you purchased it. Minimum age requirement 18 years, the pub itself might opt for another age limit though, making it so you need to be older still.
Alcohol at 3.5% ABV or lower may be for sale to take home at regular stores that have a permit for it, age limit 18 years, ID may be required.

This store:
Visited March 17, 2014. Smallish but OK Systembolaget store. They stock all the Oppigårds beers that are released to Systembolaget. Also aas of info they have a beer interested person in the staff that make sure there are plenty of beers to choose from. Nice, helpful, happy staff. More than OK selection. Way better than I had hoped.“
gnoff 3527 days ago
64 /100 ÅSGATAN 64
“En mycket liten trevlig systembolagsbutik. Föredömligt skött av det första intryck man får. Personalen hälsar godmorgon på sjungande dalmål. Alla hyllor är påfyllda. Någon enstaka raritet på hyllan annars det vanliga. Oppigårds ThurboDIPA på hylla. Råkar höre en konversation mellan personalen och en kund om att lagra de Molens Bomben & Granaten. Således finns här både kunskap och intresse. Kul“
Staffan47 3705 days ago
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