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“Hipsterish brewpub located in a cool red brick area that once housed a matchstick factory, almost a stone's throw from both Jönköping central station and the southernmost shore of Vättern. Got that cringe "Free Wi-Fi / Cold Beer" sign with Free Beer in much larger font, except it didn't have wi-fi according to the waiter - wow, great. Other than that, nothing bad to say about the service - they didn't even complain when we connected the tables, which is cool. 12 beers of tap, mostly their production. But also some stuff like Mikkeller, Lagunitas, Omnipollo, Lindemans & Weihenstephaner, well-rounded style-wise. Solid collection of bottles and cans I think, though I didn't have a good look at it. Really notable, key, extremely valuable place for beer geeks of tj Jönköping area / län. But not without its issues. Sadly, many beers on tap had issues, being dirty - and I would guess it's either because they were on tap for longer than they should, which is sad, as the brewery deserves better - or because the taps aren't cleaned properly, which is sad, as the brewery's patrons deserve better and the brewery should know better. Their beers in bottles were clean - so it's definitely something odd with the setup. Food - seemed okay, burgers and suchlike, didn't eat. Not sure when I'll visit next, but I hope the issues they have will be resolved!“
Marko 460 days ago
“Visited June 2022“
fonefan 468 days ago
“Visited june 2022 with beery friends. Placed in citycenter, easy to find. Seatings inside as outside. Good range of their beers. They do flights. Possible of eating as well. A bit busy at our visit.“
Brugmansia 470 days ago
58 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“Big SB with some local beers, easy parking (free) on the outside. Understaffed, long ques - only one cashout open... and yeah the only place to bye the Idlewild brewery stuf, was out in the other SB shop.“
Nisse666 2264 days ago
50 /100 HAMNGATAN 1
“Nothing to write home about, just Carlsberg variations“
Clembo1957 2284 days ago
“Swedish chain pub (think Wetherspoons) you’ve been in one you’ve done them all. Large selection of beers but nothing to interest the more discerning drinker (yes im a snob). Very busy“
Clembo1957 2284 days ago
“Excellent bar, small & very busy during mu visit. I had the Neck Oil a very drinkable lager and good value.“
Clembo1957 2284 days ago
“Located near the central station in Jönköping, at the Tändsticksområdet. Very cozy area with some more bars and restaurants nearby. They had one of their own beers and about 5-6 others good beers on tap. Also some bottles available. Owner was friendly and dedicated about his work, just started out this spring.“
dysenteri 2621 days ago
“Located close to central station, in an area called Tändsticksområdet. Quite new brewpub with only one of their own beers on tap during our visit. Five other taps and a decent bottle selection. Good service from the owner on a Saturday afternoon.“
rlgk 2624 days ago
“Standard utbud och inget som är så spännande. Nya butiken känns sämre än den gamla“
knasputte78 2990 days ago
40 /100 HAMNGATAN 1
“No beers here that qualify this place on this list.“
rlgk 3081 days ago
“A so far well hidden gem in central Jönköping. Tap selection is kinda average, bottle list is really impressing. Nice rare bottles from Evil Twin, De Molen, Thornbridge and more. Definately worth a visit when in the area. Good prices on the bottles.“
rlgk 3283 days ago
“Visited in 2013. Looks like any other Bishops pub however when I was there the selection was very poor. I couldn’t find a single beer I hadn’t tried before. They actually didn’t have anything interesting on tap, the most exotic was S:t Eriks.“
olsvammel 3332 days ago
64 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“Located in a busy shopping centre on the outskirts of the city. The selection is better than what I have seen in a number of other shops belonging to the chain. The staff are very freindly, and they even tried to make me aware of the high quality I was buying. Reasonable prices but just that. A good place to find American beer when in town.“
Bamsen78 3346 days ago
“Located in the city senter. OK selection of swedish micros. Some american stuff and also a ok belgian selection. Otherwise it’s lager heaven, and most of it is either german or swedish. Go to the A6 instead“
esp0r 3676 days ago
56 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“Located at the City Mall. Big selection of pale lagers from Sweden, Germany and Tcheck. Ok selection of swedish micros, some american stuff and a good belgian selection. The best place to buy beer in the region“
esp0r 3676 days ago
“The smaller one of the two Systembolaget-shops in Jönköping. Close to the train station. This is my local Systembolaget now, and I am very impressed with the service. Always interested in beers, and very helpful.“
rlgk 3740 days ago
58 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“I expected the biggest Systembolaget in Jönköping to have all the new T5-beers, but they don’t. Normal atmosphere, normal beers. Nothing special, really.“
rlgk 3740 days ago
“A standard Bishops Arms with a nice outdoor section in the summer. Nice to find two Coronado-beers on tap during my visit. Apart from that the sortiment is rather normal for a BA. Had a burger who was really good. Expensive, even by swedish standards.“
rlgk 3750 days ago
26 /100 HAMNGATAN 1
“"Här kan du avnjuta en bit mat i lugn och varm miljö". Nja skulle jag inte påstå. Stressat ställe. Specialbeställningar är svårt. Burgare utan colslaw går bara inte att lösa. Blir ombedd att själv peta bort den istället. AB-Inbev bar. Absolut ointressant ur ölperspektiv“
Staffan47 3773 days ago
“Köket stänger 22 sedan är det chilinötter som gäller. En Westy12 i baren man gärna vill visa upp. Ganska hög prisnivå. Någon enstaka de molen. Mikkeller och brewdog i stora mängder men inga tunga rariteter. Kunnig personal, i alla fall den här killen. En annan vet inte vad ipa är. 10-15 tap. Det mesta känns standard. Enstaka kul grejer. Dock bara en ipa på tap vilket var lite förvånande då den stilen är så trendig just nu. Vilket också innebär att den var slut. Härlig stämning efter nån lettisk lager på fastande mage. Sedvanlig bishop meny. Lite varianter av husmanskost. Troligen bästa ölstället i Jönköping. Bra ambitioner. I sin iver att visa upp vilken fantastisk öl man besitter frontar man finöl i direkt solljus på uteserveringen. Smärtar förstås lite att se. Överlag helt ok ställe och troligen stans bästa“
Staffan47 3773 days ago
“Tydligen bara Martin som kan svara på frågor som berör öl T2 butik enligt personalen. Frågar lite allmänt om morgondagens släpp. Kvinnan bläddrar lite hopplöst i en gammal katalog och någonstans vet hon själv att hon inte kommer finna svaret där. Kvinnan frågar mig om jag är intresserad av denna gamla katalog. -Nej tack, jag vill bara veta vad ni får på släpper imorgon? -Det är helt omöjligt att veta eftersom inte Martin jobbar idag. Lite pinsamt nästan eftersom det går att se från SBs hemsida. Utbudet är bara mainstream. Inget lokalt“
Staffan47 3773 days ago
58 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“Börjar med att jag går dit en dag för tidigt före månadssläpp. Suck. Tydligen T2 modul enligt personalen. Det vanliga utbudet. Inget kul lokalt öl. Stor butik med många kassor. Trevlig och hjälpsam personal men som så ofta med bolagets personal inte helt orienterade i ölvärlden“
Staffan47 3775 days ago
58 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“This shop is in the huge A6 shopping centre just outside town. It’s right next to the blue entrance; follow the blue arrows if you enter the complex through another door. It’s similar in size to the shop in town. It probably had more beers, but mainly run-of-the-mill lagers and fewer craft beers. (Visited 1 March 2013).“
Boudicca 3857 days ago
“A standard clean and neat shop. There wasn’t a huge selection of craft beers (although there were lots of bog-standard lagers) but I managed to find a few. The prices were very reasonable (I assume they are the same throughout the country in Systembolaget outlets?). (Visited 28 February 2013).“
Boudicca 3857 days ago
“The Bishops Arms is part of the impressive Elite Stora Hotellet in the very centre of town and has entrances from the hotel foyer and from the street. It’s a typical Bishops Arms pub with multiple rooms, including a few semi-private nooks and crannies, and a hotchpotch of “English” features – a library area, Lincrusta-type wallpaper between the beams on the ceiling, a very shiny slate floor, copper and brass kettles, bugles, bridleware and so on. As one of my colleagues remarked, it seems more English than anywhere in England! The prices, however, are not like those to be found in England - they are eye-wateringly Swedish and more expensive than anywhere I went to in Stockholm a few days later. There are eight hand pumps, two banks of around 16 keg taps and a fridge full of interesting looking bottles. As noted in the previous reviews, it’s probably the best place for beer in Jönköping which otherwise doesn’t offer a lot to the beer traveller. The food was standard pub fare, although I eschewed the usual burger / steak / fish and chips and chose instead Janssons frestelse (Jansson’s temptation) with crispbread and cheese from the north of Sweden. It was rather good, if a little salty. (Last visited 28 February 2013).“
Boudicca 3857 days ago
“Decent place for beer. 4 guest taps which all of served some variety of IPA, or was sold out. Decent bottle selection, staff was pretty knowledgable. Food service was bad, one of us had to wait 45 min for food, 20 min more than the rest of us (got it for free thou).“
Singularity 3869 days ago
64 /100 KOMPANIGATA 16-18
“There are 2 Systembolaget in Jönköping and this one is in the mall called A6. This is by far the better of the two with a decent selection that rivals the Systembolaget in Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm.“
saxo 3964 days ago
“Best place for beer in Jönköping. Need to update their beer menus a bit more frequent. A beer sold out on my visit in November was still marked as available in December“
JanneP 4275 days ago
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