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50 /100 75 WEST 400 NORTH
“About the same as other State Stores in Utah, this one had less than most. But, I did pick up 3 new beers so it’s not that bad.“
Sledutah 2901 days ago
16 /100
The Beehive Grill (Restaurant)
255 S. MAIN
“We used to go all the time two years ago. We stopped going because the service is HORRIBLE! Recently decided to give it another shot, and it was even worse then before! My salmon was raw, and my husband’s fish and chips were SOGGY. EW! When we sent it back, the waitress gave us attitude. We filled out a comment card, with negative remarks. The waitresses were gossiping about OTHER customer comment cards as we walked out. They don’t use those to improve service! They only use them for GOSSIP! Waitresses don’t know their own menu. They MAKE you tip the waitresses at the end of the bill. It’s automatically put on! What?! The waitresses act like it’s such a huge bother to SERVE us. Wait forever for them just to take a drink order. Wait forever for the check. Ask them a question about their menu, I dare you. They won’t know their own menu! We will NEVER go back again. We used to go once a week for 2-3 years. They lost valued customers. Watch out Logan! Their waitresses think they are better then what they really are! SERVERS! So Serve your customers!“
AlysrianXian 3411 days ago
68 /100
The Beehive Grill (Restaurant)
255 S. MAIN
“I’ve driven by here for the last year not knowing they serve beer. It is a restaurant with a small pub. They serve Moab beers on tap along with the BMC stuff. Friendly staff, the food was good. I’ll be back.“
Sledutah 4125 days ago
“This is a old bar in the downtown area. They have 12 taps mixed with Utah craft beers (Uinta, Wasatch, Roosters), Blue Moon, Killians, PBR and some BMC. A large selection of bottled beer, some Utah beers but also some other easy to find craft beers. The food is decent, mostly bar food but they do have dinners.“
Sledutah 4542 days ago
58 /100 75 WEST 400 NORTH
“I visited this place 3 times in one day with my girlfriend, underestimating the ABV of the beers, as well as the quantity. The prices are higher, because the laws are more strict. But its still worth it, this is really the only place you can buy liquor and wine, is in the Utah State run liquor stores. This particular one sold single bottles from all over as well as many different brews from Moab Brewery and other breweries around the state. If you’re in Logan, check it out.“
phishpond417 4738 days ago
50 /100 75 WEST 400 NORTH
“There were no beer places on the site for Logan, so since I was stuck here for training for 2 days I seeked one out and added it. This was my first visit to the infamous State Liquor Stores of Utah, so apologies as most of my observations are likely well known by the locals. But based on my one visit to a Utah-run liquor store, I’ve learned that a) you can only purchase single bottles (which was ok for me, a traveler who would rather just buy a single bottle of a few regional offerings); and b) they ONLY sell beer, wine and liquor. This means no bottle openers (gonna have to figure out how to pop open these bottles with what I have laying around my hotel room), corkscrews, glasses, etc. What a backwards state. That being said, this place had a decent offering, many more local beers than I was expecting (lot of Uinata, Wasatch, and Squatters stuff here) as well as some California/Oregon stuff. Also had Rochefort 8 and 10, Orval, a few other Belgians. Definitely nothing to sneeze at. Some prices were kind of high, but they had a few nice barley wine bombers for a mere $3/bottle, so that was cool.“
JMerritt 4764 days ago
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