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74 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Large brewpub just outside SLC. More of a restaurant, saw lots of families and groups. It’s a large area with upstairs seating as well. European/German themed. Almost all the beers are German styles and they’re pretty good. There were 8-10 on tap. I tried the German pale ale and a Czech-style bock, both were good. The food menu also leans heavily towards European dishes, although it has regular American fare too. Some examples are chicken paprikash, pierogies, bratwurst, schnitzel, spaetzle. But they also have pizza and sandwiches. I got the blackberry brandy chicken with mashed potatoes and it was good. This is more of a place to get a meal and enjoy a beer with it, especially if you’re interested in German style beers/food.“
LilBeerDoctor 518 days ago
“Was in the area and looking for a quiet place to carry on a conversation. This place wasn’t it. We managed to hit it on bingo night and the place was loud. Although a pretty standard sports bar, they had quite a few draft lines and an even bigger selection of cans and bottles. I had a couple nice ones from new to me breweries and played a couple rounds of bingo“
Iphonephan 978 days ago
72 /100 6856 SOUTH 300 WEST
“Just a quick stop when entering the SLC. Would look like an office if it weren't for couple of fridges on the right. Solid selection of their beers. Got a nice NE IPA and a great BBA imperial stout. As far as I could tell no drinking on the premises, pretty much just a brewery shop.“
Iznogud 1143 days ago
64 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Visited in early December 2016. Came here twice, ate one of those times. Kinda like a ski lodge inside, with the bar tucked away in the back. More personable staff than at the Red Rocks brewpubs, which again points more towards mismanagement at those places than anything else. The sad thing about Bohemian is the inconsistency of the beer quality. Had a nice draft sample (and full pour) of the Czech pils on the first visit, then a terrible can and a medicore draft sample several days later. And every other beer was poor-to-mediocre. So it’s hard to review a place like that. You might get lucky and find one of the beers in good shape, but from my visit the chances are much better that you won’t. I probably would not revisit if I find myself in SLC again, unless I’ve heard they’ve gotten the kinks worked out.“
Ernest 2102 days ago
70 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Exposed wood lodge-like interior with tables arranged kind of awkwardly so that you have to dance between people’s tables in order to reach the bar in the back. On tap they pour their 4% German and Czech styles: Pils, Vienna, Dunkel, Weizen, Schwarzbock (that’s right, they call their 4% black beer a "bock"). Cans are available for takeaway, in 12-packs for standard beer, and singles for seasonals (Alt, Export). They won’t sell anything else as a single, or even 6-packs instead of 12-packs, which seems like a lazy business decision. Alas, I found singles at the Whole Foods a few miles east of here. As for the beer, the three I tried were clean and interesting, the Pils impressing me the most.“
3fourths 2136 days ago
84 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Second, and last, stop of the evening. What a pleasant surprise after the cookie cutter experience of Hoppers! this place has style. A ton of Czech influence in the menu and beer selection. About 8 beers on tap plus two cans while I was there. All German/Czech styled other than a random California Common for some reason. Samples were $1 each, served in these cool tiny tall mugs. Beer quality was in general quite good, ranging to excellent, other than, as Borken says, the Cherny Bock was a let down. Service was great and helpful. I would definitely hang out here were it closer to home.“
bytemesis 2146 days ago
86 /100 6856 SOUTH 300 WEST
“Very nice place a good production site. The brewer was very nice and they are going to make great things in the years to come.“
BrewDad 2493 days ago
82 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“After a great hike up in Cottonwood Canyon to Lake Blanche, we stopped in here for lunch and some beers. Highly recommend the hike, by the way.

German feel all the way. A nice little patio outside with some hop bines growing. Inside feels very...alpine. There are a number of tables to sit at and a smallish bar area in the back. They have a "tavern license" in one part of the bar area, which basically for us meant more samplers at a time, so we sat there. Oh...Utah.

Beers are all German styles and the food is largely homestyle German fare as well. So, a lot of potatoes and pork products. The food is quite good and large portions are offered. The beers were also quite nice as well. I liked their lagers for the most part, though the schwarzbier/dark bock was buttery. But for the most part the beers were good.

Really friendly service here and very quick as well. I’d highly recommend this place even though it’s a bit out of the way from Downtown.“
brokensail 2600 days ago
82 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Took the tour 10$ included nice pint glass was able to enjoy about 3 pints during tour. Good way to spend an evening. Didn’t eat there, menu was a bit pricey starts at a15$.“
ogre71 2615 days ago
78 /100 6856 SOUTH 300 WEST
“Friendly staff they’ve only been open couple months Its the only place you can find their beers.“
ogre71 2635 days ago
76 /100 6856 SOUTH 300 WEST
“They just opened up and have 3 beers for sale, a few more coming out in the next few weeks. They sell high point beers in 12oz bottles. No taproom or food (yet). The owners are great people, stop and support them. The beer is great. Swag is coming soon.“
Sledutah 2659 days ago
80 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“I was in town visiting my son. He lives close to the brewery, and it’s one of his favorite places in the area to eat. Our server was great, and was patient with my beer questions (Utah’s got some really screwy laws). I really enjoyed my food, and the beer was solid. Not the best I’ve ever had, but given Utah’s 4% ABV restriction, I’m not going to criticize too much. It’s got to be challenging to produce good tasting beer when you also have to keep the beer at or under 4%. I absolutely loved the hop "garden" they’ve got planted outside.“
queenholly 2922 days ago
78 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Visited here while on vacation in August ’14. Has a hunting lodge feel to it - reminds me a bit of the old Buckhead Brewery back in Tallahassee. Has about eight or so of their lagers on tap (all 4% ABV) and some higher ABV cans and bottles are available for take out. I bought two cans - had to purchase at the "tavern" portion of the brewpub and had to exit out a side door....only really weird Utah law I encountered on my visit to the state. The food was pretty solid, had a brat sandwich - nice and hearty. Beers on tap are true to style and flavorful enough. Friendly down-home staff. Worth a stop if cruising through on I-15.“
PorterPounder 2969 days ago
76 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Located just a few blocks closer to the freeway than Hoppers where we were greeted by a very food and restaurant knowledgeable manager (owner perhaps?) who was terrific. He knows his German beer too inside and out. He informed me of where the German beer ingredients are coming from for several of the German style house brews on tap. He went into detail about their fresh ingredients that go into all of their food that was indeed fresh and yummy. I look forward to coming back.“
Ibrew2or3 3894 days ago
72 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Love the ambiance. Any place with hops growing out front gets my attention. Solid set of lagers on tap, and good food. Nice staff. Would spend a lot of time here if I lived in SLC.“
nbutler11 4082 days ago
90 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Ambiance, this place has it. beer is great, food is great. one of my fav’s for date night with the wife.“
ChanceD 4125 days ago
64 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Decent Food. Good Beer (bohemian style) but small selection.“
em1 4172 days ago
76 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“visited 7/22/10... hops growing in the parking lot! dark lodge type building with open tanks and a loft! lots of wood and windows... very comfortable and quite ’bavarian’ feeling. four brews on tap (all lagers...very cool!) though the adorable old server snuck me a taste of the rye ( i had mentioned i have a love of!) which had not gone on yet. the food is good but the sandwich bread was stale (my only beef with this spot). and what’s with serving schnitzel next to pizza? very cool joint which i would live in if i were in slc!“
hellbilly 4278 days ago
72 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Nice log cabin style building with hops growing everywhere. The beers are very good, if you like lagers. Your not going to find a maple-hopped-bourbon-barrel-imperial-porter-stout here, but you will find a few solid, well crafted lagers. You will also find some excellent food, from typical pub fare to the more exotic, there is something everyone will enjoy. Definitely worth a visit!“
SuperDave 4283 days ago
84 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Bohemian Brewery is a jewel for the Salt Lake Valley. Not only do they have some of the most amazing food in the state but this is one of the few breweries that Lagers all of their beers. They do not brew Ales. All beers ferment 4 weeks and Lager another 4 weeks creating some of the best quality beers in the country. An this shows with all the awards they’ve received over the years. They took Silver for their Schwarzbier - Cherny Bock at the GABF. The brew 4 beers all year round in house and for distribution. They usually have one seasonal on every month or so at the bar. You can also find their beers on draft around the state. And they’re the only brewery who can’s their beer instead of bottling for purchase at the local supermarket. They went this route for a number or reasons. 0 UV light to skunk the beer and the cans are truly recyclable unlike bottles. Do not miss this brewery on your next visit. Also, a note to WASATCH reviewing. In Utah you need to have the intent of eating to drink. I think this is why the servers were asking about food. It is a restaurant after all.“
digitalczech 4575 days ago
78 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Very nice restaurant with good beer. Not a big selection, but what they do have is very good. I’ve been there a few times and the food was consistently good. The best garlic fries I’ve had.....“
Sledutah 4732 days ago
54 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“First visited summer 2004. Log cabin style building is certainly appropriate for such a wonderful skiing destination - Salt Lake City. Hops are plentiful around the bar as decoration and the aroma is noticeable. Food is simply marvelous. Excellent variety and quality are hard to find. IMO this is why this place has stayed in business unlike the previous 2 or 3 places that failed in this same building. The Czech owner was often on premises as well as his spouse. Very friendly atmosphere during the evening hours prior to closing. 4-6 beers are brewed here, so the selection is average. But unfortunately the good points stop here. As a beer lover, this place disappoints in the area that matters most - the beer. The beers are uninspiring, especially the so-called Hefe-Weizen which is actually a lager, according to the bartender. The bar tenders can’t seem to consistently tell me what this beer is, a hefeweizen that is lagered? what? why is it so flavorless and watery? Other Utah breweries do just fine with the 3.2% law but this weizen is an exception. The Vienna lager lacks the malt and hoppy character that a vienna lager is supposed to have, and the pilsener is more of an American pils than a Czech pils (light, low flavor profile, etc.). So, for quality, I must give a low score for quality in beer - which is one of the more important criteria for reviewing a brewpub. Other incidentals are worth mentioning. The service is sometimes terrible, simply terrible. Oddly enough, the owner has hamsters in the back and the bar often smells like cedar shavings from the hamster cage. I couldn’t tolerate the smell so I said something and the bartender informed me it was the hamster cage. Hmmm. In a restaurant? They may have corrected this error since then, but I cannot go back. They have VERY conservative hours too. Don’t be surprised if the door is locked before midnight, even on a Friday or Saturday. So, for excellent food in Salt Lake City head over to the Bohemian. Just don’t bother with the beer.“
yemenmocha 4762 days ago
72 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Have been here many time s. the food is always good. Have had slow service at times or even poor. howeveer te beer is great. Personally prefer the Lager.“
BrewNSki 4918 days ago
38 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Nice little place. Only four beers on the menu that I saw, a pils, hefe, bock, and maybe a lager not sure. I settled for the Cherny Bock nice beer (will do a review on it). Me and a friend were BSing and have our drinks. My drink was getting a little low, I guess the waiter saw this and came over and told me if I wanted another drink I would have to buy something to eat. This shocked me, since I was never told this before, pissed me off really. My friends and I just spent $60 on Korean so we were not hungry. Not many people were there, so it was pretty quite. We had our drinks and left. Not sure if I would recommend this place to anyone so YMMV. “
Wasatch 5090 days ago
78 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“What an awesome place. It’s only about 3 miles from my house, so I’m lucky. A big old Czech style cabin with some cool decor. The service was very good, and the food was just great. A ton of authentic Czech food. All four of their regular beers were there. A fun place for sure. Good beers and great food. Also, the prices are good. Huge portions, and great lagers. A great place.“
douglas88 5175 days ago
64 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Great Utah Beer Run – Summer 2007 An old sporting good store from once when I was younger I used to visit to buy football equipment. Now turned into a German restaurant was a good fit. The beer was old German feel and taste - 4 different styles. The food was pub faire at best nothing too special. The Bartender was an old acquaintance from my past with living in Utah. It was good to see you again Chris. Not bad for stop 2. “
BrewDad 5555 days ago
62 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“Bohemian for the most part concentrates on old-world, eastern euro beer styles. They’re main staples are a Czech Style Pils, a Bock, Viennese Style Lager and a Lagered Wheat. One in a great while they’ll come out with a good seasonal. They did a Dortmunder a while back that was quite tasty. The food is pub fare with an emphasis on German/Czech fare. The entire building is constructed of logs which gives it an old world feel. Staff is friendly and service is good.“
mikey 5617 days ago
70 /100 94 E 7200 S FORT UNION BLVD
“June 2003, at the site of the former Avalanche Brewing Co.: This is a suburban attempt at a Bavarian gasthausbrauerei. They had 4 "OK" beers available, none of which were anything special. They had pretty good appetizers and the staff was very friendly and attentive.<<Revisited in 2012. Having tasted some of their beers again on random trips to Utah, I now appreciate their commitment to well-made German styles. The brewpub has expanded to include a bigger brewery and canning operation, along with better covered outdoor seating. The nachos were awesome, as was the service. I like the wide variety of serving sizes they offer too.>> “
Braudog 6273 days ago
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