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76 /100 209 24TH STREET
“Newer location, modern decor and much bigger than the original. 30 beers on tap with a huge bottle list. Good pizza's. The staff was friendly but rushed, the place was packed on a Sat afternoon. I went a few weeks ago and didn't do a live review because of the new location.“
Sledutah 249 days ago
94 /100 2570 WASHINGTON AVE
“Went for dinner based on the recommendation of a local business contact. TOTAL WIN! They have a hefty draft list ... especially for Utah ... albeit, limited to the 5% stupidity. But then they also have a bible full of quality (mostly local/regional) craft goodness (150+ options). Win, win, win, especially for this area. And ... AND .. the food was A+. Great service, groovy vibe. If you're from out of town, just expect the oddities of Utah "bar" service. No kids, sorry. New favorite in the Ogden area!“
Braudog 286 days ago
86 /100 2331 GRANT AVE
“Stopped in for an early Monday night dinner. Very well appointed place amidst some of the rejuvenated sections of downtown Ogden. Street parking can be limited, especially if there's a ball game. But there's a big garage right across the street. Efficient and friendly staff. Sturdy draft list of the unfortunately Utah-limited 5% variety, plus some guest taps and some higher ABV choices in cans, across a nice spectrum of styles. Beers were downright good! My non-beer nerd fans loved the coffee lager! I like the hoppy options very much. Food choices are widely varied, and all our choices earned A+ ratings. Definitely a new favorite stop in the Ogden area! Brewery #950.“
Braudog 288 days ago
74 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Nice brewpub in downtown Ogden, on historic 25th Street. Most of the seating was upstairs. I came here for lunch on a weekday and it was not very busy. They have their 4% drafts and a few canned beers (which are higher abv). Beer was ok overall. The food was quite good - large menu of salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, and entrees as well. Santa Fe chicken salad was great. My husband loved his veggie tacos with rice and beans. Overall it was a nice place to stop for lunch, beer isn’t memorable though.“
LilBeerDoctor 699 days ago
86 /100 2331 GRANT AVE
“Food was excellent, I enjoyed the Buffalo Mac bites. Service was also great. The space is attractive though loud, and overall the place is top notch for a new establishment. Have now been to UTOG a few more times, it is a favorite when I travel to the Ogden area. In my opinion, the best northern Utah brewery to hang out at.“
voyageurmike 1405 days ago
67.1428571429 /100 2331 GRANT AVE
“Opening day, so they are still working out the kinks. Located in an old warehouse. The brewery is sunken in the middle of the building. Plenty of seating. They have 4 beers on tap and 4 beers in cans either to go or drink there. They have a full bar license. The food and service was good. The beer is good. Good prices on beer and food.“
Sledutah 1462 days ago
78 /100 2325 B AVENUE
“This is Roosters new location. It's the production building with a nice tap room and beer to go. They have food available but no need to buy any when drinking, they have a full bar license. 12 taps, 9 house beers and 3 guest taps. Rustic barn decor. Big long best with tables and old rustic chairs. They have a patio, but it's not open yet and there's about a foot of snow outside. The beers brewed here are good. 50 cent samples, $4.50 pints. Friendly service. I'll be back...“
Sledutah 1532 days ago
68 /100 1258 S GIBSON AVE
“They recently opened a small tap room next to the store. 6 beers on tap. Open view & smells of the brewery. Nice little place.
(4/1/16) They sale bottles/growlers from the brewery, no onsite bar. They have 2 taps for growler fills and a cooler for beer. They opened about a week ago. They have 6 beers in the coolers (22oz bottles) and growlers. A nice little place.“
Sledutah 1710 days ago
74 /100 2550 WAHINGTON BLVD
“A nice place. Lots of local beers in tap and in bottles, but nothing you can't find anywhere else. Good prices on beer and they have happy hour prices on a few different beers and cocktails. A big wooden bar surrounding the taps and liquor. Afew tables scattered around. Good food and friendly service.“
Sledutah 1846 days ago
74 /100 2570 WASHINGTON AVE
“They just opened last week so they are having some growing pains. 16 taps, 1 cask and a big bottle list. Nothing you can’t get anywhere else in Utah. A fairly small bar (8 - 10 seats) with about 10 tables. Exposed bricks on the side walls with lots of wood (tables/chairs/bar), Friendly service and good burgers.“
Sledutah 2093 days ago
66 /100 2550 WAHINGTON BLVD
“If you’re looking for craft beer in Ogden, this is one of your few choices. Really cool old building that maintains many of its charms. Large center bar with open seating areas around it. Not a huge variety of beers but a decent selection of Utah brews on draft and bottled. The food was surprisingly nice; I really enjoyed the Irish-styled Cobb salad. Very fair prices. Nice service. In keeping with UT liquor laws, no kids allowed.“
BelgianBeerGal 2171 days ago
38 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Wish we could’ve gotten a seat here. They said there was a half hour wait when we arrived, but half the seats were empty -- excuse was short staff. Wasn’t impressed with this and felt the need to write a review based on this.“
mcberko 2430 days ago
72 /100 1258 S GIBSON AVE
“New brewery nice little store friendly staff good beers.“
ogre71 2499 days ago
94 /100 1258 S GIBSON AVE
“Really nice brewery. They sell their beer at the brewery. Totally cool people and amazing beer. They do growlers fills of their 4% beer at the brewery also. I am execited see what they do in the near future. Talisman puts the craft in craft beer!“
Dedub 2540 days ago
56 /100 3802 PACIFIC AVENUE
“Located behind the Newgate mall. Standard liquor store availability.“
Sledutah 3306 days ago
60 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“*** Nov. 2013
They no longer brew here. The new owners shut down the brewery. They do have Utah beers on tap and the food is still good. ***

A big log cabin feel. Great food. The beers on tap (6) were all good solid beers. $2 pints and $.50 samples. The waitress that helped us knew the beers and was fun to talk to. This was the first visit in many years. I don’t remember the beers being very good before. This is a hidden gem for good beer in Ogden.“
Sledutah 3392 days ago
72 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Was better before they messed up the liquor license (though Utah’s insane liquor laws are the biggest problem). Much better now that they have "high point" beer selections (ALL draft beers in Utah are 4% ABV/3.2%ABW maximum). The ARGO ESB is great, food is mixed but many good options.“
BrewMstr 3478 days ago
58 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Stopped in around 4:30 PM on a Wednesday on a trip to Ogden. Place was pretty dead. Attractive bar with stamped metal facing and a view of the brewing tanks. Sampled all six of the beers on tap. Pretty average stuff for the most part. By law you have to eat to drink. Our appetizer was quite tasty. Bartender seemed pretty unenthused but was attentive enough.“
Iphonephan 3549 days ago
68 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“Stopped in on my way to a tasting in SL. The place is huge. But pretty much a steak house first and a brewery last. I got a sampler but they can only give you 2 beers at a time (UTAH LAW) how stupid. The food was good, beer was ok.“
BuckeyeBoy 3630 days ago
78 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“This is your standard steakhouse place. I felt like I was in a giant tree house. They were changing over to new management and had all of the pints on for two dollars. Solid brews, standard food.“
Gription79 3662 days ago
68 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Nice location in historic downtown area. Average-to-OK beer and food at decent prices. If you happen to be near Ogden, it’s worth some rating ticks, but don’t plan your beer trip around this one. I like the feel better than the more corporate-styled location in Layton.“
nearbeer 4346 days ago
82 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Very good beer. Good Food. Great Atmosphere“
em1 4349 days ago
68 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Nice place. Food and beer is good. We sat outside under a dome, it was pretty noisy at lunch time. They have a nice bar with a view of the brewery and seating upstairs.“
Sledutah 4787 days ago
66 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“I don’t know how I forgot to review this place. Anyway, an awesome log building, great service. A steakhouse with a few beers really. Great food and good prices. They usually have 4-6 beers on tap. A nice diversion.“
douglas88 4909 days ago
58 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Popped in on my may from Salt Lake City to Ogden. Pub is located on a quaint street, reminds me of my hometown in rural Illinois with all of the pioneer storefronts. Place was kind of small, but with nice brickwork and a nice wooden bar. Since it was a Tuesday evening, pretty dead. I had two pints from an attentive bartender, and got back on the road. Beer offerings were rather slim: 4 regulars and 2 seasonals. Menu looked decent, but I didn’t order any food. Would visit again.“
JMerritt 5041 days ago
64 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Great atmosphere, with interesting architecture and decorations. Roosters everywhere, of course. Service was just slightly above average. Food was good, but both entrees I tasted were over salted. One I couldn’t even finish because it was so salty. Beers were decent, especially with that 3.2 restriction. Gotta give this place props for being open on Sunday when just about every other restaurant in town was closed.“
Aubrey 5175 days ago
42 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“Finally got on over to Ruby’s. The place is pretty big (2 stories), the stair’s leading up to the 2nd floor are cool looking, made of wood and spiraling upwards. Took a long time to be waited on and served. Finally got waited on and ordered the Mushroom Garlic Swiss Burger, came with some nice fries. Ordered a couple of beers, will be reviewed in the other section. I always felt rushed, that they wanted me to leave, never asked if I wanted another beer or anything, he (waiter) just gave me my check. Otherwise the atmosphere is pleasent with some country music playing in the background if you like that. The waiter was kind of an idiot, I told him I would probably have another beer, so he brought me back the same kind, I said what is this, it’s another Red Ale, I told him did I order another one, he sez you wanted another beer, right. I told him yes, but did I say another Red Ale? I just assumed, he sez. I felt like I was going to have to pay for it, but he then brought me what I did ask for. So overall I will most likely not eat there again, but might checkout the other brew’s they have. “
Wasatch 5267 days ago
42 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Been to the other Rooster’s by my house. I decided to check it out. The place is pretty big. There’s a bar, and eating area. I had a Brewhouse Burger which was not too bad (could be bigger though) also came with fries. I got there about 5:30pm (weekday) so there was not that many people there yet, but started to come in when I left at about 7:00pm. Nice atmosphere and some great service from the hostess. Would highly recommend visiting when your in the area. Beermail me and I’ll join you if you like, lol “
Wasatch 5267 days ago
46 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“Well there is not really a reason to return here or through Utah for that matter. Utah is officially the worst beer state I have ever been to. The staff had no clue about the beers and were somewhat surprised to even learn that the place brewed their own beer. Put the pedal to the floor and get back to Colorado or Idaho where they know and care about their beer.“
BlackDonald 5351 days ago
32 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Well I return once again to Ogden to make a quick trip through here for the seasonals and fine that nothing has changed. The same 4 house beers, ineffable service, complete disregard for anyone who is not a local or regular at the bar. 2 mediocre seasonals, in a blackbeery ale and a steam beer. Overall less than impressive once again. I gave them another chance and they failed. This will be the last time that I stop here in my travels.“
BlackDonald 5351 days ago
70 /100 253 25TH STREET
“An interesting place located in downtown Ogden. Had six beers on tap, including two seasonals. The service was great and the food was good. A cool atmosphere laid back and hip. I can’t complain at all.“
douglas88 5379 days ago
52 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“Went here in 2005. Log cabin ambiance is nice. Service, food and beer were average. Nothing memorable, and there are better places to get beer (and food) in the area.“
nearbeer 5681 days ago
72 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Great Utah Beer Run – Summer 2007 This is the place to have a beer on a super hot day. The atmosphere was that of an old time bar look. Wooden bar with a nice oak bar behind backing the bartenders. A view of the brewery behind looked rather tight to brew back there. The beer was cold the people where great this was a fun place. Ok I need to also add this was the best of all the brewpubs for the this trip. Had a great time here the beer was very good. “
BrewDad 5728 days ago
40 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“Nice old rustic lodge feel and look to this place that’s where it ends. The service was terrible at best. Waited 10 minutes to be served and then by a no nothing server. The food was decent the beers where Ok but the service was so bad we felt like we just where not wanted nor needed as customers. Check out the beers if you’re on a tour like I was but if not just keep going. Maybe call ahead and find out when the brewer is there so you ca actually talk beer with someone.“
BrewDad 5729 days ago
74 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“This place feels like a hunting lodge. Everything is made from wood. I have gotten the best service here out of any of the place that I Have been to so far, which has only been Idaho and Utah, so you make your own ideas about that, but regardless, I had a great time here. The service was wonderful and the brewer is really starting to craft some nice beers. Just had a fun western honky tonk feel to it. From the old jukebox in the bar playing twangy steel guitar country, to the cowboy boots hanging on the wall. The food was pretty average, but quite tasty with reasonable prices and huge portions.“
harlequinn 6112 days ago
58 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Well officially the service at the bar was terrible. I must have sat there for a good 5 minutes and was walked by twice before someone finally came over and tossed a menu at me, a food menu mind you, not a drink menu, as I was sitting in the wrong place to see the chalk board with the beers written on it, over the stairs at the entrance. The place looks nice though, classy, but modern, with a small brewing area behind the bar, encased in glass. Interesting menu as well, and the food is kind of all over the place.“
harlequinn 6112 days ago
60 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Visited last in 2000 and would like to return. The place was packed which has to be considered a positive sign. The food was pretty much average, but the beer was worth the visit.“
Braudog 6450 days ago
30 /100 4286 RIVERDALE RD
“Went once in July 2000 and wasn’t given any reason to go back. Emphasis on the steak (which was average), not the beer, of which I only remember them having like 2 available. Much better choices in the area.“
Braudog 6450 days ago
70 /100 253 25TH STREET
“Located on a touristy-downtown area road, there’s a small bar up front and a patio like seating area adjacent to the bar and brewing equipment. Had some interesting beers available, like a rosemary porter and the chocolate stout. Good people, good service. I’ll visit again... the ambiance was good... brick walls, lots of wood and plants around, though the constant exposure to brewery shirts, stickets, hats, etc was annoying. Put something else up on the walls other than your own gear.“
3fourths 6737 days ago
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