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70 /100 10290 SOUTH STATE
“A nice modern decor place on State street, behind the South Town Mall. Lots of seating. Big tap and bottle list. Service was ok, my bartender wasn't too friendly but the other one was nice. I didn't eat, so only 1 beer for me this time (Gotta love UT liquor laws).“
Sledutah 96 days ago
60 /100 125 W 9000 S
“I've been here many times, not sure why I didn't rate it. Usual state store inventory. I did get a hard to find bourbon though. Probably because there is construction in front and heard to get here. Also, picked up 7 new beers.“
Sledutah 371 days ago
52 /100 125 W 9000 S
“Medium size liquer store mainly wines and the stron stuff. reasonable number of beers, mostly from Utah brewers. The good thing is that you can buy individual bottles, no need to buy six pack which in my case is perfect.“
vipinvelp 3231 days ago
60 /100 125 W 9000 S
“A decent selection for a State Store. Most recent visit there was a nice selection of Epic, Boulevard, Squatters and Wasatch brews along with the other usuals. Seems to get a bit better every time I go that’s something. Plus, I like the Asian market next door!“
SuperDave 4180 days ago
50 /100 125 W 9000 S
“typical looking state store, they did have some good Epic and Squatters beers though, and Roquefort, no help to speak of , prices were average“
blutt59 4276 days ago
34 /100 125 W 9000 S
“Pretty pathetic store and its the best in Utah. Damn I hate Utah“
kbjames 5002 days ago
52 /100 125 W 9000 S
“I have to third the pevious ratings. I’ve made it to a couple of state stores and this one has double or better the selection. Some of the standard craft (non Utah) selections are priced sky high. Uinta Barleywine was cheaper than SN Pale Ale.“
Ibrew2or3 5113 days ago
48 /100 125 W 9000 S
“Well stated Doug. This is the only place in Utah to get a half-ass selection of brews. The Bayou has a much better selection and it is a bar.“
footbalm 5325 days ago
78 /100 125 W 9000 S
“By far the best selection in Utah. Rochefort 8,10, Chimay, Gulden Draak, Sam Smiths, Unibroue, and more. The prices are moderate to high, but where else can you go. The liquor and wine supply is also good I guess. If you live in SLC you must go to this store.“
douglas88 5333 days ago