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“Located in the mall area Gränbystaden, and an easy stop on my route when driving to the south through Sweden. More than 450 different beers. Uppsala county has many local breweries represented here.“
djoeye 82 days ago
“Located 4 km to the east from downtown, in the shopping area where IKEA is. With more than 500 beers, the widest selection of Systembolaget in Uppsala.“
djoeye 82 days ago
“Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation google tells it is now. Most of all a student's pub.“
djoeye 82 days ago
82 /100 STORA TORGET 1
“Located on Stora Torget, which did not seem being very big. Door on the corner, nostalgic interior, really lots of taps, and burgers available. Surprisingly not crowded on a saturday evening. Found something local. This is one of the best beerspots in the city. Just 400 metres from my Best Western hotel.“
djoeye 82 days ago
76 /100 BÄVERNS GRÄND 17
“Centrally located in Uppsala nearby railway and hotels. As always their brown pub furniture and walls and lots of u.k.classics on taps. As it was my last pubstop, I was tired and bought a cola on the rocks. Good staff.“
djoeye 82 days ago
“Quite centrally located. Beer enthusiasts run this place. Nostalgic interior. Crowded during weekends. Always something new from taps. Belgium stuff in some of the beerfridgerators. Likeable beerspot.“
djoeye 82 days ago
68 /100 VÄSTRA ÅGATAN 14
“Located nearby Nybron. River Fyris runs by. Interior dominated by wooden tables, chairs and benches. Beeefridgerator somewhat more tempting than taprow. Okay place.“
djoeye 82 days ago
82 /100
DomCraft (Bar)
“Located as neighbour to Domkyrkan. Twenty taps gives a good chance of finding new ticks. Crowded on saturdays.“
djoeye 82 days ago
82 /100 ASGRAND 5
“Located in the lovely old university region. Brown pub. Classic style. Local beers and u.k.beers on tap. No noisy music. Uppsala's brewery's Bitter was a pleasant one for me. I liked being here.“
djoeye 83 days ago
66 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“Dark brown pub with decent hamburgers. Not many micro brews, but decent range anyway for having an u.k. feeling to it.“
djoeye 83 days ago
74 /100 S:T LARSGATAN 11
“Basement (källare) student's pub with interesting bottle selection. Noisy at weekends. Here is a garden (trädgård) with patios as well.“
djoeye 83 days ago
64 /100
Messob (Restaurant)
“This is supposedly an ethiopian/eritrean restaurant. Caféish interior. Bottle selection sometimes includes "african" beer.“
djoeye 83 days ago
62 /100
Palermo (Restaurant)
“Became pizza-hungry, so I went here. Pubbish interior and athmosphere. A basement room under and a glaced porch as side room. Four taps, a cider, two Grängesberg and a Krušovice. Very beautiful waitress. No particular music. Just hundred people talking. 10€ for a pizza is a modest price level.“
djoeye 83 days ago
74 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Long L-shaped room with comfy chairs and a bit 1960-inspired interior. Busy and noisy on saturdays. Fresh ales.“
djoeye 83 days ago
“Located in multi shop complex Kvarnen, but entrance from Saint Per Street also. Modern roomy place, seating for about two hundred. One detail about interior: Hanging lamps designed as hop cones. Many small blackboards on the wall with beers written with colourful chalks. With thirty - forty taps I think many ratebeerians may find something new here. I liked. Listened to Abba while enjoying a new tick.“
djoeye 83 days ago
52 /100 STORA TORGET 1
“A bland reproduction of an Irish pub, the Swedes probably love it. Average beer selection, 20 or so taps, the usual bottle suspects in the fridge. Reasonably priced for Sweden, my Oktoberfest beer cost Kr 89. Ok for a quick drink but no reason to linger for an extended length of time.“
Beermenace 290 days ago
66 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Brewpub in a fairly central and good location just by the river and just a short walk from the railway station. Good selection of their own brews. Worth checking out.“
visionthing 365 days ago
72 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Trevlig, familjevänlig brewpub med stor härlig uteservering. Helt OK öl, men gastropub-maten håller nog högre klass än drycken. Bra DJ. Trevlig personal! Absolut värt ett besök!“
hirigalzkar 434 days ago
76 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“A nice modern brewpub in fairly central Uppsala, by the Fyris river. Modern feeling to it (apart from the random tiny disco ball perhaps, hah), nice patio outside. Modern Swedish hip hop playing inside. Knowledgeable staff. 4 beer samplers possible. Wide selection of styles on tap - liked their hefe and cider the most (their lagers are not quite my type of lagers). A very nice place to have in town I reckon, though the beers are slightly uneven - generally they seem nice. Pretty much a must-visit when in town I guess.“
Marko 753 days ago
80 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Visited june 2022“
fonefan 758 days ago
80 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Visited june 2022 with beery friend. Spacy place with lots of seatings inside and a few outside. Friendly service. They do samples tray. Possible to eat. Friendly service. Nice factory deco, but why the disco ball? For sure a great place to visit.“
Brugmansia 758 days ago
“Centralt belägen butik ned ett ölutbud som håller bra Systembolagsklass. Det lokala utbudet är mycket bra! Förutom öl från Uppsalabryggerier återfinns även öl från Skebo i det lokala sortimentet.“
hirigalzkar 2070 days ago
86 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“A super open plan brew pub down by the river 11 taps in plus a bottle selection and friendly staff too..“
Wirralbeerveg 2171 days ago
84 /100
DomCraft (Bar)
“The back room bar of the old Domtrappkällaren restaurant. Smallish craft beer bar with 20 taps ranging from lagers to sours. The regular staff is awesome, great service. Food from the restaurant below“
Singularity 2466 days ago
72 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Quite typical, but nice brewpub in central Uppsala inbetween the old town and the shopping area and right beside the river Fyrisån, where you can also take a seat outside. The inside is clean and modern, with a sight on the brew kettles.

The beers aren’t outstanding, but really solid, with all the typical craft styles. They had about 10 from tap at my visit, modern style Lagers, Belgian styles, (I)PAs and a Milk Stout, which I enjoyed the most. They also offer a 4-piece-taster. Prices are high, but quite standard for Sweden.

Defninitely recommended, perfect place to have a quick beer between sightseeing/shopping.“
Saeglopur 2514 days ago
“Above average, bigger Systembolaget, with quite a lot of local breweries, like Brasstacks, Slottskällan, or Train Station. They also have a "små partier" reck (limited releases), which not all SB branches have. As always, very good prices for imports. I was there in the early evening and it was packed with students looking for evening drinks. Overall recommended, centrally located and with an interesting selection.“
Saeglopur 2514 days ago
68 /100 STORA TORGET 1
“This is a rather classic-looking british-style pub - I would not have gone in there had it not been for the recommendations. They have a large beer selection though, of 30 taps, the 900 bottles seem to not be correct anymore. Most bottles I saw were rather standard. That being said, there are some interesting beers on tap, and they are served in a good condition. One of the must-see places in Uppsala.“
SinH4 2595 days ago
74 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“A classic British-style pub with dark wooden interieur, but don’t be fooled - this is a full-blooded craft beer place with a great selection, a super-enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff and good service. They serve some pub snacks, also quite late in the evening. Prices seem okay for Sweden, but I don’t have too much of a feeling for this since it’s my first time in this country. A must if you are in Uppsala.“
SinH4 2597 days ago
70 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Nice cozy place with a view to the brewing equipment, serving besides a range of their own beers a couple of guest beers as well as a fridge with guest bottles. Prices are, well, normal for Sweden. The beers are definitely solid. A place to check out in Uppsala.“
SinH4 2597 days ago
“I only stopped here because my body wanted to get rid of something. I actually found three beers I had not tried before :-) not a place you really need to visit. Quite mainstream selection“
Cunningham 2606 days ago
74 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Was very calm when we got here. Took a seat at the bar, overlooking the brewery. Had a good chat with the brewer who stood behind the bar. Tried out some of their own beers that were available straight from the brewery. Solid beers, good service, nice place. Well worth a visit.“
AndySnow 2641 days ago
76 /100 STORA TORGET 1
“A really nice bar, great selection. Bar staff overctive. Good pub food.“
bjakk 2723 days ago
80 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“A nice brittish pub. Crowded, nice selection. Ok service. Food was nice, but not the best.“
bjakk 2729 days ago
68 /100 ASGRAND 5
“A nice place. Friendly service and really good selection of beer“
bjakk 2730 days ago
68 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Nu är det bekräftat - Uppsala är en storstad! :-) Nu med egen bryggeripub! Bättre öl en mat som sig kanske bör.“
Senap 2820 days ago
68 /100 ÖSTRA ÅGATAN 59
“Was happy to find this place on a very, very rainy evening. Smallish selection of beers (4-5) brewed on premises, further 3-4 beers on draught and a small fridge with probably 20-30 bottle options. Food was very nice, staff a little stilted, but friendly enough and happy to talk beer. Prices eyewatering but, hey, it’s Sweden...“
kirkcaldybrewer 2874 days ago
70 /100 STORA TORGET 1
“Good selection, decent service and good food. Solid all around“
Dazz3 2970 days ago
58 /100
Burgers and Beers (Restaurant)
“Smallish place in central Uppsala focusing on beer and burgers. Burgers are pretty bad, frozen and uninteresting. Beer selection is better, fairly good but not very interesting bottles.“
Singularity 3028 days ago
66 /100 STORA TORGET 1
“Visited in connection to Belgoträffen 2016. Pretty relaxed and friendly athmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff, a bit slow service though. Decent selection. Food was pretty mediocre.“
ekstedt 3067 days ago
88 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“Really cozy place, English type pub in Uppsala. Friendly staff, 15 interesting taps. Lot of American and also spanish beer in the fridge, and list of whiskies. Worth a visit. Must in Uppsala. Burguer is really good quality.“
Chinaskilavapies 3148 days ago
“Still the only place in Uppsala where you, to my knowledge, have the full selection of the local brewery Slottskällan available. An excellent place to finish off a nice evening or (heaven forbid) just have a coffee. I haven’t eaten here in a while and cannot give an update on the food, but the drinks selection is nice and varied, if not gigantic. Very nice staff.“
Nonesofar 3160 days ago
82 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“English Pub in center of Uppsala. Ambient is great, and confortable. 15 selected taps and a wide range of bottles. Good selection of whiskies too.“
Ladybirri 3162 days ago
72 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“Visited Thursday September 10, 2015. First time visitor. Arrived about 1630 and stayed until 2130 or so. Ate the steak and chips that was really nice. Have four guest taps rotating beers from different breweries, often possible to see when one is put on via their Facebook. Was pretty much full to crowded the whole time I was there. Service was fast and attentive. Possible to sample draught beers as well as buy smaller pours. Some of the staff are non Swedish speaking, but English works fine, and if Swedish is really needed (and you still read this I write) they can get one of the other staff members. Even with the fair amount of people eating I didn’t wait long for my food. Has an English feel to it for interior, and in parts on the beer selection. Parking is available on streets (pay during the day) in the nearby area, but not right outside. Only downside I found was only one toilet available, so a line for that mot of the time and from what I heard that was the usual deal to be prepared for. If I visited Uppsala more frequent, I’d go back for sure.“
gnoff 3227 days ago
62 /100
Burgers and Beers (Restaurant)
“A small burger "and beer" joint in the centre of Uppsala. Every now and then they have some nice beer on one or two of their four taps. They have a fairly good selection f interesting beers. A good place to have a burger and a nice beer in Uppsala. “
jolo 3255 days ago
56 /100 S:T OLOFSGATAN 30
“Crowded and rather cramped place. They usually have some good guests but a combination of the business and the staff not being so attentive means you can sometimes wait a while to be served.“
SaintMatty 3318 days ago
“One of the smaller Systembolaget in Uppsala. Small selection.“
Singularity 3461 days ago
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