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78 /100 STORGATAN 15
“Visited early on a Tuesday afternoon in January 2022. A fairly large place with a "typical" Bishops Arms interior. I only had less than two hours before returning to the Airport but managed to eat (a tasty reindeer dish) and drink 3 beers. One of the beers was from Northern Light Brewery. The service was fast and polite. The location is very good in central Luleå. (5 minutes walk to the bus to the Airport) Next time I will make sure to have more time. (The beer fridge had Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter among other interesting beers)“
gyllenbock 246 days ago
“Location in the southern end of Theatre building, and only 150 metres from Bishops Arms. Visited many times. Gourmet food bar. Always some news from Bottenvikens brewery, and with their meat, it is a very pleasant experience. Pricey but very nice.“
djoeye 389 days ago
“Now Luleå has 3 Systembolaget alco shops. This is between Delfinen Ice Hockey Arena and Ica Kvantum supermarket, less than 2kms from city centre. Knowledgeable staff.“
djoeye 389 days ago
62 /100 STORGATAN 61
“Decent sized Systembolaget store right in the heart of Luleå. Good selection of local breweries (Bottenvikens, Bryggarbackens, Tjers, Skellefteå, Pite, Nyckelbryggerier). As djoeye mentioned it's easy to access. Street parking available.“
rosenbergh 1001 days ago
60 /100 STORGATAN 25
“Breakfast n lunch cafe, a place to start early. Craft beers on bottles, local microbrews represented. Modern interior. Nice place.“
djoeye 1151 days ago
“Kulturens Hus webpage says 5/2019 that opening hours are M-f 09-19, Sa 10-16, Su 12-16. But those are for the Touristinformation in the same house. Lunch-time: M-f 11.00 - 13.30 Evenings: Tu-th 17.00 - 22.30 Fr-sat 17.00-23.30 Not sundays nor monday evenings. Visiting this place May 17th. A friday. Upstairs on first floor in the westernmost corner. Six taps, Visby had 3 during my visit. Two bottles of Bottenviken, which I already had, and they are on Systembolaget as well. Brutal Brewing served in proper BB glassware - good point. Fantastic view from balcony. Not 100% a craft beerspot yet, but get Bottenviken and Tjers on tap and more bottles - then we're talking craftbeer.“
djoeye 1234 days ago
68 /100 STORGATAN 15
“A English styled bar with a small outdoor seating area. Good selection of beers but no beer menu, so a bit boring. Had the Entrecote, it was ok but not more than that.“
Nordcore 1897 days ago
12 /100
Roasters (Restaurant)
“They have bottled local craft beers, some of these are the latest news. And they know it. Beers mentioned in menu, but not all, but staff will guide you with secrets in their fridges. Service is good, proper glassware, ambience nice, not a noisy place. Food is good, easy, and suits beers. Nice place to start. I did that both my days in Lule. And will be back. 4-9-9-9-6-13=70. 2018: New name, no craft beers. Dead place. Sad.“
djoeye 2379 days ago
“Best selection in Luleå. Can be crowded. A bit hard to find among the warehouses.“
Finn 2521 days ago
78 /100 STORGATAN 15
“My favorite in Luleå. Look out for beers from Northern Light.“
Finn 2521 days ago
64 /100 STORGATAN 61
“The SystemBolaget downtown in Luleå City has less different beers than SB at Storheden 5km outside Luleå, but is an interesting visit if Storheden hasn’t all the beers one wants, or if one wants less transportation. Location in the main street not far from bus station and railway and most of the hotels, makes this SystemBolaget easy visiting. Very helpfull staff.“
djoeye 2735 days ago
“Helpful staff. Good order.“
djoeye 2737 days ago
80 /100 STORGATAN 15
“A well run, medium-sized Bishops Arms in the central Luleå close to the pedestrian zone. 25 beers on tap supported by an extensive list of bottled beers, more than 120 variants, including 42 from USA, 36 from Belgium, 20 from Denmark, 16 from Sweden and five Norwegian ones. The new arrivals are on display in a fridge placed on the public side of the bar. We visited the pub twice over a weekend, and on Sunday I had a delicious plank steak here. Topnotch service from a friendly and knowledgeable barman, giving us free samples, and even let us have a taste from an interesting forthcoming local beer/brewery. Mixed background music; modern rock, soul, and classic blues. We were very pleased with our visit here on Sat and Sun 24/5-25/5-2014.“
Rune 3047 days ago
“When we visited the store on a Saturday in late May ’14 there were more than 320 different bottled beers to choose from, and we found most of the new beers that had been released through the chain in May. The beer section of the store is quite spacious and well arranged. It’s located in a huge shopping area 5km from the city center. Bus no. 6 and no. 9 brings you from the city to Storheden. Polite service. There is also a smaller store downtown and worth checking out as there might be other beers than at Storheden (visited 24.05.2014).“
Rune 3048 days ago
“Great place to sample bottled beers from Swedish microbreweries. There were about 30 bottles on the menu including beers for Nausta, Bottenvikens Bryggeri and Skånehill. The food bar is a part of the Hemmagastronomi which apart from the bar includes a fine food store, a bakery and rather small restaurant. It’s centrally located at the northern harbor (Norra Hamnen) of Luleå with a nice little patio at the dock of the bay. Attentive and friendly service, cool music, and cozy atmosphere. Popular place on a Saturday afternoon visited by all kinds of people (visited 24.05.2014).“
Rune 3049 days ago
92 /100 STORGATAN 15
“Situated behind a blue door at the Stadshotellet, main street. Interior as from british inspiration, nice decorations. Friendly atmosphere and good service, even when crowded. Very good marinated steak. Average price level according to swedish standards. More than twenty taps and hundreds of bottles, changing beer-menu all the time, unfortunately not possible to have it updated all the time. Knowledgeable and serviceminded staff. (Was there both on a crowded saturday and a tranquil sunday, together with Rune, who was also satisfyed with about everything). And several revisits later.“
djoeye 3051 days ago
76 /100 STORGATAN 15
“Beery english- style pub in the center of Luleå, part of (or connected to) a hotel. Took a while to figure how to get into the place. The street-facing doors were closed, and apparently you’re ment to go through the hotel lobby to get in. Once inside, the place was pretty nice. English- style woody interiour. A bunch of taps, and nice bottles in the fridge (spotted some the bruery there even). Friendly service, quiet feel. Visited quite early in the day (a monday), so don’t know how crowded it might get. Felt like an awful nice place at that time though.“
jookos 3060 days ago
72 /100 STORGATAN 15
“Quite ordinary The Bishops Arms chain pub in the very centre of Luleå. There was probably 20 taps but only 5 were something else than lager or most common UK brews (Fullers ESB, Spitfire, BrewDog Fake Lager). Most of the lagers had even two taps. The taps reserved for Swedish craft brews very tastily chosen. Omnipollo, CAP, Brutal Brewing, Nils Oscar and Nausta. The bottle selection was quite nice but also quite expensive (as it tends to be in The Bishops Arms). Very nice and personal service. A bit chain-like interior but nothing quirky there so it’s easy to absorb. The beers were much better than the food which was adequate but over-priced. All-in-all if you’re in Luleå this is a must to visit.“
rosenbergh 3087 days ago
86 /100 STORGATAN 15
“Tasteful Swedish beer varieties. Very good atmosphere.“
mtu71 3303 days ago
66 /100 STORGATAN 15
“The best selection in Luleå, which isn’t saying much unfortunately.“
martinen 3518 days ago
82 /100 STORGATAN 15
“Absolutely amazing selection. Not only in quantity but definitely in quality as well. They have about 20 taps and around 200 bottles. This is the highest quality selection I have ever seen in a bar. It is expensive but worth treating yourself if you are in the area. Very friendly staff.“
delnoche 3690 days ago
60 /100 STORGATAN 15
“ I guess life is harder up North. It took a long time to get up here, and the beers have a long way to travel up. A few beers survived the long trip to Luleå and Bishops Arms. Unfortunaly most of them were macros, and despite my modest rating history, I had most of them before, bottle selection looked a bit better. Very empty for a Friday night, maybe better options around, eh? Solid food and usual Bishops Arms interior, so okay, its the best beer option for next 1000 km. up North.... “
brnandersen 3719 days ago
74 /100 STORGATAN 15
“20 taps and a nice selection of bottles. Wide range of styles. Friendly staff, quite crowdy in the weekends.“
Nolegs 3920 days ago
96 /100 STORGATAN 15
“A very nice place with good food and lots of options on the brewside. The staff are quite knowledgable and are more than happy to help quench your thirst be it for the drink itself or the story behind it. They are exeptionally good at getting seasonals and specials, which is a lifesaver up north. If you are ever near Luleå and feel the thirst coming go to Bishops, you will not regret it.“
McKivi 4362 days ago
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