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62 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Located near the main intersection in town, street parking available. Standard bar & grille vibe and decor. Small bar. Good service, but the beer was less than average. The other 2 breweries in town weren't open, so I got stuck going here. Definitely a pass.“
stevoj 791 days ago
74 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Brewpub with decent food and a nice wood finishing look inside. Beers are mostly ok, all available in flights. I had the burger, which was ok. Alfredo was ok too. Beer was mostly ok, Black IPA was the standout for me. Friendly service.“
solidfunk 1721 days ago
72 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Very prototypical brew pub atmosphere. Doing a good business on a Saturday. Got a seat at the bar. Only had a single half pour and a burger, but the experience was fine. Beer quality average“
bytemesis 1818 days ago
66 /100 201 SOUTH STREET
“Small place near Madison. Long bar, a couple tables, pinball machine. Large LP collection, Marley theme. Also do coffee and lunch. 5 beers on tap, three sizes of pour, plus growlers. Laid back. Good service. Fair beer.“
bytemesis 1823 days ago
80 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Stopped in for lunch prior to cousins wedding. Rustic ok decor. Good for family meal. Food was quite good rustic and on cold wet day hit the spot. Only had one beer which was fine and selection was average. But if your in this town for whatever reason definitely come.“
Jow 2487 days ago
76 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Stopped in to see what was in stock during my ne trip. Ok select of ne beers a few other random things. I would say it’s worth the stop if your driving by. But I wouldn’t make a special trip to hit it.“
BuckeyeBoy 2723 days ago
“Reviewed from notes. Clean, well lit place. Decent service and prices in a decent side of town. Maine Beer Company, Rising Tide, Clown Shoes, Ipswich, Ommegang, Upstate, Flying Dog, Victory and Smuttynose were some of the examples of the breweries there. I didn’t mind the place, but like the prior place, well, it is Bennington, so....let’s just say it’s easier to take kids in than the other place that has open. Like they always say, "when in Rome", yeah....hmmmm, go figure.“
Bulk_Carrier 2919 days ago
60 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Review from notes. Fairly clean with a decent service and prices. A fair amount of New England breweries make it here. More wine than beer. Honestly, there’s not much else in the Bennington area, so when in town, well, it’s do-able.“
Bulk_Carrier 2919 days ago
82 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Passing through Bennington, had to check out their one and only brewpub. For a Wednesday night, it seemed like a pretty happening place. Some tv’s with sports on up at the bar. Atmosphere was very clean and service was very good for the amount of people who were there. Beers were pretty good. Their porter with the blueberry muffin thing going on was awesome! I’d go back when stopping through!“
Bulk_Carrier 3140 days ago
64 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“We didn’t plan to stop here and hadn’t even looked up where to go on Ratebeer. But we wanted a couple beers for the hotel room and just happened upon this place by accident. SCORE! Little bit of a dive liquor store, but nice selection of regionals, and best news for a traveler -- mix and match!!“
Braudog 3572 days ago
78 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“My first Vermont brewery, and I wasn’t disappointed. In the heart of small town USA, this has the obvious feel of a family business and is clearly favored by the locals. I only had one of the beers offered, but it was too good to move on to anything else. Our dinner was very good, hearty and served fresh. And the staff was friendly and prompt. Definitely recommended! (Brewery #669)“
Braudog 3572 days ago
70 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Quirky place worth a stop. Decent selection of local and special issue beer. Yeah the porn is across from the beer as reported. Decent prices.“
jb 3593 days ago
84 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Great little place. Good service good brews good food. Would recommend highly.“
jb 3593 days ago
78 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Nice small-town brewpub. Friendly service. Good diversity of beers, mostly slightly above average in quality. Incredible value for the sampler. Nice, open ambiance. Food menu looked pretty OK but I was just drinkin’ on this visit. Worth a stop if you are passing through.“
Leighton 3690 days ago
62 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Visited; 9-21-11 I came to this place upon a recommendation from another NA member. The place is a nice place, very warm and inviting. They had 7 had beers on tap that was a decent variety but not much else. The beers were average (at best) with nothing that will blow you away and seems like their beers are made somewhat cheaply to appease, not impress. The food was decent as I had Brewmasters Steak Sandwich with fries. The service was okay as the bar area was half full but the bartenders attention wasn’t fully attentive. To my surprise, they were closing at 9pmthe but then again, it is a small vermont town and there wasn’t a line of people at the door either. Overall, if you are in the area, give it a try but don’t drive out of your way for their beers.“
merc7186 3900 days ago
52 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“The night we visited the service was not too good and the meals were mediocre and the beer wasn’t anything great but it still beats most non-brewpub restaurants.“
BroSpud 4080 days ago
66 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Visited for lunch time snacks on a Sunday and the place was fairly rocking, but we only had to wait a few minutes for a table. Modern looking brewpub, smart decor, plenty of wood inside and the brewing coppers on show. The beers were so so,nothing to ahout about but adeqaute enough. Food was good although we just shared nachos and fries as opposed to entrees. Service was pleasant and they seemed quite excited that English visitors had dropped by!“
Theydon_Bois 4117 days ago
84 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“This place is cool. The bartenders are friendly, knowledgable, and fun. The beers were okay. But, the food and atmosphere is great. This is a very fun stop in Bennington!“
AaronDaniel 4172 days ago
38 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Stopped here a few years ago and was disappointed with just about everything we brought home. Just stopped in again today while traveling through and it’s pretty much the same. Incense, porno mags, lottery, smoke shop and beer store. They DO have an impressive array of beers to choose from, but I don’t think they sell quickly so tend to sit a long time. I almost jumped on some bottles of Clown Shoes beers until I saw the bottle date of a year ago. Most beers are not refrigerated so you’re on your own if you get something fresh or years old.“
chronictonic 4299 days ago
82 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Stopped in for some beers and a meal. A nice large room that had a wooden lodge feel with a medium sized bar. There were eight of their beers on tap that ranged from ok to good. Service was good with a staff that was fairly knowledgeable. The food was quite good and especially the apps. Prices were very competitive.“
deyholla 4402 days ago
64 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Visited here this week while on vacation with the family. This brewpub is located in a great space on the main drag in downtown Bennington. Bar is to your right as you walk in the door, restaurant seating to the left and also upstairs. Smallish but varied menu satisfied all the hungers in our party. Service was prompt and available. Seemed a bit pricy, my daughter had a 10 dollar kids meal. The beer here is average, with some having issues. I wouldn’t make a special trip to come here, but might stop in if I was in town.“
johnnnniee 4734 days ago
80 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Was almost gonna skip over this place, despite being on vacation nearby, because of the lackluster reviews. But found myself in Bennington with nothing to do on a sunday evening, so the chocolate shop (and almost everything else) was closed, so I stopped in with my girlfriend. The beers (as described by others) were not all that experimental,were all solid and pretty tasty. I was in a mood for session beers, so I was able to kill a 7 sampler without any trouble. Service was great. Met another couple passing through and had some good conversation. The ambience was great, location and decor were very nice and well put together. Beers were solid. I would definitely recommend stopping in if you’re in the area (but don’t pre-judge!). Didn’t eat any food.“
zdk 4756 days ago
44 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“A small bar in the small town of Bennington, VT. This was the last stop of my VT/NH trip and it was also the worst spot. The beer offerings were standard styles (strong ale, pale ale, scottish ale, lager, witbier). The 2 beers I tried were awful, possibly due to infected lines. I didn’t try any of the food. Yeah, so I wouldn’t go back here just because the beers were not good, so it’s not even worth a stop for that.“
LilBeerDoctor 4818 days ago
50 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Stopped on my way to Northern Vermont. They stock a decent selection of Belgian beers and have some Canadian beers that are harder to find in the U.S. More of a smoke and porn shop than a beer store. Somewhat lacking in Vermont beers. Not worth going out of your way for,“
Cletus 4941 days ago
80 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Visited here on my way to northern Vermont. The place itself is located in a storefront and has the look of an industrial brewpub with the brewery located in the back. Food wise, the prices are good ad typical pub fare is available with some daily specials. 7-8 taps on at any given time that yield enjoyable session beers and rotating seasonals. Worth a visit if passing through.“
Cletus 4941 days ago
84 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“beer and wine are the main items but they have an extensive supply of soda, glassware, t-shirts, magazines, snacks, and smokes“
bottles 5166 days ago
60 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“A brewpub with a chain restaurant feel. The food is pretty good, and the beers on tap are of variable quality, but all-in-all not bad. You will always find a cast of characters belled up. Not the most memorable place, but a very good place to stop for one or two.“
williamherbert 5199 days ago
62 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“We stopped in Bennington, primarily for dinner and happened across this brewpub. I ordered their sampler which consisted of their staple beers + their winter seasonal. Let me say that this is not the place to go if great beer is your first priority. Location, service, and food, however can make up for this, especially if you’re a local. Their beer is palatable, but definitely not special.“
sinkr 5325 days ago
78 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Lots of good Vermont and New England beers that I couldn’t find in NY State. It’s a short trip over the border (especially if you live in Albany/Capital District) to reload once or twice a year. Good selection of crafts, and most of them are very reasonably priced. There is a LOT of pornography right near where the beers are, so just keep that mind if you are bringing kids in with you.“
williamherbert 5327 days ago
56 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“A 2 level brewpub which is nice and homey, very friendly staff (and the bartender was cracking jokes every minute, promised I wouldnt say what jokes!!!). Food is classic pub fare. Tried the Onion soup which was really nice. The beer however is a bit on the boring side. Visited August 2 2009.“
Lubiere 5461 days ago
50 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“This is a tough one to "rate". The food we had for dinner was scrumptious. My shrimp and sausage ravioli with chipotle and corn cream sauce was delicious. My wife’s fish plate was delightful as well. Service was friendly, if not too knowledgeable about the beers. But these beers...were severely problematic! I hadn’t encountered a brewpub with such brewing issues in a long time. I admit I tend to avoid them when I hear of possible problems though...All of the beers I tried were plagued by a harsh mineral, dusty character which definitely alluded to dirty tap lines. On top of that, the mouthfeels were quite anemic. Poor mashing techniques? This is just speculation of course, but it is obvious I hit them on a bad day. How a restaurant can serve very good food alongside such a poorly-managed brewery is beyond me. Next time I am in the area, I will concentrate on Pittsfield Brew Works or McNeill’s Brewery.“
MartinT 5530 days ago
62 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“My link to VT beer. Make a trip to bennington almost every year, and this is my beer spot. Good selection of VT beers, as well as other US, Belgian, German fav’s. Never saw anything amazing here, but it’s still a good bev stop.“
Sregnar35 5754 days ago
78 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Traveled here in August of 2008. Lots of good beer.... have adapted to to the new Vermont law (July 2008) allowing sales of beer over 8%. Quite a few excellent beers from all over the US and Canada. Staff (owner?) knowledgeable about beer and the change in Vermont law... offered to come to my house to drink the excellent beer that I was buying. Far away, but worth checking if I am in the area for beers that I do not have on my Ratebeer list...“
VTHopHead 5790 days ago
54 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“This is a nice place to stop for dinner. The beers are average, but the food is not... decent eats. Beer is uninspired, watery and weak flavored, generally“
VTHopHead 5798 days ago
74 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“A little hole in the wall store that I wouldn’t expect to find over 200 singles for sale. What impressed me the most where the prices. Oval labels of La Roja for $6!!! Plenty of McNeills for $3.29/22oz. Worth stopping in if you are near the area.“
jason 5871 days ago
82 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“After reading the other reviews, I didn’t know what to expect when heading over to Madison recently. I thought that the beers were good and I guess we got lucky with the service, because the bartender waited on us and she was knowlegeable regarding the beers. I understand that the beers were better a few years ago? The food is a typical casual bar type menu and the selections we ordered were very good, especially the homemade potato chips. The ambiance is a rustic style which was nice. We will stop in again when we are in the area.“
Mikeybrew 6287 days ago
56 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Nice place to stop for a brew and a bite. I really like the building, the brewpub really fits here. The beers don’t have the pizzaz they used to, but are still pretty good. Worth a visist.“
josarah 6338 days ago
74 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Pretty cool little place in a cool little town. Not too big, but good atmosphere. Grain bags and brewing equipment all around. Food was marginal, beer was pretty good too, nothing great. It’s an hour drive from where I live, but a nice drive, and I’ll make the trip again.“
Sregnar35 6791 days ago
42 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Nice big place, but they could do so much better with what fills it. The food was so-so, and the beer was mostly worse (with one exception -- their Pale). Service was ok, but not beer savvy -- on the sampler two of the beers were reversed (fortunately it was easy to tell).“
argo0 6823 days ago
52 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Three visits over the past four years or so, each less impressive than the last.; the one constant has been the pleasant (if fairly typical) restored old main street downtown interior. Some of my problems may be due to my more refined/critical palate, or maybe the place has gone downhill. At any rate, this last time I had the hefe, terribly infected and sour, the food was just OK with portions fit for only the most obese of gluttons (not a compliment in my book), and the service less than stellar. Probably the weakest brewpub in the state at the moment.“
muzzlehatch 6923 days ago
32 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Been here twice in the past 2 years. Not real pleased with the place in July 2005. Had a sampler, and found that the beer tastes like the water, which isn’t very good. All of the beers served had the same distinct taste to them, which could also be found when taking a sip of water to cleanse the palate. The shepards pie is OK, nothing to write home about. Was very disapointed with the service, which was extremly slow.“
bandit1200 6936 days ago
68 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Have made this place a regular visit on trips up through Vermont to the North for Beer Fests and what not. Decent place to stop in for a bite and a brew. There was a day when the beers were of the top notch variety, but I feel that they are more average now. Food is good. Atmosphere is a bit local bordering on strange at times, but that makes for good conversation.“
MaiBockAddict 7181 days ago
62 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“Good selection on McNeill’s ,as mentioned elsewhere; had the imperial stout for $3.29 22 ounce; also, had Rock Art Barleywine at $2.99/ 22 ounce. 12 pack prices for other VT beers slightly cheaper at the Manchester Beverage Center up the road...“
ZOSOMAN12020 7181 days ago
80 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“I stopped by here at like 10am and was happy to see a ton of McNeill’s available, I definitely stocked up. This place is pretty nice little shop. You can get tobacco, comic book/magazine, and brew all at the same time.“
AustinMilbarge 7192 days ago
58 /100 428 MAIN STREET
“Located on Main street, this place has a bright, new feel to it with a brick exterior, wood floors, and a metal staircase leading upstairs. Somehow it feels homey too, the way a VT bar should feel. The have a menu of year round beers with a few rotating seasonals. Overall the beer is decent, but nothing will knock your socks off. Try the Old 76 strong ale.“
BuckNaked 7202 days ago
60 /100 340 NORTH ST.
“The Smoker’s Den sells beer, wine, tobacco, magazines, and snacks. While not solely a beer store they do have a decent selection for small town Vermont. In particular I’ve been able to find tons of McNeill’s every time I’ve been there. They managed to get most of McNeill’s seasonals in stock all the time. Rock Art, Trout River, Magic Hat and other VT and regional breweries are well represented as well. Surprisingly, there isn’t a bad selection of UK and Belgian beers there as well. Worth stopping by if you’re in the area....but nothing worth traveling for.“
BuckNaked 7289 days ago