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70 /100
Moretown General Store (Grocery Store)
1114 VERMONT 100
“There’s not a lot to say aside from it being a normal convenience store. Lawson’s Finest Liquids sold here at two 4-packs per person.“
jc1762 1573 days ago
68 /100
Moretown General Store (Grocery Store)
1114 VERMONT 100
“I wasn’t sure what to put this in as since its a "convenience store" with a decent selection of craft beers. Stopped in on my way back to my part of Vermont after checking out Hunger Mountain Coop, Warren Store and Mehuron’s Supermarket and Liquor Store, quaint little store with a lot of the normal offerings of the state of Vermont. Manager said they get the "canned" beers of Lawson’s and that’s all. I wasn’t worried. I didn’t have any food. Value seemed reasonable for the area. Worthy of a stop if you’re looking for Lawson’s canned beers and others. Still, I suggest you make your way down to Warren, hint, hint, that’s where the bottles are, just saying.“
Bulk_Carrier 1837 days ago
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