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70 /100 319 MAIN STREET
“The convenience store styled beer spot. Not a bad place to get some beers, one might be surprised, but then again, it’s the Vermont thing to disperse beer in odd places. There’s nothing like being able to go to a store to get hardware and then being able to buy beer, and not just your regular BMC beer, but "legit VT" beers. Last but not least, remember their motto, "if they don’t have it, you don’t need it."“
Bulk_Carrier 1585 days ago
66 /100 153 ELM STREET
“Clean liquor store in small town New England Norwich. Yes, you probably won’t find much else in Norwich. But this is a decent place to get some high end beers. Prices seem alright. Good service.“
Bulk_Carrier 1585 days ago
86 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“5 beers to choose from, always changing Nice service. Prices are pretty dang expensive but it’s a nice spot.“
AdamChandler 2937 days ago
82 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Great out of the way place in a Victorian Inn. I believe the only way you can get their beer is at their inn...which makes it kind of special. Their brewing system is small but they turn out some interesting beers. Neat little taproom in the back of the inn. This place is certainly a nice stop or addition to a VT beer tour.“
PRBeer 3001 days ago
72 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Nice tasters, Good food. A little spendy. Neat place though.“
hbmason 3398 days ago
48 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Visited early Saturday evening in April. Certainly an impressive old Victorian inn although I can’t say I got too much of a feel for the ambience as we just sat outside for a drink and my only foray inside was to visit the toilets. Definitely an upmarket feel and seemingly popular with well-heeled locals/weekenders. This unfortunately gave it a more snooty/snobby than cosy feel. The waitress wasn’t too friendly or attentive either - slow and surly is not a good combination. To be fair to her the place seemed understaffed and she was very overworked but could have borne that with a little more grace. Only three beers on tap - don’t know whether that is the norm - two of which were the only Jasper Murdock beers I’d tried before and the single new beer for me wasn’t too great. Perhaps we caught it at the wrong time but, all in all, the experience was far less impressive than I had expected. I guess in the UK we are spoilt for choice of welcoming but unpretentious old country inns and this place just didn’t deliver that character.“
chriso 4028 days ago
44 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“the house is beautiful, the service is so-so and the beer is not worth the move. sorry.“
beermagnet 4316 days ago
52 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“A beautiful Victorian New England mansion from the outside reveals a classy inn, old with large windows (though not so charming green carpet). We came for lunch (so my atmosphere score is to be taken with a grain of salt, but I can say with reasonable basis that there never was a party here) and I must say I was not too charmed food-wise. These were small servings for Canada and very small servings indeed for a US brewpub. And the prices per meal were certainly above average, especially considering the quality which was not level with the expectations when arriving in the pretty town of Norwich. As far as the reason you came for is concerned (beer), I must say I had heard decent comments about those frequently English-style ales, but all I got to drink was mostly forgettable, except for that ridiculously coriandered black-coloured witbier. It’s a rather far place from where I live, next time I’m in the area, I’ll probably wait an extra hour to eat somewhere in NH.“
Rastacouere 4491 days ago
42 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“In this old Victoria style house are two places. A tiny pub that I didn’t visit and the restaurant-pub where I had beer and food. The restaurant has a really fancy old Victorian look. Totally appropriate for the customers who were mostly elderly people when I was there. No atmosphere whatsoever. We were the only beer geeks in the place. The food was ok, no more, and a bit pricey. They had four beers on tap and they ranged from bland to mediocre. They sell bottles of the beers currently on tap. No thanks. The only high-point of the visit was this totally ultra cool urinal in the restaurant bathroom. I’m not going back there.“
Glouglouburp 4504 days ago
82 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Pretty nice place and reasonable. Beer selection could have been better although I liked them all better than a lot of brewpubs I’ve visited. More than worth a visit if you’re in the area.“
pineybob 4620 days ago
66 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“The Norwich Inn is a nice Inn located in a pretty little town. The pub section looks nice too and is decorated with various beer paraphernalia. The food was good and the service was ok. The beer menu is relatively modest, usually three to four beers on tap, the beer is not particulary exciting, but you can expect clean, well-made english ales. It’s always worth a visit if you’re in the area.“
beerbuzzmontreal 4791 days ago
68 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Établissement visité le samedi 17 mais vers 12h00. Ambiance: La section bar de cette magnifique auberge est agréable à visiter. Aucune musique en sourdine. Quelques décorations reliées au golf. Service: Il était sympathique sans plus. Sélection: Lors de mon passage 4 fûts maisons étaient disponible. Nourriture: Empenadas au boeuf avec guacamole et salsa maison. (91e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4813 days ago
82 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“What a great tavern. We stopped for a bite one afternoon and what a pleasant suprise. Creative and tasty menu, the beer was very tasty, although selection was quite limited. Bartender was great. I will make future trips just to go here.“
josarah 4896 days ago
100 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“THE best English beer in New England, if not the US, period the end. I lived in both Yorkshire and Lancashire when I was younger and these beers are as good as you can get this side of the pond. The food is the best in the area, by far I have found. “
mariano42 4914 days ago
76 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“What nice quaint little place in samll town Vermont. The little bar room was nice although it could use a little more room...then again if it was any bigger it would take away from the old inn feel. The selection was ok and it was great to be able to take some bottles home. Definitely a place I will revisit if I ever find myself in Norwich again.“
Vac 4946 days ago
68 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“This brewpub is located in a beautiful 18th century inn. The dining room is definitely uppity, but the alehouse married vintage class to rural simplicity a fine place for a meal and few pints. The Natchitchoes meat pie with apple chayote and squash salad we had was homemade goodness, just as much as the black bean burger with avocado, sweet potato fries and chipotle aïoli. These sweet potato fries were as good as The Alchemist’s in Waterbury, so those who’ve been know what that means. All beers I’ve had here were decent quenchers, with nicely extracted maltiness and balancing hoppiness. Half pints are rather expensive at 3.50$, and so are the bombers sold at the inn’s front desk at 5.50$. I am always quite satisfied by this countryside brewpub experience.“
MartinT 5011 days ago
68 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Nice place in an old Inn. Cool looking, at least on the Inn side. Dropped in on the day of the town fair and our waitress was totally swamped, yet managed to be friendly and efficient. Four beers on tap when I was there, all with very similar profiles (except the stout) but all were distinctly different. I would have liked a bigger selection. Our food was pretty tasty, well portioned and well made. Everything was reasonably priced. What else can you ask for? Definitely worth checking out.“
JoeMcPhee 5492 days ago
38 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“I arrived at the Inn on the busiest day, Easter Sunday, and bedded at the motel out back for US$79/night. Not worth it, the room was a reminder of a 1950’s war era house with an industrial carpet floor and thin, three-tone walls. The bathroom was disgusting - mold and mildew in the shower and the floor tiles were coming up. The Inn was stunning yet the Alehouse is small and uninviting. I hope they change this as its a gorgeous location and Inn. It serves the Ivy-league class people in a polite yet high-brow manner. I was likely the only jean-clad patron so perhaps that was the reason for all the snobbery. It wasn’t terribly welcoming, I was told that they “really aren’t serving the beer today” but was offered the 3 beers on tap. Sunday’s brunch looked delightful but was served until 4pm (we arrived at 2pm) - Monday breakfast was camping boxes of cereal or "cookie-like" waffles that didn’t taste terribly homemade. Not worth the trip nor the $79 for the lodge motel. There would be better B&B expereinces in the area...“
CapFlu 5576 days ago
68 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“I do love the atmosphere and decor at this place, very Civil War era Vermont, with original tapestry, woodworks, classy hotel, and late 1800’s urinoir (huge). Unfortunately, their beer was sub par this time. I would stop again though. Only 3 on tap...“
Lubiere 5636 days ago
86 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“This is where I stayed for three nights this past weekend. One of those nights I get to meet the brewer, Tim. Nice guy. I’m not sure how to rate this place as it really is a series of places in one, but the inn is nice albeit a bit pricey. The pub offers 4-6 taps going at any given time. This time up, I happened to catch Last picked which was a nice surprise. Their food both from the restaurant and the pub menu are much better than you’d expect to find in a pub. The pub itself is a bit small, but you can sit out on the porch or outside and drink. Great place.“
Cletus 5766 days ago
76 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Sayed a night at the in. Good food and service. Had Gumbo for dinner, a cheese plate late night for a snack, and a Belgian waffel for breakfast in the morning. Had the for beers on tap and all were decent. Also spent time speaking to Tim the brewer. He provided a nice taste of the ESB in the conditioning tank and his Private Stock from one of his own bottles. Great time and definitely recommended for a night away.“
MaiBockAddict 5948 days ago
74 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“This is easily the most idyllic brewpub that I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I spent 3 nights at the Inn and thoroughly enjoyed the beers and the atmosphere. The beers are English style ales served with low carbonation and proper serving temperatures to mimic cask ales. I shared a few beers with the brewmaster, a true artisanal craftbrewer and an amiable and generous individual. I hope to get back here someday.“
whaleman 6149 days ago
66 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Small. Small like a closet. Just 5 stools at the bar. Cozy brewpub catering to a vacationer crowd . Only 3 beers on tap, but all three were very good. Their stout is a hopfest and went very well with a pastry/ice cream dessert dish. If you are in this area of VT, might also try Seven Barrel right across the border in NH.“
freekyp 6327 days ago
86 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“What a cool little place. The 'smallest brewery in the USA.' Worth a trip if you are in the area.“
michael-pollack 6355 days ago
78 /100 325 MAIN STREET
“Feb 04: This place reeks of atmosphere; you expect people in powdered wigs to come up and ask to take your coat as you walk in. Very fancy and expensive dining room on your right as you walk in; the pub is straight back, and is tiny and low-ceilinged. Really feels ancient and vastly different from the usual "brewpub". I like it. Only had one beer on my last visit, the Private Stock, an excellent English Strong. Wasn’t so impressed with the couple I had samples with at a brewer’s fest a couple of years ago. Food was very good, but seemed a bit overpriced and small-portioned. I have to downgrade a bit as they were completely "out of" beers for sale on my visit. I realize this matters not a whit to their primary audience of aged New England blueblood tourists, but this IS a beer site...

June 05: 2 more beers and another meal here convince me that I vastly underrated the place. The pub area has a shelf full of 150-year-old bottles of cognac! How cool is that, you can read the labels on most of them. The outdoor seating area was just perfect on a moderate summer day, black bean cakes & corn chutney excellent, and the mild and English-style IPA worthy new samples. Having only 3 beers on tap is a slight bummer, but this place is great overall.“

muzzlehatch 6376 days ago
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