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“Service was good, beer list was good for the area it was in and the prices were good. Nothing to really complain about besides maybe allowing flights, but I could see why a restaurant wouldn't want to bother with that.“
Dfonorow 1449 days ago
66 /100
Beer King (Beer Store)
“For the second largest city of the state of Vermont, one would think Rutland would have more bottle shops, but since there aren’t much, this works. Nice clean quaint little place. Bottles and cans are in the back. Wine is off to the left. Some snacks in the front. Pretty good service. I’d go back if I was in Rutland, but there’s nothing that special to be honest.“
Bulk_Carrier 1613 days ago
66 /100 41 CENTER STREET
“Visited on good Friday 2017. This place is very old school brewpub, with a huge bar, pub grub, smells old. Service was friendly. Beers were ok but not great. 4 X 4 ounces for 6$. If in Rutland, not a bad place.“
Lubiere 1658 days ago
“As the Vermont Tap house chain continues to grow, this nice clean little place in Rutland isn’t afraid to get the normal taps that the one in Williston usually gets. Because of the drive between both places, I can’t always tell if both places are 100% exact, and they’re probably not, still a worthy place when in Rutland of checking out if you’re in the area.“
Bulk_Carrier 1667 days ago
82 /100 41 CENTER STREET
“Work trip South and on my way home, finally got to stop here. Livin’ up to it’s name, it’s definitely "hoppin’" on a Friday night and even with the vibe of Rutland night life, service was pretty good. Loved the hockey theme goin’ on, but another customer told me that the owner played Division I hockey at UVM, so I get it. Selection, well, though mainly their beers, still people were drinking Coors Light and they had other alcoholic beverages as well. Food was absolutely wonderful. I had a Southwest burger. Value seemed reasonable for the Rutland area. I know I’m going back when I’m in the area.“
Bulk_Carrier 2021 days ago
64 /100 11 TERRILL ST
“Making my way back to Vermont, found this little place. Pretty clean, friendly staff. A good amount of local VT breweries with some other New York breweries I’ve never heard of. Prices seemed reasonable for the area. Probably would go back.“
Bulk_Carrier 2306 days ago
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