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72 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“We came here on 26.12.2019. A barn with a few tables, a bar and merchandising. 12 beers on tap (8 oz and 16 oz). 3 beers available in cans. You also can order food on a touch screen. Separate room with a Pizza oven to your right. Beers were quite tasty (IPA, Tejas Marron), atmosphere is mediocre. Brewery was moved from this barn in 2017 to a separate building and is not open to hop in.“
Schlenkerla 98 days ago
40 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“This is *NOT* a full-fledged tasting room, just a retail location filling growlers (they will give you free samples) and cans in 4-packs (no singles). As such, not a great place to chill and sample their beers, but is the place to go to find Fiddlehead beers of course.“
mcberko 603 days ago
78 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“(September 2016) Limited beer selection, but the quality is top-notch. Take your beer next door to Folino's Pizza. Great pizza with locally sourced toppings and multi grain hand tossed dough. All for a good cause. Sat outside at a picnic table with my wife and some other new friends. Really enjoyed my experience here.“
hopscotch 667 days ago
60 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Worth a trip. When we were there, one type can available, but hey it's mastermind. Knowledgeable friendly staff, great beer. Free tastes.“
jb 890 days ago
62 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Located on the side of highway 7 this place is a warehouse a pizza place attached. Parking can be a bit of an issue. As others have notes they only do growlwr fills and can sales but tasters are free. They had three on draft and they were pretty good but I went with the can. Probably not a destination place unless you really like their beer.“
DiarmaidBHK 891 days ago
76 /100
Archie’s Grill (Restaurant)
“Burgers are really good here, some creativity. They try and do their best to keep two Frost beers on tap, and the one guy said mainly they’re going to keep Lush on tap which stokes me up. Not a far drive for me which is good when the Shelburne Tap House isn’t open yet, probably will stop here more for lunch hours“
Bulk_Carrier 1090 days ago
70 /100 2659 SHELBURNE ROAD
“Another place to update. I used to live right around the corner from here. If you are too lazy to go into Burlington looking for pretty good prices on beer and get some deli sandwiches, check this place out. Joel, the manager, just started getting Heady about 3 months ago. Apologies but I forget what day of the week, he gets it. This place might not be one of the cleanest, but it does have quite a selection and probably the best in Shelburne. Their discount section is pretty good too, one might be surprised.“
Bulk_Carrier 1115 days ago
66 /100
The Bearded Frog (Restaurant)
“Upscale restaurant with a nice locally flavored beer taplist, ie Fiddlehead, Drop In, Frost, Rock Art and Long Trail. Food is pretty good here. Service is good. Every time, waiters and waitresses have been good at keeping up. Not a cheap place but then again, one pays for what they want. I go back when someone else is paying.“
Bulk_Carrier 1116 days ago
66 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Pretty cool little place right next to an amazing pizza place. We ate lunch at the pizza place but they are a different business so no food rate for them. Bummer they only had 3 beers on tap all was solid. The coolest thing is you can buy a growler to go and take it to the pizza place, drink the beer and then return the empty growler for a refund.“
BuckeyeBoy 1187 days ago
64 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Visited shortly after they opened on a Saturday. Dedicated parking lot that they share with a small restaurant. On my visit they had three beers on tap. All were IPAs. You could buy growlers only. If you want to try a beer, you can do that at no charge. The beers I tried were decent. I wish they had something other than pale ales, but maybe that’s just what they had on my visit. Either way, service was great, prices were good, don’t have anything else to complain about.“
JStax 1260 days ago
80 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Basically a warehouse with a pizza restaurant attached. The brewery has a front office that serves as a cashier’s desk, tasting bar, storefront, with a restroom on the side. Clean with sounds of brewery throughout. Only issue was that it was quite warm as there was no A/C. Possibly due to being connected to the brewery. Staff is helpful and most beer did not have limits at the time.“
jc1762 1285 days ago
74 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Stopped here after hitting the Shelburne Museum which is basically a couple blocks away on the same street.

This is kind of an interesting setup. There is the brewery and tasting room and a pizza place in the same building. The racket here is to buy some cans or a growler from Fiddlehead to drink with your pizza--they don’t sell any beer in the pizza place itself. We just grabbed some lunch first as we were quite hungry and then tried some beers afterward. Pizza is solid, by the way.

There is a small tasting bar where you can do a tasting, which is free. They had three draft beers on when I visited and cans of Mastermind were also available. Kind of expensive at $13 for a four pack of 12 oz cans, since that’s pretty much the going rate for the pint cans. The Mastermind and their normal IPA were pretty good and the other two beers weren’t as good. Cheap prices on the growler fills as well.

Seeing as you can’t really do much here other than sample a couple beers and then get beers to go, I can’t really recommend making a big effort to get here. But, the beers are decent and you may already be in the area.“
brokensail 1303 days ago
76 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Three or four visits from 2013-15. I moved away from Vermont just as this place was getting going, and lots of others in the area were a-borning; luckily I moved to a place with a brewing industry just as happening, so I don’t feel too sorry for myself. Still, this laid-back, simple place is something I’d wish to see more of anyplace. First time I went they only had their (very nice and eminently drinkable) IPA; later I tried a Rye, a Belgian Wit, and a IIPA. Very cool employees, GREAT pizza next door; the only real suggestion I’d make to really improve the experience (apart from the obvious: more beers available at any given time) is for them to put some more effort into their outdoor seating area - enlarge it and maybe screen it off somewhat from the (very close) highway. I look forward to another visit this fall (hopefully).“
muzzlehatch 1353 days ago
76 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“This was a little disappointing. The ambiance is pretty awesome. You can see the guys working on the brewing, and it’s attached to a pizza joint. The girl behind the bar was awesome. Very knowledgable and you could tell she had a passion for the beer. We didn’t eat, though the pizza smelled pretty awesome. The beers we got to try were free samples which was pretty great. Only samples and to-go growlers and howlers. The pricing was very reasonable for both of those, but we opted not to buy. Overall this place is pretty good. I was hoping that we’d be able to have a few beers and get some cans, but it wasn’t in the cards. I hope they expand out to their own brew pub soon!“
koleminer20 1388 days ago
78 /100
Shelburne Tap House (Restaurant)
“Finally getting around to check this place out. This place was pretty clean with good service. Though I didn’t have any food, menu looked fantastic. The value seemed right on par for the Shelburne area. Good amount of local breweries on tap and I saw some BMC stuff in the fridge. Had good beer conversation with the cute bartender and a local guy. Me, I had a Fiddlehead IPA and a Queen City Porter - both great stuff. I’d go back.“
Bulk_Carrier 1571 days ago
84 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Very small friendly setup attached to a wood fire pizza restaurant and across the street from a winery. Free samples of their flagship ipa and two other beers that change often, usually one-offs, I believe. Growlers are only $3 to purchase and $6 to fill. Excellent service. If you are in the area Fiddlehead is a must for any beer enthusiast. Great brews and and an easy quick stop.“
John25 1693 days ago
86 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Visited on a particularly busy Thursday night (there was a Decemberists concert in Shelburne). Visited the growler filling room only but not hte restaurant. They have this deal where the restaurant is actually BYOB so you get a growler from the brewery and then just walk across to enjoy it with a meal. I got some growlers, the girls working at the bar were very enthusiastic, kind and helpful, they give out samples of everything (in my case only 2 beers on draft). The growlers are amongst the cheapest I’ve seen and their IPAs here are bomb. They have some cool merch as well that’s worth checking out. Recommended stop.“
JulienHuxley 1700 days ago
78 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Visited 7-13. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You walk into a very small place, but there’s glass in there so you can see in the brewery. Girl behind the counter was super friendly and trying to sell us on growlers (I got an empty because I’d be driving all day with no cooler and it was 90 out. Didn’t want spoiled beer). I have heard the pizza is great, but having already eaten we skipped that. The selection was only one beer, their flagship IPA. Not much to choose from, but I bumped it up a few points because they had cool merchandise to buy. I snagged a shirt for my dad, sweet hat for myself, and some of the Fiddlehead can glasses. All very nice and reasonably priced. I liked it and would love to be there on a can release weekend event sometime. I heard those are insane, but I’d love the chance at Fresh Second Fiddle, Mastermind, etc. Maybe I’ll be luckier next time with another draft option for a growler fill too!“
bigda83 1707 days ago
70 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Only two taps, but very quick friendly service. Bought a growler and drank and the pizza joint next door.“
jeremytoni 1727 days ago
66 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Stopped in and unfortunately just missed some Second Fiddle. Really enjoyed my small taste of both the IPA and the Hodad (awesome stuff) though. Worth a stop in if you want to snag a growler or if they’re selling cans, but otherwise not a lot going on. Pizza next door is supposedly good stuff though.“
BMMillsy 1760 days ago
58 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
Ambiance: Rustic feeling in and out, enjoyed it, but it’s small inside.
Service: Really friendly bartender, a little slow but very nice.
Selection: They only had 2 beers on tap, bummer.
Overall: Stop in for sure, the beer is great, unfortunately no pints for there, only samples and growlers.“
keanex 1782 days ago
74 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Stopped in on my way to Burlington, VT last week (April 8th). The place was very clean and inviting. A fair amount of people were there with their children, but that didn’t bother me. The service was good as they seemed to have accommodated the crowd that was there. Prices seemed reasonable for their growlers and paraphernalia. I didn’t buy any growlers or their stuff but got to sample their beers and was quite impressed. I hope to go back.“
Bulk_Carrier 1817 days ago
62 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Établissement visité le vendredi 9 janvier vers 14h. Ambiance: Petit salon de dégustation avec bar. Aucune place pour s’asseoir. Service: Serveuse nerveuse qui récitait son texte. Sélection: 2 bières disponible gratuitement pour dégustation en format 2 oz. Nourriture: On trouve un petit congélateur avec des viandes d’un producteur voisin. (248e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 1892 days ago
66 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Reasonable taproom. Generous samples, its an efficient machine (and so it should) for growler fills. Their IPA and DIPA rocks. People love the pizza place next door.“
Sammy 1980 days ago
62 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Essentially a rest stop with free samples of the few beers they have on tap, plus retail sales. They don’t have much to sample there, but they’re super friendly and the few they do have are pretty good. Worth stopping along the way. (Brewery #675, 10/9/2014)“
Braudog 1999 days ago
68 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“They only had 2 beers on tap to sample. They do growlers, but nothing in bottles or cans. Staff was great and there is a pizza place connected to it. Apparently they brew a new beer every 2 weeks, so it’s always changing.“
liquidcrack 2110 days ago
70 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Tiny little tasting room, three taps, free samples, very reasonable growler fills. They are also canning now and had a couple of four packs. Staff was very friendly. immediately adjacent to a wood fired pizza place that is quite good. The beers were all solid.“
bytemesis 2142 days ago
74 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Nice brewery with a few if their beers on tap. Free tasting in a smallish but nice tasting room. Had 3 on tap when I was there. Solid beers for sure!! There is an attached pizza place that is separate, but does not serve beer. Supposedly you can just buy a growler at fiddlehead and drink it at the pizza place. Pretty cool. Worthy beers. Worth the stop.“
Mep3222 2243 days ago
88 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“So they only have 3 beers on tap, so one of those beers may have been a Kolsch that I am not super jacked about. They also had the 2nd Fiddle double IPA which was amazing!“
andrewjames78 2323 days ago
72 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Small brewpub with a wood-fire pizzeria attached. The taproom itself is small and includes several of their usual beers along with the usual t-shirt and other gear store. Folino’s - the attached pizzeria was great. The pizza was reasonably priced and the staff was fantastic. Certainly low-key and friendly. I’d visit often if I lived in the area. They also had gluten-free crust for the allergy folks and were very accommodating for my girl-friend who has a couple food allergies. They made her a really nice salad.“
shadey 2410 days ago
80 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Stopped in for some samples. Tasting room was nice. Small, but inviting and nice view of the brewery. 4 free samples of the beers on tap, which were all great. Definitely a cool little place.“
Ed5388 2433 days ago
74 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“2013-04-29. Only two beers on tap when we were there (Helles Lager and IPA). The brewery is open more often than the pizza place next door which sucked since we were planning to have lunch there. Oops, my bad. They should probably put up clearer signage actually - We almost drove away thinking it was closed too. The girl behind the taps was super friendly, gave us a good spiel about the brewery and some tips about places in Burlington. I thought it was a brewpub so I was hoping to try more beers while there, but the two they had were quite good. Got a small growler to bring home. Beers are great, but you may see them around in town as well. We stopped at Shelburne Farms on the way here and did a nice short hike with a great view. I suspect they would strongly discourage it but a growler from Fiddlehead would go nicely with some cheese at the farm. Just sayin... :) “
jercraigs 2519 days ago
70 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“This place was a nice surprise. Just three taps: their IPA and whatever else they’re brewing at the moment. The head apparently was long time at Magic Hat and wanted to get back to the smaller microbrewery atmosphere and experimentation. Staff was really friendly and passionate. The IPA itself is fine, and the other two beers during my visit were quite good. It’s 5 minutes down the road from Magic Hat, and if I could go back to one, it’d definitely be Fiddlehead.“
italarican 2554 days ago
70 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Nice little taproom right on Rt7. There are usually 2 beers on tap, the flagship IPA & a sesonal availalbe in full size and 1/2 growlwers. Folino’s Flatbread in the same building is a must do adn it’s BYOB, how conviiiienentt.“
josarah 2653 days ago
62 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Heading out to Hill Farmstead for their Harvest Fest with Max via Waterbury for lunch we were driving on 7 when “Hey Max, was that a brewery we just passed?”
”Yeah, I think so”
“Want to go back?”
And go back we did. Fairly new place, opened in January 2012 from what they said. Only two taps running for growler fills and samples, though they have three taps up (sounded like the run doubles of a beer if it’s going well). Tried both beers and took a small 32oz medicine bottle style growler as well as a jar of pickled fiddleheads (which are delicious and I’m having to pace myself to not finish the jar too fast, and will certainly be pickling my own come spring). While I wouldn’t say this is somewhere I’d plan a vacation around, I would (and will) certainly stop in while passing by.“
j12601 2712 days ago
72 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“New small brewery. When we were there only 1 beer (IPA) on tap - which was very good. Unique "growlerette" 1/2 sized growlers. It is connected to a really good pizza place so while they don’t serve food, you can get beer there and go into the pizza place. No real ambiance to speak of as it’s pretty much a waiting room with a tap and a brewery. Based on the quality of the IPA I’d consider this a must stop in western VT.“
chronictonic 2722 days ago
76 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Real personable and knowledgable crew. Nice beers. Nice place.“
hbmason 2783 days ago
84 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Small bar area with 3 beers on tap. Received free samples of each of the three. Large glass window behind bar looking into brewery. Shirts, bottle openers, and glasswares for sale at bar. Picked up a growler of IPA while I was there and I’ll definitely be back for more. There’s also a pizza place located within the brewery, but I think it’s operated independently of the brewery. Great location. It’s directly across Route 7 from the Shelburne Winery. I asked about taking a tour, but (I think) the server said they weren’t doing tours just yet or there weren’t any scheduled for that day. I did see Matty O in the back through the glass window hard at work making great beer.“
jamesewelch 2878 days ago
90 /100 6305 SHELBURNE RD
“Small space, but feels open. Local artwork on the walls and large glass windows give you the opportunity to watch the brewer at work. Friendly staff and great beers. The Bavarian Hefeweizen was delicious. Pizza place (Folino’s Pizza) right next door. I was able to fill a growler and take it next door to enjoy with my pizza. A great experience, will definitely visit again!“
rachelcleve 2885 days ago
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