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88 /100 1 SOUTH MAIN ST
“I’ve stayed in Waterbury 3 times on holiday and each stay I’ve visited here more than each previous stay. The food has surpassed all the other places here and the tap list is as good as anywhere. Flights are available here, too, which is very ticker friendly. Professional and friendly staff. Good atmosphere. Prices are in line with elsewhere round these parts. My go to spot in Waterbury.“
Garrold 257 days ago
66 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“We came here on 22.12.2019 just after visiting the brewpub next door. Large bar and very busy restaurant area. Same beer selection as in the brewery. Strange service. Got the smallest meal in the US history, but great food!“
Schlenkerla 278 days ago
74 /100 2 ELM STREET
“Came here on 22.12.2019. The brewpub is next to the restaurant. The brewhouse is behind the bar. 20 beers on tap, including a few beers from Hill Farmstead and VT Cideries. We liked their lager and Kellerbier. As food they are serving mainly tacos. Small merchandising corner. Some of the service was weird, but others very friendly. Overall another good brew place, but does not stand up to the others we have visited so far.“
Schlenkerla 278 days ago
90 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“Stopped in for some dinner on a Saturday night. Great bar service, very attentive staff, great beer selection and tasty food. Prices were right as well. Great place.“
JulienHuxley 744 days ago
82 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“Went here after dinner, had a few beers. Selection was good, place was a bit crowded.“
PMgep 746 days ago
88 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“Stopped for food and drinks at Easter. Crowded place with great tap list. Food was really good, same with the beer.“
PMgep 746 days ago
82 /100 3 ELM ST
“Right across from Prohibition Pig, this is a spectacular place to bottle shop. Extensive selection of cans and bottles, including the best from VT. Whereas many breweries in VT don't sell their cans in singles, this place sells many of them in singles - huge plus. Imports are good too, but pricey. They even have an impressive collection of VT ice ciders. Very friendly service. Great place to visit when in Waterbury.“
mcberko 779 days ago
68 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“Great draft list, identical to the brewery next door. This is the more upscale restaurant with different food options, and the prices reflect that. Friendly service. No flights, just pints and half-pints. I preferred The Reservoir, but it's worth stopping here too.“
mcberko 779 days ago
58 /100 2 ELM STREET
“The newest addition to the tightly packed cluster of craft beer establishments in Waterbury. Fairly small interior, with some outside seating. Exact same draught list as next door, but with different food options - mostly carnist Mexican options. No flights or small pours, just half-pints and full pints, which is ridiculous for a brewery tasting room. Beer was solid, but nothing exceptional. Service was grumpy and lacklustre. Wasn't a top spot for me.“
mcberko 779 days ago
70 /100 92 STOWE STREET
“This is an upscale restaurant about a 15 minute walk from the center of Waterbury. It's the basement and backyard of an old house, nice renovation. I reserved a table online but during a weeknight there were a couple of walk-ins too. No bar to sit at. Open kitchen and restaurant tables. Food is very tasty and creative. on the pricey side for sure. Small beer list but well chosen, everyone was drinking the Backacre Golden Sour, so did I. Nice place for a fancy meal.“
Travlr 799 days ago
“A short walk from the restaurants and bars. Beers are on the left as you enter, toward the back. Nice selection of local and regional four packs, far fewer singles. Good prices. Good enough to stock up the fridge in my B&B“
Travlr 800 days ago
68 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“Two room pub dominated by a two part bar, one in each room. A few restaurant tables and bar tables too, plus two small tables on a tiny sidewalk patio. Nice beer list, but similar to other bars in the area. All are served in 12 ounce goblets, much better than shaker pints. Food is OK, more restaurant style than pub grub. OK service. An OK place, that's about it“
Travlr 800 days ago
74 /100 1 SOUTH MAIN ST
“This place is bigger than it appears from the outside. Two rooms, even two bars, almost a mirror image of one another. Each bar has only for seats but that was enough for me to find a spot. Pleasantly surprised that everyone else at the bar were locals. Nice draft list, flights of four are possible, for either seven bucks (standard Vermont beers) or $13 for "premium" which includes Hill Farmstead, Lawson's and hi abv beers. Most everything else was 16 ounces. Food was tasty and creative. Good pricing on both beer and food. Plenty of staff, all were friendly and knowledgeable. A highlight of my stay in Waterbury.“
Travlr 801 days ago
78 /100 2 ELM STREET
“Small place right around the corner from the restaurant. Central L-shaped bar, a few bar tables and some outdoor tables with umbrellas. Half the beers on offer are theirs, half are guests from around Vermont and the rest of the country. No flights but half pours are possible. Food is Tex Mex, pretty tasty, with a good range of house made hot sauces. Staff were fun and friendly. Solid stop.“
Travlr 802 days ago
80 /100 2 ELM STREET
“(September 2016) Good beer. Great smoked meats and bbq. Rustic. Warm. Inviting. Friendly staff. Excellent experience.“
hopscotch 843 days ago
94 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“(September 2016) This place is ridiculous. Fantastic draft list. Excellent bottle list. Good house beers. The food is to-die-for great.“
hopscotch 844 days ago
84 /100 2 ELM STREET
“Enjoyed a quick stop after skiing. Pretty good selection of brews on tap including their own and others. Small food selection, mostly tacos and burrito type fare.“
BroSpud 955 days ago
82 /100 3 ELM ST
“Located across the street from the pro pig. There’s some street parking along with a lot behind the pro pig. Large selection of local and regional beer along with some good Belgian and other European options. They also have a ton of coolers with many of their options available as singles. Good find. Almost as good as the original location.“
DiarmaidBHK 1024 days ago
86 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“Located back to back from Pro pig brewery and across the street from the craft beer cellar there’s a lot just behind the pro pig brewery. Very crowded on a Friday night it definitely has the feel of a neighborhood place. They have basically the same pro pig beers, which were quite good, as the brewery with some other guest taps as well. Food was really good as well. Definitely a fun place to spend a Friday night.“
DiarmaidBHK 1036 days ago
76 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“Across the street from the the reservoir it’s a cozy pub with a large bar area. The night i went the reservoir had a huge Halloween party so it wasn’t that busy. They had a pretty good taplist with lots of locals including several Hill Farmsteads. It’s a pretty good local but I’m not sure it quite reaches the level of a destination place.“
DiarmaidBHK 1036 days ago
88 /100 3 ELM ST
“A great bottle shop across the street from Prohibition Pig. Last day of my vacation and I come in here looking for Vermont IPAs to bring back to NY and was not disappointed. I got 20 different cans of IPAs from Vermont. There were more but I already had tried some of them. The staff was very helpful. Next time thru, I'll be back.“
Ron 1067 days ago
86 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“Patty and I stopped here for lunch on the way to Burlington and had a great meal. The 2 of their beers I had were top notch. Many guest taps like Hill Farmstead. We had a enjoyable time.“
Ron 1068 days ago
86 /100 3 ELM ST
“Excellent bottle shop. Loads of local options, loads of Euro imports. Loads of everything else. Growler fills as well if you are interested. Stop in here if you are in town.“
dinkle50 1113 days ago
92 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“One of the better places I've had a beer at. Great draft list, lots of options and styles to choose from. Food wise, do not snooze on the cold peanut noodles. They are delicious.“
dinkle50 1113 days ago
86 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“Stopped in here on a busy Friday night for beer and food. Beer list was excellent. Hlll Farmstead & Lawson's as well as their own beer. The food was a surprise though. It was very good. Get the mac and cheese. It is really really good.“
dinkle50 1114 days ago
80 /100 1 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Visited this place with my brother a few weeks ago. When we arrived, there weren’t any table available so we went to the bar section to order something while waiting for our table. They have a nice tap list and bottle list. Service was also great. I had an issue with my first beer being extremely soapy and flat. The waiter suggested to replace it with another beer of my choice for free. There was some HF beer on tap as well as some Foley Brothers and some other type of beer. So basically, whatever your style is, they probably have at least one beer of it. The food... hum. Well, here in Quebec when we cook burger meats, we cook it well done, at least it’s not bloody. My burger was so bloody, almost raw. I ate probably 1/10 of it since I was quite disgusted. Fries were pretty good. Next time, I’ll order my burger well done. I didn’t pay my bill (my brother did) so can’t really comment on the value but think it would have been worth it if my burger would have been cooked to my liking.“
Stoned99 1145 days ago
74 /100 13 STOWE ST
“I was really looking forward to Prohibition Pig for dinner, but the place was a zoo and it was obvious that was not happening in any reasonable timeframe, so I walked the WHOLE BLOCK to Blue Stone, which was much calmer, although still doing a decent business. Also a good Vermont focused taplist, some different stuff than the other places in town, which was nice. Pizza was solid if not amazing.“
bytemesis 1162 days ago
76 /100 1 SOUTH MAIN ST
“The density of quality beer spots in this town is kind of incredible. As many times as I have been here I had not stopped in before, so I took care of that on a Friday evening. Not overly busy, unlike Prohibition Pig and Black Back which were jam packed. I was the only one sitting at the small bar in back when I ordered, but a few people did trickle in. They have a pretty nice taplist with a real Vermont focus; I would say 30 of the 36 taps were Vermont and 2 or 3 of the others were NH/ME beers. They had five Hill Farmstead beers on tap; the same ones that were around at other places as well though. They offer a sample flight of four Vermont beers (HF excluded unless you pay a hefty premium) for just $7, which is a good deal. I did that and enjoyed a couple of new breweries. Service was a bit spotty. Plenty of staff but at times they seemed more interested in chatting with each other or the local customers than waiting on folks. Zero Big Tree beers on tap.“
bytemesis 1162 days ago
“Tried this spot as all others were full . They do have Alchemist beers and few other that were solid. Food was good but nothing too great. Maybe I was not lucky but service was just average.“
Radek Kliber 1165 days ago
80 /100 92 STOWE STREET
“Found it odd that I got to add this awesome restaurant and bar to RB database. Another cream of the crop place for the Waterbury area. Food is always excellent. Service is always awesome. Beers - they keep Focal Banger, Heady Topper and S.O.S. well stocked speckled with some other Vermont offerings, and sometimes some Maine Beer Company, Jack’s Abbey and Two Roads. Value might take a hit depending upon how one looks at it, but hey, if you’re going here, do their online reservations, that’s how they like it.“
Bulk_Carrier 1222 days ago
“Place just moved to the location I just updated and just as before, it’s really nothing special for a beer geek. Yes to Heady Topper, Focal Banger and S.O.S. and a couple of Foley Brothers, but it’s so wine heavy that well, I’m in Waterbury, I don’t see the point of going back here.“
Bulk_Carrier 1222 days ago
84 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“A nice spot with a cozy but nice atmosphere in downtown Waterbury. The service and selection are both good as well. The food is a bit overpriced, but it’s good, as are the beer prices. A step behind Prohibition Pig, but definitely worth a stop if you’re in town.“
b3shine 1228 days ago
90 /100 3 ELM ST
“An outstanding bottle shop across the street from Prohibition Pig with great service and an equally great selection. Ambiance is nice as well. A must-stop if you’re in the area, but also the most frequented, so if you’re looking for Heady, you’d better get there on delivery day.“
b3shine 1229 days ago
88 /100 3 ELM ST
“(September 2016) The staff was friendly and helpful. The selection was excellent. They carry all the great Vermont IPAs and APAs that are bottled/canned and distributed. As mentioned in previous ratings, this is right across the street from the Prohibition Pig brewpub and only a half block from the PP restaurant. If you’re in Vermont and into craft beer and slow food, this is the bottle shop you want to hit.“
hopscotch 1245 days ago
“Nice clean market worthy of beer shopping, semi-quiet, but easy to take kids in. If you’re at a loss of getting Heady elsewhere in Waterbury, come here, they get it on Wednesdays. Other local beers, Vermont and New England with some Dogfish Head, Stone and Victory I remember seeing. Value is reasonable for the Waterbury area.“
Bulk_Carrier 1291 days ago
88 /100 3 ELM ST
“One of the best beer stores in Vermont, hands down. Prices are a bit steeper than elsewhere though, but you pay for quality, as service here is top notch and freshness, almost guaranteed with the rollover this place benefits from. Very well laid-out, very conveniently located across Prohibition Pig. I can’t imagine anyone regretting visiting this place.“
Rastacouere 1294 days ago
88 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“20 taps and some bottles, but a good selections at a nice price. Food is basic but well done and well serve. Staff are amazing.“
Arcanor 1386 days ago
88 /100 23 S MAIN ST
“Visited on a busy Wednesday night. I think they are pretty busy every night, so just go and wait it out. It’s worth it. The draft list is the same on this side as well as the brewery side, so if you want something a little more relaxed, go there and hang out. We had about a 10 minute wait despite originally being told about 45 minutes. Once sat down, we had already looked over the menu and knew we wanted a brisket sandwich and the duck fat fries. Both came out quickly and were great. The fries were a bit overcooked, but still tasted great. One complaint I have is the inability to do a beer flight. Half pours just aren’t the same. Despite that, the place is still awesome and a must stop when anywhere near Waterbury.“
JStax 1438 days ago
76 /100 13 STOWE ST
“Visited on a Wednesday afternoon. Street parking only. It’s situated behind blackback pub, so a little off the main road in Waterbury. Inside is more of a dive bar feel. However, they do have a pretty good draft list. One of the beers I had tried to order a couple places before and they were out, I was able to get here. Service was good. They do not allow beer flights, which is unfortunate, but that just seems to be the norm in the area. Prices were in line with the area. I would visit again if in the area.“
JStax 1440 days ago
88 /100 1 STOWE ST UNIT#2
“Visited on a Wednesday afternoon shortly after they opened. They started with a decent crowd of about 15 and stayed steady during my visit. This is in downtown Waterbury, so be ready for street parking. It’s right across the street from both Prohibition Pig and the Reservoir, as well as a few other great bars. The beer they had on tap was excellent, and the service was very good. They do only full and half pours, so no flights. You can try something before you buy, though. Prices were in line with the area. A must stop place when in Waterbury.“
JStax 1440 days ago
88 /100 1 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Visited on a Wednesday. Part of the Waterbury triangle. Very close to Prohibition Pig and Black Back Pub. Street parking only, but not really an issue. Inside they have a long bar and a short bar to sit at. My wife and I were the only ones here for our visit, so we went for the short bar at the front. They have house brewed beers, plus a lengthy list of guest taps. You can do flights here of anything, but some beers will add to the cost of the flight. I had a couple flights. Service was great and very helpful. Definitely stop in here if you are in Waterbury.“
JStax 1440 days ago
“Visited February 2016. 10-12 local beers on tap and local usual suspects on can. Was very packed and seems to be popular eating place for local people.“
VastActiv 1440 days ago
70 /100 13 STOWE ST
“Visited February 2016. They had some local beers on tap. Tried to order one of their stouts but waitress told me that there had been some complaints that it is sour and infected so she gave me free sip before ordering. That was good because beer was sour and infected and I had to take something else. This was also first time I got a chance to eat local "poutine" and Blue Stones version was very heavy.“
VastActiv 1440 days ago
84 /100 1 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Visited February 2016. Great selection of local beers on tap. Flights available. Local place for local people. Tap list in front of urinal in mens bathroom was funny. They had also 2 "own beers" on tap. I was little bit of confused that were they really brewed in the same place or somewhere else.“
VastActiv 1440 days ago
62 /100 2 ELM STREET
“Visited February 2016. Was very crowded and I had only one beer. Place is little bit of mess IMO. Chairs and seating were horrible.“
VastActiv 1440 days ago
70 /100 3 ELM ST
“Visited February 2016. Impressive selection with nice mixture of different kinds of beers.“
VastActiv 1440 days ago
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