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76 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“This is a small brewery in Southwest Virginia. The .location is at a dead end road next to the railroad tracks. It would be a nice place to meet your friends for good beer and music. they are canning some of the brews. They have won some awards for their beers. Shane was most helpful. Purchased a growler of the Maibock for my son Taylor. This is worth the visit off I81.“
Foxbush 1825 days ago
82 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“Awesome local brewery in a small quiet town in middle of nowhere Virginia. Old ice house that is converted nicely with lots of indoor and outdoor space. Service was decent, nothing to write home about but they at least seemed enthusiastic. Pretty impressive amount of beers on tap for a 7bbl system with just 6 fermenters. Food trucks pull up right to the side of the tap room. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
jbruner 1982 days ago
74 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“No frills but fun. Its kind of like hanging out in the garage with your buds. The trains go by, they had live music both nights we were there. Beer was decent and lots of choices for their size, service was friendly and personal and kept up with a packed house, decent prices.“
tia 2572 days ago
76 /100 230 E MAIN STREET
“The name of this store is Katbird’s Wine & Gourmet and as far as I know this store has been here for a while. The upstairs is a wine shop with some small gourmet food items. Downstairs is a cellar with a few dozen different beer brands, mostly focused on imports. It was hard for me to find anything I really wanted, as a lot of the beers were old and the American selection was slim, but I did come away with a fresh six pack of Brew Free or Die and a King Titus Porter which I had never before seen. I grabbed a two year old bottle of Orval as well, a beer that more benefited from sitting in the cellar than some of the IPA’s nearby. You’re not gonna find anything particularly awesome or rare, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much other around in the way of bottle shops.“
NachlamSie 2601 days ago
88 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“This is a fantastic beer destination in a little town like Abingdon. It’s a wide open warehouse brewery with the tasting room up front. The walls are adorned with art from an eclectic local artist. The beer is very reasonably priced and they rotate taps pretty often. There were at least ten different offerings during my visit, running the range of pilsner to dunkel weizen to IIPA to chocolate stout to coffee IPA and a few in between. Wolf Hills seems like the only place in town to get a good microbrew and on a Thursday afternoon there was a small crowd of locals socializing. The brewery is about ten yards away from train tracks giving it that railway/beer ambiance I like so much. This place could easily fit right into a city with much more legit beer cred, like Asheville. Great, great stop for sure.“
NachlamSie 2601 days ago
90 /100
The Tavern (Restaurant)
“I love this place. It is an old wagan stop from long ago . The floors and walls are all crooked and everything is a bit at a slant. Max, who owns it with American wife, is German, and much of the menu is as well. Has the best Jager Schnitzel this side of Berlin. I’ve been going there for twenty years highly recommend it. Reservations are suggested.“
HopTsing 3014 days ago
84 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“A great little brewery. Friendly atmosphere, helpful/friendly staff, generous samples (5 different brews), high quality growlers and decently priced refills. The DIPA and Amber were great. Well worth the trip if you are in the area.“
jcweaver 3174 days ago
80 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“If you are in the area I strongly suggest a visit. Check their website for tasting hours; at this writing they are open Wednesdays 5-8pm for tasting and growler filling. Beers also available on draft at local restaurants.“
kitschy 3604 days ago
56 /100 230 E MAIN STREET
“As far as I know this is the only bottle shop in Abingdon. Worth stopping by if you’re in town for Wolf Hills Brewing. I stopped by here based on a recommendation and wondered if I was in the wrong place. There is one tiny cooler with beer upstairs, amongst a lot of wine and a coffee counter. There is a stairway to the back right of the place into a downstairs cellar. The beer is along the left wall with some wine mixed in. A decent selection of micros with a bit of foreign representation. Most beers available as singles. A small selection but pretty good for the area. Prices seemed pretty much in line. Parking seemed fairly easy and the people were nice.“
Drake 3744 days ago
66 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“I’m glad to have been able to visit the smallest brewery in Virginia. Located just off the main drag in Abingdon. Don’t be fooled by Google Maps like I was, this is on the right BEFORE the road turns left. What you see in the picture is it. Less than 200 square feet, so it’s cramped and you’re deep within all the brewing equipment. And since they have limited hours they are open and a loyal local following, it gets REALLY crowded. Parking works. They intend to move to a bigger place soon, I think they said July,and move to bigger brewing system. The beer is tasty and there is skill evident even if it is a bit rough around the edges. The brewery is a self-admitted hophead so the hoppier beers tend to be a bit better. This place is remote, but its fairly close to the VA-TN tri-cities area and it’s right off of Interstate 81, so it is accessible. The brewer is generous with samples. Growler fills are $10, though there is an upcharge on the DIPA. They will fill growlers from other breweries. Their nice fliptop growlers are $25 filled. Overall its worth a visit. Neat place.“
Drake 3744 days ago
70 /100 350 PARK STREET SE
“The ambiance has to get a 1, but it should be totally expected, you walk into the small space and you are in the brewroom. That’s it and that’s all. A very interesting business challenge to test the waters and then hopefully expand. Many thanks to Chris for being so accommodating with my out of state visit, very nice silkscreened growlers available are a bit pricy at 20 with your first fill half off for a grand total of 25, but totally reasonable 10 dollar refills. Beer availability varies, but they had three on at the time I went. Chris can direct you to places in town that have any of their beer on tap as well. More than happy to stand around and chat, I probably took up too much of his time. I hope SW Virginia receives the beer well and embraces a local brewery and they can expand soon.“
lithy 3829 days ago
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