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“A handful of taps, nothing I haven’t had. Standard Blue Mountain taps, if you’ve been to the brewpub, plus one South Street beer. Some bottles to go, but nothing I haven’t seen in grocery stores or a local bottle shop. Bartender paid me no mind. I wasn’t going to stay anyway as there was nothing I needed to try, but no hello, no acknowledgement whatsoever. She was too busy chatting with a friend and his child.“
hershiser2 1211 days ago
“The barrel house was a short drive from Loose Shoe, and night and day in terms of business. This place was packed. Parking around the sides and back, as well as on the street out front. Fairly rural area once again. Large outdoor area, picnic tables, games and a stage. Definitely dog friendly. Inside customer area fairly small with a few tables and a small bar. I ordered the flight, which was insanely cheap and set in. Barrel room on full display as well, BTW. Beers ranged but were pretty solid. Bottles available to go as well. Only one BA offering available. Interesting place.“
bytemesis 1645 days ago
“Plenty of parking. Outside seating on picnic tables with a food truck. Inside seating is limited. Not many taps; 6 or 7. Prices are reasonable. 3 bartenders who seemed young and not very engaging, more into themselves, and not very knowledgeable. Kind of a cool look to the inside, with giant stacks of pallets filled with ESB cans, and large, maybe 600 bbl, tanks.“
Emeister84 2366 days ago
“Stopped in just after noon on a recent Sunday. It was just me and one other couple in there with two employees. It’s a beautiful location just like the main brewery. Good sized tasting room with a few seats and the bar. Disappointed in the selection. They had the same Barrel House series beers every bar in the state has and none of the ones I haven’t seen (but are out). And then a few of the regular, non-barrel house beers. But man, it’s hard to complain with beers this good. Took the tour and it was one of the more interesting ones I’ve done. The Barrel House brewery claims to be the only dual-thread brewery in the US, so that was cool to learn about. Overall, a nice place to stop in, but if you’re in the area go up to the full brewpub location just up the road.“
RABinCO 3044 days ago
“Visited just before the grand opening. This is Blue Mountain’s second brewery allowing them to focus more on their barrel aging program to allow more consistent availability of popular beers like Dark Hollow, develop new beers and it also serves as the canning facility for Full Nelson. The beers are quite good, and in some cases are a bit better than those brewed at the original facility. It’s located in Arrington, technically, but really in a small town called Colleen. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, but actually its quite close to US-29 so its easy to get to. It’s in an industrial park, but its quite bucolic as far as industrial parks go. The Blue Ridge mountains are quite present in the background, which seems to be a theme for Blue Mountain’s facilities. Large and open, lot of room for barrel aging, bottle conditioning and an innovative custom parti-gyle brewing system. There is a small tasting room and bar with a few tables. Picnic tables are outside but the day we were there the heat index was around 110, so that wasn’t happening. Nice people and prices are good. Bottles, six packs, growler fills, pints and a sampler are all available. Very nice place. Stop by if you get a chance.“
Drake 3072 days ago
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