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42 /100 44427 ATWATER DR #160
“In a stark industrial park setting, there's hints that this is some kind of homage to fire fighters and first responders, but it's terribly bare. Limited tap menu and just a few snack foods. Beer was OK, but didn't stand out. This area has been flooded by micro craft breweries. This simply doesn't stand out. And $8/pint? Really? Feel no need to revisit. Brewery #952.“
Braudog 100 days ago
40 /100 19800 BELMONT CHASE, SUITE 160
“Free dedicated parking lot. Grocery store selection of beer. No service to speak of.“
weihenweizen 121 days ago
70 /100 44427 ATWATER DR #160
“Brewery just outside of Leesburg in an industrial commercial area with a fireman theme. Great Puerto Rican food truck outside when I was there as well -- I think the owners here must be Boricuo as well. Their best beers were the basic ones, pilseners and kolsch etc -- especially the pilsener. Everything here available on flights. Service decent and prices as well. Friendly place. Wifi available.“
solidfunk 624 days ago
66 /100 21140 ASHBURN CROSSING DR., SUITE 170
“Good place to tick some beers. They seem to have two separate things going on, with bartenders that will pour you about 12 different beers, but then they have a wall of beers that are self-serve. The beers are interesting, though they are sometimes a bit homebrewy, but all really good given that kind of mindset. I definitely appreciate the enthusiasm they all seem to have there and I like to see such a wide variety of beers made in-house, I definitely try to hit them up and try a few things when I'm in the area.“
radagast83 767 days ago
74 /100 21140 ASHBURN CROSSING DRIVE SUITE #130-135
“Small (or normal-sized?) brewery. Beers have improved each time I've gone. Super solid for the region. I've had some really solid "old-school" IPAs, which have been a nice change from drinking the same haze IPA over and over again. The Mieza beers are standout sour/tart beers. Definitely something to make sure to try when you go. My understanding that Mieza is basically a side-project, they use all the same equipment but it's a different brewer, etc. Brewery is just down the "block" (in the same light industrial strip) as TCOB. This should be hit first as the beers are more consistently good.“
radagast83 767 days ago
82 /100 21140 ASHBURN CROSSING DR., SUITE 170
“Kind of a wild place considering how many taps they have available. A few doors down from Dynasty, a 10 minute drive from Dulles. So good for layover. So this place follows the same idea as Ono brewing which is a ticker's dream - they have 20 or so taps which you can pour yourself with a card that racks up your bill. It means you can do one ounce pours of everything for like a dollar each. Sweet stuff as they have so many and also since they seem to have large tap turnover rate based on all the names on the wall of previous or upcoming beers. On top of this they also do flights (and pints) of 10-16 beers on tap served the traditional way which are all seemingly different from the other do-it-yourself pours. So they basically have near 40 beers on tap. Since you can do 1oz pours of the other stuff, it's even vaguely possible to bingo the list in a sitting as a single beer drinker. Service is friendly and they show you the ropes on how it works. Games and such, standard brewery vibe. Long wooden tables. Beers are pretty decent for the most part, and a little better than neighboring Dynasty, though with such a large selection you obviously have a few duds. Their stouts are particularly good. So overall the place is great - the only thing they really lack is a real name.“
solidfunk 1097 days ago
70 /100 21140 ASHBURN CROSSING DRIVE SUITE #130-135
“Small place right beside the Craft of Brewing and within 10 minutes of Dulles. Went here as I had some flight confusion. Their beer was mostly OK, but the Mieza stuff they had was really stand out. Not sure if this is the same brewery or a different one technically. Friendly staff, ok prices. Flights available. Standard brewery feel in industrial area in the middle of nowhere.“
solidfunk 1097 days ago
58 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“The beers are overall good and the bar in itself are cool as well, but it took forever for us to get our food. The wings were tasty, though.“
Kristophe 1601 days ago
82 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Had a great visit a while back. Awesome guy behind the counter and good beer.“
Kristophe 1601 days ago
80 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“A nice airy taproom, in a non descript commercial/Light industrial park amidst The data centers of Loudoun County. They have food, which I didn’t try -an inconvenience since it meant I couldn’t eat the snack I had brought. Lots of beers, but none outstanding. No bike parking, but they let me bring mine inside. Nasty ride from the trail. They have brewers flights, or you can customize your own. Mellow vibe on a Saturday afternoon. Someone gave me birthday cake, beat that.“
OnTheTrail 1857 days ago
70 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Located in an industrial park near Dulles Airport about 30 feet from a rail trail. if you see a full bike rack then you know you’ve made it. For an industrial setting, the vibe was relaxed and inviting. They had a number of tables inside as well as a small patio that was full of cyclists and their dogs. They also have a large projection tv inside their brewhouse which also has tables and chairs. Seems like a good place to watch a World Cup match. They only had 7 of their own beers on tap which these days is underwhelming. They do 4 beer flights for $7 but for and extra $3 they let you keep the glass. The beers were solid with the porters being my favorite. If they had more things I tap and if I lived closer I’d be tempted to go more often, but it’s still worth a visit especially if you’re into cycling.“
DiarmaidBHK 1953 days ago
78 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“The brewpub was easily found by the Garmin. The location is in an industrial park. The beers were good. They even have an experimental beer to sample. The food was normal pub chow but good. I like their pilsner. It is worth a try. Katie provided excellent service. It is also place to relax and enjoy the beer and play cards.“
Foxbush 2200 days ago
88 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“The location right off the W&OD make this a regular temptation. Add to that a pretty decent selection of beers, a mellow (if typical) vibe, at least the weekend afternoons I am here, good service, what’s not to love? Also like the choices of half pints, as well as tasters and flights. Plus,wifi, and they let me recharge my phone, helpful after a long bike ride.“
OnTheTrail 2298 days ago
58 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Cool place, only got to spend a little bit there. Would love the chance to go again sometime.“
CStang67 2382 days ago
76 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Really cool place with a awesome community feel. Rye porter is amazing!“
CStang67 2382 days ago
92 /100 20575 EAST HAMPTON PLAZA
“I personally like this place. Great selection of regional beers on tap. You can get the beers not only in the bar are but in the theater as well. Food is good and creative especially for a movie theatre. Beer and food prices are a little high but then again it is a movie theatre. Good customer service and atmosphere at the bar area. Trendy with a lot of hipsters at the bar waiting for their movie to start. I wouldn’t go the bar just to drink as you can find cheaper beer at other places in One Loudoun. I give this place high marks because of the mashup between a movie theatre and beer hall.“
HippieFee 2430 days ago
70 /100 20575 EAST HAMPTON PLAZA
“Visited 24/11/2015. As others have explained, this cinema offers a decent range of beers, which can be brought to your seat (along with food) during the movie. I enjoyed a couple of beers while watching ’Spectre’ and my loaded fries were pretty good too. We didn’t get to drink in the bar as it was very busy. All in all, good.“
downender 2468 days ago
70 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Another crazy ass hard to find industrial location. Arrived maybe 30 minutes before close but they still served me a (really expensive) flight of four. Not that busy in th bar area at least; did not go back to the restaurant. Beers were pretty unimpressive. They had some bottled selections available to go, including some barrel aged and sour stuff, but after what I tried when I was there I decided not to risk it.“
bytemesis 2565 days ago
72 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Evening stop after a long drive. Hard to find at the back end of an industrial warehouse space, which seems to be the norm in this area. Small bar with a several picnic tables up front. Pretty large back room with more tables and games etc set up. Doing a pretty good business when I arrived about 8:30. Flights of four were pretty expensive, over $10 as I recall. Made worse by the fact that they were all pretty mediocre other than the Porter. Clean bathrooms.“
bytemesis 2565 days ago
74 /100 19800 BELMONT CHASE, SUITE 160
“Brand new store. Shiny and new, but a little small and the curb appeal seems reminiscent of some older stores. Still it’s nice, as is the bar area near the front. Two sets of taps,, half in the beer/wine section in the middle of the store and half in the bar area. Solid beers, all of them local or regional with some less common stuff. Bottle selection decent, but kinda small and un-inspiring. Prices competitive. Parking sucks, but that’s not really their fault. Staff was very helpful and friendly.“
Drake 2573 days ago
74 /100
The V (Restaurant)
“Celebrated Ron’s birthday here. Very nice staff, good food and lots of beers on offer.“
altonbrownd 2594 days ago
74 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Industrial park. I know why breweries locate in these places, but I always wish for better environs for VA breweries. Inside was decent enough. They have numerous beers on tap, but due to our arrival only got to try one. Will return again to get a more full experience.“
DCLawyer 2636 days ago
66 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Industrial park location is not optimal but their space inside is plenty big enough. 6 beers on tap, decent variety and quality. Cool vibe.“
DCLawyer 2636 days ago
68 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Small brewery in an office/industrial park, easy to miss where to go if you don’t see the small signage directing you. Okay service. 6 house beers on tap, though one was just a nitro dispensed version. Beers are average to good. Some food truck was outside for grub. Okay stop if you’re in Ashburn or on a local tour.“
GenDV138 2639 days ago
70 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Small brewpub in an office/industrial park 5 minutes from Route 28 or the toll road. Could use some signage for first-time visitors, had a little trouble locating the place. Got there minutes after last call and the bartender begrudgingly let us order a 5-9 oz beer each. Didn’t try the food. Wouldn’t go out of my way but an okay stop if you’re in Ashburn or on a local brewery tour.“
GenDV138 2639 days ago
72 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“First stop on a vineyard/brewery tour of Loudoun County. Tucked back from the road in an industrial park. Great space though, huge, lots of brew equipment but lots of tables, an outdoor patio, a lounge with reclaimed furniture in the back. 8 beers on tap, most are solid. Growlers, bottles and sixers to go. Food trucks during open hours. Great service. I would love to do an event/festival here. I really enjoyed this place.“
nimbleprop 2681 days ago
86 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“A very big place, with three huge rooms full of seating. Many beers on tap. There was also a cask. They offer a full food menu as well, I just wasn’t hungry at the time. A great spot well worth checking out.“
Emeister84 2739 days ago
60 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Not the easiest spot to find. Lots of parking. There was a food truck there with over-priced yet very tasty beef brisket. About half a dozen beers on draught. There’s a bunch of local art for sale, none of it very thrilling.“
Emeister84 2739 days ago
84 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Great to see a new brewery in the area. Favio showed us around, was happy to chat about brewing, his future plans, etc. A restaurant will be added at some point, he’ll brew seasonals, probably starting with an Oktoberfest. Very friendly staff. Place is very industial and still under construction, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Or maybe more than one visit! 3-10-9-n/a-8-15 76. So, this place has come a long way since my first visit on 6/25/2011. Tasting room has expanded to the room next door with tons of picnic table style seating. Two bars, one in each room. Individual tasters, flights or full pints available. Some food on offer, including the biggest pretzels I’ve seen with actual hot mustard. One cask of a variant of one of their beers, and a handful of bottles for sale to drink in or take away. Live music on the Saturday night I visited, a very solid Blues band. Very convenient stop on your way to or from Dulles. A great time.“
Travlr 2752 days ago
82 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“They have expanded their tap room from what I hear. Very large with lots of long tables to sit people at. A great atmosphere where you can get to know your neighbor over a pint. The samplers are reasonable priced and you can create your own. Lots to choose from with an occasional brewery exclusive and always a cask condition available as well. They had a selection of four sour beers I wanted to try but are bottle sales only. Food is interesting. They have live music weekly along with beer dinners as well which is cool. Good place to site and have a pint with friends.“
HippieFee 2774 days ago
72 /100 20575 EAST HAMPTON PLAZA
“Upscale movie theater with a decent selection of what seems like less common movies. Not sure, though, as I never actually go to theaters anyway. A small bar at the front with a patio and they serve beer and food throughout the place, and it appears they will serve you at your seat in the movie, which is neat. I didn’t try the food. I did go for a Hardywood tap takeover. The place was packed... at least a couple hundred in a small bar area. I wasn’t able to make it at the beginning so several of the beers had already kicked, including the most desirable ones. Kegs were kicking about one per 5 minutes. Still found 6 new ticks of the 12 I came for. Staff were understandably swamped, but the bartenders were mostly hauling ass and I received the best service I can imagine I would get while yelling over several other patrons. I did get a peak at some of the normal draft selections and they look solid, lots of American micros. Not a bad place, especially if you want to catch a movie.“
Drake 2814 days ago
78 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Glad to finally stop by here as it was started by friends of one of my closest friends and I’ve been apprised of their progress remotely for years. Large space with lots of room for expansion. Large front room with tables. Large area in the brewery dedicated to more tables, comfy chairs and couches and cornhole. Six beers on tap at my visit and a flight of any four was reasonably priced. Beers were all excellent in quality. Staff was friendly. Parking was easy. No food but there was a food truck outside. Nice place.“
Drake 2829 days ago
76 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Industrial space. Plenty of parking, and food truck out front. Tasting room up front with a smallish bar and scattered tables. But there is additional seating around back in the brewery itself with some comfy couches facing a big screen TV and more tables; cornhole too. Six beers in flights of four or larger pours, all were tasty. Worth traveling a ways to visit, and nice enough to stay and hang out.“
Travlr 2830 days ago
72 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Nice, busy place when I went in here on a Sunday - it was bustling. Their beers are a little underrated I found, and most are easy to drink and reasonably well done. Funky kind of place. They had a few 500 ml bottles for sale but I declined to buy any for the $12 price tag - seems ridiculous for a local beer and while the tap prices are mostly ok this brings my value rating down. Location in the industrial dregs of Ashburn and not far from Old Ox.“
solidfunk 2863 days ago
72 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Decent place in the industrial dregs of Ashburn. I walked here from Lost Rhino - it took about half an hour. Very friendly staff and a big area in the back with a massive screen for sports watching. Food truck in the back had good pulled pork. The beers are ok - their saisons are best by far, but their rye porter was good too.“
solidfunk 2863 days ago
60 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Dropped in close to opening hour on a sunny Sunday. The small staff was super friendly and on-the-spot. There were five beers available, we tried four and took two growlers home. All the beers were inoffensive, cleanly made, but didn’t stand out either. Worth a stop. (Brewery #663)“
Braudog 2913 days ago
76 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Friendly tasting room. On a Friday evening the had tables set up in the brewery with a big screen tuned to a Nats playoff game. Really quality beers on tap. (And the burrito from the food truck was mighty tasty. )“
Iphonephan 2915 days ago
68 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Attractive tasting room entered from a non descript industrial park. Nine beers on tap -- all decent. Good tunes on the sound system.“
Iphonephan 2937 days ago
76 /100 44652 GUILFORD DRIVE SUITE 114
“Nice, brewery packed away in a light-industrial park, across the street from the W&OD Trail. Friendly staff. Didn’t have a chance to make it on a tour, but had a beer in the tasting room. There were a number of people there - more than I expected in the tasting room and back in the brewery, even though it was almost closing time on a Thursday night. Tasting room was pretty nicely decorated, better than most brand new breweries.

They don’t serve food, but they had menus from local places you can order from - I did not ask if you could just bring in outside food, though I suspect that’s probable.

Taster sizes, regular pints and various growler fills are available of all their beers. Staff (maybe owner) came over right before 9 to see if I wanted anything else at last call. Very polite. I will definitely make a return trip when seasonal beers start getting released. It’s a short drive from Lost Rhino and Beltway, so it makes for a good excuse to hit all three if you want to make a day of it.“
radagast83 2964 days ago
72 /100 20575 EAST HAMPTON PLAZA
“Been here twice, nice theater just off Loudoun County Parkway. Good selection of local and regional craft beers. Food is mostly standard pub and theater fare, burger tasted like a larger Wendy’s burger. Chicken wrap was good but dry meat. They have a lounge/bar area called Glass Half Full where you can drink before/after your movie, or just drink there without seeing a movie. Food and drinks are a bit pricy, but for a theater it’s decent. Ordering mid-movie can be a bit distracting so I recommend coming early and getting that out of the way before the movie starts. Bills are handed out a bit before the end of the movie which can be slightly distracting depending on the movie. Cool preview show before the movie with funny clips or interviews related to the feature film.“
GenDV138 3145 days ago
76 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“November 2013. For a Saturday night dinner, the place was well occupied, but easy enough to find seating at the ample, party-sized tables. There was live music. I like their style here -- open tabs they can get to on any register, a hearty lineup of pretty darn good brews and some entertaining food. This place kinda reminds me of the old Old Dominion place across town. The staff was a blend of friendly and fun and dumb and stoic. All the same, I really enjoyed this place and will definitely go back. Brewery #637.“
Braudog 3217 days ago
54 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“After several visits back, I decided it was time for an update. The ambiance really hasn’t changed despite put tables in. The downside is there isn’t any table service. So you wait in line at the small bar area, then take your beer and sit down. Long lines can form and there isn’t much of a rhyme or reason to how they serve people. Staff range from surly to unattentive to nice. There also seem to be a lot of staff just standing around. Pot luck there. Food is mediocre and overpriced. Unfortunately there isn’t any mind blowing beer either. Most of it is average, some below average. I want to like this place because it’s nearby, but it’s just not worth stopping by on a repeated basis unless you want to tick off unrated brews.“
Elwood 3372 days ago
42 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“No table service, crowded, loud, bad climate control, mediocre beers. “
Bricks 3388 days ago
82 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Industrial place, but great atmosphere for having a beer. No frills, good beer, food at the counter.“
strongpieman 3391 days ago
64 /100 20575 EAST HAMPTON PLAZA
“First and foremost this is a movie theater that not only has a bar with thirty mostly craft taps but that also serves food and drink during the movie. I was surprised at how tasty the pretzel and the hamburger. They had mosttly craft including a few local seasonals which was nice. The only hiccup was the server bring me the wrong DC Brau but it’s been open only a month so they’re bound to be kinks to be worked out. Like most DC movie theaters, this place isn’t cheap but to get to watch first-run movies whilst drinking craft beer is pretty cool.“
DiarmaidBHK 3408 days ago
76 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“It’s another brewery in an industrial park although it didn’t feel like a warehouse on the inside. They have a smallish bar in the main room and also one in an adjacent room. We didn’t have a lot of the food but the pretzels could have used more salt. The beers range from average to solid and with a dozen different varieties, there’s enough to pique anyone’s interest . I liked that you can buy 4 ounce and half pint glasses of most of the brews. Unlink a couple of the other posters, I found the servers friendly and cordial. It’s nice to have such a solid tap room so close to Sterling.“
DiarmaidBHK 3449 days ago
64 /100
The V (Restaurant)
“It’s basically a lounge with a large patio. The interior has two different bar areas. I didn’t try the food but it seems typical of contemporary American cuisine. There does seem to be a commitment to craft beer. The taps were all local and regional craft with the BMC hidden away in the bottle. It’s not a craft beer destination but if you want a nice place to take a date or watch the game it’s a pretty solid hang.“
DiarmaidBHK 3449 days ago
72 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Finally got a chance to stop by here. Located in a "technology park," i.e. not so dingy industrial park. Parking is ample. Large open space with a bar and lots of tables. Bright and open. Food is available, which surprised me as I thought this was a production brewery, but they do indeed have a kitchen and full menu. No sampler available but 5 oz. pours are available for variable prices ($1.50-$2.25 on my visit). The beer was pretty solid, and I thought one was a standout, but it was a wheat ale, and the 105 degree heat index may have been a factor. In any case, the beer was good. I did not eat, but the menu looked good, and prices were solid. The place was pretty busy around 3PM on a Friday. The bartender was a little bit surly, but not too bad. Overall, I’m glad I stopped by and will be back. UPDATE: Tried the food, and it’s a touch bit above average and a touch bit overpriced. The beer was a little underwhelming this visit, but I won’t hold that against them as they’re generally very good.“
Drake 3554 days ago
32 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“This place is pretty amateurish. All the beers are just ok. No big beers to speak of, not even a double ipa. The menu was tiny to begin with and they were out of 3 items. I’d rather buy a four pack of good beer and cook at home. Pretty lame.“
budznsudz 3635 days ago
20 /100 21730 RED RUM RD, SUITE 142
“Bottom line up front: Don’t waste your time going to this place. Today, Saturday July 7th, is the first, and last time, I will ever visit this place, and the last time I will support this company by drinking any of their beers. Stopped in to have a tasting to find a nice crowd, not at all unable to be managed by the 10 or so staff members that were present. I stood in line with two people in front of me and after 15 minutes, I $%^# you not, 15 minutes, was able to order a taste. During the 15 minutes of waiting, I observed staff members hanging out, joking, drinking beers, and playing grab-ass while the line of potential customers began to thicken. Other customers were complaining of the crappy service. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great thing to have a place where staff can enjoy a conversation, drink some beers, and have a good time, but lets take care of the customers first. At one point, a service member staff with black hair standing near the end of the bar looked at me with a scowl, like "what are you doing here?" jolily re-engaging in his conversation and beer while me (and a bunch of other customers) stood there and waited. I ordered a 5 oz pour of their Face Plant IPA, and thought it was pretty average for an IPA. I decided not to wait in line again for another taste of this brewer’s very, very average beer. Overall, a homebrewer set up in a warehouse; very very average at best. Don’t waste your time stopping here...nothing really worth while. Sorry about the piss-poor review, but the small bit of good things I mentioned in this review were much more than this place deserves.“
richdorchak 3733 days ago
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