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“They have a pretty wide selection of beers, normal pricing, efficient and polite service. Two nice things are a separate waiting line for "indecisive " drinkers, so people contemplating what to order are not in the way of those who know what they want, and a range of drink sizes. Parking is easy. But the big plus here is the view. Huge windows looking out on the Virginia Piedmont. If you are with someone who doesn't like beer, but likes views, this is the place to go.“
OnTheTrail 486 days ago
68 /100 18701 FOGGY BOTTOM ROAD
“Hard to rate this place - on the one hand, despite the long-ass drive to the place, the location is wonderful - nestled in a small town at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the site sits at the top of a hill with spectacular views - there’s a beautiful brick farm house that serves as the taproom - it’s simply gorgeous - sadly, the other aspects are very weak - objectively mediocre beer, with a limited range of styles (basically IPAs, browns, stouts), served in plastic cups like you’re drinking at a college party - food is expensive and terrible - the staff is warm and inviting - this is a family operation, and they own the brewery, surrounding farmland, and adjacent winery - very kid-friendly (this seems like a popular place for locals to hang out and allow their kids to play/frolic in the fields and woods) - get some competent brewing, in an interesting range of styles, and this would be an amazing spot, but it’s doubtful that will happen here, as all of the product here seems to be designed to be made as cheaply as possible, and the patrons don’t seem to give a damn, so...“
notalush 1413 days ago
“Tiny shop in the old mill building. TINY. Friendly, informative staff. Ciders ranged from awful to pretty darn good. Looks like they survive on the runoff from other area breweries/cideries/distilleries, based on the numerous familiar newcomer faces we saw on our stop. Not a destination, but a quaint stop between.“
DCLawyer 1761 days ago
72 /100 18701 FOGGY BOTTOM ROAD
“Near the top of a highish hill with incredible views. Really nice stone and wood buildings situated to maximize the view with patios and fireplace. Could be great, but: way the hell out there, and the beer just is not up to par. I thought the DIPA was their best (relatively speaking), while my comrade found it undrinkable. Buy 3, get one free on crowlers. One of our party did so, simply to share the beer with others assuming they would otherwise never have any. The owner told us they are building a new facility at the bottom of the mountain, AND opening a brewpub in Bluemont town. Sounds good, but please fix the beer first.“
DCLawyer 1761 days ago
“Visited with DCLawyer on a Loudoun County cidery/brewery trek. Small tasting room with a table and benches in the corner. Friendly staff. $8 for a tasting of 6 ciders from bottle. Ciders ranged from average to good. Wouldn’t go out of my way to return but it’s a decent stop paired with other cideries/breweries in the area.“
GenDV138 1762 days ago
64 /100 18701 FOGGY BOTTOM ROAD
“Visited with DCLawyer on a Loudoun County cidery/brewery trek. Great view once you get to the top. Small taproom with a homey cottage style vibe. Eight of their own drafts available, as well as growlers and crowlers to go. None of their beers stood out for me, quite a few had a grainy aroma/taste. Didn’t try the food but they had a small menu with four selections. Decent stop if you haven’t been yet but I wouldn’t return if the beer doesn’t improve.“
GenDV138 1762 days ago
62 /100 18701 FOGGY BOTTOM ROAD
“Amazing view and good vibe all around. Beer isn’t very good. Food is worse. I ordered nachos and for $9 I got a plate of potato chips with some generic cheese melted on top of it. Are you kidding me? My dog picked up a tick here.“
ilovedarkbeer 1822 days ago
24 /100 18701 FOGGY BOTTOM ROAD
“Particularly disappointed because this is the closest brewery to Buck N' Honey's Love Chalet. Beautiful view, dog friendly. Had the Oatmeal Stout and the Brown Ale. Buck N' Honey will drink anything with booze in it. Except these beers. Literally undrinkable. Both were oddly sour, as was the staff.“
BuckNHoney 1937 days ago
“Spotted this place on my way to Dirt Farm. One the main road in an attractive small town in a picturesque setting. Tasting room is just the front of the small production facility, so fermentation vessels are everywhere. Four ciders on offer, and a tasting of all four is six bucks I think - but it’s free if you buy any bottles. Ciders are decent, mostly on the dry side. Worth a stop on the way to or from Dirt Farm.“
Travlr 1972 days ago
74 /100 18701 FOGGY BOTTOM ROAD
“Yes, it’s definitely worth the drive. Top of a hill after a nice long drive through farmers fields, turn at the bulldozer. They have the best view of any brewpub I’ve visited. Two patios, one with a view, one with a large fireplace. Four of the five beers were tasty, one was bad. Snacks were boiled peanuts (in the shell, never seen that before) and cracker dough pizza.“
Travlr 1973 days ago
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