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70 /100 4520 DALY DRIVE SUITE 102
“Pay by the ounce place in an industrial park. Good service. Next to a BBQ restaurant. Dozen taps. Decent beer.“
bytemesis 9 days ago
46 /100 4520 DALY DRIVE SUITE 102
“Ok, let’s just address the 800 lb gorilla here and say the beer isn’t good, it’s a joke. Should be called Joke-O Ono, or maybe Joke-O Oh no! That said, there are some positives: 1) Very close to Dulles airport so you can load up pre-flight, 2) the semi-Korean BBQ here is da bomb digg, 3) they’re extremely ticked-friendly, with a self-serve by-the-ounce system that allows you to load up on 10+ ticks in a matter of minutes. I am an absolutely epic ticker about whom legends are written, so obviously I did that. Ambiance is pretty crap TBH. You can get lots of ticks and great BBQ and get on your flight though, so there is that.“
nickd717 298 days ago
“Ordinary brewpub with some ordinary beers. Regular, old-school type line up that mostly brews to style. These types of places are unfortunately less common these days. Flights available. Good service.“
solidfunk 716 days ago
68 /100 4520 DALY DRIVE SUITE 102
“Been there a few times. Strange setup, at least the first time I saw it. Kind of cool to do the self-service thing, so you can pour as much or as little as you'd like using a card to track all of your pours. Food has smelled good the times I've gone, but never have had anything to eat. Beers are a mixed bag, but the uniqueness of the setup is definitely worth checking out.“
radagast83 767 days ago
80 /100 4520 DALY DRIVE SUITE 102
“Cool concept for a brewery out in Chantilly - this place is a ticker's dream. So they give you a card when you come in and you use this to activate the taps, which you pour yourself. You can do anything from a 1oz Danish pint to a real pint, so it's a ticker's dream. You can literally try all the beers on tap for like $5. Service top notch because it was me! No, for real the guy that hands out the cards was nice too. Good blues band when I was in the other Friday, though not a huge crowd. The beer was variable - dark stuff was better than lighter beers.“
solidfunk 1535 days ago
“Located in light industrial park that looks like pretty much all the other local breweries located from Manassas to Sterling. I've been there a few times, once when I was already kind of drunk and only had one beer, and then two other separate times. I think they changed brewers between visits. Beer was decent. I think every time I've gone it's been a Sunday afternoon, and it's pretty quiet. Cornhole inside, and a pinball and arcade machine. Nice semi-rustic look going on with the tables and bar. Cans/bottles of beer to go now as well.“
radagast83 1658 days ago
“I visited on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was very busy with a corporate event. Still the bartender was very friendly and helpful. The four beers I tried in an $8 flight were quite decent. Overall it was a good experience.“
Iphonephan 1804 days ago
36 /100
Two Amigos (Restaurant)
“Stopped in for lunch midweek. This not a beer destination so I’m not sure why it is here. Draft selection was Modelo, Negra Modelo, Dos Equis and Blue Moon. Bottle selection was less impressive. Not much English being spoken by the clientel, which is a good sign for an ethnic food joint. The staff were super friendly and the food very good. A nice craft IPA would be a welcome addition.“
Iphonephan 1804 days ago
“Huge warehouse, huge parking lot, huge space. Brewhouse barely visible through windows behind the bar. Eight or so beers on offer, available as flights of four or full pours in interesting glassware. Sadly, one of the 6% beers was excluded from flights, no idea why, and no samples are offered. Beers were mediocre. Food included grilled cheese (tasty, with awesome pickles) or pulled pork sandwiches. Only worthwhile if you’re passing by.“
Travlr 2248 days ago
“Still has that new brewery smell. Large, bright and open. A smattering of wooden tables, indoor cornhole set up, medium sized standing only bar. Still ramping up, 7 beers on tap. It appears they have 12 taps overall. Beers were of mixed quality. Some need serious dialing in, some have promise. A couple flight options running about $2 per sample. Small food menu... I did not partake. Staff was friendly but not overly helpful. Insane amounts of parking.“
Drake 2265 days ago
“Mustang Sally! Fun to sing ad nauseam. Anyway, big spacious interior with nice attentive staff. Limited selection of beers, but pretty solid. Will come again.“
DCLawyer 2287 days ago
“Visited during a DC/VA brewery crawl with a Mustang Sally chanting DCLawyer. New brewery in Chantilly just off of Route 28. This is head brewer Bret Kimbrough’s new digs, formerly of Vintage 50. Nice to see him back at it after that mess with Vintage 50/The Beer Joint. Large open tasting room almost mess hall-ish. Small bar with the brewing operations visible behind. Only three offerings on draft at the moment, all fairly solid. Enjoyed the porter the most. Didn’t try any food, looked like simple paninis, pretzels, etc. Decent first impression, worth a look if passing by or paired with other area breweries. Might be worth waiting until they get a few more beers on.

Returned for a second visit on 5/28/2016. Same beers on plus two more, the amber lager and grapefruit radler. Porter is still my personal favorite of the five selections they have on currently. Tried the food this time, habanero grilled cheese was pretty tasty and had a nice kick to it to live up to the name. Came with a bag of chips and was came out nice but didn’t seem worth $9 for the portion. Not a bad stop paired with other breweries in the area, it’s about 15 minutes from either Aslin or Ocelot.“
GenDV138 2352 days ago
“The review before me got the vibe here is a bit strange in that it’s a fast food/sports bar kind of restaurant...and there is a bar of course...but then they do have quite a good number of local and regional craftbeers. This is a nice surprise if you came for the food...but not necessarily a place you’d just sit at the bar trying craftbeers. Having said that...well that’s exactly what I did...hung out at the bar...drank some really great craftbeers...and talked with the bartender who was a very good host and fan of the beers he was serving. It helps that this is the closest craftbeer place to my son’s house in Chantilly (although Dogfish is only slightly further) I stop here when down from NJ visiting him. Bottom-line...decent enough place to get sports bar food and craftbeer...or a stop for craftbeer on the way to someplace else.“
PRBeer 2370 days ago
“This was a bit of an odd place. On the plus side, they had quite a few regional beers on tap - just two from Virginia, but a number from Jailbreak and other small Maryland breweries. Available in 4 ounce pours for about $2.50, any number. They operate like a fast food restaurant, in that you order at the register and they bring your food out. No table service, and even though they have a medium sized bar, no bar service, other than through the register. And the line at the register was out the door from the moment we arrived, which is the real downside of that model. I had the salmon burger, which seemed to me like a pre-formed patty rather than something made in house, not sure. But the burgers must be tasty if the lines are consistently that long, I assume. I’d return for the beer - but with the service model they have, it’s not a place to stop in and sit at the bar drinking beer though. Weird.“
Travlr 2509 days ago
“Great family-friendly environment, they have daily specials, good beer on tap, and awesome burgers! Love Thirsty Thursdays!“
inyourmind777 3202 days ago