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84 /100 1011 EDEN WAY N
“This was a pretty cool place. Even though they were in a shopping center, they really pulled off the whole garage theme. The inside really look and felt like it used to have a garage. It was a bar and several high tables and a couple of tables as well as some seating out front. Very very dog friendly. Nice topless good selection of beers good service and the beers were pretty good I highly recommended visit to this place it was a lot of fun. “
stevoj 368 days ago
62 /100 1011 EDEN WAY N
“Tucked into an industrial park in the Greenbriar part of Chesapeake, industrial themed brewery with 10 taps. Flights available. Kid friendly. Decent prices. Staff was kind enough. Food trucks available. Cool outdoor space. The quality was just so-so, but there's not a ton in this area, so it's worth a look.“
nimbleprop 1090 days ago
“Visited their new location on a sunny, fall Saturday afternoon. They moved a couple miles further south on Battlefield and GPS lady will get you confused. Place was packed. Pittsburgh-themed food truck was on site and delivering some tasty bites. Despite a busy street locale, the outdoor space is super cool and dog friendly. The staff seemed a bit overwhelmed but eventually delivered. Flights of 4 or full pours available, about 10 house offerings on tap. All we tried were good to very good. If you ever find yourself on the extreme southern end of the Tidewater area or on your way to the Great Dismal Swamp, it's worth a visit. Brewery #858.“
Braudog 1424 days ago
“Nice ambience. Has a cool VW van inside that can be used as a private drinking lounge. 7 beers on tap, selection of beers are good. Location is in the middle of nowhere. Mostly comprised of local Virginians and the bar staff and prices are adequate.“
mike5326 2280 days ago
“So we finally have a brewery in Chesapeake. Nice grand opening this evening. Place was packed and the beer flowing. Nice folk, good beer and looking forward to more.“
Beergeek23322 2791 days ago
78 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Great selection - that’s what Total Wine is known for. A few rows of good craft beer. Obviously tilted towards the local breweries but good variety. Stop in.“
jdb288 3248 days ago
70 /100 1036 VOLVO PARKWAY, SUITE 7
“Well, I finally decided to go and check out this place. The ambiance is a little like a cafeteria and very noisy. The food was OK, but not great. I’ve had better pizza. The service was excellent though. They had 6 beers on tap and I selected Firestone Walker’s Wookie Jack. The menu had additional bottles available, but only about 10 more. There were mention of additional selections, but not listed specifically. Overall a good experience, and now I’ve tried it, but there are other places in the area that I would prefer over this one.“
Beergeek23322 3454 days ago
64 /100 1437 SAM’S DRIVE, UNIT 20
“Good place for wings - and other food items. Well stocked bar with a rotating selection of craft brews. Mostly VA beers but also other choices.“
Beergeek23322 3462 days ago
70 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Wine - and beer store. The craft brew selection really have grown over the years and it’s nice to see they are adding frequently. While the beer selection still dwarfs the wine selection, they always have something new. You can get singles, cases and even kegs. Anything from Bud Light to the best stouts around.“
Beergeek23322 3472 days ago
74 /100
Let’s Talk Wine (Beer Store)
“While this is primarily a wine store, they carry a selection of craft brews. These are hand selected and always top of the line. Frequent wine and beer tastings and always a very knowledgable staff.“
Beergeek23322 3472 days ago
92 /100 1036 VOLVO PARKWAY, SUITE 7
“By far the best place in Chesapeake to get good beer. Food is good too. Owner is very beer knowledgeable, and he puts rare beers on tap whenever he can. If you are in Chesapeake and haven’t found this place yet, you’re a complete loser!“
Bim 3548 days ago
64 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Not a big fan of TW but I do drop in everyone I see. A little smaller but the same degree of selection and no service.“
beernovice39 3649 days ago
92 /100 1036 VOLVO PARKWAY, SUITE 7
“Y-not is located just off of Greenbrier Parkway in a small unassuming shopping center. The interior is much nicer than I expected. Service was great and the food was pretty awesome. As I am typing this the description states they have 6 taps and 90 bottles. I think that is way overstating it but the key is the selections are all pretty great (Green Flash West Coast IPA, Stone Sublimely Self Righteous, DFH 60 and 90 IPA, Firestone Double Jack, Chimay, just to name a few). This restaurant is proof that it really is not that hard to satisfy us beer folk when it comes to a restaurant. All you have to do is offer a few really awesome selctions and we are happy. This is not a beer destination by any means, but it offers something that Chesapeake was severely lacking. Great beer, great food, reasonably priced...Update 5/19/2013. With some of the selections that have been offered over the past few months, this is becoming a must stop any time I am in Chesapeake.“
zizzybalubba 3811 days ago
96 /100 1036 VOLVO PARKWAY, SUITE 7
“Best selection in Chesapeake. Always high quality draft selection and hard to find bottles!“
raiderfost 3816 days ago
52 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Typical Total Wine. Located in a large shopping center. Parking is OK. Customer service is a little surly. Decent selection... I got a couple of Epic Imperial beers I haven’t seen elsewhere.“
Drake 4093 days ago
86 /100 1036 VOLVO PARKWAY, SUITE 7
“Nice selection of beer for a pizza place. Had a DeliriumTtremens. They have Chimay Blue. Some DFH. No glassware yet. Owner says he’ll try to get anything you want. Thats pretty nice.The food here is great. Best pepperoni pizza in town. Best kept secret here is the carrot cake. Next trip is Chimay and pizza.“
cawbo 4176 days ago
50 /100 1437 SAM’S DRIVE, UNIT 20
“Eh. A just-above-generic beer selection. I am a huge wing freak and was not impressed at all with the wings. Tried several different wings and they were all dry and boring. I was dissapointed in this place.“
MrNemo 4538 days ago
76 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Not Grape and Gourmet, but a good store for beer. Has a much better wine selection but still carry a pretty good variety of quality beers as well as a decent selection of beers in kegs. The staff is friendly but just an average level of knowledge. There are a few really smart beer guys.“
MrNemo 4538 days ago
86 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“This is the smallest of the Total Wine’s I have been to. However, this is the closest "beer" store to my house so I buy from here on a consistent basis. They do have a decent selection of six packs and some good bombers (nice selection of Stone, Southern Tier, and Allagash to name a few). The prices are very good compared to other stores in the area. Basically, if you know what you like and are willing to buy an entire six pack you can find some great deals here...Just a slight update to my original review, but this location has really amped up their bomber selection in the past few months, especially Southern Tier...Update June 2011. Of the Total Wines I have visited in the Hampton Roads area this now easily surpasses all others for their selection and in keeping the shelves stocked. As others have stated, it’s not Grape & Gourmet. But thankfully there is very good beer to be found at this Total Wine location.“
zizzybalubba 4905 days ago
60 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Deffinately not bad, but compared to some Total Wines (at least the Springfield VA location) there isn’t much selection. Had a few brews I’d never seen at a location before, so I commend them on that.“
radagast83 5750 days ago
66 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Pretty good selection. This place is my staple right now. Hope to visit PJ Baggan for some more hard to find brews soon. Still got a few months before I run out of stuff to try at Total Wine. Make sure you speak to Jack if you go in. He will point you in the right direction.“
JFowler 6070 days ago
72 /100 1600 CROSSWAYS BLVD
“Just a beer and wine store, but a good selection of beers of all types. Only place I can get the wife her Hoegaarden White and Leffe Blond by the case. Staff is, generally, very nice and helpful.“
Immy 6161 days ago