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82 /100 2025 LIBRARY AVE. SUITE 203
“This is a very nice bottle shop. Most of the beer is not refridgerated, though she keeps the place at a nice, cool temperature. She offers growler fills of some pretty sought-after brews as well. Worth a trip!“
Emeister84 798 days ago
“Impressive place. A short mile from I-64 Crozet exit. Very large tasting room with games and an entertainment center in the back of the property. Plenty of parking. The food truck was busy and most people were outside enjoying the mountain views with some good beer. They have started construction behind the present building. This is a 7 barrel production operation. Nice choice of beers, with friendly servers. “
Foxbush 801 days ago
“First, use GPS with caution. The place is less than a mile off I-64, but our GPS took us off I-64 several miles too early, winding through back roads to get to it. Like others have said, it doesn't really have a "farm" feel to it, because it's right on a major bi-way. That said, it's a great space, with two large venues, one very much family-focused and unique. The other was homey and welcoming, with a great view out of the open garage door, complete with a great mountain view. Damn highway. Good to very good beers, the food truck looked semi-permanent and smelled great (we didn't eat). Friendly staff, good beer options. Will be back! Brewery #871.“
Braudog 870 days ago
“This rating will be due a re-rate soon as the place is still ramping up. Visited the second day of their "soft open." Two beers on tap as of my visit, both brewed at a nearby brewery as their brewing system will start up tomorrow. Both beers needed dialing in, but were great starts, both quite drinkable. Eventually they will have 8 on tap. Staff was excellent. I dealt with three of them, and they were all giving enthusiastically good customer service. The place is huge, large indoor and outdoor seating areas, and a huge beer garden with fire pit, which is laid out nicely and seems homey despite being mere feet from a US highway. Not a brewpub, per se, but, there is a permanent food truck across the parking lot which is associated with the brewery somehow. Plenty of parking despite the opening weekend crowds. $5 pints and $6 imperial pints, and growlers were visible behind the bar though I did not inquire about fill or glass prices. Overall nice addition to the local scene, and I will be back.

Rerate. Service score is going to the lowest score and overall will be altered to reflect that. This is why... Old score was 74.“
Drake 1025 days ago
“NOTE: Wireless is impossible in this place. Last time I thought my phone was crapping out, but it happened again. I was told that they are on dial-up and wireless is unavailable... which makes picking beer sometimes difficult. OLD REVIEW: I’ve never rated this place as I didn’t realize it was listed here until recently. This is a nice little stop. Mostly a gourmet grocery store (lots of local stuff) with a really good beer selection - and by really good I mean lots of random oddballs you likely will not find at any of the other local stops (not that there are many within 15 miles or so). Not catering to the standard beer drinker in the slightest - this place had some standard+ 6-packs plus a good amount of harder-to-find bombers and oddball singles and ciders (and wine). ALWAYS worth a stop. Not gonna find a ton of local stuff, but you may find a handful of non-local stuff you haven’t found elsewhere.“
hershiser2 1188 days ago
70 /100 2025 LIBRARY AVE. SUITE 203
“A very small shop on the second floor of an indoor mall-type building. Good selection of bottles (lots of bombers) - didn’t pay attention to the taps. Service was fine - friendly but he was busy instructing someone how to close up shop or something, so I didn’t chit chat. Worth a stop.“
hershiser2 1515 days ago
62 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Ups and downs with Starr Hill. I loved them when they were in Charlottesville - beers were solid, things were good. Then they moved to Crozet and quality went down the tubes. One of my old favorites (which I will not mention here because it’s no longer the same beer that they brewed while in Charlottesville) went from a 9 on a 10-pt scale to a 5, if that. I began to neglect their beers as it appeared they decided to scrap quality and go quantity. Now, I’ve noticed over that past year or two that the quality is starting to build back up. Some of the beer available only at the tap room is outstanding - reminding me of the good ol’ days on West Main. They even brought back of of the most drinkable pale ales I’d had (formerly called Starr Hill Pale, now Throwback Pale - though I haven’t sampled it since it’s been brought back). I’ve gotta say they’re climbing out of the hole they got themselves into, and I hope they continue to strive for quality over quantity. Service, in the three times I have gone in the past year, was minimal. No chit-chat, no acknowledgement after picking my flights. But not rude. This place could get a bump up if service was a little more attentive.“
hershiser2 1756 days ago
“Not very farm-like, this place is a warehouse brewery just off I-64. Large parking lot, big permanent food truck. Inside are two rooms - first one has a stage and tables, second one houses the brewery and an integral taproom with a long bar and bar tables. 11 beers on offered when I visited, 4 oz pours are $1.50 and you can do any number. And they just started bottling. Tasty beers, friendly staff. A worthwhile stop.“
Travlr 1859 days ago
“Very roomy and friendly. You can tell that the person who opened this business was serious from the start. The beers were good and plentiful. Just off the interstate and easy to find. I’ll be back. “
HopTsing 1862 days ago
“Very nice setting in the country outside Charlottesville with nice outdoor seating. 12 house beers on tap. The 6 we tasted were all quite good. Friendly crowd an engaged staff. Nice stop.“
Iphonephan 1873 days ago
“I had the best possibly service when I visited. The bartender was alert, attentive, willing to talk beer and find out what I liked and didn’t. Nice selection! Huge space - much bigger than I imagined - and it’s nicely laid out and cozy. Beers were tasty overall... good variety and if you’ve never had any, there are more than enough to taste (unless you’re me and have to taste them all).“
hershiser2 1878 days ago
“Neat place, but then this area seems to have a preponderance of neat places. Again fairly rural, large lot, which was needed due to the people. Large outdoor seating area once again. Food truck out front. Live band inside in one of the rooms with plenty of folks watching. Other room was the large bar and associated tables. 12 taps plus one nitro going when I was there. Friendly service (is there any other kind here). I had a flight of four which had some pretty interesting entries in it. Definitely a good time had by all.“
bytemesis 1971 days ago
“Mid sized farm brewery that already has expansion plans. Homey atmosphere with outdoor fire pit. Friendly service. Live music. Food truck also owned by them. Oh and the beer is fantastic. Love this place.“
jtclockwork 2008 days ago
“Stopped here on the way back from vacation. Clean and neat with an a neo-workshop feel- apothecary inspired. Friendly staff who seemed knowledgeable about their product. Nice spread of their own brews. Prices seemed average.“
tia 2019 days ago
80 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“The place was great. Loved the tour, however, they could stand to offer food options.“
jonesey71113 2326 days ago
72 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“It was jammed packed here on a Friday early evening however was easy ordering a tasting flight and finding a spot along the window leaner. The large brewery space can be seen through the large glass panels. Friendly folk here enjoying the beers. There’s a food truck parked outside the front lot if hungry. The beers were a little hit or miss but generally OK. Efficient staff on a busy night.“
nate2g 2396 days ago
80 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Two different tasting samplers available, plus pints and growlers. Some food available, though I am told that has varied with different suppliers. Short tour of the facility is offered. Logo merchandise is also there. A nice stop.“
r464 2398 days ago
70 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Sprawling production facility with a taproom at one end. Tiny parking lot in front of the taproom, but there’s a larger one across the street. Taproom has a large square bar in the center. Two different types of pre-arranged fights are available, but you can also order individual samplers or full pours. Service was quick and efficient. Canning line visible from the taproom. Food truck out front on a Friday afternoon. Beers were just OK. Decent enough stop.“
Travlr 2399 days ago
64 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“I had a somewhat mixed experience here. On the plus side, the tap room’s very well appointed. Clearly Starr Hill put some money into it. There’s great central air conditioning (pretty necessary in VA for 5 months a year), plenty of TVs and projector screens showing the NFL games. The back wall has a glass window that allows you to observe the canning operation. The staff were all very friendly. Prices were decent for the 12 beers on tap. I had a set flight of 5 for $5. Unfortunately Starr Hill comes up short in the most important area. Their beer’s just not very good. There’s so many other superior alternatives in the region that I simply can’t recommend a visit unless you’re just interested in ticks. Overall, it’s taken me over a year to visit this place despite the fact that I live within 10 miles. I don’t see myself returning any time soon unless the beer improves.“
jackl 2600 days ago
60 /100
Fardowner's (Restaurant)
“A small bar with some darn good taps, including some that are very special. The prices are very decent. The bar service is quite good, the table service doesn’t offer so much. The food is pretty simple, but there is a lot of stuff on the menu and everything I’ve had is good.“
Emeister84 2689 days ago
54 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Went in to see the newly revamped tasting room. It’s actually very nice looking, with central air conditioning to boot. A large bar with many stools. There are several tables surrounding the bar, and there’s a smaller outside seating area as well. We were served right away by the kinder bartender. The other guy seemed like he had seen less pissed off days. I had a bourbon barrel aged barleywine which was very impressive.“
Emeister84 2690 days ago
“A cool local joint featuring a small but pleasing, and somewhat exciting, selection of beer. They don’t offer any cold, however. They do offer amazing specials on out-of-date beers, some of which are still very much drinkable (winter warmers, barleywines, etc.). Worth a stop.“
Emeister84 2692 days ago
26 /100
Harris Teeter - Crozet (Grocery Store)
“Not a hot spot by any means, but they have a decent selection of 4 and 6 packs, as well as large formats, all cold. The service is terrible, like maybe no one knows that craft beer exists. Get in, get out.“
Emeister84 2692 days ago
66 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Lots of visits and re-rates of this place. The score history is 42... 52... 24... 50, and now currently 66.

I have had a long tumultuous history with this brewery. Bad beer, horrible customer service and even a boycott over the way they treated a friend of mine who worked for them. I visited today to see the new tap room, and as I’m updating my notes, I figure I will start new and delete all my previous notes.

Over the past year or so, the beer quality has improved, though they do still have a couple of abominations they can’t seem to get away from, most notably the Monticello Reserve. But, the last few released have been solid. Still in the same building, so plenty of parking. Employees I’ve dealt with have been friendly, with the exception of that asshole Velkyal (hehe, just kidding). The new tasting room is attached to the brewery, with a good view of the brewing and packaging operations in the brewery itself. Several tables and a long two sided bar. Large patio outside. There is a small stage and they anticipate live music soon. 12 or so taps, with some packaged items to go, and lots of swag, just like the old place. They are just getting going, and the tap room still has that "new" smell, but it seems like it will be a much more inviting space in the future, and actually being able to drink out of real glass is nice.“
Drake 2695 days ago
“This is a fancy schmancy place with fancy schmancy prices. Selection is very well chosen and well organized, with plenty of local stuff I hadn’t seen elsewhere, and even some Bruery and Boulevard stuff that were new to me. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2756 days ago
“Pretty cool stop. This place is a gourmet country store with a capital G. Relaxed ambiance. Not only is there a decent beer selection, but also a strong selection of wines and produce. There’s also a coffee bar that makes fantastic drinks. The selection of beer’s interesting. This place clearly doesn’t get a lot of beer geek traffic, so there was a decent number of limited releases that have long since sold out in C’ville. There were also some reasonably fresh locals. Prices were definitely a bit on the high side. Service was helpful. Overall, definitely worth a look-in.“
jackl 2916 days ago
46 /100
Harris Teeter - Crozet (Grocery Store)
“Not as good as the Teeter on Barracks in Charlottesville. There’s a whole aisle of beer, but most of the space is designated for cases of macro swill. Prices for Busch were excellent, but extortionate for Straw-ber-rita. On the plus side, there was a decent amount of Devils Backbone available. Overall, there’s no reason to stop here unless you’re in need of groceries. Scroll past.“
jackl 2916 days ago
“I have passed this place many times traveling back to Richmond. We stopped by to get sandwichs. Their beer selection was superb with many good ones chilled. I tried Maine Beer Zoe an Amber ale. They have many wines from local Virginia wineries. While there on a Saturday there was wine tasting. The Riveria tuna sandwich was excellent. Note: They have no restrooms“
Foxbush 3083 days ago
70 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“This brewery is in an old food processing plant, simple tour and tasting. good variety of merch.“
devman171 3155 days ago
52 /100
Harris Teeter - Crozet (Grocery Store)
“The selection here is typical of the other two Teeter locations, but is a probably a tad bit smaller. Still some good stuff though along with the typical macro selection. While I haven’t checked out the other grocery store in town, this is probably the best place to buy beer for a decent price outside of one of the local breweries. Prices are OK, higher than other grocery chains but not bad. Customer service is non-existent and parking is a little tight. Good utilitarian place to buy beer.“
Drake 3368 days ago
72 /100
Fardowner's (Restaurant)
“Located in downtown Crozet, this has the feel of a neighborhood bar/restaurant, and seeing as they are open late-ish and have live music, I imagine this amounts to the sum total of nightlife in Crozet. Around 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon and the place was not full but was still active. The bartender was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The food is American cuisine and I had buffalo wings which were good. Prices are solid. Parking is OK, I can imagine it getting full quickly but there may be more parking behind the building I don’t know about. There are 9 taps with one macro (Miller Lite). The beer has a distinctly local focus... I believe an Avery beer was the only one from a brewery that wasn’t in Virginia or a bordering state. I had a Williamsburg Alewerks Caledonia. They have two Starr Hill taps, which I’m not thrilled about, but this is the closest beer bar to the brewery so I certainly understand. They have some bottles, but they selection is anemic craft beer wise... Guinness, Newcastle, Session Black, a couple Starr Hill and some macros. I liked this place and I will be back, since I’ve moved pretty close to it.“
Drake 3368 days ago
72 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“An old warehouse that looks like it has been very well used, and is currently being used for beer production, complete with a new canning line. The beer samples are free, and there are growlers, bottles, cans, and kegs to go. A small chili pepper garden, indoors, near the taps, will soon go into a porter. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable.“
BeerandBlues2 3866 days ago
“Little store just off the route to head to Blue Mountain. Not a huge selection of beer, but a pretty decent selection nonetheless. They did have some of the VA ciders that have been harder to find around. Worth dropping in for a few minutes on the way to/from Blue Mountain.“
maniac 4517 days ago
42 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“The bar is in a surprisingly pleasant large open room edged with something of a giftshop. The beer was free samples in little plastic cups. The hours are odd but a nice way to try a range of Starr Hill products.“
phukktifano 4529 days ago
70 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Visited the Starr Hill Brewery on Veteran’s Day 2008, an otherwise random Tuesday afternoon outside their normal tour hours, on a whim, to see if maybe we could take a peek. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome my wife and I got from one of the Starr Hill folks who let us not only take a peek at the brewery, but kindly opened the tasting taps for us as well. I’ve always been a fan of Starr Hill’s brews when I can find them in southern Virginia. The visit introduced me to some of their less available, delicious brews, and I’ll certainly continue drinking the fine beers made here in central Virginia. Recommended visit (during tour hours!) if you’re in the Charlottesville area! Brewery #467, 11/11/2008.“
Braudog 4665 days ago
62 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“For some reason, some of these reviews seem to be for the (now defunct) brewpub in nearby any case, this review is for the new brewing facility outside of town, in Crozet. A former Swanson (or was it Banquet?) frozen pot pie factory, it’s a cool place to stop by on your way to or from the Blue Mountain Brewery and Hop Farm in nearby Afton. The beers are all above average to excellent, and the tour is informative without being overly indepth or long. You can also buy beer and lots of Starr Hill merch. Stop by on a Saturday and spend an hour or so.“
HoppityHop 4744 days ago
52 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“This is the new factory for Starr Hill. This place is huge, previously being a frozen foods packaging plant. Many refrigerators to store their beer, and no where near capacity yet. Small sampling bar, serving samples in little 3oz plastic cups, but they have some of their newer stuff on tap.“
maniac 4862 days ago
“This nifty little place is located in Greenwood, Virginia near Crozet. It’s right off of Exit 107 on Interstate 64 in Virginia. Once you exit, if you see an Exxon, it would be a good place to turn around, because you’d be going the wrong way. The store is RIGHT on US 250 in a barnlike building filled to the brim with groceries, snacks, gourmet cheeses, local produce, wine and, yes, beer. The beer has its own corner in the store. Things are priced a bit haphazardly. Organization is also a bit haphazard, but in a good way. Good selection of American micros, Belgians and a few examples of other foreign beers. The offer sandwiches, salads and soup. My chicken salad sandwich looked horrible but tasted great. Service is very friendly and helpful. They allow you to break sixers on some beers. When I asked if they would let me do that, they said that particular six pack wasn’t eligible to break up, and then let me buy a single from it anyway. I don’t know of any better place to buy bottles in Crozet.“
Drake 4901 days ago
56 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“This was the second brewery stop on the 2008 Brews Cruise. BrewMaster Mark Thompson gave us a very informative tour about the factory as well as some insights into his personal ’3-2-1’ brewing philosophy. The building used to be a Con-Agra Food Factory. Lots of room for expansion. Impressive bottling line runs 100 bottles/min. All the free samples you want plus you can get a growler fill for about $7. They also sell six-packs of their 4 flagship beers and some merchandise on site. This is NOT a facsimile of the brewpub that they had in Charlottesville. This is a brewery only and all of the previous ratings have been about their old brewpub location, which, admittedly was a great place to see a concert. It’s a shame that it’s closed now...“
Butters 4980 days ago
56 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“right below the star hills concert place. the beer selection is dismal for someone lives in charlottesville, but may be new for tourists. the food is bar food and the service is only ok.“
mephisto 5223 days ago
56 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Located between the University campus and the downtown shopping area in a nondescript part of town. Obviously the prime spot to sample Starr Hill beers (even though they are generally not made on site any more). But, both times I visited they only had the four regular beers on tap, so on the second visit I didn’t score any new beers. Food was pretty high standard for a brewpub. Service was attentive but, both times I visited, it was a quiet, early, midweek evening with no bands on that night. I’d only go again if I looked in and there were some specials on tap.“
chriso 5261 days ago
56 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Stopped here while touring the university for grad school. I didn’t get in, so I guess I won’t be back! Anyway, food and beer was good... they had about of their beers on tap with a few other standards. Place had some weird folk in it though.“
biznizness 5324 days ago
42 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Haven’t checked out the music or food yet, but most of the brews were pretty good. Becides their selection, the only other choices were shitty domestics. Also, their brews arn’t brewed on site anymore, brewd in the next town over, 30 min away, which is dissapointing.“
SynergyXJ 5388 days ago
60 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Yes this place is great for a concert. service was so-so but it was a busy night. good selection of beers, many brewed on sight. It gets a higher overall rating than it might get if there were more places like this on my end of the state.“
Fightfire4beer 5762 days ago
56 /100 5391 THREE NOTCH'D ROAD
“Nice place, especially for a concert. The bar is alright, kinda run down, but good vibe. The beer is good, most is brewed on the premesis. Nothing overly amazing, but good beer.“
can8ianben 5852 days ago