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40 /100 10089 BROOK ROAD
“Stop by early on a Saturday afternoon and the place was empty. They're in a weird spot, connected to a Goodyear tire shop, but it's a nice enough vibe, they have a nice outdoor area and ample nearby parking. The single staff member on site was friendly enough. Unfortunately, only one of the beers we tried stood out, 3 of 4 were subpar, a hard way to roll in a vibrant Richmond beer scene. Brewery #888.“
Braudog 266 days ago
70 /100 11341 W. BROAD ST.
“Visited for just a quick trip to fill a few growlers and picked up a couple of cans while I was there. Nice spot. Lots of beer, but not a ton of it was interesting (at least on my visit). Would have liked to see a lot more interesting local stuff. Still found a couple of nice VA beers to purchase. Would probably recommend checking the list online and visiting if there’s something of interest. We didn’t stick around and have a pint, but there’s a couple of tables available for this purpose I assume (no one was using them at the time).“
ben4321 1133 days ago
84 /100 12010 W BROAD ST
“Wide variety of food for lunch and dinner. They offer their own beers and guest brews. The back wall has all the beers available. The service at our last visit was excellent. I tried the pilsner which was OK. The room is surrounded with flat screens TVs with sports and other news. Good location off Broad Street.“
Foxbush 1189 days ago
72 /100
Aw Shucks Country Store (Grocery Store)
“Yup, it’s a gas station. Good beer selection for a gas station in the "country" though. Did not try the food, though they have it. Prices seemed pretty good.“
tia 1198 days ago
84 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“Due a rerate! Old rating was 70. Food, prices were typical of a Whole Foods. Excellent customer service at the bar, which is a relatively new feature. They went from 8 taps to 48 in a newly installed bar. Lots of local beer, some uncommon stuff, and even something whale-ish (Rum Barrel Ted Fidy). A few of the taps are dedicated to kombucha, but there are 45-ish taps dedicated to beer, mead, cider. They have also increased some space for the bottled selection. The selection of small format singles could be better, but, this is a great selection in both bottles and keg. Prices on beer are solid. Service is good. George working the bar during my visit was excellent, and went out of his way to try and find some weird esoteric information for me. Food, parking typical of Whole Foods. Recommended stop.“
Drake 1285 days ago
62 /100 12010 W BROAD ST
“A large place with a lot of parking. The bartender was very kind, and the service was great! The tap selection wasn’t too bad, but filled with items you can get most anywhere. I tried a few house beers and they were ok, nothing to write home about. The boneless chicken wings were not very good, but they give you a pound of them! The prices seemed pretty fair.“
Emeister84 1454 days ago
48 /100
Innsbrook Beer Cave (Beer Store)
“Peu de selection, cave vide“
stanislas35 1510 days ago
68 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Nice place, food OK, big tap list, but nothing out of the ordinary.“
Beergeek23322 1569 days ago
32 /100 4150 BROOKRIVER DR
“Dedicated parking right in front. This place had around twenty different beers when I was there. Prices seemed going rated. It is like a farmers market corral. There is really no reason for me to go back.“
weihenweizen 1851 days ago
52 /100 11198 WEST BROAD STREET
“Dedicated parking right in front. The place is the marriage of Pier 1 and a small international grocery. The beer are a few places, but most is in the back toward the right. If you are new to rating you could get some country ticks. Prices seemed pretty average. No service to speak of for the beer section. No reason to really go back here.“
weihenweizen 1851 days ago
70 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“Big dedicated parking lot. Typical Whole Foods. Different selection than I would expect at a typical beer store. Beer is in the back center in a refrigerated case. Found a beer I have been looking for, so that is a plus.“
weihenweizen 1853 days ago
74 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Dedicated parking lot right in front. Not as big or nice as Midlothian Capital ale house. Selection seemed to be less and not as good as Midlothian, but I am sure this place is way better than most places in Richmond. They had a bottle I wanted to try, but there beer menus were a week old and it was not available. The beers on tap are not available online any more.“
weihenweizen 1853 days ago
56 /100
Trader Joes - Short Pump (Grocery Store)
11331 W BROAD ST, STE 161
“Dedicated parking right in front. Had some different beers than the other stores I have visited in Richmond. Quite limited selection, but did find an unrated wheat beer. They did have a guy in the wine/beer section, but he was standing over by the wines.“
weihenweizen 1853 days ago
36 /100
Innsbrook Beer Cave (Beer Store)
“There is a beer cave in an Exxon and some beer just outside the beer cave. I filled up my tank here. I doubt there are 50 different beers here. There are a few larger singles, and some six-packs in the beer cave. There were a couple surprises in selection. The guy working here actually seems really nice. With the limited selection I see no reason to go back.“
weihenweizen 1853 days ago
80 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Strip mall location. Large dark chain like interior. Fairly empty at linchtime on a Sunday. Hugebeet list with lots of local stuff, but I had had all but one. Still, a nice showing. Equally large and interesting bottle list included a few regional breweries not represented on the draft list. Food was OK but greasy. Uber friendly service. A decent stop.“
Travlr 1855 days ago
82 /100
De Fles Winkel (Beer Store)
“This is a really nice little shop. Good selection across locals and otherwise. Nice growler offerings as well. There was one guy working when I visited and he really knew his stuff. Ended up talking beer for a while and walking out with some good bottles. Definitely recommend this place.“
ben4321 1925 days ago
70 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“A fairly typical WF with probably a slightly better than average beer selection for the chain. WF gives their employees a decent amount of autonomy when it comes to stocking products, so it’s always fun to see what they’re carrying here compared to the store in Charlottesville. The 8 taps featured a nice mix of local and national craft. The bottle selection’s relatively large and prominently features a lot of regional producers. A 32oz bottle of Lagunitas Sucks was calling my name, but I refrained from making any purchases on this occasion. Service is very friendly. The beer buyer at this locations’ a pretty well-known character in the local beer scene, so I’m always confident in the quality of product being sold here. Overall, not a bad stop if you’re in the area.“
jackl 2111 days ago
80 /100
De Fles Winkel (Beer Store)
“New bottle shop just 5 minutes from my house, now making it ridiculously easy to get brews in this area. Good sized shop, nice selection, definitely getting some harder to find stuff in. 8 taps for growler fills, but not a place with a banquet license, so no drinking on site. Which is OK, there are plenty of other places nearby where you can do that. One nice thing here is that the staff really knows their stuff, and can easily talk about what they are selling. Great addition to the local beer scene that I will be frequenting with some regularity due to selection and proximity. And reasonable pricing on the growler fills!“
Kinz 2171 days ago
82 /100
Aw Shucks Country Store (Grocery Store)
“Yeah, it is a freakin’ Shell gas station on the edge of nowhere at the Henrico, Goochland, and Hanover county lines. It also happens to be exactly three minutes from my house. And it also happens to be a miniature beer oasis. They have 4 taps for growler fills - they don’t rotate that fast, but they don’t exactly sit around for months at a time either. Usually they have something from Midnight (the micro around the corner), something from the state, and a couple of other random micros. Always interesting. And then they have a great cooler case with a small but solid lineup of local and regional micros - again, sometimes getting some really cool stuff that you don’t see all over the place. Beyond that, it is a decent uber 7-11 with a lot of freshly made food for sale too. Delighted that this is right around the corner from me. Staff doesn’t know a thing about what they sell, but they are very friendly and give great service. If you are out on the edge of nowhere, well worth sticking your head in. NOTE: Taps now up to 16. Have also started doing tap takeover events with local breweries like Hardywood and Strangeways.“
Kinz 2171 days ago
86 /100 4024-A COX RD
“top notch place here-awesome tap selection and bottles looked to be pretty solid as well. service is great and food was decent as well. i had the french dip and it was great! Cant go wrong with this place! 2nd best in Richmond for sure!“
Terminus 2206 days ago
80 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“One of the best beer selections I’ve seen at a Whole Foods. Nice long aisle of chilled beers along with a few more bottles on the other side. Some good local beer selections. Nice selection of taps for on-site consumption and growler fills. Friendly beer staff. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the Richmond area.“
GenDV138 2219 days ago
66 /100
Aw Shucks Country Store (Grocery Store)
“Kinz says this is the best place ever, so I had to stop by. It’s a big "country" store gas station that isn’t a bit country. What it does have is a solid beer selection. They have a BYO section with nothing exciting, but they did have some good lesser common local beers. I picked up beers from Epic, Strangeways, Hardywood. 8 beers on tap, decent prices on growler fills, decent beers, though nothing outstanding. They have a food station, and the food is pretty decent, and well priced. One of the guys in the food station knew a bit about beer, and all the staff were very friendly.“
Drake 2279 days ago
84 /100 4024-A COX RD
“(Visited 03/2014): Capital Ale House’s Innsbrook location is in the Henrico area of Richmond, anchoring the Innsbrook Shoppes strip mall off Broad Street. There is a large parking lot in front of the building.

The inside is large and spacious, with a bar on the right past the entrance, some table seating, and another bar in the rear. Dark interior with blue lighting. The bar in the back is wood and very wide. The tap handles are along the wall behind the bar, as are several coolers full of bottles. There are boards behind the bar showing upcoming tappings and other info.

The draught list is pretty extensive, with around 75 beers from many regional breweries, separated by flavor profile on the menu. Breweries included Strangeways, Foothills, Port City, and Blue Mountain on my visit. I missed Sexual Chocolate by a day or so unfortunately. There are a couple hundred bottled beers as well, again featuring many VA breweries.

Service on a weekday evening at the bar was good. Several bartenders waited on me and they were all friendly and knowledgeable.

Food at Capital Ale House is pretty good. I enjoyed the macaroni and cheese dinner.

All in all this is a solid beer spot in the Richmond area.“
Dogbrick 2284 days ago
82 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Had a pleasant afternoon lunch with friends. The server was almost over-the-top friendly and polite, telling us his every move in advance. The food overall was very good, although I didn’t really like my fish-n-chips. Everyone else liked theirs and the appetizers were great. The beer list is definitely solid for the region, with an impressive offering of 20-ish beers on their rotating tap list, plus another list of dozens of "regulars" and as sturdy a bottle list as you’ll find anywhere outside the DC metro in the state. Definitely a worthy spot for beer lovers.“
Braudog 2432 days ago
78 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“Nice selection of bottles, singles, mix-a-six, small but nice draft list that rotates frequently. They fill 64 and 32 ounce growlers. beer staff is knowledgeable and friendly. atmosphere is..well, it’s a grocery store but there is seating so you can enjoy a pint or glass of wine there. fair prices.“
RABinCO 2460 days ago
90 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Great place. The beer menu is epic, and if you sit at the bar you can place your beer onto an ice rail to keep it cool.“
glennous 2481 days ago
94 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Great place to find and try rare beers. They even have a small selection of domestics to keep "that guy" from complaining too much. Food is great if you want to take a date and impress her while enjoying quality brew.“
jondeavers 2748 days ago
82 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Really pretty solid beer stop near Richmond. Nice beer list(I don’t know what other places there have), nice sized place, food was solid. Rare stuff, but not super rare stuff. I really like the "small" tasting size which isn’t a full pour but not the 1/4 sizes we get in DC.“
jcos 2792 days ago
80 /100 4024-A COX RD
“It’s a nice place- but not as good as the one downtown. Our server was pretty good. Good selection as always, and food’s decent, too. We’d probably go here more if we lived closer, but the downtown one is more a regular haunt for us.“
HopTsing 2945 days ago
94 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Outstanding offerings on draught/cask and huge selection of bottles (in house and to go)“
icky09 2959 days ago
84 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Well this place is all blue lights, beer cases, and taps! They have like 3 bar areas each with different taps, mainly locals, though they’ve got some great widely available craft beer as well. The pretzel was awesome. The bartender was knowledgeable and attentive. Can’t wait to try the other locations!“
magsinva 2967 days ago
86 /100 4024-A COX RD
“A lot of beer places are located in obscure buildings that aren’t listed on modern maps. This place doesn’t have that problem. I would argue you can see the Capital Ale House from space or at least from the road. The space is big with atmospheric blue lighting and several different bars including an outdoor patio and they have a game room with dart boards and pool tables. It’s a comfortable place to hang it which would e meaningless without the massive beer list. They have more interest in local beer than any place I’ve visited in VA. They also have a number of craft beer specials as well. The food we sampled we also fantastic. I can’t wait to sample the other locations.“
DiarmaidBHK 2968 days ago
80 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Nice. Big beer selection. The food is always decent. The service was good. Used to come here a lot more, but rarely get to this side of town anymore.“
tia 2975 days ago
80 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“It’s nice for a grocery store. The stock people actually approached us a couple of times and asked if we needed help- usually you have to rove aisle upon aisle to find anyone who will help. Good selection. Pretty good prices. A few taps for growlers an on-site "sampling."“
tia 3012 days ago
78 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Probably a bit nicer than some of the other Capital Ale Houses...this one seems a bit newer and has a lot better bottle selection. Many rare beers, but be prepared to pay a premium.“
nevets4433 3033 days ago
72 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Big selection of some quality beers.“
hubrew22 3045 days ago
72 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“Nice selection of quality brews. Not the largest, but definitely has a very cool availability of growlers to go and some bottles you won’t be able to get anywhere else. I guess they just move enough volume to get preferential treatment when it comes to certain releases. Decent pricing too. I’d definitely shop here more often if I lived out this way.“
Butters 3051 days ago
54 /100 11198 WEST BROAD STREET
“Decent selection of readily available craft beers, but nothing here that you can’t find most anywhere else. Atmosphere is kinda weird...a lot like one of those hippy/upscale furniture stores. Their alcohol selection seems mostly wine-centric.“
nevets4433 3079 days ago
82 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Food is great. The menu is beer infused. The beer menu is good.“
ekiel 3080 days ago
58 /100
Trader Joes - Short Pump (Grocery Store)
11331 W BROAD ST, STE 161
“Stopped by this place mid-2011. As with pretty much every other Trader Joes, this place s probably not adequate for your beer needs, but it has a few items that are worth stopping by - the Trader Joe’s anniversary beer is great and the Mission Street beers are pretty great, though standard for the locations. Can make the occasional mixed six-pack with various beers at that location. There were a few good ones that I normally don’t see (or are sold out before I get to the beer shelves).“
radagast83 3114 days ago
54 /100
Trader Joes - Short Pump (Grocery Store)
11331 W BROAD ST, STE 161
“Decent selection of craft-ish beers, many of which are only available at Trader Joe’s. Staff are very friendly but as a supermarket, they really aren’t knowledgable about their beers. Its worth a stop for a few cheap, decent beers.“
nevets4433 3133 days ago
86 /100 4024-A COX RD
“Great place to grab a good brew. Many food and drink specials offered throughout the week. Bartenders are very knowledgeable, which offsets the fact that the beer menu is often not up to date with current selections.“
hokiebrews 3155 days ago
52 /100 4150 BROOKRIVER DR
“A grocery in the style of a Farmer’s market. A much better grocery than a beer store. Has a small but good selection of beers, with a pretty nice selection of mix-a-six options. When I went, the Southern Tier Pale was in the mix-a-six, so that was pretty nice.“
nevets4433 3206 days ago
60 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“Quite possibly the best grocery store when it comes to beer...and they have growlers now!“
nevets4433 3209 days ago
76 /100 11173 WEST BROAD STREET
“Went here on 9/24/2011 when visiting a friend in Richmond. Decent selection of draft beers for growler fills. They had Heavy Seas The Greater Pumpkin on draft. That was the only thing out of the ordinary. Was able to get the latest Terrapin Reunion beer and the Traquiar 2020 beer (last bottles of each). However, both seemed high priced. I bought those and a Pumking and the total was $27! The Pumking was $6.99, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, nice selection. Will go back if in the area.“
TheBeerGod 3213 days ago