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64 /100 12830 W CREEK PARKWAY, STE J
“This is a larger place than I expected. Decent sized bar but large room. Lots of beers on tap - 15 I believe. The problem is that the range of quality was all over. I has a couple that were solid +, some that were quite meh, and some that were drain pours if they offered such things at the bar. Service was fine... didn’t chit chat much, but nothing to complain about. Would love to see them hide the alcohol better in the stronger beers as some of them tasted like rubbing alcohol.“
hershiser2 1100 days ago
84 /100 12830 W CREEK PARKWAY, STE J
“This is a new brewery, less than one year old. It is located in the West Creek business park area. Hardywood is also building a beer garden and barrel house in the area. They have a attractive location to enjoy their beers. A food truck was outside on a Saturday evening. The beer offering is broad enough to appeal to many tastes. The service was excellent. They were quick to answer your questions and made beer suggestions. It is worth the visit. The brewing operations can be observed through large windows on a side wall.“
Foxbush 1100 days ago
56 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“This brewery is certainly in the middle of no where Virginia. Right between Charlottesville and Richmond and for me it was a long drive in the country which was nice. Once you get off the main road you travel deep into a residential area before going down a gravel road. I can’t stress this enough, its deep in the woods. This allows them to have ample land to cultivate. I know they grow hops and the day we visited they where turning the field and getting it ready for some sort of crop. They also had a small field by the brewery with a variety of flowers that anyone could pick which was nice. No food onsite and a rather small tasting room. They had one table pouring I think 8 beers. There are benches outside to sit and enjoy the view of the farm land and forest. Rather large operation but a very small tasting area which was disappointing.“
HippieFee 1153 days ago
76 /100 12830 W CREEK PARKWAY, STE J
“Nice large tap room. Dark wood and green trimmings. Service was good. Fairly sizeable selection of their own brews- which were decent. Pricing seemed good. Out in an office park in the middle of nowhere-- also in the back and hard to find.“
tia 1192 days ago
14 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“The issue is the drive and the brewery lost the brew master whom put this place on the map. Since he has been gone the beers just aren’t the same. I heard that there many DUI traps setup for weekend events. The bugs are terrible and it smells really bad somedays.“
Goochlandbeerlover 1305 days ago
68 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“What a beautiful setting. But also a bit of a challenge to reach and enjoy to its fullest, unless you have a DD in the car. At least 20 minutes off of I-64 from any direction, you’ll arrive at an idyllic farmhouse brewery. And I know from the high-priced bottles that make their way to HR that LHCCB make some quality stuff. But out here in the surprisingly busy and kid-ridden patio spaces, it just comes across as a bit of the Sonoma Wine Trail snootiness ... $6 pints poured from cans because the kegs are dry, for example. Not cool. Good brewery, but shouldn’t get too big for their britches IMHO. Brewery #759.“
Braudog 1387 days ago
80 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Nice farm brewery out in the country. About a 45 minute drive to/from Charlottesville or Richmond. Small tasting room bar in front of the brewing operations. Picnic tables outside to enjoy the view while you drink. Around four drafts and some bottles available to sample or in a flight or full pour. Additional bottles available to go. Was hoping they might have some limited or exclusive bottles to buy but it was mostly everything you can get in stores. Hear their special release events are pretty good. Food truck available if you’re hungry, Curry Fury was there on a Saturday. Worth a stop especially if you’re already around Charlottesville or Richmond.“
GenDV138 1849 days ago
80 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“This is a farmhouse brewery, so by Virginia law some of the ingredients of the beers must be grown on the farm - beers with their own grown ingredients said "estate" on the label. Nice picturesque rolling farmland hills, and every flat area you can see from the tasting room was planted with barley. Small new hops field as well. We arrived just before 11 but they didn’t open til 12. Nonetheless, staff took time out of their set up routine to pour some samples and flights - and they were generous with the samples, including bottle pours. A minor complaint was that they served mainly big abv and bourbon barrel aged beers on a hot summer day, just one session IPA. I would love to see saisons in the summer season. Still, it’s a beautiful rural location that makes a nice visit on a good weather day. Tasting room is at the edge of the production facility, with scattered outdoor tables, tents, small area for a fire, and a food truck. Well worth going out of your way to visit, and it’s not that far out of the way from Richmond or C-ville.“
Travlr 1849 days ago
70 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Stopped by on my way back to Richmond from Charlottesville recently. Nice surrounding farm area. The tasting area itself (summer) was some picnic tables on a concrete slab. Hot and there were a lot of flies around. Not much for ambiance, but they had a nice guitarist playing. Prices were average. Decent selection of their own beers, which I found tasty. Food truck. Servers were friendly, speedy, and went through everything with me.“
tia 1856 days ago
80 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Finally got out here. As others have said before, it is a hike from Richmond - I live about 3 minutes from the Goochland line, and it still took 45 minutes to get out to the middle of nowhere. Having said that, worth the trip. I’m fairly used to rural settings, and this brewery is on the top of a set of rolling hills in a truly beautiful landscape. You can watch the clouds roll in for miles. The idyllic setting bordered on almost comical when a white deer was spotted bounding around the tree line. Next expected unicorns shooting rainbows. In any case, 5 very solid brews on tap, and they were happy to pop bottles open to pour as well, which few breweries are willing to do. Best during good weather when you can hang out on the many picnic tables and enjoy a pint. They have quite a few hop vines going, and are also starting to grow their own barley. They really have some cool stuff coming along. Should also point out they are installing a disc golf course, which is awesome.“
Kinz 1913 days ago
74 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Nice setting at the end of a dirt road. Will be a cool place in the summer when it’s a bit warmer. 5 taps and a small bottle selection. Friendly and helpful staff. Definitely worth a trip.“
Beergeek23322 2017 days ago
88 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Beautiful farm. Rolling hills, tens of thousands of sun flowers. Everyone was very happy, and the service was on point. There were somewhere between 8 and 12 beers on tap, and they had also opened a couple of bottles when customers asked for a beer that was not on draught. There was a lot of seating available, though all outside. There was a food truck available for those hungry, otherwise many people had brought their own. Great place. Great people. Great beer.“
Emeister84 2143 days ago
80 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Went there on a nice Saturday. It’s a bit out there, but leaving from Richmond it wasn’t that bad of a drive - no traffic, fast cars. Great. The area this place is on is *huge* - lots of open space, beautiful landscape in the distance. Lots of people were here that day, no tasters this time - but that’s apparently a regular feature of the place. Staff were incredibly nice. Beers have improved significantly since I first had them when they opened.“
radagast83 2186 days ago
76 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“This place is way out there. It has that driving down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere to a winery type of feel. A nice farm look to the place. Anyway, I really liked our visit. Set-up with a nice big outdoor area full of picnic tables and taps where the doors opened. They were very friendly and happy to discuss the beers. The beers were pretty good, nothing special, but all were tasty. They had four drafts on our visit, and were selling bottles of 3 of those beers, plus another that was not available on draft. I would definitely recommend this place, but it certainly isn’t going to be convenient to anyone coming from really just about anywhere. Also, we didn’t eat, but it seem like they had food from a local restaurant available at some point on Saturday afternoon (before we got there). “
ben4321 2253 days ago
74 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“This place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Remote location is quite a hike out of town, but well worth it for the views alone. You can nearly see wintergreen on a clear day! At least for my own personal taste, the beers seem to leave a little something to be desired. But Sean is the absolutely nicest guy, and it is OBVIOUS how much hard work and attention to detail went into this place. I look forward to seeing what they can do from here!“
Butters 2394 days ago
80 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“This is a very attractive brewery in central Goochland. There are 221 acres for growing hops and barley. There were pinic tables positioned around the brewery. The brewer an owner Sean-Thomas Pumphry gave a group an excellent tour. The brewery is very clean impressive operation. The Gentleman Farmer was my favorite. You can purchase beers and also try a flight. We purchased bottles to go. Lisa was serving and very helpful. The tasting room is far too small but I am sure they didn’t expect the crowds that will travel to get great beer.“
Foxbush 2409 days ago
76 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Nice rural farm brewery. We visited during business hours but they were surprised to see us. Other than that, the gentleman who helped us was very helpful. There is a miniscule bar as well as a cooler with taps set up in the brewing area. Large, bright brewery. Nice vibe overall. Five beers on tap, and all were of good quality or better. Barley and hops are being grown on the farm. I can see cool things are going to come from these guys in the future.“
Drake 2425 days ago
70 /100 4100 KNOLLS POINT DR
“Brand new brewery situated in a much more rural location than I anticipated. The last mile up to the brewery is on a gravel road. It’s a legitimately pretty spot to hang out. The brewery’s located in a large barn that sits on top of the hill. There’s a few picnic tables to soak in the view from, some corn hole on offer. 4 beers available on tap alongside a couple of bottles. 3 different Belgian styles as well as a wet hop pale brewed with hops grown on the farm. While the beers show some promise, they’re definitely not dialed-in yet. The wet hop was a bit ragged. Pours were inexpensive. My only quibble with the service is that the server (who also seemed to be the brewer) was refilling people’s glasses with different beers without rinsing the glass in between. It demonstrates a strange disrespect for their own product. I assume that they’re a bit short on glassware and are trying to cope, but it’s really not an excuse. Overall, I’ll keep my eye on these guys. I wish them the best.“
jackl 2466 days ago