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62 /100 504 N. KING ST
“It looks great, just the vibe and service was not so. Beers were decent, not exactly to the style. Worth of top if near by.“
Radek Kliber 354 days ago
64 /100 2036 EXPLORATION WAY
“Not near anything depends on perspective. Its near NASA, and really near NIA, which makes it convenient for me! Not busy at all on a Thursday evening; I walked in and had the place to myself until my buddies started to arrive. Friendly and helpful service. 5 beers on tap, pretty much the most standard five you could imagine in a US brewery: IPA, Cream Ale, Porter, Brown Ale, Amber Ale. Food trucks are mostly there on weekends, but they also have a deal with a nearby BBQ place that will deliver for free. Flights of all five available for a reasonable price. I was thoroughly unimpressed with beer quality. The brown was solid, the others were all below average in their style.“
bytemesis 818 days ago
64 /100 504 N. KING ST
“As braudog points out, this is a beautiful large open space with plenty of seating, including an outdoor patio, large stage, full menu, solid food. Their own lot is pretty tiny, but there is a much larger one across the street which helps. Flights available. Unfortunately the beer was pretty mediocre, which gives me the same conclusion as Braudog; great space, likely wont be back, at least not for beer.“
bytemesis 818 days ago
60 /100 2036 EXPLORATION WAY
“Located in an obscure industrial space that's not really near anything, but they did this space right. Friendly and inviting, the staff was great. The night we went, the food truck left early because of slow business, which isn't a great indicator. They only had 5 standard-style beers on tap, but the two we drank were actually really good. We liked the vibe, combined with the friendly factor, and we're inclined to go back. Hoping for more beer options. They also charge $6-8/pint, which is high for value. Brewery #829.“
Braudog 831 days ago
56 /100 504 N. KING ST
“This is a beautifully re-done space in an old national guard armory. It presents mostly as an entertainment venue (big stage area), restaurant, and only then a brewery and distillery (under the Caisel name). We didn't eat on our first visit, but have heard good reviews and the small but sturdy menu looked good). Parking is a bitch if there's any volume. Glad to see this place expand the realm of a really cool, old downtown area. They charge $6-8 for a pint of beer, which I found unreasonable. The beers were so-so ... not bad, not great. Don't know that I need to go back, despite the awesome setting. There are better options (for beer, at least) very nearby, including Bull Island, St George and Capstan Bar. Brewery #828.“
Braudog 831 days ago
“The owners scored, in what my humble opinion, is a GREAT location ... somehow carved out of a parking garage right next to the only hotel in downtown Hampton, overlooking the historic Hampton harbor. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of the place when I first visited, but the three beers we tried on the first pass were actually very, very good, especially compared to the other, rampant startups that are popping up all over the place. This place has exceptional potential, given it’s location, and quality locale. But they could use a little more investment in the space, which is sparse right now. But for visitors to the area, here’s a great opportunity ... stay at the Crowne Plaza, and sip to your delight here, then dine at one of the various options a block away on Queensway. Brewery #780.“
Braudog 1292 days ago
“New place on the waterfront off Settlers Landing. Pretty large space, with brewing equipment on display. Open and airy, seating perhaps a bit sparse for how much room there is. 8 taps of their own beer, available as 5 oz, 10 oz, or 16 oz pours. $2 for a 5 oz pour seemed decent to me. Friendly service, helpful. Beers so so. Great location.“
bytemesis 1297 days ago
“This store has a selection of beer, wine, and spirits. The variety of spirits is underwhelming, mostly the popular brands and rotgut budget options offered by the handle. The wine selection is good, actually taking up the majority of the store. The beer selection is adequate and superior to most of the local groceries. There is a good variety of imports and craft. The prices are good and sometimes this store proves to be the secret location for getting cases on the super cheap. I’m talking about whole cases for under $15 - beer one would actually want to drink too!“
Shanebrews 1323 days ago
“When going, one must know that the taproom is located on the back side of the building. However, this is the side with the best view, as it looks out across the river at a striking building on the Hampton University complex. It is a spacious taproom. The service is outstanding and the beers are all made in house. They offer the obligatory flight (either 5 or all 8) as well as 10 oz. and pint pours. They are a bit pricey. There are games and even things for children to do.“
Shanebrews 1323 days ago
70 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Having lived in Hampton twice, I can comment on the remarkable change in the St. George facility. The seating capacity is probably three times what it was two years ago. There are more little events and fun nights. The place has accumulated quite a following. One can still go into the tap room and get a nice pint, but there might be a bit of a wait. There is usually food but it is dependent on which food truck is parked out front - there is no on-site kitchen. There is still a weekly tour on Saturdays but the place has transitioned to more of a brew-pub feel away from being a brewery with a tap room. The prices have ticked up a bit from a couple of years ago, but I don’t blame them for that. I still take my growler for a fill nearly every Friday. The beers haven’t changed in ages and St. George represents the British style with a bit of dabbling into the traditional German brews (but not helles? Please. . .) Anyhow, it’s a good spot and I’m happy to support it.“
Shanebrews 1485 days ago
“Very strange to see places on military bases in the database. But since it’s here. This is a medium sized shopette with a reasonable range of local and regional beer at good prices. Worth a look if you have an iD card, but don’t go out of your way. Nothing really special, and there some good beer stores not far away.“
Travlr 2178 days ago
78 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“This was a short trip from our Richmond home. The brewery is located in an industrial park The parking is limited. They had two areas serving beer in a room full of picnic tables. We brought in food and enjoyed the beer and caught part of the tour. The presenter was excellent. They have a growler filler that uses CO2 to ensure the quality of beer will last longer than normal tube fills.“
Foxbush 2344 days ago
56 /100 3530 VON SCHILLING DR
“Quick stop to check it out. Pretty yuppie interior, lots of room though. Large bar. 20 taps, mostly macro crap. Maybe a half dozen dedicated to mostly virginia local craft beers. Pints are $3 at happy hour (although they are not full pints). Not up to the standards of the one I visited in Chicago. At least the bartender was helpful and knew what her selection of beers was.“
bytemesis 2398 days ago
82 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“I have been drinking the beer for years, but just recently visited the brewery. Nice friendly people that are more than welcome to show you around. Nothing fancy, but a family business feel and excellent beer. Small tasting/gift shop and a few picnic tables to sit. On Tuesdays, tacos and every other Friday a bonfire. I love the Golden Ale and other than Busch Gardens, this is the only place to get their Oktoberfest year around! Stop by if you are in the area.“
AKORN 2402 days ago
52 /100
Heaven’s Pizza (Restaurant)
“Someone told me this place was "new" but found out they’ve been here for a couple years. In a weird spot not far from the beach, this is a tiny little place, not at all what I expected. Very "mom and pop." They only have about 6 taps, which I understand are continuously rotated. Nothing spectacular, but not bad either. Bit expensive ... ($6.50/pint for Green Flash West Coast IPA?). Same for the pizza ... good (I ate my whole 12"-er), but for $13, and a bit heavy on the olive oil overall, I don’t feel a rush to come back, but neither do I withhold a recommendation to check it out for a pizza and a beer, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.“
Braudog 2549 days ago
70 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“(Visited 05/2013): St. George is located on Challenger Way off Wythe Creek in an industrial looking area, near the Hampton Freeway. Right next to Langley. There is a small parking lot in front of the building.

The entrance opens into the brewery and there is a small tasting room and shop that carries merch and bottles to go.

The tap room has 7 beers on tap, including a Porter, Imperial Stout, Nut Brown, Summer Ale, English IPA, Black Forest and Remmus XL. The beers are all decent.

Service in the tasting room was good, although the guy running it is an odd character. He interspersed trivia with the tasting and was just an interesting sort. During our tour there were also some folks from Langley there who were apparently in the label selection process for a beer being brewed for them, which was pretty cool.

There is no food available to my knowledge.

Overall this is a pretty good spot to hit in Hampton.“
Dogbrick 2600 days ago
66 /100
Heaven’s Pizza (Restaurant)
“Great spot on the beach with a nice crowd. Pizza is great but a bit expensive. Great brews on tap that rotate regularly.“
coyforce 2618 days ago
72 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Can’t believe I forgot to review this! Stopped in on my last visit to Langley. Small small tasting room, but samples are free and the guy really knows his shit. They sell a few bottles there as well at reasonable prices.“
bytemesis 2679 days ago
84 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“This is the place to go in Hampton for a dizzying selection of draught beers and whiskeys. The appetizers are outstanding, the other food is excellent. They have a couple of fire pits outside, a massive bar, and high-top tables and booths for ample seating. The waitresses are personable and I like their uniforms.“
Shanebrews 2709 days ago
82 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Typical warehouse brewery, but with a ton of free tasters. Very cool growler covers for sale also. On site brick pizza oven on the day I visited. Regular brews were inside the store, and they had three one-offs in the brewery itself. Definitely worth a visit.“
Travlr 2813 days ago
68 /100 26 E MERCURY BLVD
“Good place for BBQ, though don’t expect to finish any of your meals. Beer selection is surprisingly good.“
kindacold 2964 days ago
68 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“I was there during a power outage, but they were still serving beer (cash only), and bringing in wings from the Hooters across the street. Decent, not great, selection of mostly UK and German beers.“
bytemesis 2977 days ago
70 /100
Marker 20 (Bar)
“Nice place adjacent to the Taphouse. No where near the selection, but what they have they serve with a smile.“
bytemesis 3014 days ago
56 /100 26 E MERCURY BLVD
“A more blue collar version of the sister restaurant in Yorktown. Pretty decent selection of beers that is always changing, and the BBQ is good. But given the choice, I’d still rather drive to Yorktown. UPDATE: WAAAAY over-pricing their beers of late.“
Braudog 3019 days ago
74 /100 26 E MERCURY BLVD
“Overall a good place with good BBQ and a decent beer selection. What makes it great is the Wednesday happy hour, where ALL tap beers are $1/pint from 5-6PM, and $2/pint from 6-7PM. An awesome deal!“
bytemesis 3026 days ago
26 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“Yeah, repeating reviews from others, they changed name, menu, wanted to get rid of the best of the UK food, expand menu, not much of a change, was never the best of anything nor UK. Selections don’t change much so not worth mentioning, pricey 8 bucks or so for tap selections. I think the reviewer who stated it feels like a British version of Applebees got it right, I was going to say one of those business hotel bar/restrautants, and prices, that just runs together in your head. You know, you are there with the rest of the suits because you don’t know the area, don’t have a rental car, or just don’t want to go out again. The bar is pretty, but just a faux PUB front, in a what is nothing more than a mall. Did you see the Target Store in the parking lot, The Mattress store? :) “
JamesRiver 3121 days ago
80 /100 26 E MERCURY BLVD
“Excellent food, great people, and best of all every Wednesday from 5-6pm all 30 taps are $1 and then $2 from 6-7pm. Best Deal in Hampton Roads! 90% of the taps are craft and change regularly“
Hopheadva 3136 days ago
“For those with access to military facilities, the Langley Shoppette is actually a pretty good place to buy beer. They have a full row of craft and import selections, including local St George, Williamsburg, and Beach Brewing offerings, some singles for mix and match 6 packs, and an occasional seasonal goodie. My everyday stop in between treks to Grape and Gourmet or Bon Vivant.“
Braudog 3141 days ago
66 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“Nice place with a decent selection - about 15 or so taps plus 20-30 bottles. Lots of good imports, high end ones too. Did not try the food, but looks good. The big negative I can say about this place is that it has a very "chain" kind of feel. I feel like I’m in a British version of Applebees or something.“
csaso 3152 days ago
70 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“This is not so much a rating of the location as it is a note on the brewery. This is a relatively small operation that has cranked out a fairly wide array of styles and done a good job across the board. Grab the winter stout if you can but so far none of their offerings I have tried (12 so far) have not missed. Location: Industrial, small tasting area with a few taps but you can grab bottles to go. The two workers I met were nice and helped me load up two mixed 6ers.“
BelgianBeerGal 3201 days ago
52 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“Been here several times under "The Pub" chain moniker. Recently they bought themselves out from under the corporate logo. But not much as changed. Same exact short kilt outfits, mostly the same menu, and same "OK" beer menu. You might find a gem or two here ... personally I come for the Tripel Karmeliet on tap that I don’t see anywhere else ’round here. The food is good to better, depending. The beer list doesn’t change all that much, and don’t expect too many surprises ... and expect to pay top dollar for a decent beer. But it’s sturdier than most places and not a bad place to take in the scenery.“
Braudog 3305 days ago
52 /100
Marker 20 (Bar)
“Not much of a beer bar from what i could tell. I had a Legend Summer beer and that was about all that was new or interesting. Waitress was extremely nice and pleasant.“
gsmitty80 3314 days ago
52 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“I arrived at 4 this place is supposed to be open with tours until 5. I did not feel welcome, and did not enjoy the visit. The son of the owner tried to explain things, but failed in general. My respect of there beer fell with the visit.“
Itzjerm 3565 days ago
80 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“For an Enlgish Style pub, this place is huge. Great atmosphere, wonderful service, and tasty foods. The beer slection pretty decent with a few high quality beers in the mix. This is a fun place. I would go to this place a lot more if I didn’t have to cross the HRBT to get there.“
MrNemo 3756 days ago
72 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Pretty similar to your average brewery. Small tasting room in the middle with many of their seasonals on tap. Beer sold to go here as well. Friendly folks even let us have a homebrew competition in the brewery.“
maniac 3870 days ago
70 /100 4200 KILGORE AVENUE
“Visited on 11-10-09. Wife and I cam ein for dinner. Had cask Loose Cannon which was nice but served in a snifter(!) and not a pint. Had a pint of Youngs Double Chocolate afterward. One of my faves. For food, I had the Fish and Chips while the wife got the Batter Mushrooms and Onions as an app with a bowl of soup and a salad for dinner. My food was very tasty as was the wife’s soup. Service was pretty good, though the place wasn’t packed. I have heard that it can be spotty based on how crowded it is but what place isn’t. Will definitely go back.“
TheBeerGod 3921 days ago
64 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Visited late December 2007. It was just after Christmas and raining torrentially, so we were kinda surprised to find someone here. The rain sounded awesome on the tin roof. The man there gave us samples of everything, and it was very nice to get a full sixer of the winter stout, since all we get in my area are the dragon pack samplers.“
Drake 4396 days ago
70 /100
Marker 20 (Bar)
“Went to the Lagunitas beer dinner hosted at Marker 20. The tap selection is OK - always a couple locals, and Lagunitas seems to be a favorite with the owner. Food was very good, and so was the service. The after work crowd can get a bit loud at times. A good stop if you’re in the area.“
Immy 4508 days ago
68 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Latest visit was December 07. Nice guys, will pretty much drop whatever they are doing to greet you and serve up some beer in their small tasting/store area. I generally head up here to grab a case of the Winter Stout.“
Immy 4578 days ago
88 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“<<Update 2018. St G is the iconic, old school craft brewery in the area, and I've become a regular. The staff is quirky but intensely loyal and accommodating. The beers are classically European, but clean and quality. Don't expect the glitz and up-and-comer status of Smartmouth and some other more highly touted local spots, but also don't expect the overpriced upsale and bad experiments. >> OLD REVIEW: Ironically, I used to live two blocks from this industrial park. Now that I don’t, they open a brewery! I dropped my on my last business trip to the area, and discovered an extremely friendly staff and some well brewed ales.“
Braudog 5437 days ago
56 /100
Marker 20 (Bar)
“If you’re stuck in downtown Hampton as I’ve been a few times, this is the choice spot to drink beer. They have about a dozen draft selections, with a decent offering of locals and micros. Bit of a locals joint that isn’t all that welcoming, but whatcha gonna do?“
Braudog 5437 days ago
76 /100
Marker 20 (Bar)
“Pretty much the best place to go in downtown Hampton and is the only place to get any kind of micros, that I am ware of at this point. Decent micros selection on draft. Usually a couple of local beers (St. George, typically) and several others but still have macro stuff on draft. They do serve food, but I did not have any on my visit. The place itself is rather smallish and at 5pm on a Monday was kind of packed. Parking in this area requires you to park in a public lot and walk to the bar, but most lots are very near to the street where it’s located. **Rerate - went here Friday night (3-9-07). Enjoyed crab cakes and Clipper City Loose Cannon on draft. My friends went with the nachos and draft Bigfoot. Also Legend Tripel, St. George IPA and a few other surprises on draft. The hot waitress made up for our slight disappointment at the Taphouse a few doors down.“
TheBeerGod 5630 days ago
74 /100 204 CHALLENGER WAY
“Have only been here a couple of times. This is simply where they brew plus a small tasting room and "gift store". It’s located in an industrial park and I would imagine looks like most other smaller breweries inside. Having met Andy and Conor, you couldn’t find two nicer brewers. I purchased a keg of cask conditioned porter for a party and sampled several of their draft only beer while there. Also picked up some glasses. Nice guys and very accomodating. Worth visiting if breweries are your thing. You may get some of their draft only stuff here too.“
TheBeerGod 5674 days ago
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