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68 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“This is now just a garage selling cans. There is no longer a taproom and you cannot drink on premises. The beer is good stuff, and there were about ten different beers available. They also had t shirts and stickers. Beer was $12 to $32 dollars for a four pack, but the most expensive beer you could get singles. Good place to get beer for home. No line when I was there.“
mansquito 838 days ago
74 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Dropped by early Thursday afternoon. They had a table set up to pick up beers. It took less than 5 minutes to drop $100 on 5 4-packs of pint cans. The door to the inside was closed. Kind of reminded me of buying beer at Tree House, except this place has no charm. At least it is not in the middle of nowhere Mass, and the beers are just as good. I'll be back.“
Iphonephan 1059 days ago
76 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Nondescript office plaza with industrial kitchen and home suppliers and plenty of parking. Bar space has about 20 seats and another 25-30 persons for standing space. Space is linoleum floors and a bar counter with another partition separating the front space and the brewing space behind such. About ten to twelve taps with pours running $3-8 each. Growler and crowler fills also available. Bottles have recently been available also. Due to a recent visit by the fire marshal, no in-house pours were available and without any ambience.“
jc1762 1356 days ago
64 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Smallish tap space with 11 beers on tap (they had just kicked one when we visited). The beers were fairly good, and the service was ok.“
argo0 1419 days ago
72 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Cool place. In a garage more or less. Beers are good staff is prompt.“
ilovedarkbeer 1577 days ago
60 /100 754 ELDEN ST, STE 102
“This is an Irish pub that, at least on the day we visited, catered to a crowd of folks watching rugby on TV. Interesting to see both England and Ireland in the same bar, something not likely to happen in Europe. Place was crowded, but we still managed seats at the bar. Beer list is disappointing - one of the so-called "guest taps" was Coors Light for instance. The most exciting beer on the list was another guest, Starr Hill Northern Lights. It was all downhill after that. The food was tasty though, and they had lots of Irish breakfast choices until 2 PM on a Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Since the food took a while - 15 minutes or so - the bartender apologized and comped us. Not really necessary, but a nice choice. Fun place, just no reason to come for the beer.“
Travlr 1666 days ago
78 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Small place, small bar with a few tables. Service was great, with the brewer/owner spending quite a bit of time talking to us. Half dozen or so drafts on tap, ranging from average to excellent. These guys are making quality stuff right out of the gate, and I look forward to distribution in NOVA and DC.“
DCLawyer 1719 days ago
80 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
Currently only a take out shop now, 16 oz can releases on Thursdays. Growlers (no thin long neck growlers) and any leftover cans available Friday through Sunday. Not sure about can release days, but you can sample the beers before buying on growler days.

January 3, 2016: Visited with DCLawyer on a brewery trip around Northern VA, MD, and DC. Small brewery and tap room tucked away in a business park off of Fairfax County Parkway. 5-10 or so bar seats with a decent amount of tables. Service was very friendly. Good selection of beer styles with 7 drafts to choose from. Beers were all well made and the stouts were probably my favorites. Drafts available in full pours and in flights of 4 on a neat Virginia shaped board. Well worth checking out and keeping an eye on these guys!

June 11, 2016: Have returned numerous times since my original visit. Parking isn’t too bad usually, a few spots in the front of the brewery and parallel parking along the street. Haven’t had any issues parking in the lot around the corner with a few restaurants. Selection varies week to week. Sometimes they’ll have a good number of beers to choose from, other times they’ll be down to 4-5 choices. Everything I’ve had from them has been pretty good, quality is consistent with nothing off flavor-wise. They do like to get pretty New England style hazy/murky on some of their beers, especially the IPAs. They’ve changed their growler policy and will only do 32 oz fills in their own crowlers, but you can bring your own 64 oz growler for larger fills.“
GenDV138 1721 days ago
80 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Surprisingly good beer at this place in a small garage near Dulles. Came here on my way to the airport on Christmas Eve and the beers were awesome. Friendly staff - the brewers were running the place on reduced hours for Christmas growlers. Hopefully these guys do well, and amp up production so we can get this stuff in D.C. No food, but there were some tasty looking Vietnamese and Ethiopian restaurants around the corner.“
solidfunk 1730 days ago
90 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“Place is situated in a mix of a shopping center and a light industrial center. Strange mix, restaurants and industrial businesses just a block away from each other. Bar is nice. Music played, few customers were there in the early afternoon. Staff/co-owner was very polite and answered all my questions about the place and beers. Very tasty beers. Looking forward to seeing this place grow over the next few years.“
radagast83 1772 days ago
82 /100 257 SUNSET PARK DR.
“This place was the highlight of a full day brewpub and brewery call. Very industrial setting, small corner bar in the front room of a working brewery. 7 barrel system easily visible from the bar. Five beers on offer, available in flights of four (with a plus one, thanks for that!) or full pours. Very friendly staff, very knowledgeable about the beers and what’s coming down the pike. Very friendly locals also, and that’s sometimes a rare treat in the DC area. Beers were very tasty and creative, I’m looking forward to more!“
Travlr 1773 days ago
60 /100
Harris Teeter - Herndon (Grocery Store)
“Seems like this location has upped their beer game since the 2011 reviews. Pretty much your average grocery chain ambiance with ample parking. Two half aisles dedicated to beer. Coolers on one side of each aisle and un-refrigerated packs and singles in the middle. For a grocery store, fairly decent selection. Nothing you can’t really find elsewhere but nice to see some local stuff like DC Brau, Heritage, Old Bust Head, Old Ox, and a few others. Fair prices. Wouldn’t go out of my way to visit but a decent selection for those living in the area.“
GenDV138 1908 days ago
60 /100
CarPool (Bar)
“An okay bar for an after work hangout. Standard bar atmosphere with some games like pool and darts. Bar service was a bit slow but alright. A mix of micros and macros on draft, safe/standard craft selection. Food is standard pub fare. Decent sized parking lot though it fills up during peak hours. Not a beer destination or must stop but okay for happy hour with friends/co-workers.“
GenDV138 1990 days ago
62 /100 2465 CENTREVILLE RD
“Visited with a small group during happy hour on a Wednesday. Fairly full but a few tables open. Standard Americanized Irish pub appearance with a good amount of tables and bar seating. Can’t speak about the bar service but table service was attentive and friendly. Draft selection is mostly macro and Sam Adams along with 10 or so local and regional craft offerings. Wasn’t expecting to see DC Brau on the list so that was nice. Bottle selection was all macro. Food is mostly Irish/American style pub food with some twists, my group shared happy hour snacks and appetizers which were tasty enough for chatting and drinking during happy hour. Didn’t try any entrees but they sounded pretty good. Okay for a place tick or an outing with friends but not really a beer destination for the craft beer drinker. Not a terrible choice with the limited amount of places with craft beer in the area.“
GenDV138 2032 days ago
60 /100
CarPool (Bar)
“Had fun here. Bar had an alright beer selection, food was decent, but nothing to brag about.“
kindacold 3007 days ago
52 /100 2465 CENTREVILLE RD
“Ned’s is the neighborhood pub that attracts both the after work crowd and area residents. They have a couple of craft beers on tap, but it isn’t their focus. They have events almost every night from karaoke, live music, or trivia. They have some decent drink specials for happy hour. On the restaurant side, they make solid pub food mostly traditional Irish & Australian favorites. My only real negative is they aren’t very good at handling big groups as service (and the kitchen) tend to be slow.“
magsinva 3438 days ago
26 /100
Harris Teeter - Herndon (Grocery Store)
“A shrine to bmc product although they have a few things by Ommegang and Chimay. For a grocery chain that caters to this sort of clientele they should pay a lot more attention to the beer.“
DiarmaidBHK 3465 days ago
48 /100
Harris Teeter - Herndon (Grocery Store)
“Well it’s a grocery store that pretends to be upscale, but it’s not really reflected in their beer, unfortunately. They do have a few bright lights, but in general the selection is okay.“
magsinva 3466 days ago
66 /100
CarPool (Bar)
“Local hangout, my beer knowledge has expanded a great deal since my last visit, so I can better appreciate their selection. I was happy that they served my st Louis framboise in a proper glass. Much improved since my last visit ages ago.“
magsinva 3499 days ago
54 /100
CarPool (Bar)
“A bar on the upswing for those who enjoy good beer. Formerly a haven of industrial macro brews(which have their place), the management in the last year has begun to embrace micros and crafts. You can routinely find Stone, Delirium, DFH, Founders, and several others on draft here. The food is pretty good pub food. Wings, sliders, chili cheese fries..you know, health food! The decor is car related, thus the name. They have live music, dart, shuffleboard, billiards, board games and a variety of seating areas. Doesn’t open until 4pm.“
Davetopay 4104 days ago