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90 /100
Beervana Taphouse (Restaurant)
“Located near the Christopher Newport University campus, this place is awesome for the burger-loving beer nerd! Using Untappd's self-serve beer system, they offer 42 craft beer taps (plus 3 wines), pay by the ounce! Very cool concept. The selections lean very heavily to regionals, with just a few other out-of-area quality selections. They always have a nice array of styles, too. The food is crafted on site, too, and the burgers are awesome. Laid back, friendly. Located in a strip mall with ample parking. New local favorite!“
Braudog 39 days ago
50 /100 206 23D ST
“Grand Opening in December 2020, next door to the Ironclad Distillery, alongside the epic Newport News Shipbuilding area. It's a very nicely redone industrial area, in the weird "downtown" area of Newport News, which is really just an industrially weird area. The massive indoor and outdoor areas are nice, but they didn't study Six Sigma setting this up. The taps are ~20 feet from the cash registers, which makes the ordering process incredibly slow. The staff is friendly, the beers are OK, although at this very early stage I'd say they're trying too hard to venture into the "unusual," but really just producing the "usual." In this area, I'm not sure why folks would feel compelled to venture into this neighborhood for something that's not more than usual. That said, I/we'll go back if the opportunity arises ... Brewery #913.“
Braudog 120 days ago
78 /100
Nest (Restaurant)
“This is a relatively small but very nice space adjacent to the Kiln Creek Golf Club. During warm weather, the very nice patio seating area expands their capacity. Alongside a succinct gastropub menu, they offer 20 rotating, quality taps ... exclusively craft, and heavily local. The staff is super friendly and beer savvy. Happy hour and daily special prices are really good for the area. New favorite.“
Braudog 409 days ago
68 /100 11838 CANON BLVD. SUITE 400
“A relatively new place in the area, only open Friday and Saturday for now. In a relatively tiny space in a heavily trafficked industrial/office complex, parking was a bit tricky. They had about 10 beers to offer, nothing that looked too far off the reservation. The staff was super friendly, as was the clientele. We only had one on our first visit -- it was OK but didn't really blow us away either. We would likely drop in again given the opportunity, but in such an increasingly crowded field of contenders, unfortunately they didn't stand out at first impression. But I want to try some more of their stuff and see how they develop. Brewery #900.“
Braudog 436 days ago
60 /100 12090 JEFFERSON AVE #1400
“Finally decided to check it out. They have 6-8 BJs beers on tap, brought in from elsewhere, but I was also surprised to see a pretty sturdy list of other taps from craft giants and a few local goodies, too. The one BJs offering I tried was actually pretty good, too. Bit dark, can't tell if they're going for a night club or swanky restaurant vibe, of which they are neither. The food menu is biblical, didn't eat. Still prefer the Mellow Mushroom right next door, but not to be overlooked.“
Braudog 451 days ago
“This space is an odd, retro-looking place, perhaps a recycled pancake joint or something. The decor is stark and without much fuss. The service is great and friendly and the food was very good. They had 16 quality taps (which rotate frequently) and a pretty big bottle list. If you want a big meal and a good beer, drop on by.“
Braudog 1102 days ago
“This opened in summer of 2016 and I finally made the 3 mile drive a couple times in the fall. It’s a nicely redone industrial space on the outer edge of Newport News City Center, a bit of hike from the Marriott there. There’s been plenty of room in the cavernous warehouse/brewery, and even more if it’s warm enough for the patio overlooking a small parking area and the boulevard. Staff is friendly enough, but doesn’t bend over backwards either. Dog friendly which is cool. The beers are all OK, cleanly made and to style, but not extraordinary either. The lineup is standard USA tasting room stuff ... and IPA, an APA, an amber, etc., with an occasional standard seasonal, like the recent Octoberfest. Sometimes there’s a food truck outside. Worth a stop if you’re in this neck of the woods, but not at the top of the batting order. Brewery #771.“
Braudog 1604 days ago
“Pretty new place (last month or so) in Newport News, not far from the airport. Big warehouse/office space with a lot of room for expansion. There is some money behind this operation. Lots of wood inside as a core part of the decor. Parking out front is not a problem. Dog friendly, if that is your thing. They have 8 taps, though two were out when I was there. Flights of four or six available, approximately 5 oz pours. Prices are pretty high - pints were $6 for most beers, a flight of 6 was $17(!!). Service was friendly. They have no wireless themselves, but I was able to steal a free signal from an adjacent business. Beers are not full of flaws, but are pretty vanilla in expression.“
bytemesis 1686 days ago
64 /100 12090 JEFFERSON AVE #1400
“Right across the courtyard from the Mellow Mushroom. Brand new building. Pretty spacious inside, with a decor to be expected at a BJ’s. Outside patio seating as well. I could not see any direct evidence of onsite brewing. Taplist was a mix of BJ’s stable beers and guest taps. Not at all crowded on a Tuesday evening.“
bytemesis 1686 days ago
76 /100 12090 JEFFERSON AVE, SUITE 1500
“A new Mellow Mushroom in Newport News, in the middle of a new development. Immediately across from a new BJ’s brewhouse. This was definitely more open and modern than I have come to expect from the Mushroom. Large central bar, lots of tables, outside seating as well. 40+ taps plus bottles; nothing crazy but a pretty good mix of locals and decent widely distributed craft. Service was solid, and while I did not eat tonight, I do like their pizza, so I am sure I will be back several times...“
bytemesis 1688 days ago
74 /100 12551 JEFFERSON AVE
“This is a new location not too far from the "old" Newport News location, maybe 3 miles away. Right next door to Trader Joe’s in a nice strip mall, the new location is brighter and cleaner than the older spot. The selection and arrangements are the same as any TW -- lots of singles available, decent selection of seasonals, and an occasional prize find. Decent prices and discounts. I still prefer my local business options over the giant chains, but I have to admit to popping in from time to time, or for large purchases of quality beers you can’t find just anywhere.“
Braudog 1722 days ago
74 /100 12080 JEFFERSON AVE
“Brand new Whole Foods Market, which includes a small "pub" area, with a limited food menu, a nice rotating selection of draft beers, just steps away for a pretty-good-for-a-grocery-store retail beer selection. To me, the little "pub" is more of a draw than the retail selection ... the pub actually had some unique picks not common to the area and is well priced, while the retail area was good but not outstanding compared to the competition locally.“
Braudog 1803 days ago
70 /100 12090 JEFFERSON AVE, SUITE 1500
“A recent addition in the new Tech Center area of Oyster Point. Cavernous and shiny, different than of the other many Mushroom’s I’ve been to. The theme is oddly maritime, which I guess fits Newport News heritage, but it doesn’t feel like a MM without the hippy dippy ’shrooms everywhere. That said, there’s a sturdy list of 40+ taps, including several in-state options, and very few macro distractors. The service was snappy and nice, although my pizza took a little while for a semi-slow time in the restaurant. But that just made me hungrier ... which was good, ’cuz the pizza was good. I’ll be back.“
Braudog 1808 days ago
68 /100 200 ARTHURS WAY
“Visited here while on business in early July ’15. Has a large walk-in cooler with a huge selection of regional craft six packs and bombers. Outside the cooler there is a mix-a-six-pack for $9.99 which was what I was looking for and I easily found a half dozen Virginia beers to get me through the week. Also surprisingly found a Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA - we don’t get that down in North Florida - nice pick up. Good place to pick up a six or two and a few bombers. Friendly cashier.“
PorterPounder 2102 days ago
78 /100 115 ARTHUR WAY
“Visited here while on a business trip in early July ’15. Nice restaurant with a solid season regional menu featuring steaks, seafood, chicken etc. I had the Mediterranean Salmon, pretty tasty. Had about 10 on tap and about 15 or so bottle selections, a majority of them craft with a rotating list of Virginia brewers. Starr Hill, Williamsburg, Devil’s Backbone and O’Connor when I was there. Excellent, attentive service. Recommended.“
PorterPounder 2102 days ago
64 /100
Brickhouse Tavern (Restaurant)
“(Visited 05/2013): Brickhouse Tavern is located in Newport News on Herman Melville Ave in a pedestrian plaza. There is street parking as well as lots nearby.

The inside is relatively small with booth and table seating past the entrance, and a short bar along the left.

Taps number around 20 with several macros, plus some nearby domestic craft breweries like Devils Backbone and O’Connor. Some bottles as well.

Service on a slow weekday lunch at the bar was good. The bartender was knowledgeable about their beers and attentive.

The menu at Brickhouse is pretty extensive. My colleague and I enjoyed our sandwiches.

Overall this spot is really not worth seeking out just for beer, but does have merit for having some local brews available along with decent food.“
Dogbrick 2846 days ago
“Nice hole in the wall bar, good selection of foriegn/domestic/local beers. Just started brewing their own beer, aparently it only lasted a couple days and I missed it. Suppose to have more coming next month, hope to get to try some this time.“
Chuckchandler 3093 days ago
“Lots of bottles, sometimes they get really good ones. Food is alright. They have a "passport" system, where if you drink the beers on the passport, you get a shirt. Unfortunately, the passport includes beers like Corona. Not a bad place.“
kindacold 3213 days ago
“A bit of a hole in the wall, very local bar vibe (which I like). Lots of homebrew (BARF) guys hang here. Good selection for Newport News, and they have plans to begin brewing their own "soon". Didn’t try the food, but looked good.“
Immy 3395 days ago
64 /100 12129 JEFFERSON AVENUE
“Hey, it’s a World Market. But about a mile from Total Wine, I actually have found a few things here that Total Wine didn’t have ... recent example, World Market had 4 cases of Dogfish Head Festina Peche while Total Wine had no Dogfish whatsoever. Worth an occasional stop-by for a surprise find or two.“
Braudog 3586 days ago
74 /100 12129 JEFFERSON AVENUE
“alot to choose from and you can mix and match your 6 packs...i love a place you can by pay by the bottle. i can get plenty of use out of this place. good prices too...“
JediMindTricks 4367 days ago
42 /100 12551 JEFFERSON AVE.
“Been here many times. Great food selection even though it’s all Trader Joe’s brand. The beer selection likewise is mostly their brand though they have some Allagash, Stone, Ommegang, Brooklyn, etc. Best stuff here the the TJ Vintage Ale. Service is what you’d expect from a grocery store.“
TheBeerGod 4844 days ago
32 /100 12551 JEFFERSON AVE.
“What obguthr said. (TJ’s beers are made by Biersch, Schell, Goose Island and others as well).“
Braudog 4847 days ago
36 /100 12551 JEFFERSON AVE.
“There’s nothing rare here, nor is the size of the beer selection worth mentioning. There are a few Trader Joe’s exclusives, but they are brewed by Gordon Biersch. Besides the so-called exclusives, the only reason to add this rating is the bargain bin. If you’re in the area and have time, you should stop. I have seen decent beers in the bargain bin for under $1.“
obguthr 4925 days ago
54 /100 12129 JEFFERSON AVENUE
“I’ve been here before starting my RB account. The only beer I recall seeing then was a few of the pre-packaged sampler packs of imports. There may have also been US micro samplers. They now have singles and six packs of the usual non-macros, nothing rare. Bigger selection than Trader Joe’s, but similar quality. The prices were pretty good. Impersonal, but polite service. It’s a decent place to go if you have a favorite , yet common, craft beer. They still have themed sampler packs if you want variety but are short on time. UPDATE: Lately, they have been having beer tastings on Fridays and wine on Saturdays. Last Friday’s beers were Chimay Red, White, and Blue.“
obguthr 4933 days ago
“Went here on Friday, September 7th, 2007. Went with the wife and met up with some friends of hers. Not crowded, but seemed a bit cozy. Waitresses were friendly enough and stayed on top of things. The beer list isn’t knock out but it’s good for Newport News. They even had a handful of stuff I haven’t had that wasn’t BMC! I didn’t eat there though the wife and her friends said everything was good. I intend on going back.“
TheBeerGod 4966 days ago
“Formerly the Roost restaurant, it changed ownership in Nov. 2006. They advertise 99 beers and ales, but have expanded their selection since then. They have 7 taps, but will be adding 3 more soon. Permanent draft beers appear to be Bass, Pilsner Urquell, Michelob Amber Ultra, Harp, and Guiness. I’ve also seen St. George’s Pilsner, Grolsch, and Anchor Steam on tap. Healthy variety of bottled imports and microbrews, but not many are all that rare, dozens of countries represented though. Limited wine list, no mixed drinks. Dart and chess boards available. Pretty cozy and relaxed atmosphere.“
obguthr 5077 days ago
66 /100 12129 JEFFERSON AVENUE
“*** Update. Selection here has improved quite a bit since my initial rating. Though not stellar, it can hold it’s own in the area.*** This is more of an upscale furniture/goods store than a beer place but occasionally will have a decent find. They usually have Unibroue products, along with Rogue, SN, and Ayinger. The selection seems to come and go without rhyme or reason. One day good stuff and a week later, nothing. Never encountered anyone having any knowledge of the selection, but that is not entirely uncommon in this area. Average at best. I will go through when at nearby stores just to see if they can surprise me.“
TheBeerGod 6304 days ago
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