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80 /100 315 MARKET ST
“A great place in downtown Salem. They have a large indoor taproom as well as a big outside seating area with food trucks. They had a very good selection of beers and they were all very good. I had two flights consisting of a couple of stouts, 3 IPAs, 3 sours, and a Belgian pale ale.“
BeerdedDave 378 days ago
74 /100 315 MARKET ST
“Snuck in near closing time, mid-week. Nice place, may have been a Deschutes outlet before? Bright and well-lit with storefront windows all around. Good array of offerings, everything we tried was good. Nice downtown option. Brewery #979.“
Braudog 476 days ago
64 /100 515 8TH STREET SW STE 228
“Interesting ... someone came up with the idea of converting an old school into a condo complex with an attached brewery/taproom. Nice. Definitely a unique vibe. Small space, pretty well crowded with regulars for mid-week trivia. Decent array of choices on tap. Friendly but curt staff. Good beer! What else matters? Brewery #978.“
Braudog 476 days ago
86 /100 214 5TH ST SW
“Nicely made-over space near downtown. Super friendly folks here. Excellent beers. Funky urban outdoor seating. Fun place. New Roanoke favorite. Brewery #975.“
Braudog 480 days ago
“Knew this place looked familiar, in the former Soaring Ridge location. They cleaned up the place nicely, much better appeal. Huge seating area and a nice-looking outdoor patio, unfortunately on a fairly busy road. We arrived right at opening time, so it was pretty empty. The service was brutally slow. I counted 6 employees, 4 of which were just kinda dawdling around. Beers were OK though, although selection was tilted toward the younger crowd ... sweeties, slushies .... ugh. Maybe 2-3 traditional picks. Brewery #974.“
Braudog 480 days ago
66 /100 24 CAMPBELL AVE SE
“Had the Biggie S'mores there, It was great! A great place, nice big clean place. Nice amount of taps. Great service.“
Ron 901 days ago
70 /100 409 SALEM AVE SW
“A great ambiance, a bit like the New Realm of Roanoke. A nice outdoor section with good beer and great swag.“
Luvystypotables 1164 days ago
“Well located in the historic and market district of downtown Roanoke, great service with an airy somewhat industrial ambiance. Outdoor seating available, they do serve flights and the beers are decent.“
Luvystypotables 1167 days ago
70 /100 24 CAMPBELL AVE SE
“A COVID safe place with spaced out on indoor seating and outdoor seating. Great service (they do have table service outside), they have a limited but decent selection of beer with great food. A great spot to spend an evening in Roanoke. For the non beer drinkers they have cocktails, including a great bourbon sour.“
Luvystypotables 1167 days ago
82 /100 409 SALEM AVE SW
“Great tasting room and brewery not far from downtown Roanoke, but in an area with not much around it. Really nice place with a great selection of beers that were all quite good. Definitely heavy on the IPAs, which is good with me. They had at least 7 or 8 IPAs and all were very good. Large bar, plenty of seating with the brewery situated right behind the bar. Definitely worth a visi.“
BeerdedDave 2176 days ago
70 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Odd place with a good beer selection.“
Kristophe 2265 days ago
78 /100 4035 ELECTRIC RD SUITE B
“Dedicated free parking. Had a guy walk around as I asked about a few beers. Beer quantity and quality of craft beer in Roanoke as far as I can tell. Prices seems reasonable. I hope to come back.“
weihenweizen 2460 days ago
70 /100
Wine Gourmet (Beer Store)
“At the end of a strip mall. Plenty of free parking. Nice wine shop with limited selection, the beer is on the left. Service was good. Pricing seemed going rate.“
weihenweizen 2460 days ago
66 /100 2825 BRAMBLETON AVE
“Some parking right in front, plenty during my visit. Worn wine shop. Service was pretty good. Was looking for a bottle that was on their website and they had sold out and the removed it while I was there. The selection is quality, but pretty limited. Pricing was slightly above average for the bottle I bought. I would come back if I had the time.“
weihenweizen 2460 days ago
74 /100 312 SECOND ST
“After making the rounds of a couple local brewery taprooms, we followed the Ratebeer guide to come here for dinner. We were way underdressed, as this place is trying to be a semi-upscale gastro pup. But the place was nearly empty (early dinner), so we could hide in the bar area without being too noteworthy). The beer list was very sturdy, although I was disappointed at the lack of local/regional options. Instead, they go for solid national options. At first, the food menu is daunting (a $14 burger!?). But opted to share three appetizers, and they were all outstanding! Bring a nice shirt, and go visit.“
Braudog 2619 days ago
64 /100 409 SALEM AVE SW
“Almost invisible, you’ll walk right by unless you’re really paying attention. This little space is nestled at the entry to some kind of downtown condo space or something. With a definite "Mom-and-Pop" vibe, the guest food source wasn’t a food truck, but some dude with a George Foreman grill and some sides (granted, it smelled great!). The couple beers we tried were middle of the road, but the very local vibe made this worth the stop. And I love the name. Brewery #793.“
Braudog 2619 days ago
100 /100 4035 ELECTRIC RD SUITE B
“Barrel Chest has been open about a year now, and it is one of the best bottle shops in Virginia ... maybe the best. Martin, the owner, is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and the rest of the staff is equally excellent. They have one of the best tap lists in SW Virginia, serve just enough tasty but simple food to have an on-site ABC license, and the prices are unbeatable. If you want to go and get a bunch of new ticks (they almost always have several unusual taps on), you can get a bunch of 4-oz pours for really cheap ... cheaper than a flight at most places. Martin strives to keep his bottle prices low, too, so you’re not likely to find a better deal in VA on anything he carries. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. If you’re looking for a bottle shop in Roanoke, there’s no other place to go.“
nebuck 3271 days ago
80 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Stopped in around 8 PM on a Thursday in July -- very quiet. Nice atmosphere, excellent food and a very good beer list. Definitely worth stopping in.“
Iphonephan 3293 days ago
80 /100 409 SALEM AVE SW
“This is a small brewery in downtown Roanoke. There was a local musician performing. This is small brewery with a two barrel fermenters. The owners were home brewers and brought the best beers to his brewery. There were seven beers on tap. This is a nice place to stop bye for a beer. Popcorn was was available. When we left it was packed.“
Foxbush 3345 days ago
74 /100 409 SALEM AVE SW
“Brand new place, open two months. Ultra sheek and modern, they must have had a designer in, it’s way classier looking than your average brewpub. L shaped bar, and I counted no fewer than four brewers or homebrewers in attendance, always a good sign. The beers were the tastiest so far on my swing through the region; sadly, there were only two available. This can be excused since they’re so new, and are using just a two barrel system, which is right behind the bar. They’ve ordered another fermenter, that should help. Worth keeping an eye on this place, the brewer knows what he’s doing. Selection score is low, but will hopefully improve.“
Travlr 3537 days ago
78 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Nice old building re-made in modern industrial chic. Long bar, few high bar tables, and the rest is restaurant seating, including an upstairs section. About two thirds of the people were here just for drinks, or apps, but I had dinner at the bar, and food was very tasty and creative. They advertise 46 taps, but six were marked as out. Bar staff came by to point out an additional six that were also out. Still, they had enough of a selection for me to try beers from at least three local breweries that weren’t open when I passed through. The list had nothing whatsoever to do with the beer list they post online. I can see why places like this don’t re-print their beer lists that often, but I can’t imagine why they can’t update their website. Anyway, still a good place for a flight, pint or meal.“
Travlr 3537 days ago
74 /100 2825 BRAMBLETON AVE
“Very much a wine store but with a nice selection of good beers. All beers available as singles. Lot of local beers available. Not very cheap prices but the selection makes it up. Wine tastings.“
rosenbergh 3565 days ago
92 /100 409 SALEM AVE SW
“Excellent new brewpub - a "nanopub" as they call it. Great ambience and location just a couple of blocks from the downtown market. Brewers are super friendly and the beers are lovingly crafted in small batches. I tried a flight that included a pale ale, saison noire, chestnut brown ale, and a "tripel IPA" - all terrific. The brewers say they plan to have a new small-batch seasonal every week. Will return soon. Cheers.“
braingarden 3577 days ago
82 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Nice restaurant/bar in downtown with several seating levels and live music most nights. Good selection of craft brews on tap with regionals well represented. Service was good when we stopped in for lunch. Food is pub fare with some flair and was excellent. Value is nice for the quality of both brews and food.“
nearbeer 3699 days ago
70 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Parking lot in the same block, $3 after 4pm. Atmosphere is bluesy upscale restaurant. Bar is on your right as you come. Quite a few drafts, and a fair amount of locals, prices for beer is reasonable. I had the ribs and they were cooked well, but yet sauce wasn’t that good (too tomato pasty). Peanut butter pie was good, but the bread pudding was not that good. Some of the food was over priced.“
weihenweizen 3706 days ago
86 /100
Beamer’s 25 (Restaurant)
“They have 25 taps with a consistent rotation. Great Food (little pricy) and very good Happy Hour specials.“
Hokeman07 3791 days ago
82 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Downtown Roanoke is an apt setting for Blue 5 and its bluesy vibe. The restaurant is large and open with blues decor all around. The beer selection is locally focused with fresh kegs tapped often and an ever-changing rotation. Our burgers were well-prepared and very good. This was about a 10-minute side trip off our I-81 travels, and certainly worth the deviation. This will likely be our standard meal stop on any travels along I-81.“
BeerandBlues2 3990 days ago
90 /100
Wine Gourmet (Beer Store)
“This store has an aazigselection of beers and singles (not to mention, if they dont have it in a single already, they dont mind if you break into a 6pack). The staff here really knows there beer (and wine). They have a free beer sampling every Friday night from 5-8 which really allows me to try some great new brews!“
brianp703 4077 days ago
86 /100
Wine Gourmet (Beer Store)
“Do not hesitate to get by WG if you’re looking for a very good craft beer selection in Roanoke - from week to week you’re likely to find everything from solid, old stand-bys to newer releases, and plenty of local beer. Add to that, Mike and Brian will be happy to assist in answering questions as well as placing orders if they can perhaps get something in for you.“
RoanokeBeer1 4077 days ago
86 /100 312 SECOND ST
“Destination spot in Downtown Roanoke. Featuring 46 draft beers, with more on the way...shhhh. Great Blues bar with live entertainment at least Wed-Sat every week. Food is good, but look for the daily special where you can really find some unique items.“
DogfishFred 4357 days ago
92 /100 2825 BRAMBLETON AVE
“GREAT place... the owner knows beer and brings in rare stuff. Fair prices.“
BeerDrummer 4505 days ago
40 /100
Fork in the Alley (Restaurant)
“This place is dirty every time I’ve been there. The patio is nice... the beer selection is acceptable but not exciting.“
BeerDrummer 4505 days ago
64 /100
Local Roots (Restaurant)
“Great beers on tap... the selection isn’t very good.“
BeerDrummer 4505 days ago
96 /100 312 SECOND ST
“My favorite place to eat and drink when I’m in Roanoke for work. This is the only real tap house in town. It’s a beautiful place!“
BeerDrummer 4505 days ago
70 /100
Wine Gourmet (Beer Store)
“This is primarily a wine shop, so keep that in mind. However their beer selection isn’t too bad. I was more impressed with the broad range of styles that are available as opposed to quantity. Belgians, alot of IPA’s, APA’s, and others I haven’t tried yet. The coolest thing about this shop is all the beer can be sold by bottle. Even though it may be setting out in six packs, you can mix an match anything you want. Overall nice shop for hard to find brews.“
ZR2Blazer 5532 days ago