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40 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“Really not worth a trip unless you are leaving/arriving at Shenandoah. This place is kind of scenic and dishevelled, if that makes sense, sitting amidst ramshackle old buildings that look like unkempt antiques. Takes all along a small creek which is nice. They don't have many beers, and during COVID did pints only. Also, their pints were all $10 each - not sure which locals afford these downtown DC prices. Service lackluster. I'd go if you want a scenic outdoor place to have a beer, but if you're into ticking and such I'd avoid. Inside of the brewery looks like it could use a clean.“
solidfunk 673 days ago
40 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“I''m perplexed by the high ratings this place has gotten. At the ass end of a group of buildings that seem to have been repurposed from the industrial days. Outside are some picnic tables, only one with a cover. Inside is a dingy, dirty warehouse taproom with two bartenders working - or maybe a brewer and a bartender. The men's bathroom hadn't been cleaned in months judging by the spiderwebs, spiders, dirt, and grime all around (thankfully no body fluids). 4 beers on tap - $14 for the flight. Because it was a nice day, I wanted to take my beer outside and sit at a picnic table. I asked - they have nothing to carry the beer glasses and my water glasses out. Apparently no tray, no plate, nothing. I had to make two trips, was not offered help (even though it wasn't busy). The one picnic table with a cover is where I chose to sit... most of the others are sagging and in need of repair. I wasn't expecting much out of the beer with the atmosphere being rather crummy, but they were all well made. Will I return? Probably not. The beer was good (only four, all sours), but other than that this is a pass.“
hershiser2 1446 days ago
“TINY taproom in the basement. 9 beers on tap, two additional bottled bombers to go. All beers solid+, most really well made. He knows what he's doing. Bartender/brewer was very nice - not overly talkative, but pleasant, calm, and appreciated that I enjoyed his beer. Absolutely worth a stop.“
hershiser2 1446 days ago
80 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“This funky little place is located a bit off the beaten path in a group of buildings with art galleries and a distillery. Really funky, casual setting. They have an outside deck and picnic tables nestled alongside a pile of oak barrels in the tasting room. They brew all wood fired wild ales using locally cultivated yeast strains. They only had four beers on tap the night I stopped in, but they were all very good. I thouroughly enjoyed my visit.“
BeerdedDave 1575 days ago
“I loved this place.Tiny little tasting room and nano brewery in the basement of a neat old bed and breakfast. The tasting room is so small it could really only accommodate about 8 people or so. They also have a really nice little bier garden area outside. It was fairly chilly when we visited, but they lit a fire in the firepit and we had a great time sitting outside by the fire. The beers were all surprisingly good. The staff was really friendly and I loved the funky vibe of the place. There are a couple of great restaurants just down the road and they are fine with bringing food out to the bier garden.“
BeerdedDave 1578 days ago
80 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“The place was packed on the Saturday I visited, because of a pig roast event. The place was abuzz with a good vibe, and very interesting and tasty beers, which were not nearly so sour as I had expected. It is nice to hit a new brewery that does something other than American IPA's and traditional English and German styles. Bring something to take notes with, as there is no cell service or wifi.“
Iphonephan 1703 days ago
74 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“If you’re up in the northern end of Shenandoah, this is definitely a place worth stopping by. All wild fermentation, the resurrected rural-yet-industrial space has a definite hippie vibe. Big outdoor yard area for the dogs, alongside a pleasant creekside view. We stopped in around 2pm on a Friday and it was relatively calm, but some dedicated fans nonetheless. Brewery #797.“
Braudog 1837 days ago
72 /100 12018 LEE HWY.
“Pub, not too far from either downtown Sperryville (basically just across a creek) and not very far from Pen Druid. Selection is really good for being in the "middle of nowhere" (not a knock against the location). Food was decent pub food. A few local and region beers were available and while nothing super rare, they had a few items that were "harder to find." I’d check it out again if I was in the area.“
radagast83 1975 days ago
“I thought I had written a review for this place a while back. Building is large, but the brewery is only in the basement. Small or cozy depending on how you look at it or how many people are there. Beers range from okay to actually quite good. Staff was really nice.

Just a note (which does not factor into my score): GPS is really unreliable in and around Sperryville. Make sure you have an idea where you’re going before you head here.“
radagast83 1975 days ago
“Basement location has a small bar, cozy, almost tight unless you get a seat at the bar. The garden is beautiful, a few tables under a huge oak tree. Beers were all very solid. You could walk between here and Copper Fox if the weather is nice. I would return to stay at the B&B and drink more beer!“
Travlr 2122 days ago
82 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“Nice size place at the far end of the Copper Fox Distillery compound. Crowded, so parking was tight. Industrial sort of space with a bar and picnic tables integral to the brewery. Nice deck with more picnic tables. Beers were tasty and creative, .mostly saisons and sours with a very tasty braggot and also a good DIPA. Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and very attentive despite being very busy. Worth repeat visits.“
Travlr 2122 days ago
76 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“So Sperryville has spotty internet access, at best, so beware and plan accordingly. The brewery is in their version of an arts district, near a bunch of other shops and across the way/parking lot from Copper Fox. Place was pretty bustling. Beers ranged from okay to pretty tasty, though they need a little refinement. They seem to be pushing towards experimenting with sour beers a lot.“
radagast83 2290 days ago
72 /100 7 RIVER LANE
“This is a brewery tucked away in the Sperryville community. Across River Lane is a distiller the Copper Fox. The service was excellent with picnic tables inside and on the patio. I spoke with Lain one the brewers. They are committed to the craft style beers and will experiment. They had some chardonnay barrels that they were using to age some of the beers. They have two five barrel and one 2 1/2 barrel fermenters, but have plans to expand. The quality of the beer was good.“
Foxbush 2482 days ago
“Neat little place. Located in the basement level of the bed and breakfast. You are fighting for parking with the B&B guests, and there appears to be no street parking nearby, so it could get tight easily. Restroom is located in the main house and you have to be escorted by staff which was a little weird. Bottles and growler fills were pretty pricy, but pints and flights were more reasonable. Beer quality is solid. Some minor flaws mainly due to fermentation temperature control, a bit rough around the edges, but all the beers were flavorful and drinkable. Staff were friendly and eager to chat about the beers. Overall a nice stop in a charming, historic town.“
Drake 2575 days ago
“This was a nice place to stop after our hike of Old Rag Mtn. Good food, cold craft beer, and an outdoor patio for dining.“
BeerandBlues2 3154 days ago
“We visited this grocery store while waiting for an open table at the adjacent Thornton River Grill. There is a small yet good beer selection along with some wines, cheeses, and other general store sundry. A good place to shop while waiting for your table. I found a couple beers I had missed in my local stores here.“
BeerandBlues2 3154 days ago
“Nice little beer store in a part of the state with not much else. I didn’t get a chance to visit the restaurant as I was there too early. Right in the central part of town. A decent selection of wine, snacks and a few groceries, as well as the beer. A nice selection, including some things that are no longer available elsewhere. Mostly American selections with a few foreign things here and there. Prices range from good to just slightly above average, and every beer is available as a single, which is a nice perk anywhere.“
Drake 4368 days ago
“I shuffled into the store after lunch at the Thornton River Grille. In the back left corner you will find a rather nice selection of beers for this neck of the woods. Several six packs of Hopslam were sitting there along with brews by De Dolle, 21st Amendment, lots of locals, and much more. The prices were reasonable too. Really a diamond in the rough for this area. Worth stopping by if you are passing through Sperryville.“
Elwood 4506 days ago
“We stopped by for lunch while passing through Sperryville and you would be wise to do so as well. The food is excellent and the service is great. They have a small selection of beers but it is nice to find a place without BMC in the wilds of Virginia. When I was there they had selections from BBC, Duvel, Brooklyn, Flying Dog, Lagunitas, as well as some Virginia stuff like Legend, Starr Hill, and St. George. As an added bonus, it is attached with a walkway into the Sperryville Corner Store. (see separate entry). If you are in the area and are hungry, I highly recommend the reuben.“
Elwood 4506 days ago
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