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78 /100 11109 PLANK ROAD
“what cool place out in the Spotsylvania countryside. Combination winery and brewery, with a sprawling farm setting and live music. Justa gorgeous location. Beers of all styles available and also some to-go products available. Wish I had longer to sit and soak up the surroundings.“
stevoj 12 days ago
64 /100 11109 PLANK ROAD
“Ambiance: Beautiful farm brewery and winery combo right outside Lake of the Woods, Virginia. Absolutely gorgeous site, with views of the vineyard, a music stage, a fire pit, generous indoor and outdoor seating options, and room for food trucks. The brewery area has seating for maybe a dozen folks crammed in among the equipment. But you want to come here on a beautiful fall day like I did. Service: Extremely nice and friendly, not much more to say. I did the beer, my wife did the wine, both sides of the house the service was great. Selection: Dang I wanted to love this place. The atmosphere and people are great, but the beers are...not. I tried five, and they went 2/5, 2/5, 3/5, 3.5/5, and 2.5/5. Food: They had two food trucks on site, and I grabbed some fried shrimp and fries for the wife, and probably the best hush puppies I ever had for myself. Overall: Man, you can't beat the environment, but I sure wish the beers were as good as the place itself.“
JDBaker11058 700 days ago
62 /100 11109 PLANK ROAD
“Small winery/brewery combo split down the middle. Website led me to believe they had a couple beers in bottles only, but actually had several beers on draft. Beers were meh. Owner/brewer was sitting at the bar and gave us a taste of the new IPA from a growler he had. By far the best beer on offer. Nice people.“
DCLawyer 1267 days ago
64 /100 11109 PLANK ROAD
“Note, this place only has a sign outside for the Wilderness Run vineyard (as of yesterday) - that is the driveway you want. My first stop on my way to Fredericksburg. The brewery itself has only been open about 6 weeks, and they have a new system from Japan that they’re now brewing on. Some of the beers I’ve been reading about for what seems like a year hadn’t been sold and were mostly given away before they actually became a brewery. There are now a few bottles in their cooler to go (Portrait Collection). Small area inside the barn with a good amount of picnic tables out front. Definite farm brewery type feel. I’m thinking it’ll be more of an issue in the winter (or if it rains) as it doesn’t seem like there will be too much room inside the "tasting room" area. Spoke with assistant brewer and head brewer - both very nice guys. Fruit is added in the keg for the infused beers, though I didn’t sample any of them. So, here’s the issue: some of the beers aren’t quite up to snuff. I’m going to chalk it up to being so new and working out the kinks, because they’ve shown they can make a really nice beer (Washington’s Porter was my favorite, followed by the Belgiquiose D’ or, followed by the Version1 of the Lafayette Saison). I wish them luck in fixing the issues - and I think they realize they have a few (which is good - to work something out I think you have to be self-aware). I will return if I’m in the area and hope to bump up this score a bit.“
hershiser2 1518 days ago
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