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76 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Convienent to my hotel. Came to grab a mixed 6 and some other local stuff. Typical total wines with a good mix, but nothing terrible exciting. On large aisle of singles, one aisle of 12 packs and larger. A small cooler filled with some beer too. Okay to grab some local ticks.“
UDBeernut 2203 days ago
“Always a good choice for taps. Got to tick a bunch of VA breweries that would have gone undiscovered. Finished with a nice Belgian that would not have made it to the Pacific NW.“
stevoj 2235 days ago
86 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Like every Total Wine & More I have visited, they have a formidable beer selection. The lady who helped me did a great job of pointing out great local beers for me to bring back to Georgia and try or share. They have a lot of beers that I have not seen in Georgia. Prices appear typical for the chain.“
Cybercat 2258 days ago
“In an older but newly refreshed mall. Decor and menu pretty much follow current trends but beer list is extensive. Serve was good as was the food. Beer in sample, pint, and yard sizes. Place was crowded and no seating at the bar but it was not long to wait.“
njnut 2289 days ago
72 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Last row on the right is cases of beers. Next to last is singles, and third to last is sixers. So, a bigger selection than most TWs. I cam looking for Latin America country ticks and was disappointed. But they did have a solid selection of local and regional beers, maybe the biggest I’ve seen all in one place. They even had a number of things from very small brewpubs that have just started bottling and canning, and you won’t find that anywhere else unless you visit each brewpub individually. Picey, most singles are well over $2. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2600 days ago
“Not my favorite TJ’s. Very crowded, shoppers are NoVA aggressive, even the little old ladies. Beer selection is larger than the one closest to me, though, and includes a decent amount of localDC and VA beers, in addition to their store brands.“
Travlr 2600 days ago
“This place has opened in the newly renovated Springfield Town Center, right about where I remember the Sports Authority/Crown Books used to be located. I figured it’d be a good place to check out while taking a look at the newly re-opened mall. The place is pretty large, but even at about 12:45, there was a 25 or so minute wait. They do the buzzer thing, so you can’t really venture far into the mall except for to the Starbucks. I guess if there’s bar seats open you could go there, but there wasn’t a seat to be had.

The tap list is pretty impressive, for a chain. Nothing insanely out of the ordinary, but enough locals to make it interesting, with some beers I don’t normally see at the stores in the area.

Food was very good for a chain. Sandwiches and burgers were well made and tasty. Fries weren’t my favorite, but I don’t like shoestring fries all that much. Sweet Potato fries were cut a larger, which is how I like them.

Service was pretty good, but we were all initially confused by the sizes that they had. There’s a half-yard, a pint and a "shorty" - there are also some pre-made flights that include small 2-3 (or so) ounce pours. My girlfriend and I assumed that the "shorty" was synonymous with "taster" and that we’d be getting that size, only to find the waitress hesitant to let me order 2 "shortys" - at which time we realized that shortys were basically a half-pint. She let us have a few samples, but was a bit hesitant to bring us any more than 3-4 at the table by the end of the meal.

I could definitely see myself return here with a group of my friends.“
radagast83 2795 days ago
78 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“For a wine shop they have an huge row dedicated to beer. You can get packs and a ton of singles. Have many of your typical well known craft beers along with many smaller and less well known brewers. One side is nothing but American beers and the other side is from around the world. Good selection that seems to change often. A few are available cold. Most Saturdays you can find a beer tasting to help you decide. Good staff, knowledgeable and friendly. They are certainly willing to help you find what you are looking for.“
HippieFee 2981 days ago
80 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Another Total Wine I’ve been to during my northern VA travels. Pretty good inventory like most locations, seemed a little smaller in floor space then usual. Overall left with some great stuff not available in MD, very good prices. Close to the Beltway/95 interchange so not a bad location at all!“
radio_nowhere 3047 days ago
“Like other Trader Joes locations, this place is probably not adequate for your beer needs, but it has a few items that are worth stopping by - the Trader Joe’s anniversary beer is great and the Mission Street beers are pretty good.

The beer selection is a small part of the store, but if you’re there to do some grocery shopping or are around during the holidays to grab the already mentioned seasonal beers, it’s worth a stop by.“
radagast83 3191 days ago
66 /100 8402 OLD KEENE MILL RD
“A very small and cramped Whole Foods with a tiny beer selection in the far back corner. Found some Maine beers here which was very suprising to me. Prices were fair but nothing speical. a fair place,“
Terminus 3298 days ago
78 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Typical total wine location-fairly large beer selection with decent prices however, there were alot of missing beers off the shelf. Staff was very friendly and made many attempts to find what i was looking for. If your staying in this area, its a perfect place to go for regional brews.“
Terminus 3298 days ago
“Just another in the chain of Hard Times Cafes.

This particular location is split into two sections, a restaurant in front with a separate bar area in the back with all the billiards and dart boards. The reason for the split is the bar section is still a "smoking" bar since they have separate ventilation systems between the front and back. Go to the back only if you expect to smell like smoke.

Clientele is mixed between decent folks looking for a few brews and thugs. Last time I went I saw a guy almost smash his hand through a wall because he was apparently angry at someone. The location unfortunately lends itself to some unsavory looking characters at night. Whether they are anything to worry about, I don’t think so.

One minor gripe was when I ordered a -single- Port City Pilsner which was listed in the presumably updated beer menu (should have known better since it was long after they brewed it) and they came over with a *pitcher* of the porter. Selection isn’t super diverse, but there were more than a number of actual craft brews and locals on tap.“
radagast83 3494 days ago
72 /100 8402 OLD KEENE MILL RD
“Finally got to this store, and thusly I have been to every Whole Foods in Virginia. It’s an older, small store and as such has some of the old school charm. In a good way, and not in a bad way as some other locations I’ve been to displayed. The staff here is above par, though I was alarmed to see no hot bar out at 2:30 PM. The beer selection is large for a store this size with a good selection of singles and bombers. They now have a growler station with six taps, all of which had quality stuff. Parking seemed alright. Prices were competitive. Nice stop if in the area.“
Drake 3752 days ago
72 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Similar to other total wine’s, a bit more cramped due to the location.“
jcos 3789 days ago
84 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Typical Total Wine super store ambiance. But man, what a selection. Plus they sell singles, so you can do some damage building a six pack. My only complaint is that I wish they would have all the beer in one aisle. They have beer on the floor, in the cooler around the corner, in the main aisle. You sort of have to hop around to make sure you see everything“
illinismitty 3904 days ago
72 /100 8402 OLD KEENE MILL RD
“This is much better than the Old Town Alexandria location. Selection is somewhat small (in the 100 bottle range), but it’s decent. They had stuff from Bells, Bruery, Victory, etc. Plus they sell singles so you can mix a six. If you are in the area and need something for your hotel room, this would not be a bad stop (but the Total Wine is much much better if you can swing it)“
illinismitty 3904 days ago
84 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Great place. I was visting from NYC when I stopped here. GREAT selection of craft beers, New Belgium, Bells, Clown Shoes, Laughing Dog, and lots of others, including decent selection of locals. Clean, well organized, and well lit place. Service was there, but inobtrusive. The prices were VERY reasonable, and nothing was more expensive than even the most reasonable bottle shop in NYC. Great place to stop if you’re passing through.“
tgncc 3984 days ago
90 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“My most common destination for beer. Strong seletion and the managers will hodl rare stuff if you ask them. Also have great great prices and email coupons.“
dbarnold 4032 days ago
74 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Open till 8, wide selection of beers, pretty cheap.“
radioseer 4152 days ago
76 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Overall, a fairly good place to visit. The selection is tilted toward 12-ounce bottles, though there are some bombers and larger. There is plenty of service available, though they are non-intrusive. The prices are similar to what you will find elsewhere in the VA side of the DC metro area. None of the selection really stands out from the other Total Wine locations, so it seems to be what is convenient for you.“
BeerandBlues2 4252 days ago
70 /100 8402 OLD KEENE MILL RD
“I’d say that compared to the other Whole Foods in the area, it’s certainly not the best. However, this place has consistently had beers that have been sold out weeks earlier (at least some of the times I’ve shown up there). The selection that is there is pretty solid, not a lot that is super rare, but for the space available, I’m impressed.

The beer section got reorganized, a bit more cramped into the corner, but they have at least 2 (I think 4) taps that you can get growler fills from now.“
radagast83 4555 days ago
42 /100 8402 OLD KEENE MILL RD
“Not the best Whole Foods in the area, just the most convenient on my most recent business trip to the area. An okay bottled selection of craft beer, decent number of bombers. Didn’t ask for service, but wouldn’t expect a great deal of beer knowledge based on what they stocked.“
allfreej 4623 days ago
42 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Decent selection of micros and foreign beers, lots of singles and bombers. Belgian selection is okay, but nothing special. Prices fair, but no real bargains. That being said, it’s the best place in the area to pick up some decent beer.“
allfreej 4928 days ago
70 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Easy to find off of 495/395/95 junction. Large selection with nearly everything in stock available in a single bottle. Somewhat limited Belgian selection but the US craft selection available as single bottles is remarkable. Still, though, I find myself struggling to find something new but that’s my own fault. Bombers and 750ml bottles are available as well, though the Legend stuff is off hidden in a corner of the cooler. Overall a decent store, great service, good wine and cigar selection as well, and case discounts on beer.“
3fourths 5140 days ago
98 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“total wine is my favorite place to shop, this one had more checkouts open then any of the other ones i’ve been to“
epf33 5281 days ago
74 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“I was pleasantly suprised to find this place across the street from my hotel on a recent visit. Pretty solid lineup of regional and international varieties ... and a pretty good rack of singles (which is nice for the traveler).“
Braudog 5940 days ago
74 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Pretty good selection of basic seasonal/micro brews with pretty good prices compared to grocery stores for the more well known beers. A lot more beers than other Total Wine stores I have been in or have purchased from consisting of (one long aisle of singles and 4 more aisles of packs/cases.“
radagast83 6019 days ago
70 /100 6801 BLAND STREET
“Of all the Total Wines I have been to this one is the only one that still has a selection to rival the old Total Beverages. It is right off of I-95 so for those just passing throgh it would defintely be a worthwhile stop.“
jeffc666 6380 days ago
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