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58 /100 2039 MOORE ST
“Another new brewery in town, closest to Wander, in a semi-industrial area. Cozy tasting room with plenty of seating. They had a dozen or so house beers on tap, with flights of 4 for $9++. Beers were middling to solid, with nothing extraordinary. Service was a bit lacklustre / inattentive, but friendly enough. Not a top spot by any means, but it's worth popping in if you're looking for a new place.“
mcberko 611 days ago
78 /100 1420 N STATE ST
“Popular on a Thursday, has about a 40 person standing capacity. Roll up door is open, dog friendly and very comfortable atmosphere. They don't do flights but otherwise quite nice“
joet 738 days ago
“A stunning spot that is quite well thought out and pleasant. Service was great and there is wifi and flights. A good selection of their own ciders and a few guest ones along with some beer. Food was a bit underwhelming and pricey. A good spot in a very central location. Good place to go with non cider/beer fans.“
Ferris 938 days ago
“Centrally located with a pretty view overlooking the water. 8 ciders on tap, with flights of 5 available for $9. Some additional beer guest taps as well. The place has a full kitchen as well, with some veggie options. Friendly service. Cider is pretty mediocre though. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 960 days ago
64 /100 1200 MEADOR AVENUE
“Another new cider place in B'ham, in an industrial park. Small, modern place. 8 ciders on tap, with 4 oz pours available for $2. Most ciders are dry, and lacking much depth, but are clean and drinkable. Friendly service. About on par with the other new cider, Bellingham Cider Company. Okay stop.“
mcberko 960 days ago
70 /100 500 CAROLINA ST
“Cool new place close to many other breweries. They have two facilities - one being the rather rustic and warehouse-y tasting room, the other being a full restaurant. They have the same house beers, but the latter has additional guest beers on tap. 8 house beers on tap, with flights of 4 available for $8. Very friendly service and okay quality beer for the most part, with a couple stand-outs. Worth a stop when in town.“
mcberko 960 days ago
76 /100 500 CAROLINA ST
“A Huge outdoor spot/tasting room/restaurant on a sort of compound. Tasteful and expensive, this was not built by a brewer. In fact it wasn't I asked. It is a hyper expensive man cave that I don't mind. Beer was cheap and decent, food looked great and outdoor space is pleasant. This place though is inherently flawed as they run 80ft tap lines and the lack of beer understanding in everything but the brewer is evident. I had fun, I hope they figure it out.“
Ferris 999 days ago
54 /100 1330 N. STATE ST
“Big party joint. The German beer selection is mostly 3rd tier stuff, unfortunately, and that holds back my review. All told, not entirely my thing, though on a warm day I might like it more. But I can also sit outside next door at the Depot where it's quieter and with better beer.“
Oakes 1036 days ago
74 /100 500 CAROLINA ST
“Huge place. Basically there's two facilities. The brewery has just a few seats, and only house beer. The Bellingham Beer Garden is the main area. It's a huge indoor space and an even bigger outdoor space. In season, that outdoor space is really one of the best spots in the Ham. We scored some sweet adirondacks and even there the service was friendly and efficient. Pubby menu, four house beers and a handful of guest taps. Very busy place on a warm evening. Great addition to the scene, and rounding out the Sunnyland crawl nicely. I'm definitely a fan, though similar to Persephone the outdoor space is totally key and what it's like mid-winter will be an entirely different thing.“
Oakes 1036 days ago
88 /100 1107 RAILROAD AVENUE
“Went with some friends on a Sunday afternoon and had to wait 45 minutes to get in but it was worth it. Our friends were impressed with the food and beer as were we. Would go back any time we are in the area.“
coasternut 1066 days ago
68 /100 1420 N STATE ST
“No less than six antlers spotted in here, from the tap handles to the wall. I'm personally "IPA'd out" and half their brews were IPAs. However, the Berliner Weisse was perfect.“
Fatehunter 1107 days ago
70 /100 1009 LARRABEE AVENUE
“Great little place in a fun location. Service was good. The beer was fine. It's a cozy place to enjoy a brew with some friends.“
Fatehunter 1107 days ago
70 /100 1807 DEAN AVE
“Fun location with a decent view, fire pit and picnic tables. The food truck had great food. The beers were good, service nice.“
Fatehunter 1107 days ago
70 /100 2238 JAMES ST
“Great atmosphere here. Family friendly. Food cart, didn't try it. The beers were fine. The service nice.“
Fatehunter 1107 days ago
80 /100 1330 N FOREST ST
“We really liked this place, went twice in in a two night trip to Bellingham. Bonus, their kitchen is open until closing. The food was great. The beer was pretty good too. Service was friendly and swift.“
Fatehunter 1107 days ago
70 /100 1107 RAILROAD AVENUE
“Nice place with good service. Had the salmon chowder, and it was tasty. The beers were good. Stop by.“
Fatehunter 1107 days ago
78 /100 1322 N STATE ST
“Well, it was always a long walk from Structures to Aslan, so it's good to have a place to break that up. I like the big space, the plush couches, the barrels, the tap list. There's really not much I don't like about this place. Very comfortable, with happy beers and great prices.“
Oakes 1155 days ago
70 /100 1322 N STATE ST
“Just one block from the original location, and one block from Structures, this place has a completely different feel to the Aslan restaurant. Darkly lit, elegant and old-time feeling with sparse seating makes for a chilled out, relaxed vibe. Draft list is fairly interesting, about evenly split between Aslan beers and guest beers. Bottle selection has another dozen or so beers, but nothing overly interesting on it [yet?]. 4 oz pours of everything are indeed available, which is very much appreciated. Very much recommend a stop here.“
mcberko 1191 days ago
60 /100 2208 JAMES ST
“Just down the street from Kulshan's original location, this is a grungy but comfy little place that doubles as a small bottle shop and bar with full kitchen (specializing in pizzas). Bottle selection is small but reasonably well-curated, with some vintage items you can't get anywhere else (they sure are pricey though!). Okay service. No flights - they just do schooners and full pints, so not ticker friendly. Taplist is reasonable, but nothing overly interesting on it. Decent spot, but clearly not one of the top spots locally.“
mcberko 1191 days ago
58 /100 1330 N. STATE ST
“Very surprised at my first rating. Firstly only open during nice weather so check ahead. An outdoor beer garden catering to the younger crowd. Loud and buy this is a north american interpretation of a classic German patio but with a bit more vomit. Looking for a good time to drink lots of beer and some sausage, this is your place. Not for tickers and those who like quite though.“
Ferris 1210 days ago
74 /100 1322 N STATE ST
“Very nicely decorated and quite comfy. Service was decent, but not as good as I would have expected. Selection was decent and a nice bottle list. No small pours, but bottle prices are marginally marked up over retail. If you are looking for a bottle to share in nice company this would be the spot.“
Ferris 1210 days ago
64 /100
Bayou on Bay (Restaurant)
1300 BAY ST
“A comfy and very local pub with a nice but busy vibe. Service was very pleasant. Selection of beer was minimal and no flights. Food was good and quite well priced. As a ticker there is no reason to go here, but for a nice priced and tasty meal this is a decent spot.“
Ferris 1210 days ago
56 /100 315 WESTERLY RD
“Located in the north part of town, close to the airport. This one is not as good as downtown location for beer selection, but still has a few nice things to offer. Convenient if you’re passing through the airport and coming from or heading to the north in the early morning and need some bottles.“
mcberko 1385 days ago
70 /100 2529 MERIDIAN
“A garage like setting, open and rustic with a very airy and open feel. Very nice and knowledgeable staff, but beer is just OK. Well priced flights. Close to other stuff, so worth the visit.“
Ferris 1420 days ago
70 /100 104 E MAPLE STREET
“Right downtown, this rustic and unusual brewery has great passionate service and a large selection of beers. Beers were OK and some just bad, but there was lots of choice. A good ticking spot, but not a great drinking spot.“
Ferris 1425 days ago
70 /100 1420 N STATE ST
“Stopped in for my third visit. It seems that a few very small changes have been made, so I’ll be sure to clear up as much as possible with my place rate. Small location right around the block from Aslan. Great for a crawl, everything seems to be reasonably close together in BHam. They do accept plastic payment these days, but no longer offer tasters. 10 oz, pints, or 32 oz to go. They have a single offering bottled to go. Limited draft list, of just 6 on tap. With how much variety I’ve seen around Seattle, I’m surprised the taproom is so limited, but for someone like me who enjoys full pours of a beer, and then moving on, 6 on tap was plenty. 5 IPAs, and a saison, though they found a way for there to be variety in it. An interesting, and unique taproom for sure. Beer was pretty good, better than I experienced the first couple times. A pleasant visit, but it’s honestly not on the must-stop list for me when I visit town.“
andrewje41 1476 days ago
76 /100 1118 E MAPLE ST
“Cool, locals-focussed pizza joint with an usually nice taplist. Lots available (in bottles and on tap) that I would be hard pressed to find anywhere in Seattle. Everything available in small pours, reasonably priced. Didn’t try food, but it seems to make the crowd happy. Nice spot.“
luttonm 1522 days ago
78 /100 1107 RAILROAD AVENUE
“Classic northwest place. Large food menu with a lot of GF choices, including a good mix of GF beers and ciders. Tasty and reasonably priced. Good selection of their beers, including a number of unusual/small-batch beers. Classic spot, classic beers. You’ve got to make it part of your Bellingham tour.“
luttonm 1522 days ago
78 /100 601 W HOLLY ST
“Classic old-school place, well lived in with fantastic beer. Nice location down by the water, with a view of the cut. Nice, fresh food menu and kitchen. Great selection of the Chuckanut catalog, which is unique for any brewery in the Northwest. Good price for a taster tray. Must stop in Bellingham.“
luttonm 1522 days ago
68 /100 1807 DEAN AVE
“Cavernous warehouse/hanger type space. Well appointed, comfy and pretty. Large selection of Wander beers. The beer is fine but really not for my taste. Food trucks in the back, a nice BBQ joint the day I was here. Beer doesn’t interest me and I’m not likely to be back with the variety of other beer in town.“
luttonm 1522 days ago
64 /100 200 E CHESTNUT ST
“Nice busy, family place. Pizza is rather good with a nice menu. Gluten free available. Space is nice, busy and loud but in an enjoyable package. Entirely decent beer (and cider, wine) selection, but I’d come here aiming for food not beer.“
luttonm 1522 days ago
78 /100 1330 N FOREST ST
“I really enjoyed this spot. Beer is solid, and everything is available in small pours. Food was surprisingly good too. Atmosphere is busy and jovial, a popular locals place. The space itself is a winner, bright with lots of glass. Will always be on my list in Bellingham.“
luttonm 1531 days ago
78 /100 1330 N FOREST ST
“solid place, it was a bit crazy but I guess I am getting old, food was good, beer as well, had some interesting stuff like a beer with ginger, will stop by again if in the area“
BlindGuardianco 1574 days ago
68 /100 104 E MAPLE STREET
“This is a really cool place to grab a beer. They have taken over an old warehouse in downtown Ham, near the Saturday market. They share the space with a snowboard company (if I read the sign right), and you enter through the alley.

They’ve carved out a really nice taproom--updated and very clean bathrooms, exposed wood beams and ceiling, lots of space, lots of light. Very cool gravel patio on the other side of the wall of windows. Long bar to one side, pinball tables (pinball!) on the other, plenty of stools, flatscreen TV at the end.

Staff is very friendly, prices are fine. Beers still need some attention, but they’re probably on the right track. They’re making all different kinds of stuff and they seem to have some idea of what they want their beers to be. Looking forward to future batches.“
after4ever 1576 days ago
66 /100 2529 MERIDIAN
“Menace relocated to the Ham and opened a tap room. Basic space, small bar and a more open seating area.Five beers on tap. Generally solid quality, though. A good stop, because of the beer quality, on what is becoming a crowded Bellingham beer tour.“
Oakes 1595 days ago
60 /100 2529 MERIDIAN
“Grungy little place with the brewery at the back and the tasting room in the front, with some more standing room closer to the brewing facilities. Only 5 beers on tap when we visited, and they don’t offer a flight, but they were nice enough to give us half pours of everything we wanted to try. Friendly service and good prices. Beer quality is solid but nothing special. Worth a visit when in town and hopefully they increase the number of beers they produce.“
mcberko 1596 days ago
78 /100 1420 N STATE ST
“My wife and I stopped in here when we accidentally started drinking during an early breakfast. It’s a fairly small tap room with a small bar and a few tables. They had a decent range of beers on even though I wouldn’t say there are all that many taps. The coconut porter was great. The barkeep was friendly if a little light on beer knowledge. But she was quick with my drinks so I have no complaints. They take credit so that might be a recent change. The one TV was playing a looping fireplace when we showed up but as the football playoff games started that day it was quickly changed over. A really cozy space to enjoy some really good beers. Make a stop.“
Capa 1601 days ago
80 /100 1107 RAILROAD AVENUE
“We stopped in here a couple times during our Bellingham adventure. Got a flight and a pint one night and then a couple more pints the next morning during their Grumpy Hour, which is like happy hour but starts at 10am. The beers ranged from boring and borderline bad to really good. A large dining room is set off from the bar area. The bartender, even on a busy Saturday night, was friendly and attentive. I was impressed. They had 16 taps (two casks, also) when I visited so they must have expanded their selection recently. Grumpy hour breakfast was cheap ($5), nice portion size, and really tasty. I wouldn’t say it was the best beer I had while in town but it was one of the more enjoyable places to have a few pints.“
Capa 1609 days ago
74 /100 1330 N FOREST ST
“We topped in here last weekend while visiting Bellingham and had a few beers with dinner. A large open room with multiple long tables that you share with others. Even in the winter, they had their patio open with a small fire going warming it up a touch. The food is pub fare but with an up-market feel to it. The burger, fish tacos, and apps are all good. They had a lot of their beers on but I found all of the ones I had to be fairly average. Nothing wrong with them but easily forgettable. The place was rather crowded on a Sunday evening. Service was mostly friendly but the waitress seemed very disinterested with us. Not a destination but still a nice spot for a beer.“
Capa 1609 days ago
68 /100 1212 TENTH ST
“Old school attempt t a British pub and honestly not bad. If they got rid of the ridiculous Seahawks crap it would be much better. 12 taps of decent craft and 5oz pours of anything. Prices are a bit on the higher side. Not bad for a pub and the craft is solid, but nothing rare. With so many options close it is hard to stand out, but this place is OK.“
Ferris 1653 days ago
64 /100
Whole Foods Market (Grocery Store)
“Bellingham finally gets a Whole Foods and they certainly have set it up nicely. There’s a dedicated bar, with 10 taps (though nothing overly exciting was on during my visit), where you can sample in house or fill growlers. Bottle selection is reasonable, but didn’t carry many more limited or special items that would interest the more ambitious ratebeerian. Worth a stop in town, but Elizabeth Station still has this place beat by far.“
mcberko 1680 days ago
66 /100 1212 TENTH ST
“The first and for a long time the only serious beer place in the Ham. Basement pub, great pub vibe, and still worth a visit because there otherwise isn’t a lot in Fairhaven. The selection is ok now, nothing like it was back in the day. I usually find one or two new ones only, and nothing special. I think I had a Pike Pumpkin beer last time. Haven’t eaten lately. I still like it, but if it wasn’t near the train station I’d probably not have visited recently at all because there’s so many better places for beer nerds these days.“
Oakes 1681 days ago
72 /100 1118 E MAPLE ST
“Hard ride up the hill from downtown, McKay’s is a divey place with a long beer list. On our visit, there were only a few beers of interest, and they ended up disappointing. I had one rare, highly-regarded WA brew, though, and I know this place gets that sort of thing fairly regularly. Worth visiting when in town for such specialty items, and if you want to get a little downmarket from the usual clean hipstery places in town.“
Oakes 1681 days ago
56 /100 104 E MAPLE STREET
“We popped in a few weeks after they opened. Downtown, close to the market and Boundary Bay. Open clean space inside, with an outside picnic area that will be great in summer. Broad range of beers available. For the most part, the quality was only ok. Some beers had faults. They’ll need to clean things up a bit to stand out in beer-saturated Bellingham, where there are a lot of quality competitors.“
Oakes 1681 days ago
60 /100 104 E MAPLE STREET
“Cool place just a block from Boundary Bay. The entrance is located in the alleyway, so you have to park on the street (at the meters from 9-5 during the week) and walk down the alley. 12 beers on tap when I went, with a few standouts and an infection. You can order flights of 4 for $10, which is too expensive given the usual going rate of $2 per sampler around town. Service is prompt and friendly. Worth checking out.“
mcberko 1682 days ago
72 /100 1009 LARRABEE AVENUE
“Nice outdoorsy place with very nice staff. Service was great and friendly, they even were looking for actual opinions on their beer. Selection is decent, but beer is very mediocre. Nothing quite wrong just very average and a touch pricy for samples. I would go back for the great patio space and local vibe, but not for the beer.“
Ferris 1695 days ago
60 /100 1401 12TH ST
“An average Haggen’s with a small selection of singles at a good price and quite a few six packs. There are better places to go, close and with much larger selections.“
Ferris 1695 days ago
66 /100 1107 RAILROAD AVENUE
“Friendly and no attitude place. Stopped by for lunch, waitress was very solicitous in suggesting menu items that were a little on the "eh" side. Beer selection was decent but nothing exciting.“
voyageurmike 1714 days ago
92 /100 1330 N FOREST ST
“Visited here while on vacation in mid-August ’16 for dinner. The place was hopping for a Wednesday night, everyone appeared to be having a blast as did we. Had a cool, wide open vibe to the place, indoors and out. Have about 15 or so of their own on tap, lots of styles represented. The Disco Lemonade Berliner Weise was enjoyable and unique. Solid foody type menu with lots of comfort choices. Service was prompt and friendly. Would be a regular haunt if I lived in Bellingham.“
PorterPounder 1761 days ago
86 /100 2238 JAMES ST
“Visited here while on vacation in mid-August ’16 for pre-dinner beers. Very busy on a Wednesday evening, but service was prompt and friendly. Decor was neat and uncluttered, lots of old-time photos on the wall. Have at least a dozen or so of their own on tap available in samplers, half pints or pints or growlers. All of the beers we had were pretty solid. Food truck nearby, patio seating available. Worth a visit if in the Bellingham area. Parking as mentioned can be tight, but the walk will do you good.“
PorterPounder 1761 days ago
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