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72 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Visited in January 2017 on the way back to the airport as we had some time to kill before dropping the car off, which seems to be why most RateBeer folks visit this place.

Huge place. Took a seat at the nice wooden bar to catch some football and try a sampler before the flight. Place was pretty empty. The beers were actually mostly not bad, though nothing exciting.

The service was friendly. We did not eat here. It's worth a stop if you get back toward the airport early and have time to kill, but I wouldn't make it a point to visit.“
brokensail 845 days ago
90 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Really cool place, went during happy hour kids welcome Ambience: high ceilings, very clean, a bit noisy though parking is a bit difficult like west Seattle location Food and drinks: got coffee stout-dark small foam fragrant stout aroma bitter taste for stout, long finish, bitter aftertaste Selection : at least 15 beers on tap Service: very attentive and fast Value for happy hour is very good Overall: Very good-excellent place to spend happy hour“
donandres 1566 days ago
58 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Stopped in for lunch before flying out. Had a large group of beer geeks. Taster flight was like pulling teeth, servers were rude, and food was pretty lame. Beer was surprisingly ok.“
bulldogops 1685 days ago
52 /100
Trader Joe’s - Burien (Grocery Store)
15868 1ST AVE S
“Why is every TJs on RB? The selection is the same as every other TJs in this part of WA.“
beastiefan2k 1767 days ago
60 /100 216 SW 153RD ST
“Large space, which is nice. But there was a lot of empty cooler space. Not a lot of people or barely anyone but it wasn’t typical peak time but not a completely typical dead time. Also has an outdoor seating area. The bottle selection was small for the size of the place and not interesting, meaning lots of commonly available bottles. Decent amount of taps but I was working hard to fill out a sampler of 4 beers. I’d recommend Elliot Bay if you are stuck in Burien or skip Burien altogether.“
beastiefan2k 1767 days ago
74 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Late on a Sunday night, our last stop in Seattle. Cool and dark, very calm feeling to the place, and while there were still some people it felt like the whole place was ours. Beers were good, not great. Didn’t get food since we had just eaten at the last place we were, but what the other guy nearby at the bar got, looked pretty good. As others have said, might not be a destination location, but it was near the airport, so we stopped in and it was worth it. “
j12601 1769 days ago
80 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Nice atmosphere here. We got there early on Saturday and parking was OK but I could see how it might be difficult later in the evening. It is family friendly here and sort of reminds me of a BJ’s Brewhouse. Good food and service.“
fiveacestx 1775 days ago
72 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“A nice pub restaurant that is stuck in the past. Menu, beer and everything else was cool then, but now is not. Menu is decent with good prices and food, but again, stylish once. Good, but no longer great. Lots of beer on tap and great for ticks. If in the area, stop in, but only then.“
Ferris 2354 days ago
60 /100
Trader Joe’s - Burien (Grocery Store)
15868 1ST AVE S
“A smaller one in a strip mall. Selection Is basic, not really worth a stop.“
Ferris 2354 days ago
72 /100 216 SW 153RD ST
“Brand new, huge, lots of parking and a nice spacious bar. Beer geek staff. Lots of taps, no corkage if you buy their bottles and bring your own food. Good start, worth stopping in.“
Ferris 2354 days ago
84 /100
Hans’ Deli (Beer Store)
717 SW 148TH ST # B
“Stopped in to check this place out. The beer selection was pretty much a German brews. A pretty good selection I would have to say. The curried meats are worth the trip. I picked up a few things and they all were great. All but 4 meats curried in house very tasty.“
BuckeyeBoy 2741 days ago
78 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Vacation stop. Cool place. Good beer, food, yummy dessert.“
mrhoppy 2815 days ago
72 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Big open layout with lots of tables and a nice sized bar and a few tv’s. Service was just ok, might have caught the server on a bad day but she eventually warmed up a bit. Decent selection of house beers and some guest taps. Food was great but a bit pricy. Great place to stop by if you’re in the area for beer and food.“
savnac 2846 days ago
50 /100
Trader Joe’s - Burien (Grocery Store)
15868 1ST AVE S
“I stopped in on a trip to seattle to see what they had. This joes is pretty small so the beer selection was also pretty small. Nothing to exiting just the normal run along with all the joes only brews.“
BuckeyeBoy 2860 days ago
62 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“!!!!! Business travelers beware, they do not take Amex .....“
Tempus 2949 days ago
74 /100
Bison Creek Pizza (Restaurant)
630 SW 153RD ST, # F
“Family meal using a Groupon. Pleasantly surprised to see they had 15 taps with a nice selection of PNW beers. My four-beer sampler included: Maritime Imperial IPA, Hoppy Bison IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale and Sublimely Self Righteous. I capped dinner off with a Hoppy Daze "Belgian IPA" -- different but good. Service was attentive, food was fine, overall an okay place. We live on the eastside but would consider going here again (as an alternative to Elliott Bay Brewhouse).“
mjteeters 2961 days ago
80 /100 653 SW 152ND ST
“Neat, old, mom and pop restaurant. Good, friendly service--the staff will actually get to know you after a while. Three beers on tap--two rotating craft brews and Peroni. They have their own ale on tap which is brewed by Big Al Brewing. The best Napoli-style pizza in Seattle. Minors okay.“
Hanuta06 3033 days ago
80 /100 435 SW 152ND ST.
“Nice, medium-sized restaurant/pub with a fairly good-sized back room. They have about a dozen beers on tap and know how to pour them--good place for Guinness or cream ale. The food is better than average for a pub, and the happy hour makes eating and drinking cheap. The service is always friendly and good. Kids are welcome here too. A great addition to Burien!“
Hanuta06 3036 days ago
78 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Large and somewhat noisy with big comfortable booths. A fairly large list of beers on tap for a brewpub--and they even offer taps for beers that they don’t brew. Growler fills available at a discount on Tuesdays. The menu and pricing is about average for a brewpub. I’ve been here countless times and the service is always very good.“
Hanuta06 3039 days ago
68 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Nice tap selection and menu, nothing overwhelming but a solid place.“
hbmason 3255 days ago
68 /100 435 SW 152ND ST.
“A nice little Irish Pub in Burien. Selection is the usual Irish ales plus a smattering of PNW and national craft brews. Service is competent and geared towards locals, understandably. Menu looks very good, but did not sample. Traditional and modern Irish music was playing overhead on the night I visited and the decor is standard Irish-American. Not a craft beer lovers paradise, but a homey Irish pub in a small town near the airport.“
TheRealMGD 3756 days ago
86 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Beer selection was excellent. Great place to go if you have kids. Very spacious and easygoing atmosphere.“
Proletariat 3972 days ago
92 /100
Hans’ Deli (Beer Store)
717 SW 148TH ST # B
“Hans’ Deli is a as the title suggest a meat shop with a wide variety of German beer (some east European ones as well), mini-kegs, beer mugs, wine and bread or rolls. Staff is mostly German and knowledgeable about their products. Their sausage is outstanding, especially the Weisswurst or the smoked liverwurst, which compliment any of the beers they sell.“
Feinschmecker 4469 days ago
86 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“I had been to the other location a few times. i finally made it to the Burien location. This place is pretty new and very nice looking. Just like the other location plenty of house brews along with a good selection of Guest taps. A very nice new and clean place.“
BuckeyeBoy 4489 days ago
80 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“What a great place to visit loved the atmosphere. Just like most brewpubs the feeling was open and nice. The TV’s and shuffle boards were going crazy. The service was pretty good and the knowledge of the product as for our server was pretty good. They had some great beers on tap and the food was very good and real proportioned well for the price. Had a great time they got lots of great beers on tap and lots of special ones you can only get at the brewery. Great Bourbon Porters and Malt Liquors that are tasty. I will be back.“
BrewDad 4919 days ago
84 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Great place, very modern appointments throughout--awesome job on the remodel (it’s in kind of a 50s strip mall but feels brand-new).
They always have a dozen of their own brews on tap, plus 2 guest taps, plus 2 beers on the engine and a nitro.
The good menu covers all the usual pub grub items and includes a few things that feel more like restaurant food.
Staff is young, but friendly and pleasant and fairly well-informed.
Hard to say if this is worth the drive out to Burien other than for the mini-lineup they have now of Belgians. They’re managing a yeast strain in-house and the Von Boorian (har) line is maybe the cream of the lineup. Nice place.“
after4ever 5068 days ago
94 /100 255 SW 152ND ST.
“Great place. New. Food is outstanding. Excellent selection of beer. This place lives up to the reputation of the original West Seattle brew pub. It’s bigger than the other location, it is brand new and beautifu.l. Larger brewing capacity means more beer to choose from. They’re all good.“
beerchurch 5131 days ago