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68 /100 25909 CLEAR CREEK ROAD
“This review is for the new location away from the river, in town. For most beer lovers, this place is quite a ways past any other place where you’ve stopped for a beer. Down the valley and almost up into the mountains--part of the fun of having a beer here is having a great drive out here. I opted to come around the southern loop, which includes 13 unpaved miles (though only a few hundred yards of serious potholes this autumn), and arrived feeling like Darrington was a million miles from anywhere...rather than just a hundred miles from anywhere. It’s a small town in a mountain valley, and the river rules the land out here. In fact, this brewery moved just this summer because the Sauk River (namesake of the establishment) was eating away at the land under the old location. So they took over the old Darrington City Hall, put in a bunch of tanks and a bar, and here we are. Stories like this are part of the fun. If you’re habituated to life in the city, the hustle and bustle of people and traffic make your days feel a lot different than your time out here will. As soon as you walk through the door (multiple front doors stood open on a sunny Saturday), the head brewer greets you from behind the bar with a jolly holler. You feel like you’ve arrived someplace where friends gather, even though there’s a good chance of other first-time tourists inside. But from the outside it all seems quiet. It’s a city hall for a very tiny town, so it’s only a few hundred square feet on each of two floors. You park in a gravel parking lot next door (how long ago was this the town hall?) under a tree, and the ground isn’t fully level. There aren’t many signs outside. Just sandwich boards, in fact. There aren’t many cars on the roads out here, and everything’s quiet. You’re in a clearing after plowing through miles of forest carpeting the valleys, and you can turn around in several directions and see mountain faces standing straight up. You’re not in the Emerald City anymore, that’s for sure. Inside, they’re open for business, but will probably continue to update the layout a bit as revenue accumulates. There’s a big long bar, with multiple beers on tap, comfortable stools, and a couple of powder rooms along the back wall. Air and light flow freely through here. Behind the bar and farther in back are rows of kettles and tanks. There’s an upstairs that isn’t doing anything yet, and there’s a bit of space for a merchandising table that’s still really nothing more than a table. You’re getting here just a step up from the ground floor--they know what they’re doing, for sure, but they’re just gathering momentum. There are townfolk, ponytailed bikers, cheerful afternoon day-trippers, and others lined up on the barstools. People are trying everything, and asking the barman lots of questions. Between rounds, he’s cleaning up in the brewhouse, moving stuff, explaining brewing science, and still keeping an eye on everyone’s glass. It’s that small in here. Such a great feel to it. They do take credit cards, and they do have wi-fi. And they love to give you a hard time for being addicted to your phone. But they’re friendly and fun about it. There’s no food here, but you could probably bring your own. At this point, they’re still dialing in the new system a little bit, but they’re a lot closer than most brewhouses that have only been operational for a few weeks. They had a couple of kolsches, a couple of IPAs, and a couple other things, including the Big E Blackberry, occupying the guest tap (evidently they have this one on quite often).“
after4ever 2196 days ago
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