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“A cool bar/bottleshop with a nice open seating area inside and a great patio for the nice months. Quite kid friendly as well. Staff was friendly and helpful. A nice selection on tap with small pours available and a large to go or on site bottle selection as well. No food on site but plenty of options in the area. Prices seemed a touch on the high side. Enjoyed my visit overall.“
deyholla 543 days ago
66 /100 180 W DAYTON ST, WAREHOUSE 102
“A bit hard to get to and find, this garage like bar is big open and airy. Service is decent, but not really beer focused. Prices are good and flights are the mainstays with 2 options so not whatever you would like. Beer is average, although they do have brewery only beers. Not worth a detour, but not bad if you are waiting for the ferry.“
Ferris 1794 days ago
74 /100 518 DAYTON ST, STE 104
“A nice brewery that is expanding rapidly. Open and airy with a nice patio. Staff is very friendly and happy to chat about beer. Selection is decent with OK prices for flights. Beer quality is pretty solid with nothing really standing out but mostly pleasant. A nice stop if you are in town.“
Ferris 1794 days ago
72 /100 518 DAYTON ST, STE 104
“It’s brand-new, and it’s small, but it’s already fun and it already feels like it’s a part of the community. The Edmonds bowl has more places to go out than you might realize--there are actually already a couple other breweries down here, if you count the homebrew place (where you can buy a pint or a growler). Salish Sea adds to the mix, and it looks like there’s room for everybody at the table. The other places often pour local, which means you can get a pint of Salish Sea beer if you’re out for a meal elsewhere. If you just want tasters and pretzels, though, you can stop in here until mid-evening. They’re friendly for sure, and they seem to have cultivated a full stock of regulars already. You walk in and there are a couple rows of movable lightweight tables, with a bigger and more permanent row of brew tanks off to the right. There’s a small bar in the back with a list of what’s pouring. I think I saw a dozen taps, all but one of which were house beers. They focus on anglo styles, with IPAs, porters, pales, and other familiar styles dominating the lineup. These are good first beers, with an eye toward pulling in some fans by offering flavors that have wide appeal. More importantly, they’re done really well, with explosive flavors and clean profiles. The staff are really funny and cool, and they really keep an eye on everyone, making sure you have beer and pretzels. One thing that’s really interesting is that it’s a place you can bring your kids--you can hang out inside or out, and your kids can hang out, too, as long as they can entertain themselves (there’s nothing for kids to do here, so they need coloring books or whatever you can tote in to occupy them). For about ten minutes, we hung out with two adorable four-year-old girls on the outside benches, watching the sun set and chatting about bouncy slides. Some little kids are just so naturally friendly and fun to be around that you can’t help but enjoy seeing the world through their eyes for a little while. Some brewers are like that, too, and this place lets you get in touch with both.“
after4ever 2137 days ago
70 /100 180 W. DAYTON ST. SUITE #105
“Modern venue, which is rendered funky by staff and customers. Lots of brew-it-yourself, but lots of folks drinkg and filling growlers. Beers pretty good.“
bhensonb 2275 days ago
70 /100 518 DAYTON ST, STE 104
“Great staff. Pretty good beers. Getting to the restroom is entertaining. Pizza was pretty tasty, tho only 3 flavors available. People make the atmosphere. Try to get there.“
bhensonb 2276 days ago
68 /100 518 DAYTON ST, STE 104
“Great to have another small, local-focused brewery in this part of the city. Modern and clean brewhouse, lots of friends sitting around enjoying fresh beer. Quality is a bit hit or miss, and I’m excited to see how the beer (and selection) improves with time.“
luttonm 2320 days ago
60 /100 180 W DAYTON ST, WAREHOUSE 102
“The address takes you to a U-brew shop, that is misleading, turn around the corner to find the brewery. There are a few tables on the brewery floor, warehouse style, and if the weather is good there are some tables outside, although a generator and the railway make the place extremely noisy and uncomfortable. They have about 9 beers on tap. Wifi available.“
fiulijn 2400 days ago
60 /100 518 DAYTON ST, STE 104
“Little small place, valuable on a summer afternoon, with two tables outside. The beers are very similar, they all have a strong cereals character, and in general it seems that the brewer has to improve on extracting flavor from malt; they mostly have regular beerstyles; the food selection is limited to Sorelli pizzas, warmed/baked onsite. Wifi available, open connection from the nearby ice cream parlour. A nice, clean, new place, but the beers are not impressive.“
fiulijn 2400 days ago
74 /100 180 W DAYTON ST, WAREHOUSE 102
“A very convivial, locals-friendly brewpub. Comfortable industrial space, airy and cozy at same time. They’ve got a nice brew set up and nice to see barrels filling the corners. Free popcorn and a nice shuffleboard. Happy place“
luttonm 2645 days ago
90 /100 180 W DAYTON ST, WAREHOUSE 102
“For a relatively small craft brewery American Brewing Company has a great selection of great tasting craft beers. Their facility is well thought out and their location gives customers a lot of different outdoor options when the weather permits - or doesn’t permit. But if you are from the immediate area the beer is well worth braving a little moisture falling from the sky.“
kejf 3033 days ago
66 /100 203 5TH AVE S, STE 4
“I’m going to skew high on this place, and I’ll you why, because it might not be exactly what everybody’s looking for: Laid-back vibe: Comfortable, casual seating. Feels like a living room. Great beer selection. Just 8 taps, but well-chosen for mainstream drinkers and the more adventurous alike. Quite a few good things in cans and bottles. Looks like a great wine and cocktail lineup too. Mellow service. You feel like you’re at a friend’s house. Welcoming. Decent pub grub. We had sliders, tacos, and a killer cheese plate. Reasonable prices. This place has a cool little courtyard out front--yep, construction is finally finished. Seating, plants, beautiful western exposure that makes the most of sunny summer evenings. Inside, the layout is exactly the same as The Winged Pig was. It’s been the Milltown since January of 2012, but they still have a pig with wings right inside the front door. There’s still a dutch door at one end, and there’s still the rabbit warren of one bar and two dining rooms that feel like living rooms. There are restaurant-style tables for two and four, and there are wingback chairs and davenports for those looking to relax a little more thoroughly. I love places that pull off this living room vibe without being too obvious about it. It’s a bit of a labyrinth when it’s not crowded; you’re zig-zagging between furnitureses. But when it fills up a bit, everybody has their own area, which is nice. The food is plenty solid. The corned beef sliders were a cool, tasty snack, and so were the shredded pork tacos. The real star was the cheese and meat plate, though. For $14, you actually get $14 worth of cold cuts, almonds, and some very well-edited cheese selections, along with some small rounds of french bread. There are a couple of flat screens showing the game at civilized volumes. This is a great place to come get a pint and eat well while you enjoy it. They do a good job of searching out interesting kegs to pour, because these guys used to run a brewery (Twin Rivers in Monroe). It’s a very laid-back place, and that puts it right where I want it.“
after4ever 3187 days ago
82 /100 180 W DAYTON ST, WAREHOUSE 102
“Wow what a killer place. Super sunsets and the bar is pretty damn awesome also. Killer taps and the brewery 15 barrels of magically bliss. This is a must see for any beer geek.“
BrewDad 3373 days ago
92 /100 180 W. DAYTON ST. SUITE #105
“They moved and dang when I found them it was a gold mine. Filled with people brewing there own brews. 6 taps of Gallagher’s brews that where off the hook awesome. Bring your own food brew some beer and have a great time. Glad to see one still running.“
BrewDad 3373 days ago
70 /100 180 W. DAYTON ST. SUITE #105
“most of these points come from how much they do to help the home brewer. there arent many places like this around town, and what theyre doing is really sweet--you can come in virtually stone cold and get great help from start to finish making a batch. they have a few of their own concoctions pouring, and the vibe is super kind and friendly. very easy going place to kick back and have a beer while you brew or watch the brewing of beer.“
after4ever 4109 days ago
56 /100 180 W. DAYTON ST. SUITE #105
“A BOP/taproom. Six 13 gallon kettles where stuff is brewed from extract. Prices seem pretty reasonable. They’ve got 6 beer taps and one with root beer for the kiddies/drivers. Owner is a pretty friendly guy and the place seemed to be doing a healthy business. Decor reminds me of a laundromat. Beers were better than I would have thought. Worth stopping in.“
JoeMcPhee 5857 days ago
66 /100 180 W. DAYTON ST. SUITE #105
“Largely a BOP operation, Gallagher’s also makes their own brews for commercial consumption at local restaurants and their own tap room. The place lacks character physically, but is literally dripping with beer - no Coors Light swillers here. Friendly staff add to the effect. Certainly worth popping into if you’re in the neighbourhood.“
Oakes 5857 days ago
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