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70 /100
Sunset Alehouse (Restaurant)
“Good basic watering hole with food. Had the beer styles covered, but not deep.“
ttoadee 1739 days ago
84 /100
Zeeks Pizza (Restaurant)
“Really good pizza. A small selection of beers, but they’re solid, and do have rotating taps. Focus is on PNW beers, primarily Western Washington.“
mikedR 2128 days ago
70 /100
Fred Meyer (Grocery Store)
“For a grocery store, they have a nice selection of craft brew, particularly in 12 oz bottles, but also a decent selection of bombers. Better than Safeway by far.“
mikedR 2433 days ago
82 /100 910 NE PARK DR
“This is the closest beer store to where we spend six months a year. I go here primarily because it’s convenient -- otherwise my preference is to go to a local mom and pop shop. That said, selection is quite solid, and the staff is friendly. If you’re unwilling to go to Malt and Vine, Full Throttle, or 99 Bottles, this is definitely a go to.“
mikedR 2501 days ago
52 /100
Safeway - Issaquah (Grocery Store)
“Basically, meh. It’s good enough -- there’s a craft beer end cap with an OK selection, and a small local brewery selection of six packs that is a bit better. However, compared to QFC in downtown Issaquah, or Fred Meyer down the hill, this one is a bit on the lacking side.“
mikedR 2513 days ago
12 /100
Sunset Alehouse (Restaurant)
“Went there last night for the first time, or at least tried to, but ended up leaving after 40 minutes. When our party of three arrived, we put our name on the list. There were just two parties ahead of us and we were told it shouldn’t be more than 15-20 minutes. My husband went to the bar and got us each a glass of wine. More and more people kept coming in and with no place to stand, people were crowded around the reception area and waiters kept walking through the crowed space with people’s food and drink. 30 minutes later, wondering why such a delay, we took another look at the list and realized several parties had been seated ahead of us. We asked why this was the case and the receptionist said it was because they were larger parties and it was bigger tables that had become available. I politely protested that I really didn’t think that was right and she said she would get the manager. While she was getting him, my husband suggested that if the manager didn’t accommodate us immediately, we should leave. The manager came and simply stated, "We use the bigger tables for parties of five, not three". My husband said to me, "Come on, let’s go". I still had the almost full glass of wine in my hand (that had been paid for). The manager just reached and took my wine, like he didn’t care if we left! I said nothing at all, just looking at my empty hand, then I followed my husband and son out the door. Except for the fact that we paid for the wine and wasted 40 minutes, I had no misgivings about leaving. The place was so loud. The house CAB was terrible. The food did not look appetizing, the service was absolutely terrible, and all they cared about was maximizing table profits, even if it meant making a party of three wait well beyond three times the estimated wait. My family eats out often and we are always looking for a new place to add to our list. We are loyal and easy to please customers. We will never return to Sunset Alehouse and we will never speak positively about the place to anyone we know.“
MissyM 3376 days ago
72 /100
Sunset Alehouse (Restaurant)
“There seems to be a widening groundswell of places that want to be just regular old bars in concept and execution, but to make all the important details really nice. You walk into Sunset and it seems at first like a good-natured, nice neighborhood watering hole, and you’re perfectly glad of that. But the beer list, menu, and staff bespeak a nicer place. From the outside, it’s a regular bar with a little patio. A pizza place shares the patio. Inside, there are lots of TVs with sports showing, there are booths and tables here, highboys there, a bar in the back. It looks like the lounge part of Jak’s Issaquah location, if you’ve been in there--lots of blond wood. No fabric anywhere. Pretty high noise level. But in a fairly boisterous, fun, way. The service is quick and efficient, from the hostess through the server. Even the expediter is really nice. And that can probably be taken as a sign that they are running this place way more like a restaurant than a bar--there was an expediter on the floor on an ordinary Wednesday night. The beer list is really solid. A couple dozen bottles, maybe 15 taps. They’re serious, the beers are well chosen. It’s not a mecca for beer geeks, but a beer geek can certainly enjoy himself here without too much thought. Food was really good. They focus on burgers and sandwiches, which feels like a bar, but the descriptions all made them sound upscaled a bit. Appetizers were mostly fried, which wasn’t really my favorite thing, but they did have a bacon-wrapped scallop and some hummus, neither of which I decided to try. Best of all, the menu features several steaks from Jak’s, as well as their lobster mac & cheese. It’s a Jak’s presentation all the way--thick-cut carrots, broccoli, the fancy potatoes. I got a huuuuuge ribeye for $28. The edges didn’t look too medium rare, but that’s fine for the edges. Great steak. I would definitely come back--it’s essentially Jak’s with a much looser atmosphere.“
after4ever 3568 days ago
74 /100
Sunset Alehouse (Restaurant)
“For a place with Alehouse in the name there is an embarrassingly small selection of unique taps. Some nice local stuff but only a handful drinks one could not find at, say, a Red Robin. The atmosphere was nice with lots of local sports memorabilia - especially nice to see the Don James era UW Football highlights. Service was a notch below excellent but we had a big party and I could tell they did a decent job trying to keep everything in order. It feels a little thrown-together and cramped in how its laid out but once seated its not a big deal. The food was quite good (easy to see the connection to Jaks Steakhouse) and very reasonably priced for the quality and portions of the entrees. Lots of original food that would could keep me a regular if I lived closer (peanut butter jalapeno burger! sweet jesus that sounds good).“
19Ei8hty 3597 days ago
66 /100
Sunset Alehouse (Restaurant)
“Had a burger (one of the very spicy ones, which is their specialty), which was quite good. Beer selection isn’t great, but it’s pretty solid and there are 3-4 nice ones in addition to some fairly average ones. Decent bottle selection and a few interesting ones in the group, including Duvel and Dogfish Head 90 min IPA. Lots of flat screen tv’s give it a very sports bar feel, but it’s very family friendly as well. A nice place and a good addition to the Issaquah restaurant scene.“
mreeves 3741 days ago
62 /100
PCC Natural Market (Grocery Store)
1810 12TH AVE NW
“Can’t complain about this place.....decent bottle selection....grabbed a Pliny the Elder to go!!“
BrockLanders 4256 days ago
38 /100
PCC Natural Market (Grocery Store)
1810 12TH AVE NW
“Basically an over granola’ed Trader Joes. Decent selection including some gluten free drinks for those who are unable to endure the scourge of wheat, barley, rye and other grains that feed billions and billions of the worlds poor and hungry.“
19Ei8hty 4456 days ago
60 /100
PCC Natural Market (Grocery Store)
1810 12TH AVE NW
“Grocery store specializing in natural and organic products. For a grocery store they have a pretty decent beer selection, including some Belgians. They also do have some seasonal special beers as well.“
HarvestrOfBeer 4490 days ago
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