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76 /100 10991 NE STATE HIGHWAY 104
“Right on the main drag of Kingston, place was packed for our visit as the Seahawks were playing and there was a baby shower. A bit tight in an L shaped space with a small bar and some picnic style seating. Staff was helpful despite the rush. Flights are available and they had 12ish beers on tap. No food on site and prices seemed fair for the area. A cool spot.“
deyholla 550 days ago
70 /100 10991 NE STATE HIGHWAY 104
“We stopped in here while cruising through the area for a quick drink. This is definitely a family friendly brew pub that seems to be full of locals pretty much all on a first name basis. And a duck. I had a flight, my wife had a guest tap cider. Service was friendly and the beers were tasty. There is a very nice outdoor area when the weather is nice and some bar games, too. There is a kids play area inside with lots of toys for the youngsters. A nice and very comfortable pub serving tasty brews. A locals spot for sure.“
Capa 1487 days ago
54 /100 26449 BOND RD NE
“Hood Canal Brewing is an industrial park warehouse brewery and taproom. A fairly small but comfortable taproom with a long bar inside the narrow space. Windows open to the brewhouse so you can see the activity of making beer. The barkeeper was friendly and good with the drinks. Only basic snacks available. A decent number of beers available and a guest cider were on when I stopped in. Sadly, the beer isn’t all that great. I’ve had the Dabob Bay IPA a couple times and it’s far and away their best brew. The rest were mediocre to sub-standard. I’m not sure what is going on with the big beef stout, but it is neither big nor stout-like. If they can bring their beer quality up I’d be happy to stop in again. Not worth it unless you’re really thirsty after visiting the nut roaster across the street.“
Capa 1487 days ago
56 /100 10991 NE STATE HIGHWAY 104
“When we were there it was more than family-friendly, it seemed family-oriented and was hard for the child-free to carve out a quiet space. But this is a great space for local families. I only had one beer, blackberry sour.“
Beershine 1974 days ago
64 /100 10991 NE STATE HIGHWAY 104
“A nice little open brewhouse with the owners working front and back. Service was decent, but not as proactive or even willing to chat about the beer. They do a flight and it is reasonable, but most beer was just OK at best. Not a bad stop if you are in the area, but not worth a trip.“
Ferris 2056 days ago
52 /100 26449 BOND RD NE
“Long narrow place located in an industrial park. Pretty grungy feel, like it’s a trucker stop. 7 beers on tap when I visited; unfortunately, the beers were quite poor quality. Cheap flights available at least. Service is decent. Wouldn’t recommend a stop unless you really want the ticks.“
mcberko 2056 days ago
60 /100 10991 NE STATE HIGHWAY 104
“A nice little cozy place near the water with a bar and limited seating room. They had 6 of their own beers on tap when we visited, plus a few guest taps. You can do a flight of 4 for $7 or sample singular beers for $2 each. Beer quality is average, but they are ambitious, so hopefully they will improve. Service is astute, though not particular engaging, which is fine when you want to concentrate on rating. Worth a stop when in town.“
mcberko 2056 days ago
66 /100 26449 BOND RD NE
“A warehouse space split into the brewery and a very casual tasting room. Service was very friendly with an owner hanging out and making conversation. Not particularly beer centric. Large amount of beers you can get in a cheap tasting flight, that are mostly average at best. They are open early so if you are in the area, not a bad stop.“
Ferris 2176 days ago
62 /100 26449 BOND RD NE
“rentable warrhouse space with equipment, reefers, taps, and a bathroom. there are some lightweight tables and chairs, stools and a bar. they do take credit cards. they have their six mainstreams on, plus whichever seasonals. very friendly service, very uncrowded on a sunday afternoon. pretty easy to find, right off a state highway. nice easy place to grab some tasters or pints. beers are in much better shape here than on the east side of the sound. good experience.“
after4ever 4115 days ago
74 /100 26449 BOND RD NE
“This was a tasting room. They do however have some snacks – Peanuts, pretzels such for the palette cleanse. The bar was in a big newer warehouse and easy to find. You see the whole works right from where you sit. A local’s hangout they have games going and the beers are plenty. You can smell the malts from the beers and see the brewer working hard. Samples, growlers even kegs if you need are there to purchase. They had some good beers and the bartender was very knowledgeable of the product. I will stop by when in the area each time to see what is different. I want to meet the brewer I hear he is super nice. No Kids allowed it is a tasting room only.“
BrewDad 4778 days ago
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