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44 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Located in the beautiful centre of LaConner, this brewpub is pretty simply done up, though there is a nice beer garden in the back. Beers are very mediocre -- a couple had problems, though the IPA was good. Service... wasn’t impressed -- our server took forever to brings us our beer flight and even longer for a simple glass of water. She wasn’t rude or anything, just incompetent and oblivious. Prices were a tad high for the food, which we didn’t try, but acceptable for the beer. Nice place for a quick drink, but I wouldn’t rush to go back.“
mcberko 2162 days ago
54 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“The big value of this pub is the location, the historical, beautiful coastal village; the pub itself is rather simple, they may close early in the evening, the beers are in general just ok, with some minor flaws and no exceptional one; we had just a plate of hummous and it was decently prepared. We got the feeling that the prices were a bit high.“
fiulijn 2393 days ago
70 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Nice place in La Conner, pleasant taproom, kid-friendly, decent beers (these were the bomb back in the day) and really delicious food, among the better US pub food I’ve had in my life. My salmon burger wasn’t ground up parts, but rather a big ole slab of salmon blacked and delicious. Serious quality.“
OldMrCrow 2697 days ago
70 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Nice little place to visit if you are in town. Solid food, friendly service and a killer IPA. I will visit this place again.“
Sammer 3602 days ago
38 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Multiple visits to this small brewpub. Looks nice on the outside ... elegantly rustic. Inside is simple, quaint, and fairly ’small’. The bar area is a bit cramped. Stools are VERY close together, and the bar as a whole is seemingly ’smashed’ up against the side wall. I can never help but feel a bit uncomfortable there. The bar tenders are always slow to acknowledge, as if they have better things to do. I’ve even seen them totally ignore people so that they can carry on personal phone conversations. Just not cool. This is an extremely touristy town, and now the brewpub is as well. I really do think that the staff knows there is an endless supply of patrons, and therefore does not value the ’individual’. The waitress eventually asked me, in a compulsory monotone, if I would like another pint. I declined, needing to get the heck out of there; but left her a huge tip. I hope she buys herself a personality, or maybe at least something to make her less apathetic. I hate to be so hard on the place, but this is the feeling I keep getting. Not terrible, just not my thing, I guess. By all means, stop in to try a few beers if you are in town. The casual passerby will undoubtedly enjoy their brew and personal wood-fired pizza. The low rating is just my personal opinion of the place. It should, and could easily, be so much more. Enjoy their IPA, and look for any specials while in town during your tourist visit. Better yet, if there aren’t any specials that intrigue you, have the ipa on tap at one of the other pubs or better restaurants in town. Oh, and be careful not to get lost among the sea of touring Californian yuppies, milling ’importantly’ about.“
brewolf 4011 days ago
34 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“The numbers don’t tell the story here. This used to be the best brewery in the NW-est part of the PNW. Quality of beer has dropped leagues over the last 4-7 years. Still a comfortable room with decent service, for a tourist town, but not what it was. The beer has gone from excellent examples of a lot of styles to below average examples of whatever they get around to making. Avoid!“
spenser 4133 days ago
74 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Nice pub in tiny LaConner. Probably the best but didn’t see them all of course. Very friendly help and the girl that waited on us was certainly knowledgeable. The food was more than OK but the quantities could be bigger. Nice beers.“
jbrus 4364 days ago
76 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Arrived here my 3rd stop of 6 for the day and this place was packed. Parking was tight and the wait was about 30 minutes to get a table to I sat in the bar which was packed also. They had 5 taps going and I had one pint as the crowd was just too much. A brew pub feel and look this was a nice clean place. I was in the mood for a porter so I had that and it was a tasty treat. The beer had great malt and hops characters. The chocolate and coffee flavors where wonderful. Food is available and looked like a good pub faire. The only down side I saw was parking is very tight in the area. So you will have to hoof it to get tot the place. I will be back to check it out during the tulip festival time and show the family. They are family friendly so kids are welcome.“
BrewDad 4471 days ago
68 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“They only had 5 beers on tap when I went and it seems like they only carry a max of 6-7. The beer is pretty good all around but overpriced in my mind. The wood oven pizza makes it well worth the stop.“
Hawksfan17 4590 days ago
64 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Nice little brewpub in a sleepy little part of town. Simple bar and kitchen with an area for wood-fired pizza and about 15 tables. Feels like a living room in someone’s hunting lodge. The kind of town you wouldn’t seek out unless you knew it was here or had a reason to drive out here. A place you stumble upon by accident one day when you get lost. I of course knew to come here for the beer. I’ve wanted to seek this palce out evver since I tried the Bottleworks IPA years ago. Lots of local artowrk hanging up on the walls for sale. Smells of fresh stews and other foods abound upon sitting for a few moments. Not the friendliest place I have been too and I realize I came here close to closing time, but still I felt like I was being rushed out the door and watched until my beers were finished. With a staff that made it eveident they were cleaning and wanted to go home. Which I thought was extremly subpar. Lovely beers, did not get a chance to try the food, just the beers, but the food smelled delicious.“
BlackDonald 4658 days ago
82 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Great little tourist trap of a placethe decor is definitely some knick-knack catalog’s idea of what the world is supposed to look likeyou know, those people’s living rooms that look like a lobby but everyone always says how pretty they look. It’s not off-putting at all, it’s actually quite welcoming, just not as soulful as it thinks it is. Very cute and friendly servers, though nobody seemed to know anything more about the beer than they had to to serve it to tourists and townies. I was there on a Saturday night, and all the locals were asking each other if they were going to the big dance tonight. I didn’t know any places still had big dances tonight for anyone other than high schools and junior highs, but there you go. It’s set in a quaint, chamber-of-commerce-approved historical district. You smell salt air walking around here it’s right across the street from the piers. It’s really nice, and you’re bound to find a few of the beers in good shape. The kitchen appears to kick ass.“
after4ever 4781 days ago
74 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Parking can get a bit tight around happy hour times. Don’t remember if they had one, but about 5 pm things were getting dense. Large enough place, comfortable, and a good enough selection of beers. Indeed.“
bhensonb 5006 days ago
74 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Nice cozy brewpub in a very quaint-looking town. High ceilings, lots of wood, and a fairly bright interior. Feels like a log cabin. Good service and well prepared food. Decent selection of brews including a few in bottles. I’d love to get back when I’ve got more time to soak up the atmosphere.“
JoeMcPhee 5616 days ago
70 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“The atmopshere is a big like a yuppie log cabin and a bit of fine dining. It’s a very nice building with mostly wood decor, very clean and sharp looking, with about 8 beers on tap during my visit. The town itself was worth the trip out, though it’s a bit touristy, it’s comfortable and small. A great brewpub.“
3fourths 5735 days ago
86 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“One of the best brew pubs in the northwest. Set amongst the shops on the main street of touristy LaConner. Cozy contemporary log cabin like feel to the pub. Service is helpful and always with a smile. The wood-fired pizza and other menu selections are consistently some of the best food I’ve had in a brew pub. The beer is always good as well.“
leitrim65 5742 days ago
82 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“A beautiful brewery in a beautiful town. Great service and good wood-fired pizza. Had 7 of their beers on tap.“
porterdude 5760 days ago
66 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Gogeous inside with all the light wood. Beer is passable, especially the pils, decent food.“
Crit 5864 days ago
82 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Bright and woody, cozy pub in the small little tourist town of LaConner. There are so many beautiful little towns in NW Washington. The beer is quite need to slight the new guy no matter how well regarded his predecessor was. Service was fantastic and efficient. At night, the place is very warmly lit and bustling with jovial people. It’s not too far away, so I’ll definitely be back. is wood oven, fairly standard. Crab cakes are pretty good, though I’m not known as a crab cake aficionado.“
Oakes 5922 days ago
82 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“I had a great time here. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The beer is fantastic (although Arlen, the brewer, has gone to Rogue in Eugene). Nice location among art dealers and lots of nice little shops. Nice wood bar and dining area.“
batkins 5985 days ago
72 /100 117 SOUTH 1ST STREET
“Visited on Easter Sunday, 2003. LaConner (the town) is a touristy little town on the water, about an hour north of Seattle. The Brewry/brewpub sits in the old-fashioned downtown. The food was very tasty (we had lunch there), and the beer was fresh, as you might expect. We really enjoyed it and would have loved to stay longer.“
Suttree 5996 days ago
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