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94 /100 686 GREEN VALLEY RD
“Highly recommend these guys for hops. I ordered 5 lbs of hops and shipping came to about $10. They sent a tracking number and they arrived fairly quickly and well packaged. Each of the bags was 19-20 oz, which is a nice bonus. The extra hops they threw in alone would have cost almost as much as my entire order at the LHBS. Unfortunately, they don’t have everything all the time, for example they didn’t have Simcoe when I ordered. Overall, I’d highly recommend buying from these guys, you’ll save a ton of money on hops.“
chrismtb 5223 days ago
88 /100 686 GREEN VALLEY RD
“This is my favorite bulk hops ordering site. They have the best selection and very reasonable prices. Their customer service is also top notch.“
Cletus 6148 days ago
72 /100 686 GREEN VALLEY RD
“This is the place to get your hops. An excellent selection and quick service. I ordered a pound of Columbus and E. Kent Goldings each. They came in vacuum sealed foil packages and they claim to keep them refrigerated during storage. The rhizomes are a seasonal item starting about May.“
Homebrewerguy 7093 days ago
70 /100 686 GREEN VALLEY RD
“This is a mail order supplier of hops in bulk at very reasonable prices. Although I haven’t used their hop products, I have ordered hop rhizomes from them. Good service.“
SpringsLicker 7126 days ago
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