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68 /100
Pine Lake Ale House (Restaurant)
640 228TH AVE NE
“Gastropub in a strip mall. Decent draft list, heavy on IPAs (but it is Washington). Sammamish is a cute little edge suburb. Place itself is cromulent but not worth going out of your way for.“
WestCoastHawkeye 294 days ago
“Fairly typical PNW mix of styles, heavy on the hop stuff. Bit all over the place in terms of quality with a very good bitter and dark ale but some very mediocre other stuff. Not worth going out of your way for, but if you're in Sammamish, you're kind of out of the way of the world generally, and this is probably your best place around. Nice beer garden in back of the strip mall.“
WestCoastHawkeye 360 days ago
70 /100
QFC - Sammamish (Grocery Store)
2902 228TH AVE SE
“QFC Store Ambiance: ok Service: Selection: the selection is ok, Food: Value: Overall“
donandres 2362 days ago
“These guys seem to be a light-hearted bunch out to have as much fun as possible while doing what they love. They’ve grown pretty quickly from a garage operation to a working strip mall brewery with a good-sized tasting room, full staff, and flat screens showing the game. They have the support of the neighborhood behind them, from what I can see.

GPS routes you through houses on your way here, which might make you wonder for a second if they’ve already moved back into the garage. Nope. They’re right behind the 7-11 on the south end of the lake parkway, and their parking lot seems to fill up pretty regularly. There are well over a dozen tables in the taproom, and probably half were taken when we got there. There’s quite a bit of racing memorabilia scattered around, which suits a brewery named after a type of powerful car engine. There are lots of American muscle cars and race cars in photos, models, plaques, and so on, and the tables are custom-finished with a crossed-pistons logo. The merchandise case offers t-shirts that say "this beer isn’t gonna drink itself," which is the slogan that seems to accompany virtually every Facebook post the brewery has ever made.

They offer about a dozen different house-made beers. It’s mostly American ale styles—pale, blond, ipa, porter, stout, with a bit of variety thrown in. You see honey, raspberry, chocolate, and other sweet additives pop up here and there on the menu. Their beers are clean and drinkable, but they’re more of the neighborhood brewery variety, rather than the type that will be going for medals at world competitions (they are rightfully proud of their medals from a Washington beer competition).

The prices are fair, and the staff here know how to answer all your questions. If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s a good place to stop in for a cold one. They have a big deck outside which must be nice for a pint in the summer. “
after4ever 2411 days ago
“Visited on a Sunday evening after the football games. I was the only person in the place. Places is hidden in a strip mall next to a 7/11 but there are plenty of lights to identify it. Big, open, clean space. Some decoration of car engine related stuff. Lots of taps but mostly derivatives, e.g., nitro versions. A few guest ciders and one guest beer. The staff were fine. Big screen TV with game. Sampler served in a toolbox, probably the biggest innovation from this place. The beer is brewed offsite and only served here. They have 32oz crowlers and 64oz clear glass growlers. No food. I might come back to get their DIPA for Berko to tick. But otherwise, the beer was average to below average with their IPAs being my fav of the 5 I tried. No need to go out of your way for this place.“
beastiefan2k 2432 days ago
46 /100
QFC - Sammamish (Grocery Store)
2902 228TH AVE SE
“Everything seems to be more expensive at QFC and their beers are no exception. This place will get PtE from time to time.“
19Ei8hty 3598 days ago
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